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Here are the answers to CodyCross Stationery Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Green cylindrical salad item that's mostly water.

Difficulty, suffering.

Pools of water that are not deep.

Reactions of the nervous system to stimuli.

Specialist eye doctor.

Rooftop stone monster for carrying off rainwater.

Someone who doesn't take defeat well.

Official paper with text, printed from a computer.

Napoleon's last stand and an ABBA song.

Rewind live TV to see a section again.

Gigantic swamp-dwelling snake of South America.

Examples include werewolves and vampires.

Calling towards a certain career path.

Stencil or other pattern to use as a guide.

Stairway to Heaven band Led __.

Puzzle 2

Elizabeth II's oldest son, the Prince of Wales.

Roses are Red, these flowers are blue.

Black paper with rainbow revealed when scraped.

Place to carry a gun, usually near waist, underarm.

Wooden hammers used in a game of croquet.

Sketch with labels in a textbook.

Heavy-duty stationery clip named after a canine.

Proof of purchase document.

The decade when World War II ended.

Rooming accommodations during travel.

Acorn producer.

A batter-fried Japanese dish.

Puzzle 3

Opened a gift.

Wall-mounted bulletin area to push pins into.

Pet rodent that is larger than a hamster.

Country in which you could visit Angel Falls.

Pinky-red summer fruit; framboise in French.

Band known for Enter Sandman, Master of Puppets.

When astronauts venture outside the ship.

Large, zipped case for carrying artworks or papers.

A type of painting focused on natural scenery.

The Jerry Maguire actor who married Katie Holmes.

Puzzle 4

Jacket for a piece of paper; arm of a shirt.

__ talk, intimate conversation, takes place in bed.

Bracelet-like ring of jewels worn around the foot.

Annul or revoke a law.

Johnny Depp's humanoid character, Scissorhands.

Stable trough; Baby Jesus' makeshift crib.

Online company that makes "doodles" of its logo.

Angle of a triangle that exceeds 90 degrees.

Raised feathers on birds' heads.

Air-filled wrap for cushioning fragile parcels.

Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and Tweety's Tunes.

Chilly with visible traces of ice.

__ Johnson, __ Fanning, North and South __.

Puzzle 5

The P in a bank card's PIN.

The words said when a rocket launches.

Makes someone actively part of a group or project.

Cheaper lunch combo of sandwich, drink and fries.

Ryan, actor in Deadpool and The Hitman's Bodyguard.

Detained legally.

Card sent to show you're grateful for a gift.

Language in which "konnichiwa" is a greeting.

Contortionists and trapeze artists, athletically.

UK rock band whose hits include Yellow and Fix You.

Budget system where cash goes in one for a bill.

Draw or write something quickly and messily.

False teeth that can be removed.

Limbs of walruses, seals and sea turtles.

Puzzle 6

Everyone and everything at an address.

Oceanic reptile with a shell.

Seated ride to the top of a ski slope.

The modern version of this paper is tough, creamy.

Popular musicians with iconic status.

Alias of the superhero Iron Man.

Accordion style of file box that gets bigger.

Saltwater forage fish used as a pizza topping.

10-part Olympic event.

Graceful dancer who sometimes wears a tutu.

Mathematical symbol for subtraction.

Puzzle 7

Green-skinned Elphaba the witch is in this musical.

Gandhi urged us to be this to see it in the world.

She was in love with Romeo.

Old-fashioned parchment paper.

Aircraft without an engine.

John, musician husband of Chrissy Teigen.

Large artworks that fill walls.

A math tool consisting of beads that slide on rods.

Sheets for writing, drawing on, or for filing away.

Lo and __, saying used to present a new scene.

Hypoxia is a low level of this gas in the blood.

Descend a steep rock face with rope.

String of fabric.

Twain, singer of best-selling album Come On Over.

The fin on a fish's back.

Puzzle 8

A pitted cap worn to protect a finger when sewing.

Flightless, cold-weather bird like the emperor.

