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Here are the answers to CodyCross Sports Stars Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Michael __; US Dream Team basketball superstar.

Suave and courteous.

Wooden sticks hit together for salsa beat.

Passion and longing for someone, craving for them.

Restrictive undergarment.

Rum product flavored with coconut.

Made a noise like a bee.

Only continent that lies in all four hemispheres.

Kitchen implements, balloon-shaped, for whipping.

Memorable; easy to remember.

Greg __; Australian golfer nicknamed The Shark.

Pump it up at a party.

Puzzle 2

Throw aside.

French site of pilgrimage to St Bernadette.

Bladed vehicle pulled by hounds in polar regions.

A sad play.

Grasping surgical instruments.

Used for getting power into your phone.

Cristiano __; CR7, Portuguese soccer star.

Environment-friendly wheeled transport.

F in the NATO phonetic alphabet.

Musical agreement of sounds, complements melody.

Whale fat.

Female reproductive parts of a flower.

The __ Code, thriller on Christianity by Dan Brown.

Jack __; heavyweight boxing's Manassa Mauler.

Underhanded, dishonest.

Periods of extreme scarcity of food.

Puzzle 3

Became stricken with germs.

Gary __; Russian chess grandmaster.

Too young to be allowed to participate.

Types of synthetic paints used by artists.

Relating to a line of rulers.


Precedes with an introduction, in a book.

Tunneled, dug downwards.

To give advance notice of danger.

Type of tomatoes that come in fancy colors, shapes.

Meditate, reflect, think about.

Fanny __-Koen, 1940s athletics' Flying Dutchwoman.

Supportive bar mounted on a wall.

Puzzle 4

Outstanding Argentine footballer of the 1950s.

Followers of a religion or set of beliefs.

Top dogs in restaurant kitchens.

Of __; sane in the eyes of the law.

Tallest peak in the Alps.

The most physically strong.

Small bony fish; the males give birth.

Musical note equal to two minims.

Ukrainian boxer Wladimir __, nicknamed Steelhammer.

A choice or a range of options.

Puzzle 5

An injured party, casualty or fatality.

First name of basketball maestro Magic Johnson.

World's largest and deepest fresh water lake.

Old-fashioned weapon used in a duel.

Sebastian __, German F1 World Championship winner.

Pieces of the pie.

Devices fitted to wheels by parking attendants.

Ross's sister in Friends.

Irrational fear.

Surname of character famously played by Matt Damon.

Monastery or convent.

Filtering organ in the body.

Famous operatic composer of The Marriage of Figaro.

Orson __, who made Citizen Kane.

Seat on an elephant's back.

Dialect of a people of a region, informal speech.

Puzzle 6

Someone who spoils others' fun.

Beauty School __; Teen Angel's song in Grease.

Dank prison, in a castle.

Splendid, magnificent.

Obliterate, ruin.

Bradley __, champion track and road cyclist.

Sauce of fruit cooked in sugar syrup.

Sir Don __; record-breaking Australian cricketer.

Actor Colin Farrell comes from this country.

Being pessimistic or doubting/sarcastic.

Puzzle 7

Printed version of a publication.


Breathing tube used underwater when viewing reefs.

Eric __; Chariots of Fire Scottish track athlete.

Country that owns the Galapagos Islands.

Dances a slow ballroom rhythm to triple time.

Gives someone work, on a salary.

Hindu god of the moon.

A "__ duck" means you are an obvious target.

Orange-flavored liqueur from the Caribbean.

Chinese capital, previously known as Peking.

David __, Premier League and MLS midfielder.

Annoying, vexing.

Puzzle 8

Go ahead, __; famous Dirty Harry quote.

Widespread, pervasive.

Agreeing to take on another's debt.

Caroline __; Danish tennis supremo.

Horizontal transfer of heat through a liquid.

His given birth name is Reginald Kenneth Dwight.

Australian swimmer with five Olympic golds.

Swapping, changing.

Russian space voyager.

Circumventing, avoiding the center.

Plato's pupil and Alexander the Great's teacher.

Huge mass of snow or ice rushing down a mountain.

Puzzle 9

Snag, disadvantage.

Very thick pasta strands, like hollow spaghetti.

Larisa __, gymnast with nine Olympic gold medals.

Throwing something violently and dramatically.

Type of verse popularized by Edward Lear.

Having two opposite opinions.

Those who scan the horizon on ships.

Sky-scraping twin towers of Kuala Lumpur.

Presence of disease-resistant antibodies.

South African golfer nicknamed The Big Easy.

The ancient Greek god of the west wind.

Puzzle 10

Merchant of Venice character disguised as a lawyer.

Chinese religious philosophy advocated by Lao-Tzu.

Island upon which Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.

Verb meaning to go fast, from an insect.

Small piece of food.

A baby's toy that makes a noise when shaken.

US swimmer who won 11 Olympic medals, Matt __.

"The best thing since __ bread": great innovation.

Jump around playfully.

Solar __; roof tiles for generating energy.

Fragile and weak, easily broken.

Short metal bolts.

Name for a young swan.

Crime drama based on Jeff Lindsay books.

Tokyo international airport; its code is HND.

Puzzle 11

Fictional character Emma Rouault, aka Madame __.

Bob __; US record-breaking Olympic long jumper.

