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Here are the answers to CodyCross Sports Icons Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

What infants drink instead of milk.

Noble military force in medieval Japan.

__ Wagner, German opera composer.

Living in, around or under water.

Tallest mountain in Greece: Mount __.

Physical illness, chronic in nature.

Mammal with a long neck, can't swim.

Magical tale from "The Arabian Nights".

Birth country of James Joyce.

Anagram of players.

The act of leaving money as a gratuity.

Puzzle 2

Not all that __ is gold.

Visual representations help you remember.

Milla __, Resident Evil's actress.

Group of musicians or singers.


Height above sea or ground level.

Super Bowl player married to Gisele Bundchen.

Red fruits usually on top of a cake or ice-cream.

Busiest time of day for traveling.


Activity usually performed on canvas.

Puzzle 3

A body of persons chosen to advise or investigate.

Jamaican sprinter, as fast as lightning.

Venetian merchant voyager and water game.

British actor of Bridget Jones' Diary.

Machine on which you walk but don't travel.

Biologist, chemist, physicist.

It tells you when you need to refill your gas tank.

What Levi Strauss is famous for.

Device to measure musical beat.

Obtaining money by abuse of power.

Latin phrase meaning sworn statement.

Mass of snow falling from a mountain.

Kitchen equipment for sautéeing.

Puzzle 4

Akin to the alligator.

A very large military force.

Belgian cyclist Eddy, winner of a string of titles.

Olympic medal-winning swimmer Ryan.

Ron __, US actor and now director.

Natural rock chamber with opening to the surface.

Signaled for a cab.

Muscle contraction that hurts.

First female Prime Minister of India, Indira __.

The Deer __, won the Academy Awards in 1979.

Flintstone's best friend's last name.

Cross-tempered, moody.

Language used in Denmark; a pastry.

Puzzle 5

Huge passenger plane.

Unguent for application to the skin.

US film about a park full of ancient reptiles.


Child's fan-like toy that spins when blown.

British cyclist who competed at four Olympics.

What goes up must __.

Successful Australian tennis player of the 1960s.

__ star, falling star; meteor.

Grace Kelly became one.

Puzzle 6

Nationality of iconic football hero Pelé.

Relative that can replace a parent.

Inflatable rubber with valve inside bike wheels.

Substances used to preserve food.

Huge storage.

Barbra __, multi-talented and awarded US artist.

Willy Wonka and the __ Factory.

Not northeast.

It is not the same as hearing.

Arbor little place, kids love it.

Expert in matter and energy.

Puzzle 7

Past tense of fall, dropped to the ground.

Spinach-eating sailor with oversized forearms.

Belarusian gymnast Olga.

Uruguay and Barcelona footballer, Luis __.

An eagle's claws.

Person that participates in marathons.

Azim __, Indian tycoon, chairman of Wipro.

Scandinavian country, capital is Oslo.

Shiny metal plating.

You can have it cold, hot, with milk or ice.

To make wet with large drops of water.

Puzzle 8

Chunky curd cheese, often with added pineapple.

To examine something critically.

Where Egyptians made their inscriptions.

Thin board used for mixing paints.

Warm greeting upon arrival.

Mortar building constructed by bricklayers.

Part of a chair where your limbs can relax.

High-scoring ex-England footballer, Gary __.

Belly __ originated in the Middle East.

Machine with wheel or rotor to produce energy.

Llama-like animals with long silky fleece.

Puzzle 9

Study of a given subject.

Peaceful stillness.

Japanese for "suicide".

Italian city that preserves the statue of David.

Grape farm.

Tricksters, fraudsters.

Quoting word for word.

Julie __, star of Doctor Zhivago.

Assembling materials into a structure.

Father's side of the family.

Horizontal pole at top of a bicycle frame.

Puzzle 10

Creator of Office programs.

The __ Club, Molly Ringwald's coming of age movie.

Annual festive date celebrating a birthday.

Science relating to liquids in engineering.

Big hairy and scary aranic.

A kind of pirate from the 1700s.

Eastern and southern West Indies; vacation place.

It means security guard or watchman in Spanish.

__ Ronaldo, leading Portuguese goalscorer.

Intentionally, on purpose.

Lizard has unusual ability to change skin color.

Puzzle 11

Oppressive autocrat, despot.

View from the top.

Antonym of awake.

Dam-building rodent.

