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Staying close PackStaying close

Here are the answers to CodyCross Staying close Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Moving to a higher place.

Garden watering system.

Harry Potter's greatest enemy.

Use this to communicate via landline.

Core of muscle in the stomach and waist.

North, South, East, or West.

Green nut roasted in its shell cracked open to eat.

Spray to keep bugs away.

Slower way of sending messages, via the post.

Move to a lower gear.

Puzzle 2

Pin __, stuffed pad used by needleworkers.

Flattened sheets of hamburger, ready for grilling.

TV genre that is supposedly unscripted.

Another name for the kneecap.

Ran one's words together, as if drunk.

Social media symbol for trending topics.

Greets an officer with a hand gesture.

__ print, faux fur material based on big cat pelts.

A young child between 1 and 3 years old.

Kind __, sending best wishes to close a letter.

Tangible, touchy-feely.

French city with a "New" version in Louisiana.

Puzzle 3

"At one __", expression means "in a single action".

Where horses or humans run in circles.

__, and Good Luck, film about Edward R. Murrow.

Helping, aiding.

Cup for joe.

Large, flat carrying case for examples of artwork.

A group of customers to a business.

Plant that is often kissed under.

Talking to spirits or reading people's minds.

A cream that protects from harmful UV rays.

Not hurt.


Puzzle 4

Writing online diary posts.

Drug that makes one have to pee.

Female fraternity.

Cleaning brand with bulging biceps logo.

Art material used to create the Mona Lisa.

Handle __; instructions for fragile packages.

Like an oil rig near the coast.

Not firm or secure.

Calling on people to see them at home.

Water sport using sails to steer a board.

Puzzle 5

__ to, per, as said by.

Spoken message service when phone isn't answered.

Successful, productive.

Customer support once a purchase has been made.

Stinging sea creature with tentacles.

The titles of top stories in the news.

Famous film about Italian mobsters.

German sausage most often made from pork.

Laundry soap.

__ Graham Bell, one inventor of the telephone.

Puzzle 6

Small glass sphere flicked in a children's game.

__ media, online way of keeping in touch.

British king who was last Emperor of India: __ VI.

Person hurt or injured by a crime.

Hedgerow plants, shrubs.

Be afraid of one's own __, or to be super-cowardly.

Secure outbuilding where a vehicle is kept.

Waxy stick that kids draw with.

Add a photo or file to an email.

Imaginary, not of this world.

The Holy Roman __.

Low-speed scooters with motors.

Trustworthy; on the level.

Puzzle 7

A server of coffee beverages.

__ up; repaired, e.g. a friendship after a row.

Barcelona work in progress since 1882: __ Familia.

Unit of measurement for edible energy.

Share a message posted by someone else on Twitter.

The waking hours.

In the House, he or she is a talker.

US State in which the letter A appears most often.

The undulations on the surface of water.

Talk about a topic in depth.

Puzzle 8

Going around a planet.

Personal storage for your home library.

Brass instrument with a slide.

Reality show for competitive party bakers.

Three-wheeled vehicle.

Notice or newsletter for keeping in touch.

An arm hangs from this common place to put a tat.

Simplify, lower the intellectual content.

Italian dessert with espresso soaked cake layers.

Classic beauty depends on this proportion, balance.

Professional social media networking site.

Talking or discussing casually.

Heroic son of Zeus with superhuman strength.

Pounding, banging.

Puzzle 9

Talking about someone behind their back.

Avian nest box.

The science of elements and molecules.

Signal for a phone, needed to make calls.

Daily journalistic publication with current events.

__ course, further training to brush up on skills.

Dots and dashes system of communication.

Breakthrough movie role for Russell Crowe.

All of the people.

Medical determinations.

Puzzle 10

At last, ultimately.

Group sit-down or video call with colleagues.

__ pans, metal containers for stovetop cooking.

Not in any place.

Betty __, brand name for cake mixes, etc.

Groups of friends, especially on social media.

A Japanese universe with its own animals.

Water starts doing it at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hard to __; slippery, evasive.

Underwater eyewear for swimmers.

A place to hold and mix the paints an artist uses.

__ Miss Daisy, Oscar-winning role for Miss Tandy.

Name of 11 pharaohs.

A house riddled with ghosts.

Every __ Tells a Story, Rod Stewart LP of 1971.

Puzzle 11

Small pup that you can hold while seated.

Break out of prison.

Sattva in Hinduism, duty of being mentally clean.

Action __; instant repeat of sports footage on TV.

