CodyCross Staycation Pack answers

Staycation PackStaycation

Here are the answers to CodyCross Staycation Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Bronze religious figure and staircase in Hong Kong.

Transfer a digit to the next column in a sum.

Outdoor entertainment with slides and pools.

Aquatic mammals, including whales and dolphins.

Mixed drinks with alcohol and fruit juices.

Ceramic piece, often a bird, supporting a crust.

Oscar-winning B&W film of 2011 about the Talkies.

The __, an enduring West End play, opened in 1952.

Telling the teacher about someone's bad behavior.

Nourishment from food, keeps skin and body healthy.

Necessary, can't do without it.

Portable device charger with USB connection.

Repossession, recovery.

State of having convertible assets that can "flow".

Puzzle 2

Area of darkness created by blocked light.

__ Garden, where Eliza Doolittle sells her flowers.

Glowing hot coals.

Fatigue after a flight; avoid with a staycation.

__ ceremony; alternative to a Christening.

Surface material that broke off in slivers.

Austrian painter Klimt or Austrian composer Mahler.


Small game birds with edible eggs.

The bald ones are the US's national bird.

Picturesque, attractive views.

Puzzle 3

Baruch __, Dutch-Jewish rationalist philosopher.

Sugar __, collectors pick them up from cafeterias.

The __, US production of Danish drama Forbrydelsen.

Life __ of a party.

The butler in Remains of the Day.

Kurt Cobain's grunge band.

Puzzling mysteries.

In opposition to.

Act of putting things in a suitcase.

Big Italian residence.

Sandy, coastal stretches to walk or sunbathe on.

Louis __, inventor of milk anti-bacteria treatment.

Lace bodices.

Puzzle 4

Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn navigate the clubs.

Very hot; hissing sound when frying.

Opened a non-buttoned jacket.

Ansel Elgort plays gang member Tony in __ Story.

Get comfortable, feel at home.


Seafood and potato patty, fried in oil.

Something to do, such as swimming or painting.

Going up rock faces or indoor rock walls.

Spanish Atlantic islands, name taken from dogs.

Scottish New Year's Eve celebration.

Puzzle 5

Bold angular typeface, also called blackletter.

Send for, request the presence of someone.

80s Some Kind of Wonderful heartthrob Eric __.

__ Scissorhands is Kim's unlikely beau.

__ definition, two clues in one for a crossword.

Alaskan brown bear species.

Divers visit these former ships beneath the waves.

Move military troops for action or battle.

Branches of trees, good snowman arms.

Proof of admission to an event or museum.

Evening meal, can be taken at a fancy restaurant.

Justly, honestly.

Cartoon, The __ Life of Pets.

Puzzle 6

Discover new places and sights.

Dedicated, committed.

German word for dry, in wine terms.

Where Bucharest is located.

Hunters and their vessels in pursuit of cetaceans.

Ian __, voiced Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda.


High-quality glass.

Nora __, American romance writer aka J. D. Robb.

Neil __; one half of The Pet Shop Boys.

Medium-sized African predator feline, tufted ears.

Former TV detective with a cockatoo named Fred.

__ Pursuit, general knowledge board game.

Booming hooter used by ships warning of visibility.

A mother and father are these.

Gathered together, accumulated.

Puzzle 7

Transcendental poet Ralph Waldo.

Describes those on horses.

Including everything, a total.

Monetary cost of travel by plane.

Cutting or chopping down trees.


Neighborhood of a city; one of four.

The Fast and the __, with a Dodge Charger.

Untanned __; raw animal hide.

Random choice from whatever is available; __ party.

System of four age-based life stages in Hinduism.

Making a delicious meal.

Do They Know It's Christmas? charity supergroup.

Puzzle 8

Philosopher, founded the school of Empiricism.

Tends to pigs; a tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

Cook up a plan; create a method to solve a problem.

Larger than usual or necessary.

Stars was the best-selling album of this UK group.

Astronomer who predicted the position of Neptune.

Local who shows visitors around places of interest.

Park with fun rides and attractions.

Comedic actor plays Scotty in the Star Trek movies.

Movements of data to a personal computer.

Western imitation of Asian lacquerwork; toleware.

1990s poster campaign for Wonderbra.

Baseball and football All-Star.

Espresso coffee with small amount of foamed milk.

Passed the Reinheitsgebot beer purity law in 1516.

John __ wrote maritime poems Sea-Fever and Cargoes.

Puzzle 9

Russian city and a retro furry coat.

Matchmaking reality game show.

Belle and __; Scottish Indie band.

Physical pain that accompanies tragedy.

Toad that uses shovel-like hind limbs for digging.

Place that looks after kids; what a nanny provides.

Physical feeling that passes through the body.

Destroys, terminates.

Gardens with plants for science and visitors.

Materials remaining after completion; food surplus.

Location of Scott's Hut in the Antarctic.

Puzzle 10

Found an answer to a puzzle.

Sitting on a horse and trotting or galloping.

Feelings of sickness or queasiness.

Cooking in hot oil in a shallow pan.

Ways to go, different paths.

Lavender, plum, lilac.

Instruction booklet for an appliance or vehicle.

Downton Abbey actress Froggatt's first name.

Labels specific to companies.

__ iPhone, facility for locating someone's device.

Part of a garment: bateau, sailor or puritan.

