CodyCross Stone Age Pack answers

Stone Age PackStone Age

Here are the answers to CodyCross Stone Age Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Related to the breast or chest.

Response, outcome.

What men's grand slam tennis is played over.

Salted beef dried by the air.

Pattern or example.

All people from the genus Homo.

1985 Doug E. Fresh and MC Ricky D hip-hop classic.

The name of the world's largest volcano, in Hawaii.

Occurrence; anagram of ancients.

Professionals who review financial statements.

The god of winemaking, fertility, performance.

The procoptodon was a giant version of this animal.

Top tube of a bicycle frame.

Puzzle 2

Small chopping tool invented in Stone Age.

Bold passage to show off a musician's virtuosity.

Aegon Targaryen's other name.

Not biological or derived from organic life.

Waterborne bacterial disease.

Indian state with Gir Forest National Park.

Chemistry dealing with brewing and distilling.

Art __, style of much signage of the Paris Métro.

__ Calderón; Atlético Madrid's stadium.

Close enough to be visible.

Wooden oars used by ancient peoples.

Movie about a WWII evacuation from France.

Jonathan, author of Purity and The Corrections.

Male duck that has a green head.

Squall, cloudburst, storm.

Puzzle 3

Creeping sycophant in Dickens' David Copperfield.

Measure of the quality of a digital photo.

1992 film about a bullied teen and Chuck Norris.

Period following the Stone Age.

Second to Los Angeles in TV production.

Barium __, aka witherite used in rat poison.

Nature-worshiping religions are this.

Gentle-natured, like an uncomplicated route?.

Antelope-type animal of the North American plains.

Pieces of pottery found by archeologists.

Greek youth fell in love with his own reflection.

Puzzle 4

Confer holy orders on a new priest.

Waller-Bridge, writer on Killing Eve and Fleabag.

Glued, stuck.

Swiss breakfast of oats, grains and fruit.

Model wife of Simon Le Bon.

A curved single-edged Japanese sword.

Having different color eyes: heterochromia __.

Dirk Bogarde 1961 film about blackmail.

Small bits of stone chipped off to make weapons.

Egyptian sky goddess, represented as a cow.

Special person to spend the rest of your life with.

Structure laws and rules into a system.

Battle __, elimination genre of video games.

Scottish ball game akin to hockey.

Rabbit language in Watership Down.

Wild Australian horse breed.

Spear-thrower tool used in Stone Age.

Iago's wife in Othello.

Funky __, single by The Beginning of the End.

Puzzle 5

Track that runs alongside a canal.

Rolled documents with rods carried by a herald.

Crude metal produced by blast furnace smelting.

Dutch painter known for Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Homo __, extinct human aka Handy Man.

Italian food company makes pasta and sauces.

Straits of __, shipping canal in Ancient Greece.

Predator that hunts and eats birds.

Extendable table with supports that move.

Say So artist whose songs are big on TikTok.

Liquid shellac.

Trauma-induced arthritis in a horse's fetlock.

Covered area, made with animal skins in Stone Age.

This flop changed high jump competitions forever.

Small podium on which a conductor stands.

President Roosevelt's 1933 program of reforms.

Puzzle 6

Related to groups by cultural origin or background.

Wooden structures, basis of Stone Age homes.

There's a Guggenheim museum in this Italian city.

Joan who had a Year of Magical Thinking.

Large marsupial that lives in a burrow.

Betty, actress and Forces Sweetheart.

Henrys VII and VIII, Mary, Edward VI, Elizabeth.

First six letters of the proper name for aspirin.

Online webpage with links to further resources.

Legendary Broadway star Patti.

Dugout wooden boats used by Neolithic peoples.

Game studio platform with Robux currency.

Palace housing an art museum in Prague's Old Town.

Puzzle 7

Last name of brainy Andrea on Beverly Hills, 90210.

Geology field, study of rocks.

People related to us back in time.

Remain hidden, ready to ambush.

Spark-induced gun.

Azure shade named after an old dynasty.

Freedom fighter that might be monkeying around?.

An espresso with a blob of steamed milk.

Variety show featuring exotic dancers and comedy.

Jurassic animals no longer around in Stone Age.

Fall Out Boy song with a gladiator music video.

Puzzle 8

Small packets of energy emitted by e.g. light.

Popular high school football tune, Hang on __.

2015 biopic about a blacklisted Hollywood writer.

Nullify, render invalid.

Stage name of Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar.

Stone blocks on which stone tools were made.

SE Spanish region with the city of Cartagena.

Secretly female Eliot, wrote Middlemarch.

Ring-tailed Madagascan primates.

Communal burial tomb used in Neolithic times.

Abnormal layer of tissue formed over the cornea.

Not subject to tax.

Husky voice that makes you sound like a pony?.

Puzzle 9

Blends of metals, typically using mercury.

The most liable to have software errors.

Small settlements where Neolithic peoples lived.

A creature from Harry Potter that sucks away joy.

The adhesive friction of a body on a surface.

Word often used to describe a wealthy bachelor.

Nationality of someone born in Monrovia.

Creating patterns in knitting with many colors.

Service, might have been carried out at Stonehenge.

Russia's largest Arctic port, a major trade city.

Puzzle 10

Soldiers who surround the enemy city.

Magritte painted The __ of Images.

Ejecting material in a 3D printer.

Wages after taxes.

Buffing, like Neolithic people did to stone tools.

Bakeware, e.g. casserole dishes.

Term for flowering plants in the mint family.

Large vessel for carrying goods across oceans.

Extinct hominin from Old Stone Age.

One who follows the teachings of John Wesley.

