CodyCross Steampunk Pack answers

Steampunk PackSteampunk

Here are the answers to CodyCross Steampunk Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The expanse of land used for agriculture.

Organ grinder monkeys are usually these.

Driving a stolen car for fun.

The __: 1991 steampunk superhero movie.

An easy win, foregone conclusion.

A person who performs a religious ceremony.

Rear, rump.

Inventor of the Model-T.

Software developer that produced Fortnite.

Type of history represented by steampunk tech.

Frozen pizza company whose ads joke about epitaphs.

It takes 1,991 to be the 2020 Democratic nominee.

Physics measurement of force and energy.

The process of breaking down fats in the body.

Puzzle 2

Italian composer of The Four Seasons.

Parties or gatherings held in the evening.

Game subtitled Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura.

French car maker of the 2CV.

In Say Anything John Cusack held one over his head.

It used to be called quicksilver.

Loose jacket worn in many martial arts.

Blasters, guns, and swords used by steampunks.

Fat from sheep's wool used in skin creams.

Greek goddess of harvest, mother to Persephone.

Bulgarian town associated with satire.

Doing something together at the same time.

Puzzle 3

Heated chocolate to give a shiny finish.

Surname of the family of The Beverly Hillbillies.

Treatment of entire person, not just illness.

Fish of the genus Hippocampus.

Steampunk 2013 video game subtitled Infinite.

Eeyore's response to good morning greeting.

Actor Angela with an eight-decade career.

Animated steampunk movie subtitled The Lost Empire.

Mockery, derision.

__ Mead, US anthropologist, wrote Male and Female.

Playing a short golf shot to the green.

Military place where troops are stationed.

An unusually high male singing voice.

Remote or peripheral islands.

Most commom type of fluent aphasia his his name.

Puzzle 4

Hit with a quick punch.

One who applies gloss to pottery.

Mounds containing relics of Buddhist monks.

__ Peake, steampunk author of Titus Alone.

California county named after Spanish for ash tree.

The surname of the general who fell for Cleopatra.

Paved outdoor decks attached to a house.

Canadian city with monument to Aboriginal veterans.

To be the appointed enterprise responsible.

Called forth, brought to mind.

Better Caul Saul attorney character Kim.

A Mediterranean paste made of sesame seeds.

Australian expression of surprise.

Western steampunk trenchcoat relative.

An instrument used for boiling water.

Cecil, founder of southern African colony.

Unit of measurement equal to 159 l of oil.

US cello player, child prodigy, with repeated name.

Puzzle 5

Breed of long-haired dog named for butterfly ears.

The hardened filling between tiles in a bathroom.

Washing, purifying, cleansing of oneself.

Another word for a smoked, dried jalapeno.

Added nutrients for the most popular summer flower.

US avant-garde composer of 4'33".

British money, also silver of a certain quality.

__, bada boom, job done!.

Rotating steam-powered energy machines.

Red water corner at Spa Francorchamps' racetrack.

Iron oxide commonly found in rocks and stones.

Woman ballet dancer; anagram of sea nudes.

Jake, steampunk tinkerer extraordinaire.

Puzzle 6

Floral 2018 hit by Post Malone and Swae Lee.

Hard leather cover strapped to front of lower leg.

Banana that most people eat in the Western world.

The production and differentiation of an ovum.

Germanic group that ruled Hispania in Roman times.

Regions of Canada similar to states.

Feathers from a sea duck used in bedding.

Become despondent, abandon hope.

Humanlike machine that does basic movements.

Tree that supports the universe in Norse mythology.

Puzzle 7

Masts and sails of a ship.

Lens for one eye common in steampunk fashion.

Those in authority; slang for company bosses.

Racoon store owner in Animal Crossing games.

Homer's epic poem named for its hero.

Country where steampunk's Victorian style is based.

Active during daylight hours, inactive at night.

TV show with Olivia Pope and her white hats.

In 2018 Michael Kors Holdings acquired this brand.

Garland of flowers hung in a curve.


Hungarian stew.

Made a light metallic sound.

Legal process that verifies a will is valid.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau's ocean research vessel.

Puzzle 8

2010 steampunk movie starring Josh Brolin.

Contempt for, or hatred of women.

Vasco Núñez __; first European to see the Pacific.

Bright yellow powder used in Indian cookery.

__ __ West: steampunk movie and TV series.

Julius Caesar's redesign project.

Magical old woman from Russian folklore.

Type of dog that can be German, Mini, or Dobermann.

Jazz vocal style that mimics instruments.

Stamp that indicates the content of precious metal.

They say there are no atheists in these.

Puzzle 9

Japanese dance-drama production.

Having artificial steampunk body parts.

The five-day Hindu festival of lights.

Country where the city of Gdansk is located.

Hole to thread a shoelace through.

Describes small twigs of thyme or rosemary.

Annoying varmint in Caddyshack.

The Greek goddess of magic and witchcraft.

Steampunk animated series __: the Legend of Korra.

2006 Robin Cook thriller about medical malpractice.

Puzzle 10

Pretend personality one takes on in steampunk garb.

Structured arrangement of troops or vehicles.

Prader-Willi and Turner are these.

Grainy seed used in hot cereals.

Movie with Elvis as a singing chaperone in Florida.

Steampunk manga series: Fullmetal __.

Secondary jets or propellers on a ship.

One of two lower chambers of the heart.

Lorek is this animal in His Dark Materials.

Enemies of Roundheads in the English Civil War.

Puzzle 11

Birth country of singer/songwriter Donovan.

Steampunk sub in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Disruption, disturbance.

An Australian spread made of yeast extract.

People who give up worldly goods to worship.

NFL team that moved from San Diego to Los Angeles.

