CodyCross Spring Cleaning Pack answers

Spring Cleaning PackSpring Cleaning

Here are the answers to CodyCross Spring Cleaning Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Winter sphere made from ice for fun fights.

Ended or expired.

Bubbles produced when washing dishes.

Rock from space.

Waterfowl with a poorly leg; someone weakened.

Transformation of someone's hair and face.

Lines on a map that join places of the same height.

Listing an actor in movie credits.

Small aphid that plagues garden plants.

Sweet courses.

Soda __; sodium carbonate for laundry and cleaning.

In business, a person who buys things.

Tongue __; funny sayings that are tricky to say.

Sellers of blooms to the general public.

Puzzle 2

Rank in the navy that goes after "rear" and "vice".

A brass __ is made with paper and wax or chalk.

Ignorance __; sometimes it's better not to know.

Foot support on a horse, hanging from saddle.

British name for a cookie.

Not listened to or heeded.

With a pleasant or artificially sweet aroma.

Turning from frozen ice to water.

__ Australia Fair, national anthem from Down Under.

Polish for wood collected from hives.

Therapy of rubbing muscles to relieve tension.

Puzzle 3

Entertainment company that makes Mickey Mouse toys.

Large towns.

Thin material covers for mattresses.

Rock-a-bye baby's crib that fell from the tree top.

The H in texting acronym IMHO.

Surprises that aren't good.

Old programs broadcast again on TV.

A talkative colorful bird kept as a pet.

Stringed instrument common in rock bands.

Piña __, pineapple and coconut combo.

Ventilating or hanging outside to freshen.

Scorched, felt stinging hot pain.

Ocean, salt water found next to sand.

Puzzle 4

Pinching together material or pastry.

Handgun with a rotating cylinder of bullets.

Large gray circus animal.

Pan surface that is easy to clean, e.g. Teflon.

Put your food in here to enjoy at midday.

Tiny paper pieces tossed in celebration.

Powerful and persuasive.

Reading group that meets to discuss novels, etc.

Carnival game where hoops are thrown over pegs.

__ stains; marks that are hard to get rid of.

University teacher.

Lets go of something.

Puzzle 5

Parts of a garment that cover the arms.

Any ancient Egyptian ruler.

Piece of skin pushed back on the nails.

Someone who saves a person from danger.

Combination of two or more ingredients.

Pad at entrance to a home for wiping feet on.

__ information; TMI, what oversharers give.

Well-liked, with many friends.

Anglers, those who catch aquatic life.

Reindeer who was able to help guide Santa.

Rain rain go away/Come again __ day.

Woven floor coverings.

__ tracker, watch worn when exercising.

Puzzle 6

The most content.

__ star; lights up the sky during a meteor shower.

Eye makeup pencil for men.

What the "A" stands for in "A&E".

Water soluble laundry detergent pouches or pods.

Reduces in weight, or hair bleached by the sun.

__ gown, a cloak worn over nightie or pijamas.

Term for skins of vegetables once removed.

Impeccably clean; without the tiniest mark.

__ books; puzzles and challenges to keep kids busy.

Over 200 human bones make up this.

Nothing but __ __ words demanded in court.

Puzzle 7

To dip your feet into water, or move a rowing boat.

Wrapped like a sleeping snake.

Potato __, perforated utensil for preparing spuds.

More than double, three times.

Yellow, dungareed character from Despicable Me.

Card game when kids ask, "Do you have any fives?".

Furniture polish brand with a name meaning promise.

Overhead __ is where cabin bags are stowed.

Cloth plant with fluffy white balls.

Animals we ride, with tails and manes.

__ cleaner; machine that removes dust from floors.

Blustery, thundery weather.

Photo taken by the person in the photo.

Bread made from very ripe yellow peeling fruit.

Gaps between words.

Emotion that loves company.

They're the glass part of spectacles.

Puzzle 8

__ Night, horror movie about a next-door vampire.

Liquid used on car windshields to remove frost.

Mandy is a short form of this girls' name.

Spray for making wooden furniture shiny.

Avoided capture or detection.

Medically mended an injury.

Nuts used in sweet pies and ice cream.

Shiny Happy __, catchy tune by REM.

Fizzy slang for champagne.

Shouted like a wolf.

Said when raising glasses and clinking them.

Large space telescope, in orbit since 1990.

Cloth for removing dirt from household surfaces.

Puzzle 9

Turning over into a cylinder, like with a carpet.

Bent, misshapen, like a nursery rhyme house.

Within the law.

Repairing, e.g. a hole in clothing.

What comes after the lightning.

Sweet little cakes that might have blueberries.

Spray can.

Move like a snake.

__ robbery, the US equivalent of daylight robbery.

Single part of an online site, e.g. Home, About Us.

What the chicken did to the road.

Someone who cuts up meat for a living.

Threads spun by spiders that gather dust.

Male witches with pointy hats.

Puzzle 10

Group of participants in a program or app.

Twirling, swiveling, turning around.

Cash __, a till for adding up sales.

Tidiness, orderliness.

Waiters might mention these choices first.

Looking at something, e.g. birds.

Displays to look at in museums and galleries.

__ ring; together-forever finger band.

One-wheeled vehicle that is tricky to balance on.

Squares of padding to add comfort to seats.

Nail buffing, shaping and polishing treatment.