Small stream of water, or even sweat.

What Americans call a charley horse.

Book for listing details of where people live.

Kitchen work surface.

2017 movie subtitled "Welcome to the Jungle".

Eight-sided geometric shape.

Girls just wanna do this, sang Cyndi Lauper.

City in which TV's Friends was set.

21st C portmanteau word for a modesty swimsuit.

Animal, __, or vegetable?.

Desk receptacle for writing fluid.

Puzzle 9

Bath with massaging jets of water.

Musician who plays a fiddle with a bow.

An extremely self-obsessed person.

Place that's deserted or without residents.

Portable, hard writing surface with a paper holder.

Agricultural tool associated with the devil.

For Buddhists, the 3 poisons: Anger, Greed, and __.

US English word for what Brits call a drawing pin.

Painting style for sketching inanimate objects.

She starred in Ghost, A Few Good Men and G.I. Jane.

German city that sounds like a hot dog.

Rocky bodies that form a belt beyond Mars.

Puzzle 10

Creating homemade artsy items.

Medicine that counteracts a poison.

The __, Disney stage show directed by Julie Taymor.

Leader of a film crew.

Glass cylinder in a science lab.

Surname of music artists Pharrell, Hank and Andy.

Figure of speech for descriptive phrases.

A person who has recently arrived in a place.

Desktop device for typing on.

Coconut-bearer, with big green leaves.

Removed the stopper from a bottle of wine.

Window covers made from slats of wood.

Greetings played on trumpets.

Puzzle 11

It's said to be bad luck to open one indoors.

Tiny metallic balls used to reduce friction.

Legally attributing blame, pointing the finger.

Machine for ripping secret documents into strips.

Instructional designs followed by knitters.

Created, designed, came up with an original idea.

Tightrope used in circus balancing acts.

Related to income, wealth and commodities.

Speediest baseball pitch.

Books that stand the test of time, like Moby Dick.

What Fred Astaire could do, even on the ceiling.

Towers on a church.

__, Inc., movie featuring one-eyed, green Mike.

Chair that leans back for relaxed TV viewing.

A cat's facial sensory hairs.

Flying a plane.

A tidying holder for papers on an office table.

Puzzle 12

Opportunity for a job, or an available hotel room.

Grace and __, Netflix show on odd-couple friends.

Cardboard partition to separate papers in a file.

Wrapped-up dead bodies from Egypt.

Fruit that appears on Fiji's national flag.

Three-part movie series.

Pablo, artist who painted a Girl before a Mirror.

Large marine crustacean and a prized seafood.

Beach athletes who hang ten.

People change this by using a television remote.

Without laws, government or hierarchies.

Forming letters with a pen.

Another name for the psychological Rorschach Test.

Michael who sings The Way You Make Me Feel.

Puzzle 13

Transferred or delegated power to another person.

A company's labels and logos.

The World Wide Web, in a single word.

High-speed rail service linking the UK and France.

Pro skateboarder known as Birdman.

Gas that makes up 78% of the air we breathe.

Moon shape that resembles a fingernail.

Washable markers used by children.

Flooring material consisting of timber planks.

She could feel the pea under all the mattresses.

Casino game with a ball on a spinning wheel.

Paints like oils but quicker to dry.

Nickname for the state of Texas.

Tiny fish, unimportant person or issue.

TV quiz show Alex Trebek hosted for 36 years.

Fruit buns eaten at Easter.

Puzzle 14

Accounting book used by bookkeepers.

Using chemicals to turn your hair red or blue.

A person who rides horses professionally in races.

Doubting __, saying about a hesitant Apostle.

Box for juice or milk.

An abundance of money or valuable assets.

What food critics give a restaurant.

A magical potion.

Grammar word that modifies other words, uses LY.

Pinking __, scissors with zigzag edge for cutting.

What the v. stands for in law, such as Roe v. Wade.

Tissue that contracts to produce movement.

The F in UFO.

Stones tune, Wild __.

