CodyCross Squares and Rectangles Pack answers

Squares and Rectangles PackSquares and Rectangles

Here are the answers to CodyCross Squares and Rectangles Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Giant house that may be haunted.

It's said to be worth a thousand words.

Largest planet in the solar system.

Wrist-clocks, digital or Apple ones can be square.

PC home screen on which your icons are found.

Celebration at midnight on December 31st.

Epic fantasy book and TV series, Game of __.

Financial system of a country.

How wool garments are often made.

__ or be square!, invitation to a party.

Areas of dense woodland with tall trees.

Puzzle 2

The amount of money available for an enterprise.

Sweet-scented part of a plant.

Yellow fruits used to make limoncello liqueur.

Number of minutes in half an hour.

Central American country with a famous canal.

Two __ don't make a right, revenge never pays.

Rug for the floor, may be square.

Topmost parts of houses, often used for storage.

Works of fiction, story books.

Person who does ballet, cha-cha or two-step.

The part of an item of clothing covering the arm.

Lots of pieces make up this square puzzle.

Puzzle 3

Bike with three wheels.

Buildings for Christian worship.

Type of card with a person's job, email on it.

Hard Italian cheese great for grating over pasta.

Cuts or picks ripe crops.

It goes with a Lion and a Witch in CS Lewis' book.

Bound paper pad for writing in.

From the continent of Spain and Sweden.

George Lucas' famous sci-fi film series.

Fictional aquatic creatures with human upper half.

Puzzle 4

Pale orange stone fruit.

Rectangular carton that new footwear arrives in.

Trip; Bill and Ted went on a "Bogus" one.

Room set aside for laundry and large appliances.

Outfit worn on Halloween.

Enormous cow-like animal, like a bison.

Shiny, silvery liquid element with symbol Hg.

The Vampire __, supernatural TV show.

Digits; Mac version of Microsoft Excel.

Wrapped-up gift for Christmas, often in a box.

Puzzle 5

Next-day sickness from overindulging on alcohol.

Square or rectangle giving drivers instructions.

Sparkly gems or a song by Rihanna.

Two words said after someone sneezes, for luck.

Finger joints, used to make a fist.

Bright orange swimmer often kept as a pet.

Shape-based word meaning "precisely".

Flat breakfast treats with syrup.

Half of thirty-six.

Producing unusual or original ideas.

The World Wide Web, in a word.

Puzzle 6

Electric hair cutter for a very short style.

Devotion; card stamped with every coffee bought.

Blood-sucking monster said to transform into a bat.

Hub for resetting the lights when they go out.

It's raining, it's pouring, The old man is __.

Triangular Egyptian building with a square base.

Broth-based food served in bowl, not cold.

Baby One More Time singer Spears.

Deer horns.

A flight that does not arrive on time.

Puzzle 7

People who work on television or the stage.

Blocks that walls are made of.

A bottle with a skull and crossbones might be this.

Common name for the Academy Awards.

Land surrounded by water.

Turn lights on with this button on a square panel.

Team sport that can be field or ice.

Rocking bed for an infant.

Newspapers should be this before they're printed.

Keep this close at dinner to mop your mouth.

These parts of trees are covered in bumpy bark.

Sharp blades used to shave beards and body hair.

Surname of the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus.

Large homes of wealthy Romans.

Began a shop's business day.

Puzzle 8

You don't want to be caught with your hand in one.

Sudden heavy rain showers.

Toy building block with famous brand name.

Vehicle driven by an officer of the law.

Basic name for lingerie.

Pay regularly to access services or content.

Rectangular entryway to get into a house.

It's the H in the internet acronym HTTP.

Fishy pizza topping.

He wanted to Follow God in 2019.

Puzzle 9

Up is the __ of down; on is the __ of off.

Annual celebration; type of rectangular card.

Type of guitar with no electronic components.

Office paper attachers.

Small plant shoots, clipped from larger plants.

Emerald-hued hot drink made from leaves.

Handover of a patient to another professional.

Small rectangle storage device, plugs into laptops.

Ding-dong that says someone's at your house.

What KO stands for in boxing contexts.

Publication full of gags.

Puzzle 10

Rectangular pouch for holding cards and cash.

Examples include the Atlantic and Indian.

Fabric covering for a floor.

Glass vessel that a beer comes in.

Those who fly planes.

The __ of Wrath, 1939 John Steinbeck novel.

Birds popularly claimed to deliver human babies.

Body parts between feet and calves.

Written assignments that answer a question.

Robot vacuum brand, cleans floors when switched on.

Modern dance music with rapping.

Fatigue that follows a long flight.

Skyscrapers or tall buildings, often rectangular.

Small motorbikes.

Puzzle 11

007 character played by Daniel Craig.

