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Here are the answers to CodyCross Sports Venue Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Low-water design.

French racecourse, host of the Prix du Jockey-Club.

Secret feature.

Island next to Cape Cod, once a base for whaling.

Bulgur wheat salad of herbs, peppers, and lettuce.

Quick-tempered and irritable.

Botanists call it a petiole.

Titmouse from North America.

Chinese language spoken mainly in Guangzhou.

Young adult author of Blubber and Deenie.

Silver wheel Celtic goddess of fertility.

Best of the bunch.

Berlin government building.

Amateur __; group for local thespians.

US horse-racing track, it holds the __ Million.

Puzzle 2

Extreme, dude.

Corner where upper and lower eyelid meet.

TMI means __ information.

Aka Baltic proper.

Shaped like a dice.

German publisher of glossy art books.

Cutting into small pieces.

Tuscan closed circuit used by MotoGP riders.

Spiky herbs.

False courage.

Bidder's place.

Original name of what is now Vancouver, Canada.

__ Glen, US F1 racetrack of the 60s and 70s.

What the letter "B" in the acronym BAFTA is for.

Puzzle 3

Margaret __, director of the Greenwich Observatory.

One who is a guiding light to others.

Hotel in Las Vegas hosting many title fights.

Elton John song on Moulin Rouge soundtrack.

Scattering the balls.

Scary creature used to put fear in children.

Australian trail mix in a word.

Old __, Manchester venue for cricket and football.

Shakespeare play about the Prince of Tyre.

Artificial unsaturated fatty acid.

Puzzle 4

Edible freshwater perch.

Dome-shaped temples linked to Buddhism.

Leap over.

__ Beach, Calif golf course, host of 2019 US Open.

Dessert sauce made from crushed fruit.

Circuit de la __, track where Le Mans 24hr is run.

Former poet laureate to Queen Elizabeth II: Ted __.

Dutch word for both "morning" and "tomorrow".

Elvis Costello's plaintive tune to a named woman.

Steve __, Breitbart boss, was Trump's strategist.

The Weasleys' flying Ford __, baby blue car.

Puzzle 5

A small raised area of skin filled with fluid.

Flowering grass grain, new wonder grain?.

Patrick __, cartoonist, puzzle setter, NYT blogger.

Country in which the Shebelle River terminates.

Aka a Benedict Arnold.

John Wilkes Booth's killer: Thomas "Boston" __.

FC Barcelona stadium, the largest in Europe.

Lilac plant found on open moorland.

Sides of a ship extending above the deck line.

Poet who wrote When I Was One-and-Twenty: A. E. __.

__ the fox, medieval trickster character.

Official languages of Kosovo: Albanian and __.

Mistaken belief in an idea that isn't true.

Loud kiss.

Surrey, England residence of Henry VIII: __ Palace.

__ Square Garden, Manhattan venue for boxing.

Large dolphin and giant whip scorpion.

Woodworking experts.

"Mommie __", scandalous tome about Joan Crawford.

Neeps and __, mashed root veggies for Burns Night.

Puzzle 6

Acting siblings Patricia, David, and Rosanna.

Term given to residents of Birmingham, England.

The sky's __; nothing is impossible.

Candy Land location, __ Sea.

Cattle of the American frontier.

Mob boss played by Jack Nicholson in The Departed.

__ Sunset, The Kinks paean to Terry and Julie.

Ontario, Canada arm of Lake Huron: __ Bay.

Thorny tree, also called may.

Theatrical librettist, often with Lloyd Webber.

Hobbit of the Shire Pippin, aka __ Took.

Greek entree of lamb stew and orzo: Arni __.

Cleaned the shrimp.

Marking your herd.

Philippe __, French Open primary tennis court.

Makes someone sopping wet.

Bookstands for preachers.

Moscow stadium, scene of the 2018 World Cup final.

Rail-__, pre-presidential job of Abe Lincoln.

Baboon with multicolored face.

Make sure muscles are warmed before exercise.

Puzzle 7

Loops on hangman's ropes.

Hunter __ wrote an authorised bio of The Beatles.

Description applied to oats, steel and to gold.

Where an LV Internet suffix leads you to.

Mexico City stadium hosted two World Cup finals.

Roland __, stadium complex of French Open tennis.

T. __ Downs; the King of Koins magician.

Rum __, an accompaniment to Christmas pudding.