Jonathan Rhys __, Irish actor and The Tudor's star.

Mount Cook's Maori name.

Billie __, Bad Guy singer.

Puzzle 11

Mr __, faun in The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe.

Time After Time singer, Cyndi __.

Place bets here, where croupiers work.

Sneaked a look.

Wooden rooms with dry heat for relaxation.

Figure of speech such as "brave as a lion".

Imperial measurements into which feet are divided.

North Atlantic isles known as the Sheep Islands.

Blade star Wesley's surname.

James Bond version of a classic Martini.

__ machine, apparatus for putting together fabric.

Greek god of the harvest, son of Uranus.

Coat __, wardrobe instrument for hanging clothes.

Puzzle 12

I Second that __, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.

Small camping shelter, misleadingly not for dogs.

__ City, Rome's moniker, meaning everlasting.

Volkswagen's bug cars.

Tolkien's character turned white after death.

Making a reservation.

Penelope __, from Wacky Races.

What a finger pulls on a gun.

Individual cakes with choc chips or blueberries.

Root that coffee substitute is made from.

Support, cooperation.

Rolling or blading for fun.

Unsuccessful, failed, carelessly carried out.

__ heat, rash caused by sun and high temperatures.

Sweatshirts with head protection.

Moving to music.

Exhibition of goods.

Puzzle 13

Secret __; anonymous suitor.

Book not based on facts or real events.


Speak in a court case.

A Clockwork Orange director.

Excursion for no more than 24 hours.

Devise, think up, __ a plan, a story or a meal.

Places to meet and play video games, pinball, etc.

They turn hides into leather.

Yellow storage space for several files or photos.

Shouting someone's name.

Younger daughter of Prince Andrew.

Leaving a cake to lose heat.

Any day when schools and workplaces often close.

Coagulate, become thicker.

Drummer's cymbals.

Blue trumpet blooms, also herbal medicine extracts.

Puzzle 14

Stock up on these basics when there's a good deal.

Plant variety that has been selectively bred.

Preparing and arranging things in advance.

Double-bladed oar pastime for tourists.

Outdoor grilling event.

Nomadic Arab people living in deserts.

Nationality of singer Joni Mitchell.

Took off clothes.

Widespread health problem, like Spanish flu.

People who write about their daily lives online.

Harmless devilish fish with giant wingspan.

One with two spouses.

Flirty female.

St Paul's conversion was on the road to this place.

Puzzle 15

Riley's imaginary friend in Inside Out.

Dog mating.

Simulates or acts something out.

Exciting deals just for a short time.

__ almonds – peeled with a quick hot bath.

Relaxing and serene, no interruptions.

Unambiguous, obvious.

Painted cloth to the rear of a stage.

The Easter period.

Phone mode that switches off all notifications.

Man and __, George Bernard Shaw on sexual battles.

Puzzle 16

Groups of lions.

Country east of Guatemala.

Lying back and looking up at the stars.

The most inactive, laziest.

__ Kent, jazz singer who released Tenderly.

Money available for a plan or trip.

Deep __, clandestine voice to Woodward & Bernstein.

With yellow citrus tones.

Person at the front of a race.

__ of comfort, small jots to make one feel better.

Swiss chocolate truffle balls from Lindt.

Largest freshwater lake under Antarctica's ice.

Tight-fitting swimming briefs or shorts.

Puzzle 17

Simon & Garfunkel counted cars on the __ turnpike.

Micro-brewed foamy alcohol.

Sleuth, weighs up clues before naming the murderer.

Trip outdoors with fun things planned.

Agent played by Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible.

Time-__; a task that takes a long time to complete.

__ of Pisa, also known as the Leaning Tower.

Making a lasting impression, unforgettable.

Mary Norton's tiny people book.

Spoonful of medication used as a laxative.

__ Wu, star of Fresh Off the Boat.

Puzzle 18

Excessive self-pride, arrogance.

Floor coating made from solid linseed oil.

East German leader fell shortly before the Wall.

Lie on a lounger to tan the skin.

Doris Day film __ Jane.

Buying goods or browsing for them.

Small sea fish, classified as young pilchards.

Meant, had the purpose of.

Describes an artist without a record contract.

Puzzle 19

Mississippi city; birthplace of Elvis in 1935.

Relaxing 24 hours using steam rooms and treatments.

Season of Christmas in Australia and South America.

Aim high, have ambition.

Pushkin novel Eugene __.

State separating line.

Lahaina's famous tree from the eighteen hundreds.

2005 sequel to Get Shorty.

Not formal, relaxed dress.

Scattered pieces of waste from a wreckage.

Fluffy, light, squirty hair product for volume.

Layers placed at the bottom of drawers.

Eric and Julia __, created the Miss World pageant.

Black beverage to drink in a cafe.

Puzzle 20

Churning turns cream into this.

What sailors call land.

US business and finance magazine.

Giant groups of people, gathered for an event.

Midnight __: Everybody's Talkin' is the title song.

Handcrafted tobacco products from Cuba.

Complete this room's mental challenge to get out.

Italian flat breads with tomato paste and cheese.

Abu Dhabi branch of Paris art museum since 2017.

Banishes, throws out, forces to leave.

Government delegates or go-betweens.

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