CodyCross South America Pack answers

South America PackSouth America

Here are the answers to CodyCross South America Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Engaging in an amusing activity.

Popular Latin dance that originated in Brazil.

Extensive dry desert plateau on Chilean coast.

Eight of these and two thumbs to play the piano.

To encourage, inspirit.

Where files are kept on a computer.

__ Phoenix, Johnny Cash actor.

Fried thin round cake of batter.

Mountain-dwelling giant; Sasquatch.

Indian empire created by the warrior Chandragupta.

Generosity towards the needy or suffering.

Antonym of smallest.

Hard rigid calcareous protection.

Male spouse.

Puzzle 2

Heavy thick boards.

Light switch that gradually dampens brightness.

Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Earth.

Reptile group that includes the chameleon.

Expression associated with faux tears.

City where the Wimbledon Championships are held.

Extreme fear.

Ancient people who used cacao as currency.

Philosophy of yin and yang.

__ Aires, Argentina's capital and largest city.

80's insect sci fi film with Jeff Goldblum.

Using physical or mental energy; making an __.

Play several notes at once to make these.

Sea __, blowy vodka/cranberry mix.

Health professionals who work with doctors.

It is part of your belly.

Puzzle 3

Italian explorer of South America, Amerigo __.

Lolly fish is also called Black Sea __.


Shakira's country of birth.

Driving too fast.

Evidence of sadness; anagram of predator.

La Dolce Vita star, __ Mastroianni.


The D in PDF.

Crunchy non-vegetable addition to a salad.

Male vendors.

Brought about, encouraged, made.

Chilean capital, on the Mapocho River.

Train tracks.

Village where Jesus grew up.

Similar to charts.

Feline superhero who wears an all-black disguise.

__ Liga, Portugal's top-level football league.

Goody __ is very virtuous according to the tale.

Black or white lace shawl for hair and shoulders.

Puzzle 4

Not theoretical.

What Bolivia became after the Battle of Ayacucho.


First __, initial person first at an emergency.

This reptile is called "yacaré" in Spanish.

Brazil and Chile produce this deciduous plant.

Pacific islands, rich in wildlife species.

Full agreement of all.

Not manual.

Task carried on outside the lab.

Elongated ellipsoidal ball, quanco.

Where you go to start again.

A shrill sound from a bird or through puckered lips.

The opposite of growing.

Lead singer with The Supremes.

Puzzle 5

Unusual, unexpected, outrageous, odd.


Icing makes it easy to design cakes.

Thrown for distance in athletic contests.

Venezuelan capital, located on the Guaire River.


Chanting musical style associated with Colombia.

Meals in tins for your domesticated chums.

Way of standing; anagram of troupes.

Norse warriors who built amazing ships.

Charlize Theron won an Oscar for this movie.

Australia's first female PM, Julia __.

Disconnected from a computer network.

Kitchen furniture with shelves, drawers.

Where the wild things are.

Puzzle 6

Peruvian pisco made yellow stone fruit juice.

A flight __ is a member of cabin crew.

Amazing, out-of-this-world, unimaginable.

Album of memories.

Wrote of his travels to China and India; water game.

Most stable part of a vessel.

The way people arrange their strands.

Side accent pieces of furniture.

Sting is lead singer of this band.

Brazilian music style, blending samba and jazz.

Tussling, grappling, rassling.

Large coastal city in northern Brazil.

1999 Bond film The World is __.

Puzzle 7

Baby cat.

Famous naturalist who visited Galápagos Islands.

A sled, maybe pulled by reindeer.

They fall from the trees in autumn.

__ to Never Land is a 2002 sequel to Peter Pan.

Former British colony in northern South America.

To add more ammunition.

Child's play, bagatelle.

Snuggly feeling when the temperature is turned up.

Three-legged supportive stand for cameras.

Fried dough snack popular in Latin America.

Bright exploding meteor; a fireball.

A ship's underwater steering mechanism.

To excommunicate.

Fluid; not a solid or a gas.

High end shoe designer __ Blahnik.

To laugh, chuckle.

A plane taxis along this.

Make shiny.

Puzzle 8

A business or corporation.

Singer and one of the lead members of the Rat Pack.

Inhabited by ghosts or spirits.

Sleeping clothes.

Weather condition of a particular location.

Imaginary line around the center of the Earth.

Popular Peruvian seafood and citrus dish.


Annual publication giving future calendar events.

Creature that is part human, part horse.

To create something from an idea, such as games.

Puzzle 9

Willing to consent or accept.

Opposite of a night owl.


Desert and grassland in southern South America.

Bubbly wine, first documented in 1662.

Activity for birthday celebration.

Concurrence, accord, consensus.

Vitrified pottery, type of throne.

To move back and forth.

Of inestimable value.

Musical genre, Brazilian mix of samba and jazz.

Melville's short story about an impressed sailor.

Hand-held stick firework.

Infamous Peoples Temple commune in Guyana.

The day of the week that follows Tuesday.

The Beatles' song from a past time.

Puzzle 10

Continent with the most French-speaking countries.


Small member of the camel family seen in the Andes.

Slid on a rink.

Movies, films.

Country that has a red maple leaf on its flag.

Interior footwear accessory.

Antonym of subtracting.

Black __, croc species living in Amazonian waters.

Building where historical objects are displayed.