Coax encouragingly.

Writer of The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.

Ruth __, part of the chef-duo at the River Café.

Puzzle 8

Swedish wheat vodka brand.

Terrible, resembling Satan's dwelling place.

__ Arena, futuristic stadium of Bayern Munich.

Instrument used for measuring current.

Between Victoria and Marie Byrd Land.

Toss __, have a fitful night's sleep.

Gothic novel by Horace Walpole: The Castle of __.

Hook's rank.

South African GP circuit 1967-85, 1992-3.


First President of Indonesia.

Puzzle 9

EOM means end __.

Very narrow, e.g. slices of sandwich meat.

French perfumer of Joy, launched in 1929.

New Orleans venue, made world-famous by Katrina.

Town with Clairefontaine and La Touques racetracks.

Ginsberg and Kerouac are these.

Cave crawler.

Increasingly popular movement; you can jump on it.

To do with theft.

Rex __, once ExxonMobil CEO and Secretary of State.

African infectious disease similar to smallpox.

Sanctified, Catholic step on the road to sainthood.

Oscar-winning director of Patton; Franklin J __.

Immorality, corruption, degeneracy.

This amphibian does not need a shovel to burrow.

Jethro Tull's 1701 planting machine.

19th-C style of Osborne House and Balmoral.

Composer of The Tales of Hoffmann.

Puzzle 10

Large fern with fiddlehead.

Straight-lined building style of the 20s-30s.

E.g. a house with spooky, uninvited residents.

Mull of __, Xmas hit in 1977 for Wings.

Bright spots on the sun's photosphere.

__ Micklewhite, Jr., better known as Michael Caine.

Chinese dish with similarity to an omelette.

Baltimore venue of the Preakness Stakes.

Circus __, Roman stadium for racing your chariot.

Using hands to speak language for deaf people.

Harbouring a grudge.

__ Night is commemorated on January 5.

Nationality of fashion designer Dries van Noten.

Jaime __, character name of The Bionic Woman.

Sylvie __, French ballet dancer.

François "__" Duvalier, the elder despot of Haiti.

Puzzle 11

Single-subject booklet.

Konrad __, first Chancellor of W Germany 1949-63.

Louis __, a father of skyscraper architecture.

Significant increase in birth rate.

King Edmund II's nickname.

Three Coins in the __, 1954 romance movie in Rome.

Royal __, N Irish golf venue for the 2019 Open.

Volcano that exploded in the Philippines in 1991.

Grooming feathers with a beak.

Arthur __, founder of the Dance Theatre of Harlem.

Covered with breadcrumbs.

The __; eighth studio album for ABBA, 1981.

Speed, eagerness, promptness.

London boxing venue in Bethnal Green.

To fit together neatly in woodwork, name of joint.

Conrad tale set in a fictional S. American country.

Describes a Briton living between 1714 and 1830.

Shrieking plant used in herbal medicine.

Country where the Shebelle River starts.

Ranks second in the celestial hierarchy.

Short, turned-up nasal part.

Maths function difficult to do the inverse of.

Puzzle 12

The flour was ground into wheat.

They are in troughs, by greedy pigs and MPs.

Anna __, botanist/photographer of algae and ferns.

Brussels stadium, scene of a disaster in 1985.

__ Hatch, British GP circuit in Kent.

Loud horn used on vintage cars.

Harry __, landlord of Chaucer's The Tabard.

Region of Ethiopia inhabited by ethnic Somalis.

__ hat, headgear in Son of Man by Magritte.

Airline started by Canadian Teara Fraser, __ Air.

Puzzle 13

Dented and injured.

Norwegian caramelised whey cheese.

London King's Rd gallery for Young British Artists.

Parc des __, Paris stadium, home to PSG.

Roseanne, Dan, Becky, Darlene, and D.J..

Small galleys used by the Roman army for raids.

Well formed abs.

Greek city venue of the ancient Olympiad.

French female writer of Cheri and Gigi.

__ peroxide, anti-acne medication.

Puzzle 14

Region of Italy of Capri, Vesuvius and Positano.

__-one; Judge Dredd's stomping ground.

__ Meadows, complex where tennis's US Open is held.

Looks good but lacks substance, all vine and __.

Kurt __, Austrian UN Secretary General.

