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Spring Things PackSpring Things

Here are the answers to CodyCross Spring Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Ice-T album where OG stands for Original this.

Taking a dip in the pool.

Table contents, periodically?.

Greek mythology hero with a weak heel.

Time taken for radioactivity to reduce by 50%.

Before CDs, music tape with reels inside.

A new boat christened in water.

Invasive twining plant with white flowers.

Largest of Spain's Canary Islands.

Officials who line the route of distance races.

Pilot Manfred von Richthofen's nickname.

Simplify, lower the intellectual content.

Jewish holiday marking the Israeli Exodus.

1902 novel inspiring multiple films: The Four __.

Omega 3-rich foods, e.g. sardines, anchovies.

Puzzle 2

Bank accounts held overseas, not on the mainland.

With damnation, punishment for sinners.

Sour yellow drink made of citrus fruits.

__ life, the tagline associated with Panasonic.

A rock orbiting the sun; anagram of raid toes.

African country once ruled by Haile Selassie.

Heavy is the head that wears this; royal hat.

Losing the hair of an animal's winter coat.

Incredible, tremendous-looking.

General name for cups, plates and other tableware.

Stoney water area inhabited by crabs and shells.

Scorsese movie characters.

Puzzle 3

Narrator's last name in The Great Gatsby.

Arcade game of flipping metal balls around a board.

Treble speaker producing high audio frequencies.

Exhibition of artworks.

Revival, renewal.

Nottingham official who was Robin Hood's foe.

Adjective that relates to the liver.

Study of life or protecting the environment.

Dry period with no rain.

Return to the northern hemisphere, like some birds.

Puzzle 4

Front sheet of a school project.

Balance along a flat strip between two trees.

She was driven in the title of a 1989 Oscar-winner.

People who tune in to radio broadcasts.

Type of dance with no choreography.

French word for rampart; it's a kind of street.

Fashion designer with flagship pink NY store.

Astrological sign of someone born on Christmas Eve.

Sneezy immune system responses to pollen.

Teenage girl detective in books, film, TV shows.

Puzzle 5

Tamper-proof carrier for large sums of money.

Far Eastern fish, some carry eggs in their mouths.

Gather crops.

The Greek goddess of agriculture.

The month of Sundance and the Golden Globes.

Pre-exercise preparations.

__ Day, You're Never Weird on the Internet author.

Outdoor bed often made of rope mesh.

The Moon landing was one giant leap for it.

Country in which Vienna and Innsbruck are located.

Final legal decision in a court of law.

Puzzle 6

Chile produces more of this metal than any country.

Roman who betrayed, assassinated Julius Caesar.

Type of particle collided at CERN's LHC.

Sitting on a lawnmower.

Cut of boneless meat or fish.

Painting eggs with stain.

Deceptive malware with Ancient Greek name.

Modal verb implying obligation or requirement.

First name of The Walking Dead actor Reedus.

Tennis Grand Slam held at Flushing Meadows.

Money On __; 2014 hit single for Sam Smith.

Practical jokes played on April Fools' Day.

Flock of geese.

Puzzle 7

Kiosk selling papers and magazines.

Total of all the dots on a 6-sided die.

Running a state.

Typing tools attached to computers.

Tall yellow bloom of the genus Helianthus.

Smallest type of blood vessel in the body.

Methodical and systematic in work.

Book about Irish people, by James Joyce.

Second-largest city in Massachusetts.

Lift hair shade with darker strands.

Spring in Italian.

Current advice is to do 10,000 a day.

According to the Buggles, Video Killed the __.

Two academic girls want one fun night in this film.

Baled wheat as painted by Monet.

Puzzle 8

Pendant that stores a photograph.

__ battle, intensifying struggle.

Light wind.

Get-together of businesses to control a market.

Weasel relative commonly kept as a pet.

Ended the same, like "name", "tame", and "game".

The pulpit inside a mosque.

Wooden poles attached to the feet to walk tall.

Louisa May who created Little Women.

Small plates of Chinese food, such as dumplings.

Large square-shaped bay in central Canada.

The area at the back of one's neck.

Short mythical creatures often found in gardens.

Changing views of the moon during a month.

Puzzle 9

Wants peace instead of war.

First name of the performer known as J-Lo.

Peered intensely with eyes half closed.

Edge of a property or a line you don't cross.

Country where spring's Songkran Festival is held.

Fish __, where fish eggs are born and grown.

Conflict between two groups in the same country.

Social network for employment connections.

An "Ugly" one turned out to be a swan.

Closed cupboard or cabinet for storing clothes.

Vin Diesel's line in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Missing facial feature in da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

Puzzle 10

Device for copying documents into a computer.

Natural environment in which an animal lives.

Gas; found in cleaning products such as bleach.

Live space and time welcoming anyone to perform.

Two-wheeled, human-powered vehicle.

A fictional archaeologist played by Harrison Ford.

Goaded, incited.

Female parents celebrated on a specific Sunday.

Putting stoppers in bottles.

Three-pronged weapon held by sea god Neptune.

Material for Ancient Egyptian scrolls.

Puzzle 11

Dried green herb often poured on pizza.

The protein fingernails are made from.

