CodyCross Spring Time Pack answers

Spring Time PackSpring Time

Here are the answers to CodyCross Spring Time Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

This is what Americans call football.

Influential poet of the Harlem Renaissance.

Depositing eggs in a nest.

Flag term for a shield or emblem.

__ heart, high-ranking US military honor.

Acapulco country.

Sailors' ditty.

After the Spring Equinox, days are __ than nights.

Lancashire film star famous for his ukulele.

Yellowish French liqueur flavored with aniseed.

Straighten, as with hair tools.

Treading the __, the life of an actor.

Nationality of Niels Bohr and Lars von Trier.

Puzzle 2

Places of white-collar work.

Sepp __, disgraced former FIFA president.

People from Seoul are __.

Made to look small by comparison.

Nickname for rubber boots.

First icebreaker to reach the North Pole in 1977.

__ oil, paint binder aka flaxseed oil.

Enters a place uninvited, attacks with an army.

Without any shelled hen's product.

Long, thin, downward hanging tree flowers.

John Singer __, US painter of Madame X.

Creepy psychological drama with Jamie Dornan.

What you hit when you're going to bed.


Puzzle 3

Can be swayed.

Advocacy of women's rights and equality.

Removed belongings from a suitcase.

The chirping of __ as they rub their legs together.

In the __ hemisphere, spring begins in March.

Scottish liqueur.

Undecided, to be in __.

Yellow spring flower with trumpet shape.

Alvin, Simon or Theodore, perhaps.

Metal coverings for airplane engines.

Puzzle 4

Secondary entertainment at a circus.

Declaration to stop fighting in a war.

Snipped or cut out.

The religious T in OT and NT.

"In the __ of an eye"; at once, immediately.

Made a reservation in advance.

Line from a #1 Beatles hit: "Oh, I believed in __".

Supporters of the monarchy.

Railway __, for changing the direction of locos.

A baby bird that is ready to fly the nest.

An espresso with a blob of steamed milk.

Male version of caprine animal.

Row and rows of standing for football supporters.

Authorize medical treatment.

Black stone used in the UN Building and Harrods.

Relating to stress on words.

Where apples and oranges live in the kitchen.

London borough of the Tabard Inn of Chaucer.

The first stage of a tadpole's life cycle.

Puzzle 5

Type of hat taken from a George du Maurier book.

French Cubist of violins, guitars and staircases.

First signs of spring that poke up through the soil.

Bobs on water.

Thin pancake mixture that can be poured.

Organic matter for enriching the soil in spring.

Love of __, Queen sang.

Alternative spelling of Russian currency.

Italian actress: __ Loren.

Friends in war.

Keyboard worker.

Puzzle 6

Covered a gift in decorative paper.

Volcano, site of the world's most massive eruption.

Punchlines regular, Bernie __.

Part I of Dante's "Divine Comedy".

Dutch __, bidding process that goes the wrong way.

The maid was hanging these out in the garden.

Melting, turning to water from ice.

Heinz is the market leader.

Video camera attached to a vehicle's dashboard.

__ School, Iranian school of miniature painting.

Informal name for rabbits.

Translated Bible into English.

I Heard It __ The Grapevine; 1968 Marvin Gaye hit.

Triangular diagram of a food chain.

1997 Robin Williams film with green slime.

Taylor __, original name before merger with Wimpey.

Host of an entertainment show; an emcee.

They are used to fasten your duffel coat.

Small stones as paving.

Cringe comedy expert Ricky.

Forced rule on someone.

Puzzle 7

Attaches firmly.

Colorful blooms and blossoms.

Let __ be __, or forgive past offenses.

Travel in search of a milder or warmer climate.

Lee-__, WWI rifle named after a place in N London.

Set fire to.

Cooking bakeware comes in springform types.

Torch Song __, a three-parter by Harvey Fierstein.

The English __, film by Anthony Minghella.

These remove skin from vegetables and fruit.

Trial sessions.

Puzzle 8

Devils on __, bacon stuffed with dried fruit.

Sir Landseer's lion sculpture is there: __ Square.

Spend the winter asleep, wake in time for spring.

__ the Sun, little darling....

The science of teeth.

Prediction for the year ahead for each zodiac sign.

Ocean liner sunk by a U-boat off Ireland in 1915.

Commemorative objects or events.

Spring flowers that brighten up woodlands.

Nasal, e.g. an __ voice.

Accidentally listened in to someone speaking.

Agriculturalist's dwelling.

Puzzle 9

Describes strangely hued seaweed at Panjin, China.

__ saving; putting the clocks forward in spring.

Dark wood used by Chippendale in furniture-making.

Lock of hair on the face.

Large "porcine" cask of liquid measure.

"__ power corrupts absolutely".

Afternoon toasted treat with holes in the top.

Great Expectations spinster.

Placing seeds in the soil.

__ Rutherford, won an Oscar for The Vips.

Puzzle 10

Religious festival associated with chicks.



English pud with lashings of custard and sherry.


Military call brass instruments.

Scrap of paper, wood or material left over.

Northern music hall artiste and actress, Gracie __.

__ corpus, Latin term means you may have the body.

Large scissors for trimming sheep's wool.

Spend __, polite way of going to the loo.

Ritual courtship display between animal pairs.

TV "Mom" since 2013: Allison __.