Spiny, quill-covered American mammal.

One is said to bark up it if searching in vain.

Light butter substitute made from vegetable oils.

Country in which Perth and Melbourne are located.

Rectangular paper item for revision, learning.

Rabbit that asks Doc what's up.

Steiff is a famous maker of this cuddly toy.

End up back at this shape or starting point.

Bomb blast.

Puzzle 12

Teaches or tutors; anagram of aces duet.

Electrical charge that's opposite to negative.

TV program with questions and prizes.

Shock __; car component for smoother journeys.

More overcast, gloomier.

Two __, describes a clumsy dancer.

Sit quietly and be mindful, slowing the breath.

Hockey and skating happen in these cold venues.

Lawn at the rear of a house.

Purchase of one business by another.

Salad sauce.

Not curved; like the edges of a square.

It starts with QWERTY.

Fairy tale character with very long hair.

A gift to your lungs from a long walk outdoors.

Puzzle 13

Sandwich shop with green and yellow logo.

Sign of the zodiac represented by a bull.

Court plea that's in opposition to innocent.

Long rectangular tools for measuring.

Nicole, star of Bombshell and Moulin Rouge.

Rolled or slatted coverings for windows.

Day of the week that is an anagram of dynamo.

Vital body parts, e.g. liver, heart, brain.

__ one, top of the charts.

Big rectangular greens where sports are played.

Traditional Inuit snow homes.

Duck noises or fake doctors.

A lose overcoat; the upper part of a man's suit.

Beaches, seashores.

Puzzle 14

Value that means telling the truth.

Male chicken.

Tools used to open or lock your vehicle.

__ Express, full name of global delivery service.

Castle room where people were chained to walls.

Black and white rectangle scanned at the checkout.

Language in which "blanca" means white.

Talking treatment with a professional.

Celebratory gatherings for birthdays.

First name of actresses Lohan and Hartley.

Popular activity that involves singing in bars.

Spell-chanting hags in Macbeth.

Big Apple; US city home to busy Times Square.

Puzzle 15

One who lives on land surrounded by water.

A basketball player forcing the ball into the hoop.

Takeaway container for deep dish or stuffed crust.

It wasn't on purpose.

A vendor, someone who trades or sells.

An approximate cost of something.

Rectangle to keep your page when reading.

Span of years equal to a person's existence.

Stomach noises when you are hungry.

The only month that has less than 30 days.

Not connected with cables, such as Wi-Fi.

Three-sided shape of a house of cards.

Losing your nerve, frozen tootsies maybe.

Puzzle 16

A hat to wear when washing to avoid wet hair.

Social media app with square photos and Stories.

Response to questions the accused won't answer.

Explosive formula invented by the Chinese.

Moving seat that transports skiers up mountains.

Group of people playing instruments.

Playground game with chalk squares to jump in.

Large, white-furred, Arctic predator.

This brings thunder, lightning, waterdrops.

Title used for US president's wife.

Puzzle 17

Not the same.

Huge rectangular poster placed on a highway.

Long, stylish mode of chauffeur-driven transport.

Electronic devices that changed the world.

Buildings where the sick and injured are admitted.

Rejuvenating an old piece of furniture.

Harry Potter's sport, played on broomsticks.

A formal statement given in a court of law.

"Small" or "large" digestive organ.

Beef, chicken, vegetable seasoning block.

Puzzle 18

Team plans discussed ahead of a match.

Sad, miserable.

Garments; the Emperor's were new.

__ places, number of digits after the point.

Using harmful or destructive physical force.

Throwing action for dice.

Includes crab, oysters, fish, scallops.

Microsoft's email program.

Cold boxy appliance for keeping ice cream in.

Made a sound like a turkey.

Amount of money in a bank account.

Shiny surfaces that reflect your appearance.

Puzzle 19

Rectangular soil plot for growing blooms.

Neil, first astronaut to walk on the Moon.

Music machines at bars.

Saturday __, TV show known as SNL for short.

Made a sauce less thin.

White-headed bird of prey, a symbol of America.

Where arms meet neck; can be squared before task.

Coil of wire that loosely holds documents together.

X-Man played on screen by Hugh Jackman.

"It's not over 'til the fat __".

Puzzle 20

Having a foul scent.

Paper rectangle; allows entry to a cinema, train.

Performing on stage; taking on a temporary role.

State directly south of Washington State.

Surname of the famous literary detective Sherlock.

Snow White's seven roommates.

Grid-patterned breakfast food, made in an iron.

Develop and change gradually over time.

African mammals with black and white stripes.

A four-leafed one is a good luck charm.

Many great books have been adapted to these.

Country associated with Sophocles and Aristotle.

Touched down at the end of a flight.

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