Ancient building style of the ziggurat at Ur.

Benign stalks of flesh on mature bodies.

Wooden spoon with a hole used to cook risotto.

Throw your weight around.

The man from here produced pineapple rings.

Imbas __; gift of clairvoyance in ancient Ireland.

Last king of Portugal; in power from 1908-1910.

Santiago __, Real Madrid president and stadium.

Close friend of Eustace Scrubb in C.S. Lewis books.

Star of the WWII film The Way Ahead: Stanley __.

Bee cell.

Puzzle 15

Curly, winding and turning like a road.

Lauberhorn ski races are held at this Alpine town.

Eric __, spy thriller writer of Epitaph for a Spy.

Hates, feels strong loathing for.

First king of the Franks, Catholic convert in 496.

__ Regatta, annual summer rowing on the Thames.

Hertha __, first woman fellow of the Royal Society.

Scrap, a tug-of-war over something.

Newspaper magnate Lord Beaverbrook's birth surname.

Harum __; Elvis comedy with rhyming name.

Stripy nocturnal mammal.

The two moons of Mars: Phobos and __.

National park in Limpopo/ Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Fort __, site of first shots of American Civil War.

Puzzle 16

Liverpool FC play their home matches here.

Principle, rule or guideline.

The Nepali dish Dal Bhat: __ and rice.

__ Street, novel by George Gissing on writing.

Headgear, often tweedy, with stiff front.

Illegal crossing.

What Tom is doing when watching you from the dark.

Le Mans track used for motorcycling.

UAE third largest city, after Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Matthew __, witchfinder general.

Puzzle 17

World famous Indian magician of the 1950s and 60s.

Large wading bird, from the curlew family.

Went under in the worst accident in Great Lakes/1915.

Main arena at the Australian Tennis Open.

Edith __, the mother of British plant genetics.

Stadio __, multi-purpose sporting stadium in Rome.

What Little Boy Blue is sleeping under.

Alain __, EPO president till 2007, son of Georges.

Bavarian town, hosts an annual Wagner festival.

Tom __, The Leftovers and Election author.

French grape brandy from Gascony.

English __, charity preserving historic buildings.

The __; girl group who sang "Sleigh Ride" in 1963.

Puzzle 18

Japanese cervus with a spotted coat and white rump.

Cold __, painful bodily condition; ignore someone.

__ War, dispute between El Salvador and Honduras.

Field of science studied by Beatrix Potter.

__ Stadium, Brussels, hosts the Memorial Van Damme.

Volkswagen named after Mediterranean wind.

Puréed fruit drink with milk or yogurt.

Instrument looking like a crooked walking stick.

superficial knowledge.

Norman __; designed Elizabeth II's wedding gown.

Succeeded the Dagda as High King of Ireland.

Renaissance painter Agnolo di Cosimo, aka __.

Serious, dignified and solemn way of behaving.

__ Marigny, old New Orleans neighbourhood.

Indian city on the Ganges once called Benares.

A fall down, of buildings and people.

A book's endpapers often have this stone effect.

Gave the wrong number of cards.

Piazza __, venue of Siena's Palio horse races.

First African country to gain independence in 1960.

Gallic tribe with capital at Langres.

Short-range cannon.

George Harrison's film company.

Puzzle 19

1651 battle where Cromwell defeated Charles II.

Cunard liner picked up survivors of the Titanic.

Colourful nickname for the Nürburgring racetrack.

Racecourse, site of the Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe.

Cyber warfare group thought to be Russian.

Wife of King Edward VII: __ of Denmark.

Aromatic foliage used in Indian cuisine.

Jacobite who appeared in the novel Kidnapped.

El Escorial style, named after its architect.

Dixie's sidekick in DK video game franchise.

Rod Stewart's no. 1 hit of 1971 was about her.

Puzzle 20

Book for kids by E. Nesbit: The __ Children.

Former home of Portuguese F1 racing.

Asian fried dough treat aka Chinese cruller.

Blocked pipe.

Lead singer of The Seekers: Judith __.

Oslo stadium, venue for an annual athletics event.

Line on a map showing places of equal rainfall.

__ and Mimi, lead lovers in Puccini's La Bohème.

A diver’s wear.

Edinburgh's main shopping venue, __ Street.

Germanic tribe that attacked Rome in 455 A.D..

Exclave of Angola.

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