Ancient Roman poet who wrote "Love conquers all".

Puzzle 11

The best thing since __ bread.

Puy-__, central French dept named after a volcano.

OXF is the code for this private airport.

Sneaked or crept up on.

Out of shape and plump.

Wildlife, trees, flowers and country scenery.

Blush; become flushed.

Prince __, artiste name-checked by Madness.

Hitchcock film: women are strangled with neckties.

Temperatures begin to rise and the air feels __.

A rich French dessert, not the animal homonym.

Puzzle 12

Graphic drawing of how something works.

Principal island of Denmark.

Symbolized by eggs and chicks at Easter.

S American camelids prized for their fleeces.

Nationality of Ataturk and Orhan Pamuk.

__ beacon, orange light atop black-and-white pole.

Seen in the sky after sunshine and showers.

L'anse aux __, Viking settlement uncovered in 1960.

Very pleased, in slang; the noise a train made.

Prejudice, intolerance.

Artist who painted Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.

Puzzle 13

Strong sudden desires.

People __ enjoy making others happy.

Garden water feature for feathered animals.

Military place where troops are stationed.

Pub game of rectangular tiles with numerous dots.

Northernmost capital in mainland Europe.

Style of riding a horse without a saddle.

Tree with beautiful pink and white spring blossom.

Flying mammal who enjoys apples.

Can be securely closed with a key.

Opposite of weakly.

Bit tatty, of pages in a book.

Type of shoe favored by Elton John.

Torta de __, Spanish cake with symbolic cross.

__ Palace, Churchill's birthplace.

Imitates for comic effect.

Eternal Sunshine of the __ Mind, 2004 movie.

Puzzle 14

Don't mention it; my pleasure.

Can be healed with medication.

Jailed drug trafficker Carlos Lehder's nationality.

The October Revolution: a victory for the __ Party.

EDI is the code for this airport.

Manuals explaining how something works.

1971 girls' name hit for Rod Stewart.

An underskirt, often flouncy.

Coming into bloom; blossoming.

Spotted bean commonly used in burritos.

Pierre de __, the founder of the modern Olympics.

WWI battle, ignoble Italian defeat.

Including, requiring.

Can withstand high temperatures.

The young of an animal.

Puzzle 15

Woodwind player, with double reed.

Hamid __, president of Afghanistan, 2004-2014.

Property with land, such as a wine or housing __.

Grassy area for spring flowers and grazing animals.

Male heads of an abbey.

__ jacket, bush jacket with epaulets and pockets.

Graduates of a university.

__ Pugh, Welsh chief Yellowcoat.

Renault van range, sounds like a boss.

Pointy-shelled seafood, eaten with vinegar.

Rouse after a period of sleep.

Rock of __, Tipperary fortress in Ireland.

Small boxes or offices where tickets are sold from.

Bicycle for two.

Puzzle 16

__ of the Hesperides, fruit captured by Hercules.

A __ a Kill, Roger Moore's last Bond appearance.

The __, shouty painting by Edvard Munch.

The Beano's top hat-wearing Lord.

Season that precedes spring.

Island group off the tip of Cornwall.

Give someone a task or duty.

Green buds on trees open into these.

Crick and __, discoverers of DNA.

__ Manor; there's a tea party at this tube stop.

Foods deemed suitable to eat by Jews.

Mother __ of Calcutta, Albanian-born nun.

Shortform of grandfather.

Bomber shares its name with the Roman god of fire.

Oldest member of Take That.

Thin fractures in a wall.

Puzzle 17

Young tree.

Ancient Celtic May festival associated with fire.

Cooking apples, often used in pies or tarts.

Beer-producing city in eastern China.

Spoken not just in your head.

The modern name of the once "Forbidden City".

York's cathedral goes by this name.

Sasquatch; Yeti.

Intense, unbridled emotion, infatuation.

From your elbow but not your humerus.

A young hare.

Plays violin.

Actress cast as Rose in "Titanic": Kate __.

Puzzle 18

Fermented tea drink.

All mouth and no __.

European city with an airport named after Mozart.

Humming social news site.

Triple __: linked Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary.

Bendy circus performers and Olympics athletics.

Bricks and mortar is Cockney rhyming slang for __.

Accumulation of beach matter.

More intelligent than someone else.

Unwelcome allergy that arrives with spring pollen.

Waterproof outdoor shoes.

Puzzle 19

Reusing something for a new purpose.

Long-eared country animal, excitable in spring.

__ Forsyth, The Dogs of War author.

Drum __, young woman marching with a band.

Products supposedly rich in health benefits.

Redesigning, like with hair.

Describes distance between front and rear axles.

Selling in a shop.

Adds building support structures.

The __ Chalk Circle, play by Bertolt Brecht.

Ballet film for which Natalie Portman won an Oscar.

One of the largest cities in Iceland.

Place where wood becomes writing sheets.

Latin name for daffodils.

Puzzle 20

Wartime prefabricated semi-cylindrical huts.

__ Way, ancient Roman paved road built in 312 BC.

Describes the network of electricity in a house.

Hens' babies.

Rapeseed oil.

Humphrey who played Rick in Casablanca.

Edina's effervescent assistant.

Narrow trench for planting, made by a plow.

Entrances to cinemas and theaters.

City where singer Camila Cabello was born.

Mr Men character with exceedingly long arms, Mr __.

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