CodyCross Space Movie Tropes Pack answers

Space Movie Tropes PackSpace Movie Tropes

Here are the answers to CodyCross Space Movie Tropes Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

What aliens may seek when they conquer planets.

Ruler of L. Frank Baum's Land of Ix.

Some female bears can do this while hibernating.

Those who live on land surrounded by water.

Boulder Dam was renamed this in 1947.

Brew coffee in a special boiling pot.

Empty spaceships or bases, like after an attack.

__ Cathedral, spired church feted by Russian spies.

First tennis player to win six French Open titles.

He covered With a Little Help from his Friends.

Chinese political party founded 1921.

Strength or brightness of light.

Non-mainstream superhero team in DC Comics.

Inability to move a limb.

City where the Rijksmuseum gallery is located.

Mashed avocado, salt, lime, jalapeño.

2004 film starring Christian Bale about insomnia.

Puzzle 2

Device for measuring air pressure.

Tom Hanks was one of these in Apollo 13.

Large dog breed also called the German Mastiff.

Strands of pasta often served with Bolognese sauce.

First Lady Eleanor who advocated for civil rights.

Type of sale that means last chance to buy.

Computers do this so all species can talk together.

'Umble Dickens character and a 70s rock band.

When a golfer scores first shot, with no putting.

Hastily reverse one's opinion or actions.

Puzzle 3

Characters often run out of this gas in space.

Gouda, camembert and mozzarella are examples.

__ Scott, famed jazz artist, owned a London club.

Swiss HQ of the United Nations and Red Cross.

A fool and his money are soon this.

Needling process used to craft an outfit.

Imelda, Filipino politician dubbed Iron Butterfly.

Islamic outer garments that cover most of the body.

List of items to discuss during a meeting.

Egyptian god Anubis had the head of this wild dog.

Shortened name of great apes native to Africa.

Ballet shoes worn for work on tiptoes.

__ Black by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah.

Dangerous tricks by a daring skateboarder.

Clarke, who starred as Daenerys in Game of Thrones.

A division of ancient Roman soldiers.

Fictional space industry that gathers resources.

Puzzle 4

In grammar they can be relative or subordinate.

Luke stares at these on Tatooine before dark.

Popular 1960s show starring a dolphin.

Blushes; becomes flushed.

North African country once under French rule.

Star sign of a person born on November 1.

Food often eaten while watching movies.

__ car; vehicle used to flee a crime scene.

These vehicles take us to outer space.

Chris, who sang about the Lady in Red.

Bright purplish-red shade named after a flower.

Puzzle 5

Standard weapons used in Star Wars.

Cooking fish in a hot oven.

Secluded, remote.

The ocean found between North and South America.

Fifties novel Hawaii author James A. __.

Sci-tech icon, partner to Grimes.

Measure of the decay of radioactivity.

Horizontal pole at top of a bicycle frame.

Actor who played Eve in Killing Eve.

Checking a person's body for hidden items.

Often a cross-dimensional gateway.

Germany's "Iron Chancellor" of the 1870s-80s.

Puzzle 6

Fiction writers.

The lead dancer in a ballet company.

Plant with thick leaves, lives in arid conditions.

Chamber of the human heart.

Study of markets, goods, services.

Wall tile for pinning notes and memos to.

Space voyagers may pop these for nutrition.

Frozen desserts served in dishes, cones or wafers.

Latest period of the Stone Age.

Supplier of plant-based remedies.

Fisheries term including cod, haddock, and pollock.

Country where pop star Sia was born in 1975.

What city lights might be when stargazing.

Main character who is special in some way.

Puzzle 7

__ cooker; pot that cooks food quickly with steam.

Type of movie with fires, quakes, volcanoes.

Hobbit territory; Eastmarch of the Shire.

Water boa that's the world's largest snake species.

Pieces of tech embedded in flesh.

Operational codename for the Normandy landings.

Describes an orchestra and a musical composition.

Multiple __, animation technique of layered shots.

The youngest of King Lear's three daughters.

Crichton was shot through a wormhole in this show.

Puzzle 8

Disorderly, out of control.

Austrian city famous for its New Year concert.

Small poultry that lay tiny, speckled eggs.