Ancient nation once ruled by King Xerxes.

A repeat performance called for by an audience.

The telekinetic 16-year-old Stephen King character.

What Kristen Bell spreads narrating a 2000s show.

Puzzle 15

Not fixed pages; can be removed from a notebook.

Electronic device for regulating a heartbeat.

Music machines at bars.

Charles Dickens wrote about this Old Shop.

Optical tricks that confuse your brain.

Business officer responsible for financial affairs.

An example includes the swallowtail or monarch.

__ of the Galaxy, superhero movie with Peter Quill.

Seven-a-side aquatic ball sport.

Hugh Jackman's home country.

Where Santa's workshop is located.

Use this to make a point on a pencil.

Fake paintings or dollar bills.

Puzzle 16

Paper pad to absorb ink from a fountain pen.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with a red mask.

Giant statue in New York, turned green over time.

French for in fashion or stylish, of the moment.

Faye __, co-holder of the Oscars mix-up envelope.

Chess players start a game with this many pieces.

This evening.

Partner of Snap and Pop, of Rice Krispies fame.

Papal city-state located within Rome.

Month in which Epiphany is celebrated.

Ran along a track race and cleared a barrier.

Metal attractors that keep papers on fridges.

Sharp-toothed carnivorous fish from South America.

__ fries, disparaging term as a result of Iraq War.

Spherical organ of vision.

Good friends are said to have these spirits.

Puzzle 17

Dick, Sally meet this cat on a cold, wet day.

A flat, hinged opening in the floor of a stage.

Paper repurposed from used sheets of paper.

Temporary halt to operation of machinery.

Chemical element found in all acids.

A partridge might be found in one at Christmas.

Riding a horse without a saddle.

A colorful round candy disk on a stick.

The national capital of India.

Another word for glue.

Venue for US Derby horse race.

Elevated support for your lower limbs.

Check pattern named after canines.

She was queen of England for most of the 1800s.

Panic At __, band fronted by Brendon Urie.

Savings that you're forced to make in hard times.

The tallest mammals on land.

Housing provided for military personnel.

Movie without speech.

Puzzle 18

The Beatles sang about this Sergeant in 1967.

Ours is the Milky Way.

Correspondence written on paper.

What bees collect from flowers to make honey.

First name of the Scottish king known as The Bruce.

To beat someone for foot speed.

Spread butter on sparely.

A friend __ is a friend indeed.

Folder with metal rings to secure papers.

Actor James of Pineapple Express and 127 Hours.

Name of Gray who ages only in his picture.

A stitch holding a wound or incision closed.

Beehive or bob, for example.

Snake-haired sister of Stheno and Euryale.

Car parkers, for a fee.

This Lisa played Phoebe in Friends.

Drivers push this in when they shift gears.

Mountain streams that babble.

Puzzle 19

A festival observed from December 26 to January 1.

Dutch artist who painted Irises and Sunflowers.

Bird said to bury its head in the sand.

Following someone in hot pursuit.

Silk strips used to tie up a present.

First name of Stewart who plays Captain Picard.

Noise made by donkeys.

Lay out font for printing on paper.

Top up a drink; make clean.

Pulling up stray, unwanted plants in a garden.

Italian astronomer and polymath.

Serious childhood disease with a red rash.

Metal fasteners for binding papers.

Indict, bring charges against.

Sloping, like the Tower of Pisa.

Wearing away of a surface by wind, rain or water.

If someone is this, then they're listening closely.

They can measure angles or temperatures.

Puzzle 20

Acrobatic somersault performed in reverse.

Birds of prey known for feeding on carrion.

Put a plastic coating on paper with a machine.

The surname of Baywatch actress Pamela.

Mexican, dried, smoked chili; US burrito chain.

Ability to understand and work with numbers.

He fought Batman in 2016's Dawn of Justice.

Disconnect, e.g. two train carriages.

Feeling of happiness for the future.

Midnight __; bestselling One Direction album.

Soft carbon used in pencils.

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