Alliterative arrangement of matching vowel sounds.

Puzzle 11

Rotes __, Berlin's red city hall building.

First name of British tennis star Konta.

The K in SKU.

Italian fashion house founded by designer Achille.

Male Stone Age folk who lived in holes in cliffs.

Flavoring used in bread, cakes and confectionery.

Fat from sheep's wool, use to make soap.

Manual puffers for a fire.

__ the mainbrace means handing out rum.

Adding a handle to a tool, as ancient peoples did.

Single-reed woodwind, keyless instrument.

Time of year when day and night are equal length.

Thick, water-based stage makeup.

Puzzle 12

Sci-fi show about an astronaut in a wormhole.

Tree parts used as poles for Stone Age dwellings.

Cylindrical shaped soft cheese aka Junket.

Sheryl, chief operating officer of Facebook.

Racket move; a ball falls abruptly over the net.

Showtimes of a cinema.

Eating tools carved from wood in the Stone Age.

Unassisted vision.

Victorian novelist who invented the pillar box.

Irish province where Galway is sited.

Thin grids of metal used for fencing.

Puzzle 13

Complies, acquiesces.

Large stone tool for chopping bones.

Ronald Reagan's oldest daughter.

Poisonous plant that killed Socrates.

How actor Frank Vallelonga was better known.

Evil Christmas beast from Europe.

Strips or cubes of salted, fatty pork meat.

Amongst the US top book wordsmiths, on and off line.

Homo __, extinct human or upright man.

These "Bears" played baseball in several films.

Coastal feature like Durdle Door or Azure Window.

Altarpiece art with two panels attached by a hinge.

Puzzle 14

Stone Age pigments used these natural substances.

Alpine resort, host of the first Winter Olympics.

Model, standard example.

James Joyce wrote a Portrait of the Artist as one.

Places where weapons are stored.

Animal skins that were used for Stone Age clothes.

Native flat slip-on with woven leather strips.

In a graceful, dance-like way.

Black olive paste with anchovies.

Blue Monday British rock band.

Halophyte plant of Australia.

Puzzle 15

Periods in time such as the Pleistocene.

German city where the König Gallery is located.

Green, singer of Emotional Rollercoaster.

A programmer routinely does this to finalize code.

First wife of Greek hero Heracles.

A foot in poetic meter.

Shakespeare says our life is "rounded" with one.

Legendary hero who fought an animated Roc in 1958.

Luxury olive oil with Greek letter name.

Practice or rite carried out by a society.

__ Kreme; doughnut and coffee shop chain.

Another name for vitamin B-9.

Bolivian mountaineous river aka Rio Grande.

Elaborate or decorative.

Men's sleeveless leather tunic of the 17th C.

Ball that will score you two points in snooker.

Prolonged neigh.

Puzzle 16

Dramatis __, list of main characters in a play.

German term for late harvest, ripe grapey wines.

Underwear vest garment for women, often silky.

Wrist decoration made from shells in Stone Age.

Steampunk Technology movement: retro-__.

Short, humorous opera.

Wealthy spinster in Great Expectations, Miss __.

Not a mobile phone.

Golf event contested between European and US males.

Historically, the unofficial pontiff.

Gravel-sized debris from meteors.

Household pest that makes holes in furniture items.

Connecticut State Forest named for a local tribe.

Mammoth-like animal that's no longer living.

Intertwined festoons of flowers and vegetation.

Puzzle 17

White-fleshed fruit with bumpy pink shell.

Bulbous glass vial.

Last name of Laura who goes missing in Twin Peaks.

2020 drama about a Korean family in Arkansas.

Country where Lascaux cave paintings are found.

1977 Neil Young compilation album.

Ancient city of Egypt on the River Nile.

Doctor Fischer of __, novel by Graham Greene.

Ty, founder of Beanie Babies stuffed toys.

Main currency unit of Russia.

Stripey top or T-shirt associated with France.

Islamic leader considered a successor to Muhammad.

Japanese cherry blossom festival.

German astronomer who studied planetary motion.

Create something new like fire, tools in Stone Age.

Aerial birds with scythe-like wings.

Puzzle 18

Elephant fang used as Stone Age tool.

Devise or create a strategy.

Kiera Cass book that's Bachelor meets Hunger Games.

Gathering secret votes from members.

French sweet pastry maker.

The focus of public attention.

Dutch city on the Dommel, early home to Philips.

Giant animals around in the Stone Age.

Subordinate position, being a feudal tenant.

Called a defendant to court.

Puzzle 19

Thickener in food prep; anagram of A mug rug.

The Hurt Locker Oscar-winning director Kathryn.

Paved area next to a building, like a patio.

Covers to keep dirt out of tire valve.

In music, movements that are played slowly.

Ornamental ribbon on a French Revolutionary hat.

Finger lesion caused by a virus.

Stone Age tool for preparing animal hides.

Gold digger.

Colorful bureaucracy.

The shortest book in the Old Testament.

Human with equine hindquarters.

Linked to the nation of which Valletta is capital.

Name for the group of modern humans.

Basketball strategy with a player in each corner.

When a ship heels to port or to starboard.

Puzzle 20

Used to record music or sounds on reel to reels.

Gulf named after northern South American nation.

Kept from decay by peat, like some Stone Age finds.

Irrational fear of animals.

Triangle pastry eaten at Purim.

To split in two, to divide.

Its scientific name means "flower of gods".

Panda __, animal gifts to ease political tensions.

The main character from Fantastic Beasts.

Prehistoric peoples were doing this to make roofs.

Driver of a car into a shop window to gain entry.

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