Where a college student might sleep.

Little jump, in the style of a baby rabbit.

Step across burning flames.

Ride the waves without a board.

Puzzle 11

Options, a range of alternatives to pick between.

A handy place to cool down your drinks.

Messages to God.

Skincare for a dry mouth in cold weather.

Toddler's raging outburst.

The study of the past.

Watered down.

__ of Nottingham, a baddie in the Robin Hood tale.

A light you can carry, with a glass casing.

Veg Cinderella uses as a coach after some magic.

Picture made from small scraps of paper or fabric.

Dish __; drying rack for washed plates and bowls.

Robbers of people in the street.

__ letter, it starts every sentence.

Advertise a concert or event.

Public display by lots of different planes.

Cats also known as pumas and mountain lions.

Puzzle 12

Snaps, stops working.

Sang with closed mouth.

Bring goods into a country from abroad.

Inform someone of some news, __ them.

It forms water with two hydrogen molecules.

Charles __ wrote On the Origin of Species.

__ balloon; propane-powered flying machine.

Polish brand that removes tarnish from metals.

Male server in a restaurant.

Small dots that make up a digital image.

Wailed with tears.

They never prosper, according to the saying.

Short-form for an Australian person.

Cylindrical pail for carrying liquids.

Crouches and curls up out of fear.

Cold region at the north of the Earth.

Puzzle 13

Computer data storage device.

Chemical cleanser for removing dirt from clothes.

Porky china item for keeping money in.

Solely for over-18s.

Clean in order to remove bacteria.

Mockumentary set in a fictional paper company.

Changes someone's mind in a debate.

Acts of saying sorry.

Compares, sets side-by-side.

__ crab, perhaps lucky, arthropod with long tail.

Large TV monitor, e.g. at a sports stadium.

What a band performs and that you hear in person.

Puzzle 14

Pocket series perfect for long car journeys.

Bite __; be brave and face a situation.

Doing up some buttons on a shirt.

Replacement of outer layer after severe burns.

Thorough sanitation of a home.

Ground planted with blooms, a sleeping analogy.

Cucumber-type veg known as zucchini in the US.

Scented spheres that protect clothes in storage.

Where a judge and jury listen to evidence.

Interrelated parts that make up something built.

Get lighter, as when the sun comes out.

Cryptic or quick word puzzle with tricky clues.

Puzzle 15

Small, strong shot of coffee.

Lenses put in the eyes instead of wearing glasses.

Long car journey; a driving adventure.

Foot __ disease; virus affecting cattle and sheep.

Athletic people who can stretch and bend are this.

To pause before doing something.

Germs, microbes.

Off __; out of control.

Cloth for drying washed dishes.

Looking on the bright side.

Puzzle 16

In no place, not anywhere.

Someone who educates.

Handheld container for collecting swept up dirt.

Live together.

Raining ice, the white stuff.

The capital city of Algeria, North Africa.

Pressing creases from clothes.

Working on suppleness of muscles by reaching down.

Fuzzy brown "milk" producing tree fruit.

Human winter figures that turn to slush.

Sweet __; sticky dipping sauce.

Puzzle 17

Rubbing a surface vigorously to remove dirt.

Lucky escape, near miss.

Putting something back where it came from.

She sits behind glass where money is deposited.

Add emphasis to text by ruling beneath it.

Face-to-face visual communication with Skype.

Beds, tables, chairs, sofas and cabinets, etc.

Kitchen equipment for sautéeing.

Always read these in a contract before signing.

Business or art of selling services and products.

Area of scalp where hair has stopped growing.

Forcing out a member of a political party for eg.

Bullet points of things to do then mark off.

Yellow flower linked to love of dairy product.

Puzzle 18

Legal agreements, terms of use.

Let fresh air into a room by opening a window.

Jogging memory.

Common greeting between businesspeople.

__ sober, or totally free from alcohol.

Remove unnecessary objects from your home.

Three-event sports challenge.

Nourishing substances in foodstuffs.

Persecuted, maltreated, held down.

South American country that's alphabetically first.

Bellatrix __, witch daughter of the Blacks.

1979 Bond film featuring Jaws.

Puzzle 19

Chinese invention for lighting up the night sky.

Air __; substance that makes a room smell better.

Going boom.

Film-producing district of Los Angeles.

Dazzlingly clean, glistening.

Comedian who starred in School of Rock lead role.

Respond more emotionally than expected.

Opposite of a smart device, it has few functions.

Food staple made with buttermilk and without yeast.

Minor untruths, often considered to be harmless.

Illumination object; associated with getting ideas.

Your wish is __, said the Genie of the Lamp.

Recording made at a concert performance.

Circus high wire for fearless acrobats.

Puzzle 20

Painkiller also known as acetylsalicylic acid.

__ clean; with no blemishes or stains.

Winter sport with brushes and sliding stones.

Smelly gas that cows' bottoms burp out.

Saying that you have no knowledge of something.

Votes that are not for a motion are __ it.

Hitting or bashing rugs to remove dist and dirt.

Animal material popular in shoes and furniture.

Someone thought to be guilty of a crime or offense.

Educational facilities for kids.

Blocked, e.g. bathwater that doesn't drain away.

Circular discs of bovine dung found in fields.

Sensing; touching.

Blackcurrants, redcurrants, cherries are all these.

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