They Might Be __ sang By the Time You Get This.

Half of a quarter.

The upper political chamber of the USA.

A popular doll whose boyfriend's name is Ken.

When pirates take control e.g. in Treasure Planet.

Kitchen tool for scraping the skin off oranges.

Examples include the heart, lungs and stomach.

__ plant, common houseplant with fat glossy leaves.

Texas city associated with the Cowboys NFL team.

A men's formal dinner jacket.

It's the J in a record-spinning DJ.

Japanese dumplings filled with veggies, meat.

Organic being with some mechanical parts.

To request someone's presence at an event.

American Stewart known for her Living magazine.

Puzzle 9

Pink or white tree flower, a sure sign of spring.

Pilot's control area in an aircraft.

Milan's celebrated opera house.

A spike of hair worn down the middle of the head.

Aquaman and Poseidon own this three-pronged spear.

Adventurers in space may explore these.

Someone who has the power to vote.

New business in its first months.

Bow Street __, early British police force.

Astronaut Yuri, who was first in space.

Christian rite of admitting a baby into the church.

Luke started a new one of these for the Jedi.

Puzzle 10

Speakers became wireless with this connection.

He hosted a Wonderland tea party for Alice.

First World War military campaign on Turkish coast.

Latin motto meaning "seize the day".

Families may live for centuries on generation __.

A trial period for a job.

German city on the Elbe, capital of Saxony-Anhalt.

Actor who fronts rock band 30 Seconds to Mars.

It's the F in the FTSE London stock exchange.

Greek goddess of love, passion and pleasure.

Blind Marvel superhero played by Ben Affleck.

Emanation that may endanger astronauts.

Smooth-skinned variety of peach.

Puzzle 11

Citrine is this autumn month's birthstone.

Musical that includes Ol' Man River.

Inhabitants of the Red Planet are known as these.


He took Champ and Major to the White House in 2021.

John Cusack starred in Say __ film.

The liqueur Frangelico tastes of this.

Dye sections of hair darker than the rest.

Insolvent person.

__ sea, on the ocean edge, enclosed by islands.

Ropes strung between swimming lanes.

Humans may host this type of controlling alien.

By __, visible without a telescope or microscope.

Puzzle 12

Rose __, paint made from plant of similar name.

Surrenders, capitulates.

__ in numbers, it helps to have back-up.

Bump-headed white whale found in Arctic waters.

Pitch or clef above bass.

Movie where old people feel younger with aliens.

Small rock from outer space that lights up the sky.

The last British king of this name reigned 1936-52.

The Stargate was this kind of door to other worlds.

The capital of Poland.

Mexican tortilla dish with melted cheese topping.

Washington __, author who wrote as Knickerbocker.

Short open jacket.

US motorcycle brand that made choppers famous.

Police box that travels through time and space.

Puzzle 13

Name under which a publisher produces books.

One thousand thousand.

Keep your friends close, but these even closer.

Book for listing details of where people live.

UFOs are often drawn as flying __.

Action of water at a seashore; cat drinking.

Cornish TV show with Ross, Demelza and Warleggans.

Sentimental singer like Frank Sinatra.

Sandra Bullock survived the pull of this force.

Sheets, pillows, and duvets.

TweetDeck is a program for posting to this site.

Games company that makes CodyCross.

Parents request these healthy foods be eaten first.

Puzzle 14

Event when a star explodes.

Complaint, protest, grumble, objection.

A soldier hired into foreign service.

Three of a kind and a pair.

A large spider that sometimes has a posionous bite.

Invader who takes control of planet or star system.

Classic tale animated by Guillermo del Toro, 2021.

Percussion instrument with wooden bars.

Pirate preying on Spanish ships during 1700s.

Sci-fi writer of The Book of the New Sun series.

Purified liquor with heat and condensation.

Flotation device in swimming, develops leg action.

Nationality of painter Edvard Munch.

__ converter, device to reduce vehicle emissions.

Puzzle 15

In Galaxy Quest, the helmsman is one of these.

Decorative music notation, like a trill or turn.

Stiffens fabric with a spray.

American gangster pre-WW2.

British black tea with bergamot scent.

Enormous toad-like amphibian.