Fulfill a request.

__ Friday; Jodie Foster's 1976 life-swap film.

Coal diggers.

Greek island linked to the Book of Revelation.

Culmination, most intense point.

Chandler's ex with a distinctive voice on Friends.

First name of Argentine football superstar Messi.

Mako and dogfish are some names for these animals.

French-derived language spoken in Haiti.

Small Chinese dumplings served in steamer baskets.

To hold your __ means to be patient.

Some of Maria's favorite things, cream-colored __.

Puzzle 12

Paradise-like place described by Greek poet Pindar.

Thick-bladed knife used for cutting sugarcane.

A public interest investigation, for information.

Island nation with Blue Lagoon and a pony breed.

Roger __; Swiss Grand Slam tennis maestro.

Someone learning how to do a job.

Big George, former heavyweight boxing champ.

Made to feel submissive by an act of kindness.

Shyness, being demure, like Snow White's Dwarf.

Someone at the end of their employed life.

Poisonous, liquid metal.

Shoes with a perforated pattern.

Spouse of a monarch.

Move away from your point while speaking.

Puzzle 13

Tree-dwelling animal with big eyes; "honey bear".

Change something so it seems completely new.

North Atlantic sea famous for its seaweed.

Daley __, two-time UK gold medal-winning decathlete.

Water, sewage and drainage specialists.

Volcanic activity.

Fine-toothed hand blades for cutting metal.

Crushed or inhibited a plan from being realized.

One-time Golden Boy of Argentine football.

Describes blue unsightly veins on legs.

Puzzle 14

Emphasizing a feature to make it stand out.

Swedish tennis maestro of the 1970s and 1980s.

South American country named after an Italian city.

Publications that are full of recipes.

US track athlete who won 10 Olympic medals.

Aim of promoting unity between Christian churches.

Something that came before, forerunner.

Monarch with the golden touch.

Surround of a room's entrance or exit.

Magnetic material for recording TV, old technology.

Busy, blocked up.

Procedure, rules set for solving math calculations.

Type of storm rated on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Puzzle 15

Sausage in a bun, with mustard.

Pierre and Marie Curie chemical element discovery.

Turmoil, lack of order.

Ho Chi Minh City's former name.

Sour fruits; feeble people; bad cars.

Feelings of unease, pangs of conscience.

Nationality of automobile engineer Karl Benz.

The Gare Saint-__, station by Monet.

Andy and Jamie __; Scottish tennis brothers.

Country where Milton Obote was president.

Rocky's surname as played by Sylvester Stallone.

Chris __; eccentric monocle-wearing British boxer.

Disclose hidden information.

Puzzle 16

Arnold __; champion golfer nicknamed The King.

Shakespearean villain Iago's murdered wife.

Opera de Monte-Carlo is based in this principality.

Crammed or forced between something.

__ Semanya, South African middle-distance runner.

Roman ruler told to "beware of the Ides of March".

Survival expert and TV personality, Bear __.

Aromatic Christmas spice made of dried flower buds.

World's largest existing lizard: __ dragon.

Fred and __, Stone Age cartoon buddies.

Relaxing room.

Puzzle 17

Adding fuel to the fire.

Lacking in manners or refinement.

Athlete Richard __; synonymous with the high jump.

Cathy __, Aussie Olympic flame-lighting sprinter.

Something that can be heard.

Leaves on a voyage by sea.

Uralic people and Russian dog breed.

Gland that produces milk.

Becomes smaller in size.

Arranged a museum exhibit.

Puzzle 18

Night __; nocturnal security guard.

Flavored liquid to steep meats and fish in.

Linen-cotton fabric named after a French town.

Lewis __; British F1 champion, born in 1985.

Moving restlessly, like a big cat.

Catherine de Medici's Italian birthplace.

It's a letter and a picture; gift shop item.

Loud rhythmic beating.

Depending on the time of year.

Escaped prisoner wanted by the police.

Rocky Horror dance.

Alloy of copper, tin and zinc for making cannons.

Puts into code.

Baseball star Joe __, married Marilyn Monroe.

Hawaiian capital.

__ Hotel, fictional place in The Shining.

Gushing with praise.

Of the brain.

Puzzle 19

Set up and organize or to found.

__ Fraser-Pryce; double-barrelled Jamaican runner.

Earth metal Mg, used in fireworks and photography.

Making mouse sounds.

Extravagant, lavish, opulent, plush.

Country with the largest lake in Central America.

Solid adhesives in push-up tubes for crafting.

Kitchen utensil for caramelizing sugar toppings.

The Greek muse of tragedy.

A person who studies animals.

Czech-born US tennis champ of the 1980s.

Communicates, enjoys interpersonal exchanges.

Prehistoric shark.

The last stage of the Stone Age.

Puzzle 20

In geometry, they can be oblique and reflex.

T in NATO.

Cave, often flooded, sometimes religious.

__ Senna; Brazilian F1 driver, teammate of Prost.

Greedily took more than one's fair share.

Play by Anton Chekov: "The __ Orchard".

Worker high on a building top.

Give all one's time to someone or something.

Milk that became acidic.

Asafa __, Jamaican former 100m world record holder.

Hottest season of the year.

Lifeforms, the basis of the Great Barrier Reef.

Stretched your neck, like a tall bird.

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