Incan women who served in religious centers.

Revealed confidential information.

Person who uses the vocal cords as an instrument.

Highest rulers in a court of law.

Mexican spirit from the agave plant.

Puzzle 11

Wolfgang __ Mozart.

Judy __, mother of Liza Minnelli.

To scrape, scuff.

Portioning, rationing, dividing.

Also known as chess on ice.

South American river dolphin species.

Enya's Venezuelan river.

Sharp, flat tooth at the front of the mouth.

Reveal, unearth.

Morally upstanding.

Flower bundle.

Puzzle 12

Light of the nearest star.

Esther __, actress known as America's Mermaid.

Beaded wire used as ornament since 3000 BC.


Fruit commonly pickled, also eaten in salads.

Giant reptile native to the Galápagos Islands.

Diego __, Argentina's "Hand of God" footballer.

Table of chemical elements.

Social class ranked directly under royalty.


Large, slow-moving accumulations of ice.

They just came into this world.

George __, "the quiet beatle".

Watery channel in Italian city.

Contaminated with a disease-contagious agent.

Farewell greetings.

Puzzle 13

Written draft of movie.

Sacrificed, given up.

Everything seems prettier during this season.

Bread's best friend.

Pretending to be someone else.

Past participle of "shrink".

To make a liquid or solution lighter or less potent.

Reptiles; mean people.

Fertile area of lowland plains in South America.

__ Messi, world-class Argentine footballer.

Tricked, deceived.

Two-piece pool attire.

Witches cast these on people.

Farther, yonder.

Anjelica __, Addams Family Values actress.

Puzzle 14

They can be checking or savings.

It goes next to "handling".

Sprouts named after Belgium city.

Flamboyant regal Carnival figure.

Queen who married Ferdinand and sponsored Columbus.

Energy, muscle, force.


It glues and holds two surfaces together.

Animate or inanimate creation.

__ of Arabia starred Anthony Quinn.

Southernmost point of the South American continent.

Book bound with stiff cover.

Month of Nobel awards ceremony.

Surface for pedestrians, sidewalk.

A branch of mathematics.

All mighty.

Cloudy with no signs of sun.

Puzzle 15

Person who carries golf clubs.

To pay no attention to.

The world's smallest ocean.

__ del Fuego, archipelago of South America.


Antonym of senior.

UFO, or Unidentified __ Object.

Someone who smells very strongly.

Garlicky spread containing chickpeas and tahini.

To make someone a priest.

Makes up 99 percent of a Giant Panda's diet.

International, around the world.

Banish from a country.

Bench for enjoying outdoors.

Mickey __, US actor starred in over 300 films.


Set of two.

Running as fast as possible.

A rebellion against a leader.

Eyesight, how well a person can see.

Puzzle 16

Craft of sewing fabric pieces onto a larger piece.

A disastrous event marked by great loss.

Battle to lower costs.

Brazilian festival of Christmas lights.

What superheroes usually try to keep secret.

Molly __, 80s movies' sweetheart.

Supposing something to be true without proof.

Being the least heavy.

Manual, how-to guide.

Someone who passionately protests.

To put something fully underwater.

Peruvian currency.

Placemats for drinks.


Hero of the Trojan War.

Countryside bird with a long tail, seen in fields.

Relating to Latin American countries or Spain.

Puzzle 17


A crescent-shaped breakfast pastry.

Belo __, large, planned Brazilian metropolis.

Refrigerator, microwave, oven, stove.

House warmer.

A billion billion billion.

Only Italian among the Three Tenors, Luciano __.

Hit 21 and win at this card game.


Large inlet of the Caribbean Sea in Venezuela.

Crouching down but not kneeling.

Study of the nose, named after horned animal.

Needlework craft, sewing together material shapes.

One who delivers items or goes on an errand.

Puzzle 18

Most famous member of The Funky Bunch.

Garment that does not have feet coverings attached.

Peru's second largest city.

Team with whom Lewis Hamilton won his 3rd F1 title.

Computer accessory.

The buttons that you press on a games console.

Disorganized state.

Fearless, adventurous.

A minister who gives sermons.

Lunar phase that transforms people into werewolves.

Room or closet where clothes are kept.

Economic and political bloc in South America.

How much something can hold.

Antonym of minority.

He sired a child.

Chimney cleaners.

Scalp flakes.

Organ of the skin that produces hair.

You can turn this if you don't want to see.

Puzzle 19


Of no value.

Stunned, taken aback.

The outer layer of skin.

Freedom-giving nickname of Simón Bolívar.

Your holiday plan of places to go and things to do.

Someone who tends to the needs of others.

High plateau area in the Andes, mainly in Bolivia.

A very bad dream.

To excite to activity or growth.

Compound of unnatural origin.

Puzzle 20

__ Malick, director of The Tree of Life.

Equivalency, sameness, parity.


The Strait of __ links Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Plan of action or game plan.

Round salad fruits; have different spellings.

Following someone steps.

Someone who illegally takes control of a vessel.

To soak food in seasoning before cooking.

Legendary place of wealth in South America.

Name of Magellan's ship.

One Hundred Years of __, famous colombian novel.

Twenty minus eleven plus four.

Place of tombstones.

Former Argentina First Lady, married to Juan.

Person in charge of a hospitality building.

A protective head piece often worn by pirates.

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