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Here are the answers to CodyCross Starts with T Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

The one after the eleventh.

Scotland's national animal, one-horned horse.

Red tomato sauce served with burgers and hot dogs.

To ask the DJ to play a song.

France gave the USA the Statue of __ in 1884.

Puzzles with pieces that fit together.

Designs inked on skin with needles.

Send your felines here when you go on holiday.

Mars, Venus, Earth are all examples of these.

Inhale and exhale.

Hires for work.

Puzzle 2

Gadget used to control the television.

Trip in an airplane.

Walk sneakily, quietly on the front ends of feet.

Batman, Wonder Woman are part of the Justice __.

The long-past era of glaciers; a 2002 cartoon film.

Slow-moving mammals that hang upside down.

Starchy root vegetable that can be baked or mashed.

Steep rock faces.

Islamic place of worship.

A nature walk or hike.

Sinks in bathrooms or kitchens.

Little morsel; preview of something to come.

Surprise attack.

Foamy hair product used for scrunching.

Puzzle 3

Keep warm, like a bird sitting on eggs.

The equivalent of a manicure but for the feet.

Bubbled or boiled in a calm way.

Series of events; Instagram feed known as the TL.

Robots; Do __ Dream of Electric Sheep?.

A famous stout; the name behind world records.

Shape of a tube.

Bunches of flowers.

One who shares a sleeping space at university.

Hormonal stage between child and adult.

All that __ is not gold.

Puzzle 4

Big farm vehicle.

Came out of an egg.

A set order for doing things.

Shaker percussion instruments: make them rattle.

Coarse fern.

Pure chemical substance, such as copper or oxygen.

Sum of money usually set aside for future use.

Sending SMS and using chat speak.

Pillar on top of a house that smoke rises from.

Citrus fruit; "Compare apples to __".

Puzzle 5

Taking layers of paint off walls.

Cuddly toy like Winnie the Pooh.

Necessary, vital.

Events including shot put, discus, triple jump....

If animals go in a deep sleep over winter, they __.

Make up a skit on the spot.

The most northerly point of the globe.

Where Humpty Dumpty sat.

Take this shield to the beach to dodge the breeze.

Hairy spider that might be kept as a pet.

Breakable drinking vessels in a bar.

Puzzle 6

Female parent.

Academic idea, like Darwin's __ of evolution.

Season known for hot weather and mosquitoes.

Portable computer.

Small round dark red stone fruit.

Last name of country music star Dolly.

Water-dwelling mammal known for building dams.

Writer, e.g. a novelist.

A room for two sharing a bed in a hotel, a __ room.

Building attached to a house for storing a car.

Not so little kids who aren’t quite teenagers.

Puzzle 7

Black leopards.

Units of energy in food that can be counted.

Become more numerous or larger in size.

Kids' bike with three wheels.

Like a toadstool, but often edible.

Author of The Da Vinci Code.

Space underneath a house.

A line or edge without a bend or curve.

Bad, awful; Ivan the __.

Gateway or welcome area on a website.

The job of soldiers; keeping someone safe.

Puzzle 8

Edible kernels that are similar to filberts.

Person who travels in a car but is not the driver.

Toy figure with iconic sticky-up hair.

Explosive mixture for firearms.

Sherlock Holmes' profession.

16th-century English king with six wives.

Box that doves, robins, blue tits might live in.

Protective garment worn by astronauts.

Director of Batman, Dumbo and Edward Scissorhands.

People who play instruments.

Puzzle 9

Steps that lead to an uppper floor.

Eat dinner at these pieces of furniture.

South America's vast rainforest and waterway.

A solid, material thing.

Teen fashion blog by Tavi Gevinson, Style __.

A dairy spread made by churning milk.

A fantasy novel written by Christopher Paolini.

Dances and challenges go viral on this video app.

Bug with six legs, e.g. fly or beetle.

John, Beatles guitarist and peace activist.

Puzzle 10

Carried on, kept on doing something.

Public or private places where books are held.

A place for presenting cuttings and mementoes.

The handrail alongside a staircase.

Shade of bluey-green, like tropical seas.

Bitter spice from aromatic seeds used in curries.

Yuletide festival, at which carols are sung.

Going faster than cantering on a horse.

Protective software to stop malicious programs.

Wriggly pink creature that lives in soil.

