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Sticky Things PackSticky Things

Here are the answers to CodyCross Sticky Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Hitting something with your feet, e.g. a football.

Amy __, comedian, actress, writer, producer.

Molasses or golden syrup are this.

J.K. __ wrote the Harry Potter books.

Casey __, US vlogger of the first class shower.

Making a goose sound, or pressing a car horn.

Cartoon with Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil.

Found on the hands, kids have sticky ones.

Another word for numbers.

A private room, often a bedroom.

Puzzle 2

To drag and scratch something across a surface.

Russian scientist did experiments on drooling dogs.

Professionals who make horses look neat and tidy.

A touchscreen computer or capsule of medicine.

South America's vast rainforest and waterway.

Admiral __, the inn in Treasure Island.

To be __ in a foreign language; speaking easily.

Display board with eye-catching pictures.

An expression of gratitude.

Dried plums, often in syrup.

Bees collect this to make honey.

Cosmetic ointments.

Puzzle 3

Quivered with worry.

Have your cake __; to want the best of both worlds.

What you do in cricket when you're not batting.

Feelings, sentiments.

Branches and logs cut up for a hearth or burner.

American word for bandages Brits call plasters.

Hushed places of worship.

Fairy tale son no bigger than his father's digit.

Sweetened alcohol drinks, often from fruit.

Amends errors or rights wrongs.

Window __; creating a display of goods in a store.

Kids' rhyme: Here we go round the __ bush.

Puzzle 4

What is given so freely as advice.

Make something more sugary.

Max can be a short version of this boys' name.

Gently petting a dog by tapping it.

Saint- __, French author of The Little Prince.

Balanced on a narrow pole or branch.

Long sticks used for knitting.

Difficult, taxing, laborious.

Dried grapes go by this name.

Dental treatment for a tooth cavity.

From the distant past.

Slang for British soldiers is a popular name.

Cardboard packaging for new footwear.

Puzzle 5

Musical: __ on the Roof.

__ cream, thick cream served on scones.

Juicy __, US clothing brand, includes tracksuits.

Moves unsteadily from side to side.

Philip, who wrote the His Dark Materials series.

UK word for what US calls a pharmacy or drugstore.

__ equals mass divided by volume.


Rounding up sheep or cattle.

Crops including barley, wheat and rye.

A plane descending and touching down.

Small mat for putting a drink on.

Egg yolk and cream sauce for desserts.

Area for digging with a spade and building castles.

People who belong to a club or team.

Puzzle 6

Adhesive that provides an incredibly strong bond.

Say __; 2018 hit for Justin Timberlake.

European songbird with greyish head and rust chest.

Finished, reached the end of something.

Form of writing made with wedge-shaped symbols.

__ illuminations, Lancashire's Las Vegas.

In the right way.

Shape with four sides at right angles.

Villain in Oliver Twist and the musical Oliver!.

Long passages inside a building.

Puzzle 7

Butter and sugar melted sauce.

Pardoned, exonerated, moved on from feeling angry.

Liquid for washing hair.

A Lost Boy in Peter Pan.

__ win; picking lucky numbers in a draw.

Shiny, clear coat applied to woodwork.

Breaks someone's trust.

Touching organs, the antennae of certain insects.

A rifle popular in farming.

Paper slip received after payment at a store.

Puzzle 8

Knocks over liquid by accident.

Annually, every 365 days.

Relating to or resembling a dog; also a tooth.

The distance between two lines that meet.

Mushrooms and spores are this.

Single-room apartment or flat; efficiency.

Sticky sap substance used to make erasers.

A device that's broken or not working properly.

Names of books.

Are they hearing the pitter __ of tiny feet?.

A Cadbury's chocolate bar shaped like a frog.

Pen that's indelible.

Puzzle 9

Serviette to wipe sticky fingers.

The name of Nemo's dad.

Domestic tasks, sometimes to earn pocket money.

Interfere in someone's business.

Twin brother of Felonius in Despicable Me.

Island home of the Mafia.

Cows and bulls.

A short narrative poem written to a song.

Jug for serving wine or sangria.

All around the world, international.

Concrete powdery substance for bonding.

Sticks for drawing on the ground or on blackboards.

British military hero with lifedates 1758 to 1805.

Puzzle 10

Aerosol used to set a style on the head.

Sport involving pinning an opponent to the mat.

Sweet that is modeled on a newborn.

Licking the sticky part helps seal these.

Not easy to understand.

Monikers that come before surnames.

Arthur's quest.

Loose garment for sleeping.

Sticky, chewy substance for blowing spheres.

One, two, three, four, five; once I caught a __.

Puzzle 11

Snow __, vehicle that moves the white stuff.

Main protein at Thanksgiving feast.

Less strong than something.

