CodyCross Stay Cool Pack answers

Stay Cool PackStay Cool

Here are the answers to CodyCross Stay Cool Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Opposite of poorer.

Harper's __, fashion and beauty magazine.

Object that attracts metal.

A place for storing your files.

Curved, kidney-shaped nut that's actually a seed.

Wet __, bathroom fabrics for cooling in a heatwave.

Beer __, small fridge for chilling drinks.

UK capital city.

Snow White's small friends.

The sweet goodness from flowers enjoyed by insects.

__ Bull, De Niro movie about Jake LaMotta.

The least wet.

Puzzle 2

Stage show or film with singing and dancing.

Staying __, within a house, keeps you cooler.

"Bed" strung between two trees to relax.

They wobble but don't fall over.

Striking new coins.

Crazy like yellow fruits.

This evening.

Old science of trying to turn base metal into gold.

Ceremony or service in tribute to someone who died.

Chunks of gold.

Female big cat with no mane.

Puzzle 3

Frozen addition to summer drinks.

How Deep Is __, heartfelt song by the Bee Gees.

In a tired way.

Very cute, lovely, sweet.

A mathematical word for minus or take away.

"A sight for __" is a welcome thing.

The Easter Bunny might bring these for children.

Bright short-sleeved shirts from the 50th US state.

Commercial trader of the Middle Ages.

Recent life era, following the Mesozoic era.

Not scared or frightened.

__ in Our Stars, novel by John Green.

How you say Goodbye in French.

Covered or planted with trees.

Puzzle 4

Supply a room with fresh air.

Relaxing at the seaside on this stripy seat.

Not logical or easy to understand; pointless.

A grid game with Xs and Os.

Someone who acts or sings in front of an audience.

Census city, place of birth of Jesus Christ.

No longer together; e.g. an estranged couple.

Another word for brown bread.

Food __, used to blend in the kitchen.

Terrifying, large furry spider.

Green creature that stole Christmas.

Renowned English university, not Oxford.

Barbra __ sang The Way We Were.

Government workers, voted in by the public.

Puzzle 5

To fill up again with oil, petrol or diesel.

Malaysian fabric garment wrapped around the body.

Device for unlocking cans.

Visitor attraction with galleries/curated objects.

A completely round 3-D shape, like a tennis ball.

Happy, cheerful.

Cut-off trousers to expose pale legs in summer.

The outcome of a game.

All bark and __, full of talk but not action.

Betty Botter bought some __.

An area covered in lawn can be described as this.

Puzzle 6

Ava __, actress of The Barefoot Contessa.

Unwell on a flight.

Works with your computer to make hard copies.

Scooby Doo's van is the Mystery __.


"__ keepers, losers weepers" goes the old rhyme.

Fire __, US urban feature, symbolic of hot summers.

Ape, chimp.

Sausages, eaten in bread buns.

Five-piece band.

To supply or equip someone with something.

Club __, Disney franchise with chilly bird avatars.

Mystical horse with horn and rainbow mane and tail.

Strappy summer shoes.

Making holes in the ground with a spade.

Puzzle 7

Apostle of Jesus who holds the keys to heaven.

Getting paid for work.

Roller-__, wheeled sport.

Thumbs down, distaste for something.

Promised to be married to each other.

The least attractive or beautiful.

Back in the U.S.S.R. band.

Explosive mountain.

Describes the chief artery going through the neck.

Dr. __ Bravestone, Dwayne Johnson's Jumanji role.

Valuable metal brick.

Fancy summer umbrella that provides shade.

Noisy footwear for dancing.

Spend time relaxing with friends.

A track for walking along.

Frozen fruity water ices served as desserts.

Paper-like material made by Ancient Egyptians.

Puzzle 8

To chuck something out, dispose of litter.

Animated film about a peace-loving bull.

Animals that live on a host, often unwanted.

Joints at the top of the arms.

Items that save your place when reading.

The doctor does this to recommend medicine.

Acting and singing brother of Joe and Kevin.

Carnivals, street parades.

Take cooling drinks with paper umbrellas in them.

Ecuador-owned islands with remarkable animals.

Curry, chilli or peppery dishes are examples of this.

Large cooking pans for magic spells.

Unnecessary, not needed.

Puzzle 9

Took in air.

Tougher, more muscly.

Having a little nap.

Upper surface of where you eat meals from.

Horseback sport between knights.

Dutch site of the International Criminal Court.

Someone from the country with Tokyo as capital.

Tunes, songs.

Use this vegetable to create cooling eye patches.

People who mend and maintain radiators.

Body __, non-verbal communication.

Frozen bags used to bring down swellings.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to __, by J.K. Rowling.

Device that works without needing to be plugged in.

__ Sea, Atlantic ocean sea named after seaweed.

Puzzle 10

Soaring rock faces overlooking the beach.

Surname of Scottish tennis brothers Andy and Jamie.

Witty response.

The sound of fat as it fries in a pan.

Someone you like and enjoy spending time with.

Jeff __, Diary of a Wimpy Kid author.

The world's second largest country.

Take a cold __ rather than a bath to cool down.

A church district.

To get droplets of water on someone.

Felt pen that's often permanent.

A place that makes and sells bread, cakes.

Bareness, nakedness.

Small edible game bird found on heathery moors.

Puzzle 11

A commercial.

Rocking bed for a baby.

Two-piece swimming costume for a female.