This is where you can find almost any information.

__ people are followed by paparazzi.

People canonized as being very holy and kind.

Charlton __, leading actor of Ben-Hur in 1959.

Chinese island known for electronic manufacturing.

Pointed tooth between incisors and molars.

"Square" art movement favored by Picasso.

Clean __, lacking facial hair of any kind.

Beat, measure, cadence.

Clothing piece for the arm was detachable at first.

To create a plan with careful planning and thought.

After dinner drink made of distilled wine.

Puzzle 12

Any various machine having a rotor.

Personal grooming, cleanliness.

Fundamental principles.

First to reach the top of Mt. Everest: Edmund __.

Game played with rectangular tiles.

Graceful antelope with lustrous eyes.

Famous Spanish treat with dulce de leche.

The __ hour is just before the dawn.

__ and Co., luxury jewelry brand.

George __, actor of Ocean's Eleven.

To set upon or work against forcefully.

Half human, half-fish creature of the water.

Pouring molten metal into a mold.

Discarded or useless material.

Puzzle 13

Don't take "no" for __.

A large area with forests.

NASA and AWOL are __.

Small oily fish sold in oval-shaped tins.

Nadia __, 1976 Olympics' record-breaking gymnast.

A bone in the finger or toe.

To get on a plane before others.

Modifier key allows for alternate functions.

Piece for instruments to play with an orchestra.

Ancient Chinese collection of anecdotes and fables.

Roman __, French-Polish film director and producer.

Occular bruising.

Puzzle 14

Weiner dog.

Material that allows water or gas to pass through.

Humor magazines, often of a political nature.

Used to display clothes in a department store.

Detainment, imprisonment, incarceration.

They cannot walk backwards.

Pedestrian safe zone.

King of beers, once advertised by frogs.

Study of the origins of words.

A two-word term meaning royally born.

Innocent plea.

Refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher.


Coastal surface with strong suck.

Puzzle 15

Gaps are connected through them.

Greek version of this food is healthier.

African country begins with the fifth vowel.

Scientific __, hypothesis, testing, analysis.

Giorgio __, Italian fashion house.


Four minus one times four.

Inspector __, clumsy, cyborg detective.

__ hammer, large tool for demolition work.

Roman godess of the dawn.

Sister who rescues Hansel from being cooked.

Presidential power to forgive someone of a crime.

Puzzle 16

Dainty collar named after a J M Barrie character.

The capital of Hungary.

US Champion in figure skater Nancy.

When Cinderella lost her crystal slipper.

Person who accurately measures land and buildings.

To consecrate.

As fast as possible.

Rate in which employees leave and are replaced.

Sleeping with __, Julia Roberts thriller.

Elevation steeper and much higher than a hill.

Additional garnishing, decorative accessory.

The wedding is the first step.

Puzzle 17

To spread outwards from the center.

The absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint.

Whirling __, white-clothed spinning sufi dancer.

__ Peck, American actor.

Pastry made of paper-thin layers with nuts, honey.

Capital of China.

Pathological disorder, human condition.

Senior pilot who commands a crew.

Nothing in detail.

Jewellery worn on the lobe.

Puzzle 18

An aromatic seed produced by an evergreen tree.

Wile E. __ never catches the Road Runner.

Capital of Austria.

__ Fair, pop culture and fashion magazine.

Someone who moves their body to the music.

Straying from the path of acceptability.

Pink and white, small round root vegetable.

Equestrians ride them.

To some extent, not totally.

What humans breathe.

The best.

Puzzle 19

Sovereign of Imperial China.

Rug for your shower.

St. Francis of Assisi is patron saint of __.

The __ fish has a horn-like item on its forehead.

Violent storm from the Indian subcontinent.

Understanding of someone's feelings, thoughts.

Also known as the windpipe.

Two-wheeled vehicle with foot pedals.

Alexander __, British designer who died in 2010.

Someone who plays a percussion instrument.

Most common cooking method for pasta.

The __ Adventure, movie with Cary Grant.

Large portable radio cassette player.

Puzzle 20

Decorative woven fabric used on upholstery.

Small-sized newspaper.

One charged with police duties.


Marriage ceremony, nuptials.

Annual publication that includes important dates.

To control or supervise.

Study of the structure of the body.

Julie __, star of The Sound of Music.

In some cases, similar to grilled.

Strolling, parading, not running.

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