CodyCross Spicy Things Pack answers

Spicy Things PackSpicy Things

Here are the answers to CodyCross Spicy Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Belt fixings.

German word for a palace or large stately home.

Established how heavy something is.


To abridge, cut down.

Work space used on a rota basis.

Scott __ vs. the World.

Hanoi is the capital, Bun bo Hue is its spicy soup.

Noisily emitting air via your mouth.

Viva __, West End musical based on the Spice Girls.

Where families of porcines live.

Scrutinise, be overly critical.

Chilli pepper spice powder used on deviled eggs.

__ States, unsettled period in Chinese history.

Creator of character Lucy Honeychurch: E. M. __.

Puzzle 2

One of the seven Emirates, with three enclaves.

US TV channel founded by Rupert Murdoch.

Expensive spice from Crocus flowers.

Share a house with your lover, without marriage.

Liquid, red hot sauce made with three ingredients.

Proto-city, first with protective wall.

__ Ron; 1992 comedy about a quirky sailor.

Attention-grabber or trickery.

Brass instrument, same name as a weapon.

Make chains with these white/yellow flowers.

Author of Lord of the Flies: William __.

Puzzle 3

Blocks stopping a plane wheel.

Scotch __, hat-shaped, aka Caribbean red pepper.

Charming, beautiful.

Suppose; anagram of amuses.

__ yellow, rhyming Sixties song by Donovan.

Back end of a gun barrel, end nearest the stock.

Ground spices, chillies, herbs, shrimp make these.

__ Family Values; 1993 comedy horror sequel.

Something that is morally wrong.

Country where the Negev Desert is located.

Short word for horned safari animals that charge.

Puzzle 4

Coin placed in a royal bride's wedding shoe.

Indian cauliflower/potatoes in curry sauce.

__ Milosevic, Serbian prosecuted for war crimes.

Daytime illumination from above.

Chilli pepper, often stuffed with cream cheese.

Rolling the presses.

A __ star moves across the sky.

Catherine of __; wife of Charles II.

Birds cleaning their feathers.

Lacking in finality.

Ivy basin.

Jack __; champion golfer nicknamed The Golden Bear.

Took paint off.

Throaty speech.

Anaesthetic nitrous oxide is also known as __ gas.

Jason __, Horrible Bosses actor.

Criminal underworld.

Puzzle 5

The Frog Princess a __ fairy tale.

Sticks to a policy.

__ seeds, spice used in sauerkraut or on carrots.

Transforms the color of your tresses.

Walks in the woods.

Farthest planet from the sun (not counting Pluto).

__ Center, Manhattan performing arts complex.

Teenage witch from Greendale.

To persuade, coax.

Game with table and cues, like billiards.

Chile __, stuffed, roasted chilli Mexican dish.

"There is honour among __".

Puzzle 6

Embarrassment __; too much of a good thing.


Courage, boldness.

Husband-and-wife Romantic poets Robert & Elizabeth.

Woodland bird known for creeping up trees.

__ and the Papas, California band of the 1960s.

Not beneath the ground.

Kuala Lumpur country, spicy laksa soup eaten here.

A hotchpotch; a farrago.

Scale for rating the heat of chilli peppers.

Actresses Vanessa and Lynn__.

Puzzle 7

__ power; energy from a river mixing with the sea.

William __, set up a company with James Gamble.

Spicy, sharp.

__ bass, 90s UK sound using fast-tempo beats.

Spanish word for "apple," not manana but __.

Run like a puppy.

A theatre's highest seats, close to Heaven maybe.

Ice is falling from the sky.

Indian coconut/yogurt curry, rhymes with Amanda.

Sport in which Tonya Harding competed: figure __.

Mrs __ is revealed as the mother of Lyra Belacqua.

__ Caine, The Dark Knight Alfred actor.

A gut __ is somehow instinctive.

Puzzle 8

__ Revolution; military coup in Portugal in 1974.

Bet taker.

__ of Youth, Tennessee Williams play of 1959.

Loans taken out to buy properties.

Flexible and supple.

Knee-length outer garment worn as military uniform.

__ York; art dealer character in Sex and the City.

Beverage traditionally served with churros: hot __.

Ghanaian leader of the UN from 1997 to 2006.

Middle 24 hours of the working week.

Without question.

Get out of a situation.

Tomato-based Indian curry, rhymes with ocean wash.

__ fever, illness also known as kissing disease.

P. Diddy's real name.

Home of nasi goreng, capital Jakarta.

Puzzle 9

Lured someone.

Rockets that control the altitude of a spacecraft.

Active ingredient in peppers that makes them hot.

Dense green moist plant that resembles moss.

Board game with balls and holes.

The year WWII ended was nineteen __.

Princess __ of Monaco duetted with MJ in 1992.

Amazingly, wonderfully, outstandingly.

Spice or sauce e.g. mustard, salt.

Farewell My __, film also called Ba Wang Bie Ji.

Draped __, required when visiting religious sites.

__ Empire, TV show about the era of Prohibition.

Closed, heeled footwear that Americans call a pump.

Sailor who circumnavigated the globe westwards.

Puzzle 10

Sweet spice from tree bark, used in sweet buns.

Disease characterised by swellings in the neck.


Julie __ 60s actress from Dr Zhivago and Darling.

Upper case letters.

Crown __, Jesus wore one on his head.

Aussie golfer, 2015 PGA champion.