Rubber tube for cleaning, or extinguishing fires.

Mickey __, thriller writer of I, the Jury.

A weight on a rod that keeps a clock regulated.

Resistance to diseases or illnesses; impunity.

Orientation of stripes on Belgium's flag.

French for goodbye until we meet again.

Red __, lucky paper light covers, Chinese New Year.

Signal from a ship or planet under attack.

Thin-strapped vest top.

First lady of Argentina known as Evita.

Puzzle 16

Knowledge of; clear perception.

Large handkerchief worn on head or around neck.

__ oranges; bitter citrus fruits from Spain.

e.g. Kirk, Janeway, Reynolds or Lone Starr.

Romijn, De Mornay or Black.

Longest river entirely in Asia.

Trimming trees or bushes.

First name of writer Hodgson Burnett.

Enough votes to do what you want.

A creature with fangs that drinks blood; Dracula.

Academic professional accomplished in a subject.

Making textiles by interlacing threads.

Increase in salary.

Noise made by involuntary spasms of the chest.

Dance music evolved from hip-hop to psychedelia.

Country in which Shakespeare's Hamlet is set.

Space is home to many crews of these oddballs.

Puzzle 17

Make someone very angry.

Publishing house behind Vogue magazine.

Not 100% sure.

Where Egypt's longest river joins the Med.

In space, no one can hear __.

Reactive element whose symbol is K.

US swimmer with nine Olympic golds to his name.

Unaccompanied singing style.

Instructions on what guests should wear.

Where Captain Kirk spends most of his time.

Monarch, and an old gold coin.

Style of entertainment featuring exotic dancers.

Chocolate comes from the seeds of this plant.

Legendary American sign, first erected in 1923.

The outer layer of skin.

Chess situation where a player has no legal moves.

Special medical transportation to the hospital.

In human nutrition, omega-3 for instance.

__ Park, Austen tale of the Bertrams and Crawfords.

Puzzle 18

Solar __, sudden flashes from nearby stars.

A vehicular device that inflates on collision.

Disturb, inconvenience.

Musical that won the 1968 Best Picture Oscar.

Automatic reaction, like a knee jerk.

Peninsula on the Black Sea, in Eastern Europe.

Long-tailed parrots with bright feathers.

Neil, author known for the Sandman comic series.

Country where the battle of Agincourt was fought.

Soft fabric with a short, raised, smooth pile.

Adjusting an instrument to make sure it's in key.

Unpopped piece of popcorn.

Confidence trick.

Republic of __ in The Handmaid's Tale.

Casino employee at a blackjack table.

Add one to this for a baker's dozen.

Phrase comparing two things that often uses like.

Slang term for an energy weapon.

Los Angeles' local NBA team.

TV sleuths Chris and Mary Beth, aka __ and Lacey.

Star sign of someone born on March 1.

Female rulers of independent states.

Puzzle 19

Ship flown by Holden and crew in The Expanse.

A type of pen with a rotating spherical tip.

Hot enough to leave burn marks.

2002 David Fincher thriller starring Jodie Foster.

Crunchy, white tuber vegetables, water __.

Kate Moss was face of this Calvin Klein perfume.

Cordoba and Granada are in this region of Spain.

Singer in The Supremes; played Dorothy in The Wiz.

Wassily, abstract painter of 1925's Three Elements.

Technologically dystopian subgenre of scifi.

New World monkeys including pygmy and black-tufted.

Scottish August festival celebrating the arts.

The scientific study of space & celestial objects.

One of the three muscles on the posterior thigh.

Faster-than-light travel in Star Trek.

Puzzle 20

This Man was a famous anthropological hoax of 1912.

Three-wheeled bike, often ridden by kids.

1949 Arthur Miller play, Death of a __.

One space hour can be 7 earth years due to time __.

The client, the person buying the goods.

British creator of Wallace and Gromit.

The relationship between a husband and a wife.

Thomas __, author of Schindler's Ark.

William, first actor to play Doctor Who.

It's often purple or red, not blue like on Earth.

Use this purple veggie to make borscht.

Security devices with keys.

Technical name for a flute player.

Ocean that surrounds Antarctica.

Traditional antioxidant-rich herbal drink.

Someone who works for a company.

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