Getting closer.

Big vultures.

Term for a surfer getting thrown off the surfboard.

Permission is __; approval has been given.

Ancient sailor in Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem.

Twisting natural disaster most common in spring.

Little Movers brand of disposable diapers.

A computer program for exploring the internet.

Furniture that has been attached and doesn't move.

__ Sax, inventor of a brassy woodwind instrument.

Person who illegally sells concert tickets.

Small flow of water, a little stream, a trickle.

Chastain, actor in Molly's Game, Zero Dark Thirty.

Pale, soft shades.

Disarms, makes safe, stops a bomb.

Puzzle 12

Do you remember the 21st night of this month?.

Structure built among branches.

Rapid spinning movement in ballet.

Someone's former school or university.

Exhibit with life-like models of famous people.

In basketball, an unopposed attempt to score.

Derogatory 1980s term for chronic fatigue syndrome.

Project Runway host, America's Got Talent judge.

Yellow weed whose name refers to a big cat's tooth.

Athos, Porthos or Aramis.

Shipped, on the way.

Puzzle 13

Agrees to take.

A spring one is young, according to a saying.

Longed for; anagram of "end year".

Period of activity when logged in on a computer.

Title for a female Russian ruler.

Chemical element Hg, liquid at room temperature.

Weightlifting apparatus on a pole.

Farm-grown fruits and vegetables.

Name of the boy who befriends ET in the movie.

Actress Taylor, partner of Sarah Paulson.

Bob Marley's backing band.

Gorges with steep, rocky sides.

Indoor heating from tree branches.

Puzzle 14

Jeans front, the alternative to having a zip.

Race with swimming, cycling and running legs.

Edible French snails.

Machine used to cut one's grass.

How Sophia Petrillo starts a story: "__, Sicily.".

To be completely broken, emotionally or physically.

Series of shows performed at the same venue.

"Mad" spring rabbit and Lewis Carroll character.

The D in the English-Irish boy band 1D.

Wheat Field __, Van Gogh painting of black birds.

Keyboard symbol that means "and".

Puzzle 15

Italian knitwear fashion house.

Image item displayed on a screen.

Juicy fruits that might be blue, red or black.

Main star and producer of I Love Lucy, __ Ball.

Metal money.

Montevideo's country.

1988 song by Tracy Chapman about escaping poverty.

Tennis alternative to singles.

These in April bring flowers in May.

Liquefied petroleum gas, often used for grilling.

Enroll someone onto a jury.

Hitting a ship with another.

Attractive places to tie up a yacht or boat.

Freddy, villain from A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Puzzle 16

Blunt, terse.

The first taste sense in alphabetical order.

Paper pad for rough pencil drawings.

Green growths on tree branches.

Punctuation marks sometimes associated with Oxford.

Chopped into strips by forcing through holes.

__ Rider, 80s TV series starring David Hasselhoff.

Rows or chains of mountains.

Famous event that occurred on the HMS Bounty.

International pact or agreement.

There are 16 of them in a pound.

Crafter who makes rugs, fabrics.

W.R. Burnett novel and 1950 film: The Asphalt __.

Sugary liquid attracting pollinators to flowers.

Last name of Beyoncé alter ego Sasha.

Puzzle 17

A popular phrase, Thick as these.

Wonders, miracles, sensations.

Julia, actress who married Daniel Moder in 2002.

When food is cooked but is still firm, like pasta.

Stage musical that features All That Jazz.

Spheres of floating soap.

French cleaner shrimp in Finding Nemo.

Letters one should mind, in a saying.

Having a thick and sometimes sticky consistency.

Outdoor movie theater with parked vehicles.

Operating a wind-powered boat.

Microsoft's email app.

Minecraft's main tool.

Puzzle 18

Adds more sugar; anagram of seen stew.

Carbon __, toxic gas in poorly ventilated spaces.

Praised a god, celebrated a god.

New York borough Captain America is from.

People who ride in canoe-like boats.

All About __, "no treble" hit for Meghan Trainor.

Scottish lake where mystery lurks beneath the water.

Goodbye, or a fond this.

An amount removed from a cost or price.

The C in CGI film effects.

Sowing crop seeds.

Food that is flavored with almonds.

English queen who ruled from 1837-1901.

Neither municipal, nor provincial nor state related.

Short break in the middle of a performance.

Rubber boots worn over shoes in the rain.

Puzzle 19


__ artichoke, knobbly veg looks like a potato.

Switch on this home cinema machine to play discs.

Hanging instrument played by the breeze.

Package paid to fired employees.

Major London square known for its pigeons.

Small, striped rodents like Alvin or Dale.

Writer who created Huckleberry Finn.

Bring legal action against someone.

Someone who sets a good example to others.

Ancient Roman system of underfloor heating.

Puzzle 20

Medical word for surface of skin.

Celebrations, carnivals.

Pseudonym of an actor.

Ian McEwan novel and film starring Keira Knightley.

Participate in ornithological observation.

Singer Carrie or actor Blair.

Bliss, according to a popular saying.

Dancer's end-of-performance palm gesture.

Device that shows movies on large screens.

US president Theodore, after who teddies are named.

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