Overlapping diamond pattern found on clothing.

Reason for doing something.

A message was put in this glass receptacle at sea.

Capital of the United Kingdom.

Hammer used to knock down walls.

1990s music trend linked to Seattle, Portland, USA.

A relic from the past preserved in the Earth.

Consuming food, perhaps with friends.

First name of Leonardo DiCaprio's father.

Puzzle 12

Demand and this make up basic economics.

Calling device made by Apple.

2013 Disney movie based on The Snow Queen.

Buff-hued paper for files and envelopes.

__ route, a road with beautiful, natural views.

Graphite-filled writing utensil.

Ridge in a record.

Long necked water birds with hooked beaks.

Numerical name of Stranger Things' main character.

Runway walkers.

Necessary housework jobs, e.g. dusting, cleaning.

Purple and pink sky at the day's end.

Give the latest news or gossip.

Kitty __, Formula 1 speak for run-off gravel.

The Son of God, according to Catholics.

Novel by Dan Brown: Angels & __.

No one wears one and few would eat one: Scotch __.

Puzzle 13

Lures, entices; like a magnet.

Answering a question or email.

__ play, EP; record with more tracks than a single.

To stare up at the night sky with wonder.

Being without a roof over one's head.

People who post on Twitter.

What people pay at a funeral.

Drink known as the green fairy.

First story on a news bulletin.

Canine term for a aerial battle.

Artistically making a new work.

A note on the back of a photo, sent by a tourist.

Puzzle 14

Three words meaning to write a note.

US music chart pioneer with Top 100.

To be extremely funny.

Change, mutate.

__ Four, including Invisible Girl and Human Torch.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, liftoff.

Rockies or Appalachians.

A place where people are buried.

Like meat that has been soaked in seasoned liquid.

A social media app based in the sharing of images.

Crowd of people coming together.

Indelible permanent writing implement.

Puzzle 15

Someone taken for ransom.

Today, or living in the __.

Individual songs released by artists.

Spick __, saying meaning neat and tidy.

The practice of experimenting to prove theories.

Add a response to a thread online.

Steadiness, an essential skill in martial arts.

Someone from the country south of the US.

Microsoft's email service, used to be Hotmail.

These are used for taming hair and spreading paint.

Puzzle 16

School assignments out of hours.

A way to cook eggs popular in cartoons.

The mathematics of lines, points, and shapes.

Talking to others.

Eighties film with mischievous green monsters.

A one-wheeled vehicle.

Likes to mix with others, friendly.

Relating to sinewy body parts that give strength.

Tunnel connecting two points in spacetime.

The Clash single about gangster weapon.

Puzzle 17

The wizard from the legend of King Arthur.

Add length to.

Piercing cry.

Swiss cottage.

Relatives, people you care about.

When people join forces or agree all together.

Houses made from ice blocks.

Get on someone's __; annoy someone greatly.

Carrier bird that was once used to carry messages.

All dressed up and sparkly.

Rock and Roll Hall __; recognition for rock stars.

New York street vendor snack.

Hub for gambling.

Puzzle 18

Worldwide reality competition, The __ Race.

"Everybody's working for the" this.

Relaying a message or posting a parcel.

A device that binds papers together.

__ his feathers, means to put his back up.

Someone aged between 40 and 49 is in their __.

Nationality of people from Beijing.

Someone who fantasizes about their future.

Superhero played by Chadwick Boseman: Black __.

Smartphone operating system used by Google.

Ford model; wild horse.

Puzzle 19

Person serving in the military on land.

Clear and unmistakable.

__ for gold, the search for valuables in rivers.

Baked, crumbly, healthy snack popular with hikers.

To free from ties, like a dog off a lead.

A popular brand of permanent markers.

Look after someone, give them help.

The closest planet to the Sun.

Louis __; fashion brand sponsor of yachting cup.

Consistent schedule that becomes second nature.

Home to Disneyworld in Florida.

Plug it in to add power to a phone's battery.

Puzzle 20

Long-tongued animal whose name describes its diet.

__ Tatum plays Duke in GI Joe films.

Screwed up eyes and face against the sun.

Does not include.

Face-hiding game for infants.

Sending messages to someone using a computer.

Get out of __ card; immunity, exemption.

Hydrating gel from leaves that soothes burns.

Women's outfit with trousers and a matching jacket.

Horrified, appalled.

Video call on an iPhone.

A sweet, brown fizzy drink with a red label.

Indigenous or earliest; not a copy.

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