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Here are the answers to CodyCross Spy World Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Surname of the honored duo in On Your Feet.

Romeo, Brooklyn and Harper's famous dad, David __.

Make sour, not alkaline.

Language laws and rules.

Development of espionage equipment and weapons.

One of a series of layers of rock in the ground.

Country in which the Shebelle River terminates.

Getting liquid out of fruit.

Rockers Toto sang a song of love to this girl.

Debra __ of The Starter Wife and Will & Grace.

False identities.

Sudden wedding, done under threat.

Teams of big rigs.

Aggressive, unfriendly, antagonistic.

Puzzle 2

Large rodent known for interspecies friendliness.

Security __; unapproved accesses to private data.

US president assassinated by Charles J Guiteau.

Richard O'Brien's character in his own musical.

Removing the husks from peas or beans.

Keith __, guitarist and song-writing Rolling Stone.

Dutch dancer convicted as a spy for Germany in WWI.

The last of King Lear's three daughters to die.

Weaving hair into ropes with three strands.

Get someone to do something.

Itchy skin condition, develops in circles.

Conclusion that doesn't logically follow: "non __".

Missionary saint, the apostle of California.

Lake __, Central European lake, also called Fertő.

National flight.

Puzzle 3

Encryption device used by German military in WWII.

__ wheat, crop harvested in cold season.

Secret __; undercover espionage experts.

Encouragement to be strong: "Keep your __".

River marks north boundary of Canada's capital.

Critical evaluation and summary.

The amounts of money expected as payment for items.

The Animals sing about the House of the __ Sun.

Hard red mineral with pointy crystals.

Outer corner blocks of walls.

Kicking dance linked to Orpheus in the Underworld.

Puzzle 4

Austrian alpine range and winter sports venue.

Ann __, novelist of The Mysteries of Udolpho.

Supervise badly.

Cambridge college named after a UK prime minister.

Direction in which the hands of a watch move.

Another name for the Spanish language.

__ ink; liquid for concealed writing.

Japanese period dramas.

Fabric canopy designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

Explosive device concealed in another object.

Puzzle 5

Keen as __, very eager.


Seductive KGB agent named after summer bird.

Maori name for New Zealand's Stewart Island.

Ian __; navy intelligence officer and Bond creator.

Attractive garden blooms.

Informal name for English-French undersea trench.

The C in CRT, or __ ray tube.


African stork with feathers used in fashion.

London ska-pop band famous as the "nutty boys".

Puzzle 6

Places of Christian worship.

Describes singers who can't hit the correct note.

Creamy, frothy dessert based on old popular drink.

Negative number immediately below zero.

Formulating plans.

Covert operations undertaken by spies.

Connecticut's capital.

A __ in the Works, Lennon's punning volume.

Ornamental garden set out in a specific pattern.

Chipmunk brother of Alvin.

Make more attractive or visually appealing.

That old __; a story told many times before.

__ Goodwin, Snow White on Once Upon a Time.

Pointy weapons attached to lines for tuna fishing.

Zimmermann __; german-mexican WWI communication.

Alan Moore comic book series.

Stamp on silver article, to certify its purity.

Fictional mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean.

Flying a plane.

Casino chamber for poker or bridge players.

Tim Roth's character in Reservoir Dogs.

Puzzle 7

Married someone, tied the knot.

In the __; 1992 Michael Jackson duet.

Codename of infamous Polish WWII double agent.

Pressed a cloth on briefly, to remove a mark.

Landscape painted by El Greco: View of __.

Morpheme added to the start of a word.

Hungarian white dog with smell-free coat.

Recorded conversations with a hidden microphone.

Place where bread is produced for sale.

Brittany: not part of Great Britain, located in __.

Guy Ritchie comedy with Brad Pitt as an Irishman.

Puzzle 8

Burned with water.

Post-WWII tensions between Russia and the US.

Stage musical with Sesame Street-style puppets.

John __; MI6 agent-turned-espionage novelist.

Series of actions or steps.

English king from the house of Blois.

Sliced food into tiny pieces.

Aka François Duvalier, Haitian dictator.

Go faster, accelerate.

Leapt over a fence.

Lebanese city of the Sun has a temple to Bacchus.

Resembling a feline.

__ Adams, US First Lady and Revolution chronicler.

Pressing laundry.

Pink cartoon cat.

Puzzle 9

Queen __, regal film with Greta Garbo.

__ of the tracks; dangerous part of town.

Mutilate, ruin something's appearance.

Taking as true.

Buying goods by post, from a catalog.

Securing with a clip or button.

Intelligence, alertness, brightness.

General term for large animals, from the Ice Age.

__ Park; base of WWII code breakers.

Website publishing unsanctioned news stories.

Alternative name for South Tyrol region.

Relating to celestial bodies, e.g. Mars, Neptune.

Puzzle 10

In a fatal way.

The Cabinet of Dr __, 20s German horror film.

World champion British 10-m platform diver.

Espionage passing info via a secret location.

React or communicate with other people.

Hairstyle with lines of braids close to the scalp.

Sensed, noticed.

Retriever often bred as service dog.

Long green veggie, often pickled.

Intelligence alliance of UK, US, NZ, Oz and Canada.

US designer, created IBM and Enron logos.

Located somewhere.

Had a 1997 album, Songs in the Key of Springfield.

Puzzle 11

Prejudiced against the young or old.