A stuffed sweet round ball.

Pot of sweetened, sour-tasting cream.

Village __, focal areas of rural life.

Don't fan the __ and make it worse or fiery.

Mend or reconstruct damaged property.

Poisonous snakes that rise up to attack.

Agriculture worker who had a dog called Bing-O.

Lightweight straw hat from central America.

Run fast like a horse.

Fasten something to another thing.

__ Wheel; Woody Allen 2017 Coney Island drama.

Fabric rectangles for drying off after a swim.

Puzzle 12

Built up from the gym, with a defined body.

Holding on with the fingers.

A tub full of low temperature water.

Relating to the armed forces.

Pollen allergy.

Frozen, fruity drinks.

Snakes and lizards are this kind of animal.

The handle we use for entering or leaving a room.

__ play; traditional Christmas performance.

Periods of time before lunch.

The name of Horrid Henry's moody classmate.

Puzzle 13

Device that operates a light.

Yellow substance found in the hearing canal.

Feeling sweaty, damp and sticky.

Not open.

Polished fruits, such as eaten by Snow White.

Wriggling grubs, like maggots or caterpillars.

Protective garments worn by bakers and chefs.

Foliage that fall from trees.

Military forces that defend countries.

The male child of your brother or sister.

Slang name for the footballer standing at the net.

Make or draw plans for a model or project.

Bigger buildings you can buy in Monopoly.

Spanish word for town or village, and for people.

Puzzle 14

Long warm woven fabrics to wear around necks.

__ tape, used by decorators to get a good line.

Device placed on a roof to receive a TV signal.

Say this to a horse to make it go.

Dahl's title character who can do mind control.

The reason to do something.

Exercise equipment used for lifting or pulling.

Water-soluble paint used for art projects.

A church __, such as a baptism or wedding.

Fried, sweet batter often topped with blueberries.

__ Dash; puzzle video game set in diamond caves.

International news agency based in London.

Plumpest or chubbiest.

Puzzle 15

Selected sequence of music tracks to listen to.

Disdain or disgust; disobedience in court.

Person who repairs cars.

You may now kiss __; phrase heard at weddings.

Gooey chocolate cakes baked into small squares.

Labels with glue on the back to attach to things.

Raise these in surprise, on your face.

A tree has many of these, with sticks on them.

Dressing gown worn after a shower.

Another word for the loudest.

Puzzle 16

Sweet __, sticky, sugary, reddish Chinese sauce.

Tar and __, sticky punishment with bird plumes.

Colorful birds that can talk.

A fine you have to pay for wrongdoing.

Lyrics: Baa, baa, black sheep, have you __.

A game played by flipping a ball up a sloped table.

Becky and Becca are short versions of this name.

Someone whose job it is to deliver packages.

Frightening someone.

Brand of wax drawing sticks and markers.

Lose __; be sacked or fired.

Eye make-up that smudges when you cry.

Synonym of victory.

Puzzle 17

Collective term for groups of fish.

Capital of the Philippines.

Combining various solids or liquids by stirring.

Raymond __, author of The Snowman.

Put a letter in the mail.

Wanting something to happen.

Paste for sticking bricks together on a house.

Sharp parts of razors.

Cooking in oil on a stove.

Sticky note brand.

Puzzle 18

Reuses something for a new purpose.

The date or time when work must be completed.

Just __; "hot" 2016 song by Pink.

Gatherings to discuss business matters.

Chip off the __, you've inherited parental traits!.

Very dark sugary syrup.

Young-acting or looking.

Items worn on the body.

A longer word for glue.

What the pumpkin became in Cinderella.

Puzzle 19

Ocean's __, sequel to Ocean's Eleven.

Turn the __ to gain advantage over someone.

Big Bang Theory Sheldon's transport passion.

A-to-Z retail giant that initially just sold books.

Device for taking photographs.

Cloudy, not very clear.

Person in the restaurant who delivers your order.

Choppy sea off western France and northern Spain.

Stick to something, like glue.

Round and short-legged Australian marsupial.

They are stuck on a letter to mail in the post.

Hooks and loops strip that sticks clothes together.

Caribbean country, once called British Honduras.

Spaghetti strings added to stir-fry vegetables.

Recompense for a good deed.

Sinks, shallow bowls of water.

Puzzle 20

Applied a coat with a brush.

Manny in the Ice Age films is a woolly __.

Kind, quick to assist other people.

Sore, causing hurt.

Crescent-shaped nuts.

Packages delivered in the mail.

Stockings with a sticky rubber top to stay put.

Confused or puzzled.

Small hearing implements for listening to music.

Famous for its colorful shorts – and its Triangle.

Black and white seabird that can't fly.

The title on a page.

Science subject about living things.

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