Iron Man's alter ego.

Puzzle 11

Groups of naval ships.

How heavy someone or something is.

Checked pattern from Scottish clans.

Nut that gives marzipan its taste.

Hammerheads or great whites, for instance.

End an online session by signing out.

You decide or choose when you make your __.

Hinged device that is used to open a door.

Country surrounded entirely by water.

Made fun of.

Racket sport played against a wall is a squeeze.

The Forbidden __, magical woodland at Hogwarts.

Puzzle 12

Two-wheeled transportation with an engine.

Actress Drew, who was 6 when she starred in E.T..

Change from one language into another.

Fairy __, granter of Cinderella's wishes.

Like a rain shower but with frozen pellets.

Word that puts the "sit" into sitcom.

You raise one when you wish to surrender.

Food __, for blending or chopping food.

Pretty yellow weed that turns into white puffball.

Decorative items worn on the wrists.

Use this to communicate via landline.

Puzzle 13

Things not to be told to other people.

Ms. Monroe, movie star.

Feeling sad.

Bird app where people write in 280 characters.

Glass panels that let light into a home.

Meat patties made by farmers for market.

The ocean off California's coast.

__ BuildIt, build your own town in this app.

The first book of the Bible.

Said into a mic with "1, 2, 3" at the sound check.

The USA's Windy City.

Puzzle 14

Three siblings born at the same time.

Lines on a map that indicate height.

Annual celebration of the day you were born.

Activity done in a pool filled with water.

Concentrated type of coffee in small strong shots.

It makes perfect, according to a saying.

Assignments to be completed after school.

Container to store loaves in the kitchen.

Familiar lyric, "Where the deer and the __ play".

Christmas scene with a manger, animals, etc..

Yellow trumpet flower that blooms in early spring.

Large ring popular for swinging around waist.

Enticing, appealing.

Puzzle 15

These fabrics are drawn across windows.

"Veggie" that's really a fungus.

Old version of texting, messages end with STOP.

Popular tiled crossword board game.

Seven times six.

Longing for.

Someone who is from or lives in the French capital.

Rooms in a house for food preparation.

Clothing brand started by Dame Dash and Jay-Z.

Absolutely massive number, million, billion, __.

Puzzle 16

Red salad vegetable that's actually a fruit.

__ in the act, to be spotted doing something wrong.

City in which the British Museum is located.

They're for drawing straight lines and measuring.

Bird often on the shoulders of pirates.

Like a public figure, known to the masses.

Get this shade from mixing red and yellow paint.

Swimming distances across pools.

Short name of cartoon dog friend of Shaggy, Velma.

Garment for the torso with short sleeves.

Brides walk down them.

Country in which Vancouver and Montreal are found.

Puzzle 17

Halted, ceased.

__ harvester, agricultural machine.

Making a soft sound like a contented cat.

Chocolaty treat; rare mushroom.

Motifs that Popeye has tattooed on his forearms.

Two people who are legally life partners are this.

Nude monarch, insistent he was wearing new clothes.

School educator with an apple on their desk.

__ Jones, hero of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Relating to stars; exceptional, outstanding.

Puzzle 18

Criminals who set fires.

Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket __.

Attraction with thrilling rides and amusements.

The day before today.

Rabbit whose catchphrase is "What's up, doc?".

Salt, pepper or vinegar for example.

Corn field decoy; Batman's enemy.

Nicole Kidman's husband from 1990-2001.

Aerosol fixative for head styles.

Pixar movie about the workings of the brain.

King Arthur's wife, had an affair with Lancelot.

Puzzle 19

Marked by teacher to record school attendance.

Metal pluckers for neatening eyebrows.

__ drop; steep slide that tests your nerves.

Flesh-eating fishes.


A man who rents out property.

High-adrenaline book with twists and surprises.

Purple root vegetable.

An accurate attempt on goal in soccer is __.

Farewells, au revoirs.

Puzzle 20

Objects made of baked clay, like vases and plates.

Passenger boat services.

Series in three parts, like the original Star Wars.

Giant mass of dense ice.

US President assassinated in 1963.

Black and white birds attracted by shiny things.

Cylinder of diced meat, can be a hot dog.

Florida city near Walt Disney World Resort.

Folded brochure giving information and pictures.

Things you press on a game controller.

Type of winter clothing that's extra warm.

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