The Departed and Nil By Mouth actor Ray.

Estuary lands that are underwater at high tide.

Planet that mainly consists of helium and hydrogen.

2015 steampunk video game set in 1886 London.

Most personal letters used to be written this way.

Inept, amateurish.

Swiss surrealist artist of Fish Magic.

Heiress also known as the superhero Batwoman.

A side branch on a plant.

Puzzle 12

Steampunk term for things related to Jules Verne.

State of living in dirty and unkempt conditions.

Japanese Internet company and FC Barcelona sponsor.

10,000 sq m.

Greek rhetorician under emperor Maximinus.

A region in central Italy, Florence is its capital.

Thin, crispy Indian flatbread cooked in oil.

Young female horses.

TV's Golden Girls: Rose, Blanche, Sophia and this.

Declares null and void, e.g. a conviction.

Steampunk gizmos and doodads.

First default ringtone for Apple.

Oil used in paints, stains and varnishes.

Puzzle 13

Eternal love song by artists Cline and Holiday.

Futurama's Rastafarian accountant.

Steampunk work written by a supporter, for short.

Cloth ribbons used to hold up clothing.

Classification between order and kingdom.

Form of government that is often authoritarian.

Term for silver used in heraldry in medieval times.

A dry fruit inside a pod like peas and beans.

Director Alfonso of the 2018 film Roma.

City home to Saint Basil's Cathedral.

Brazilian striker who moved from Barcelona to PSG.

The state of being under someone's power.

William __: author of The Difference Engine.

Slang for exhausted, passed out, stupefied.

Puzzle 14

Surrounding area, neighborhood.

A form of harness racing.

Person that raises and trains large birds of prey.

Travis, co-founder and previous CEO of Uber.

Type of parentheses used in mathematical equations.

Type of rigid airship invented in Germany.

Greetings, regards offered to an acquaintance.

Lumpy ash and coal residues.

"She walks __", Byron on a striking woman's form.

The first ever steampunk convention in 2006.

My Kind of Country singer, Reba.

Food, provisions.

Also called the North American inkberry plant.

Asian bamboo percussion instruments.

This type of twosome isn't particularly attractive.

Sci-fi series set on a spacecraft called Moya.

Legendary flying ghost ship, it must sail forever.

In Catan: brick, lumber, wool, grain, or ore.

An opioid used in pain relief, rhymes with routine.

Sobfest w/ Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling: The __.

Puzzle 15

A symbolic representation of a system.

Vodka brand known for punny ads.

Frankenstein portrayer's stage name: Boris.

Common name for the tympanic membrane.

Author of the steampunk book The Time Machine.

Brainy board game where people act, sing, draw.

Cartoon Princess of Bright Moon.

Chairman Mao's "little" quotations publication.

Famous war horse of Napoleon I, named after battle.

Steampunk outerwear AKA a pilot jacket.

Drainage channels that divert excess water.

Name of R&B brothers Aaron, Art, Charles, Cyril.

Palm-greasing, corruption.

Puzzle 16

River that forms border between Namibia and Angola.

Old objects often modded by steampunks.

Actress Anna, who voiced Poppy in Trolls movies.

Japanese cooking that uses soy sauce glaze.

Surname of composers Clara and Robert.

Filled to the top.

Measure of electrical power; a brilliant smile.

US journalist wrote Ten Days That Shook the World.

Persian fragrance ingredient from plant gum resin.

Covers, shelters.

Slang for the goal/net in soccer (veggie based).

Post-apocalyptic world where steam is king.

Tray for writing implements and a pigment well.

Puzzle 17

Henry, who invented a steel-making process.

Type of oil also called canola oil.

Freelancers submit these documents to receive payment.

Leather lash for controlling horned livestock.

Hayao __, directed steampunk series Sherlock Hound.

Landowners, socially between gentry and laborers.

Printmaking technique of sharp needle scratches.

Hinge joints above horses' hooves.

To fly attached to sails with boat acceleration.

Yellow (Spa.); rhymes with pillow.

Ready, all set.

Last name of Gail, steampunk author of Soulless.

The eight-night-long Jewish festival in December.

Paul McCartney's 91-date world tour, from 2013-15.

A scholar of languages who knows many.

Puzzle 18

Birds trapped behind bars.

Hereditary Maori chieftains.

Steampunk influencer who created Cthulhu.

Pierce Brosnan's first film as James Bond.

Steampunk nose and mouth coverings for gas.

Tempo-marking device used by pianists.

Document that proves property ownership.

Highest peak of South Australia.

Nickname for the years between 2000 and 2009.

Tarot deck suit symbolic of financial fortune.

A student of the past.

Having lower limbs that curve outwards at the knee.

Presidential refrain directed at Hillary Clinton.

Actor known for his leaning in My So-Called Life.

The amount by which something grows.

Puzzle 19

Small, dark-red bean, like a miniature kidney bean.

Portugal's largest city.

Neckband commonly worn by steampunk men.

Author of The Prophet, Khalil.

African country begins with the fifth vowel.

Film where Vic Damone sings Stranger In Paradise.

Get, acquire.

Juvenile eels.

Fictional steampunk element that keeps airships up.

Roman maiden loved by Cupid, hated by Venus.

Puzzle 20

This Scott Vs. the World.

Single name by which a person is known.

Breaking or bursting; the appendix for example.

Tall steampunk head coverings.

German finance firm and prominent sports sponsor.

F1 racetrack feature for slowing traffic.

Steam Powered __, popular steampunk band.

Sidetracks, detains.

Flower; bright, deep shade of pink.

Prosperous medieval merchant.

Shaking with fear.

Units of atomic mass.

Jules Verne wrote about one to the earth's core.

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