Point in the moon's orbit farthest from the earth.

Insiders who provide intelligence to spies.

Lip Sync __, celebrities fight through song.

Gong __, medieval worker who emptied cesspits.

Expression of gratitude or appreciation.

Flat sides of a cut diamond.

Large nocturnal "owl parrot" native to New Zealand.

Hanseatic German city with a statue of Roland.

When a spy or secret agent is compromised.

Puzzle 12

Embellishes, makes more attractive.

Changing the direction of a sailing vessel.

Waterfalls on the border of Argentina and Brazil.

Catalan place, the city of 1000 sieges.

Trap __, deliberate cartographic error on maps.

Jurassic World: __ Kingdom.

Organs that secrete and store toxins.

Reddish name of Japanese WWII code machine.

Strawberry __ Forever, Beatles song.

French president Emmanuel.

Electronic reading materials.

Saul Bellow's novel with an eponymous protagonist.

Writing computer language.

Hey __; announces completion of a magic trick.

Queen Elizabeth II's couturier: Stewart __.

Israel's national intelligence agency.

Puzzle 13

Word __; upgraded typewriter.

Undercover, concealing one's identity.

Action of seizing someone against their will.

Doctor, medic.

__ Anthem, LMFAO club hit.

Shelter or enclosure for ovines.

Taking in water.

Feelings of unease, concerns.

Dallas role played by Priscilla Presley, 1983-88.

Steamy lines emitted by aircraft.

Shaken not stirred suave secret agent.

What you pay when there isn't a discount.

Paul __, baker on The Great British Bake Off.

Something that can be dodged, prevented.

Type of restaurant most likely to serve palacsinta.

First to fly round the world solo.

To absolve someone from a crime, guilt or blame.

1970s Newcastle-set thriller with Michael Caine.

Improv writer/director of Secrets & Lies.

Puzzle 14

The (annoying) bits between TV programs.

__-piggledy, in a messy disorganized manner.

Bake or grill food for too long.

Order that established Holy Land hospitals.

Assassinated Dominican Republic leader: Rafael __.

Being in high regard, respected.

Reduction in price.

Carnivorous animal-named BMX company.

Heavenly sounding parsley related medicinal herb.

Lie __; polygraph test of truthfulness.

Christmas __; hit for The Waitresses in 1981.

Discharged, emitted.

Alphabetically first element in the periodic table.

__ Harrer, played by Pitt in Seven Years in Tibet.

Crack a code.

Uzbek city on the Silk Route.

Puzzle 15

Construction in Egypt that created Lake Nasser.

Piercing with a blade.

Turncoat, deserter.

Unsure as to whether or not there is a god.

Marshy region of the south of France.

Name __; publicly attribute blame.

Kicked sphere used in Britain's most popular sport.

Scientific study of soil and crop production.

Italian breadsticks.

CIA analyst in Tom Clancy's Patriot Games.

Outdoor, unrestrained heat source.

Ponderers, those who reflect, consider and reason.

Vision, ability to see.

Puzzle 16

Question a spy about a completed mission.

When farmers pick and gather their matured crops.

World's highest mountain, once called Chomolungma.

Village druid in Asterix comic strip.

__ Ffrench, celebrity make-up artist.


Big __; family member synonymous with surveillance.

Bibbidi __ boo, by Cinderella's fairy godmother.

Person who gives a speech or address.

__ Prison, German place of Hess's incarceration.

Polish dumpling.

Persists, bears hardship.

Athletic course designed for dogs.

Puzzle 17

Money held by a third party for a limited period.

Large freshwater lake in European Russia.

Influence someone's behavior or state of mind.

__ Occultus; Latin "always secret" MI6 motto.

The son of Buddha.

Alice __, singer, born Vincent Damon Furnier.

__ agent; duplicitous spy.

Wings of __, Wim Wenders' film in B&W and colour.

Fashionable, stylish, chic or classy.

Slice of bacon.

Puzzle 18

Head of the __; traditional role for a parent.

Some people believe that felines have __.

Personal protection officer.

Alias, assumed name.

German maker of optical implements, like lenses.

__ Baby; Hawaiian-themed Elvis song.

Tom the piper's son did this before running away.

A dress showing slightly more flesh than normal.

Played out a historical event or battle.

Disneyland ride and film series: Pirates of the __.

Puzzle 19

What the "R" stands for in the stage name H.E.R..

Encouraged someone through example.

Hinged blades used to cut paper, fabric etc..

Played a baseball club manager in Moneyball.

Scottish poet Robert Burns, aka the Bard of __.

__ cell; breakaway group of an enemy troop.

Feeling the emotional impact of a bad day.

US state that is home to the HQ of the CIA.

Mathematician with interlocking circles.

Attacking another country, incursion.

Puzzle 20

The __ File; 1962 Len Deighton espionage novel.

Twisted baked snack.

Night vision __; enable you to see in the dark.

Putting things away to use later, when needed.

Upper surface of a room; e.g. above your head.

Points the finger, blames someone for a crime.

Rare-earth element, transition metal, used in LEDs.

John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Whirling, vortexing, swirling.

Stages in caterpillar development.

Small, loose, creative drawings.

Vouchers for shopping.

Vera __, of Up in the Air, Godzilla, Bates Motel.

Division, grouping, dissenting minority.

Plantar __, scientific name for pointing your toes.

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