The E in SEO.

A mountain snow sport on two blades.

Burgh __, art deco hotel of Evil Under the Sun.


On land, not at sea, in pirate speak.

Name given to the spikes of a porcupine.

Love song.

Leaves, tomatoes and cucumber eaten in the summer.

Canadian province promoting French use exclusively.

An individual human being.

Puzzle 12

Occupation of Italian video character Mario.

Female opera voice.

Stay cool by heading for higher lands.

A tidal wave.

Vending, trading with buyers.

The French word for castle or stately home.

A place to carry belongings, also called a purse.

Drink water to keep cool.

These are worn around the necks of dogs and cats.

Speaks the words of a poem out loud.

Horses in chess.

Small pillow.

An image, something painted or drawn.

Magical event attributed to a religious figure.

An assistant to the flight captain.

To make something better.

One part out of four.

Rouge, as make-up.

A sport that involves shooting animals.

The ability to stay upright.

Device for boosting battery on e.g. a phone.

Puzzle 13

Touching gently with a feather to make one giggle.

__ Rhapsody, iconic Queen song.

Home to the planets, the solar system and beyond.

Place on a desert island for shade and dates.

Where people dig for precious metal.

Writing or saying the letters in a word.

Capital city of Hungary.

Large white bird of prey found in the Arctic.

Alliances, paper documents that end wars.

Processed meals that are made and sold quickly.

A fanatical admirer of a celebrity.

Religious buildings that are cool inside.

Worn on the hair for sport or fashion.

Traditional team sport played with nets on sticks.

Cut off an arm or a leg.

Married infidelity.

Stationery you fill and address to send by mail.

A trinket bought as a reminder of a trip.

Abroad, in a different country.

Puzzle 14

Children; your sons or daughters.

A heavy winter blizzard.

Not wanted.

Medicine given via a syringe and needle.

Covered in stripes, dots or little pictures.

Car that can be driven with the roof down.

Book series by Keira Cass.

A group of musicians who perform together.

SpongeBob and Patrick's octopus neighbour.

Running really fast.

Place for eating in a workplace or school.

Cooler air is available at altitude in these hills.

Puzzle 15

Meal where you serve yourself.

Fictional character raised in the jungle by apes.

Largest expanses of water on the planet.

Required; something essential and really wanted.

Used in gameshows; press when you know the answer.

Tricks or deceives someone.

A 3-D rectangle.

Leather container for money.

A gentle, refreshing flow of air.

Someone staying in a tent on holiday.

What you can spend in Algeria and Tunisia.

To stop, for example a contract or subscription.

Reserved a ticket or a seat.

Nature's running waters for swimming or sailing.

Another word for a gun.

A water motorbike you can ride on the sea.

Puzzle 16

Three-legged camera stand.

Crocodile __, Australian movie with Paul Hogan.

In a simple way, not with difficulty.

Racket sport, rebound a small ball off the walls.

For he's a jolly good __, sung as a celebration.

__-Dazs, continental-sounding US ice cream brand.

Name given to pay grades in the navy.

Top part of the fridge for freezing things in.

Prodded with an elbow.

Bag carrier at a station.

Flowed out quickly.

Small parts in plays, played by well-known actors.

Another word for material, like cotton or velvet.

Neil __, writer of the Sandman and Stardust.

The continent where the Balkans are.

When hot, people dab their __ with cologne.

Puzzle 17

Prickling feeling on the skin from insect bites.

Hippy-inspired full-length "tented" tunics.

Small metal pan.

Daredevil's nemesis with a walking stick.

Include or be a part of.

Opposite of "for".

Rock band tour assistants.

Ancient German state, Berlin was the capital.

Someone who delivers babies in the hospital.

Cats, lions, tiger, pumas, leopards....

__ shorts, summerwear from the Caribbean.

Puzzle 18

Blood-sucking humans.

Falling over, e.g. on a banana skin.

Husky fruits with milky centres and white flesh.

Formal ritual such as a wedding or coronation.

Incomes of businesses.

Estate building, say, where frozen water is held.

Person in charge of a film, show or production.

Prince __, leading man in fairy tales.

The structure used to hoist a country's symbol.

Higher in rank or standing to another.

Regional language forms.

Puzzle 19

Place of extreme gravity in outer space.

Animal that eats flesh from dead animals it finds.

Name for twins that are not identical.

Long garden snakes spray water in hot conditions.

Character with special powers, fights against evil.

Medical condition where someone is unable to move.

__ fruit, the apple in the Garden of Eden.

Large buildings in which goods are made.

Play in spurting water features in summer.

Ruling families over the ages.

__ Westerns include The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Girl detective mystery stories since the 1930s.

Puzzle 20

Republic that was once the Ottoman Empire.

You do this on a trampoline.

Get a darker skin tone after being in the heat.

Cooling fabric made from bolls.

Another word for a slice of bacon.

Birds who carry baby humans to their parents.

Christmassy songs.

Wet; not a solid or gas.

Important and sacred river in India and Bangladesh.

Dr Seuss book The Cat in __.

Oppose, struggle.

Another name for a group of dancers or acrobats.

Pinball __, The Who single and film.

Saudi __; country in the Middle East.

__ dipping is bathing in the nude.

Sides of the face that go red when you blush.

A structured fight or war between armed opposition.

Double __, a bus with two layers.

People who look after others.

Holiday on the water onboard a pleasure craft.

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