Cape at the bottom of South Africa.

Super-hot Indian curry, rhymes with Linda Sue.

Site where British Officer Cornwallis surrendered.

Where Lou Reed took a walk.

A baker's dozen.

Odd, wry humour.

Puzzle 11

Treeless plains of South America.

Pull on these to extract milk.

Barrel maker.

Limited; with an upper limit on, e.g. production.

Song of __, long poem by Walt Whitman.

He played Ace Ventura in several movies, Jim __.

Spicy fermented cabbage from Korea.

Triangular Indian pastry with spicy filling.

First name of dynamite inventor, __ Nobel.

__ square, a nan might crochet one of this.

"Stone walls do not a __ make".

Puzzle 12

Con schemes.

Kelsey __, played Frasier.

Dry Indian rice curry with mixed veg/meat.

Camera shot of a face.

Natives of Bamako or Timbuktu, for example.

Increase pace.

Those employed to protect famous people.

Make __; progress, gain ground.

__ lady, hirsute performer at a freak show.

"Opposite" of conservative.

Emma __ wrote The New Colossus.

Capsicums, e.g. bell or cayenne.

Descends on a rope.

Generally, words with an added s at the end.

Puzzle 13

Home to the animations in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Support or hold together.

Mexican dish; little donkey stuffed tortillas.

Preparing in advance.

Girl's name in songs by The Hollies and Donovan.

Diabolically difficult, like a hard crossword.

Berlin museum of famous reconstructed buildings.

L.A. based brand meaning sometimes in Japanese.

Surname of two different American presidents.

Checks and __.

Floating supports for bridges.

Thai __, primary colour, hot/sweet coconut sauce.

Country once led by Haile Selassie.

Smaller approach to a mountain.

Poisonous, especially when talking about snakes.


Puzzle 14

Upset the __; spoil someone's plans.

Phrase: the most expensive, high (US) price.

The gummiest, the thing that's the most glue-like.

Woollen headwear topped with a pom pom.

Partition shared between two homes.

Spicy avocado dip from Mexico.

With a narrow or limited viewpoint.

Huevos __, spicy Mexican eggs dish.

Order of perching birds.

Old __ and Young __, men sought the Scottish Crown.

Takes on too much.

Original title of the song Yesterday: __ Eggs.

Made water run to plants.

Instructed by a magistrate to behave.

Puzzle 15

Chilli __, Mexican stew meaning with meat.

Saturday Night's Alright for __ said Elton John.

Nationality of a Tunis native.

Shapes of buildings, hills against horizons.

Past tense of forego.

Black __, Ridley Scott war movie set in Somalia.

Smiled ingratiatingly.

School sports event using a large hessian bag.

Yellow Asian root that flavours/colours curries.

Medicines without active ingredients.

Sebastian Faulks's saga about the WWI trenches.

Artist who painted his mother.

Puzzle 16

From a stable background.

Powdered seasoning aka pimenta, like cloves/nutmeg.

Country where Penang or red curry comes from.

Hollywood's redhead "It" girl.

Newspaper pieces.

Particularly lazy individual.

Queen lyrics: "Scaramouche, will you do the __?".

Very cold containers for food.

Extremely busy.

Experiencing a prickling, stinging sensation.

Temperament, behaviour.

Spiky desert plants (plural, with s).

Puzzle 17

Personification of snow and ice.

Largest country in Oceania.

The period between two zodiac signs.

Extremely uncomfortable garment, aka a cilice.

Project undertaken with a second party.

The __ Bay; where Otis Redding was sittin' on.

Holiday when lebukhen is traditionally baked.

"__ warm heart".

Liquorice-flavoured, five-pointed spice.

Avenue in Lisbon with Eduardo VII Park atop.

Animation about a squirrel's planned heist.

Stuffed, baked corn tortilla with hot sauce/cheese.

Device found in toilet cisterns and water tanks.

Demand money for kompromat.

Animal group, with examples having an exoskeleton.

Hardy, able to adapt to change.

The B in BASE, from which jumpers throw themselves.

Millions, billions... what comes next?.

Woody __, played Haymitch Abernathy and Marty Hart.

Puzzle 18

Small tubby deer also known as a barking deer.

Send someone a DM on Twitter means send them a __.

Harry Judd is the __ in McFly.

Toasted tortilla, can have spicy filling.

Nationality of patatas bravas.

Funny, comedic.

Rodent pursuit.

Designs something new.

Eating all the right foods, exercising, being fit.

One Flew over the __ Nest, Nicholson is mental.

People who discriminate against women or men.

Puzzle 19

Said, uttered.

Vegetable whose seeds have liquorice flavour.

Witches' incantations.

Fusion cuisine from Texas and Mexico.

Portable cooking stove; Scottish Episcopal bishop.

Played a high tennis shot.


Don __; American Pie singer-songwriter.

Many-coloured gem often used in place of diamonds.

__ to the throne; sequence of royal succession.

Costa __, Spain's golden coast centred on Salou.

Puzzle 20

Bordering on.

Dark red, grainy hot sauce from North Africa.

Thomas __, English Reformation leader.

European country, home to Csabai spicy sausage.

Herbie the Beetle was known as this, The __.

Unseen protagonist of crime-fighting Angels.

In a keen and excited way.

American abstract expressionist drip painter.

Murdered 16th century English poet: Christopher __.

“Excuse me while I __ sky”: Jimi Hendrix.

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