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Here are the answers to CodyCross Stop Motion Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Police officers in France.

Jason and the __, landmark 1963 stop-motion film.

Preparing a shrimp to eat after shelling.

Dangerous love of fire.

Deceptive activity.

The first line of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

He voiced Rocky in 2000's Chicken Run.

They had a 2000 hit with Dancing In The Moonlight.

Not quite the highest level in karate.

Puzzle 2

A written or printed statement made under oath.

Having three names or titles.

Nickname of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 21.

Cajun rice dish with shrimp, sausage, tomatoes.

Conference with discussions and presentations.

Author whose Giant Peach was animated in 1996.

Homo erectus remains discovered near Beijing.

The characters in Quantico trained for these roles.

Hue found in 2009, named after three elements.

The Sculptor's __, early stop-motion film of 1908.

Puzzle 3

Baby platypus or echidna.

Subatomic particles that can be strange or bottom.

__ animation, footage of moving inanimate things.

Dutch gold coins of old.

Street vendors' stalls or booths.

A legendary two-legged dragon.

Strong Italian spirit from fermented grapes.

Real first name of music star Drake.

Italian city in which Romeo and Juliet is set.

Painting on plaster.

Peter, British comic actor who voiced Wallace.

The Game of Thrones' great house from Highgarden.

Puzzle 4

Author of The Joy Luck Club.

Moveable hinges inside an animated model.

Called or brought to mind.

Flat, hand-formed sushi often topped with fish.

Element that is the softest non-alkali metal.

Island where the nymph Calypso lives in Greek myth.

Small supporting leaves under a flower's petals.

Benazir __, Pakistani PM, daughter of another PM.

Overtaken on a running track.

Gentle warming breeze or a delicate fabric.

Do actors stand in these waiting for their lines?.

Form of stop motion using flat paper designs.

Boat station for gathering together passengers.

Puzzle 5

Liveliness, vim and energy.

Franklin, contributor to DNA structure discovery.

Wimbledon call for equipment change.

2018 Aardman animation featuring Eddie Redmayne.

Classical Neapolitan sunshine song.

Apron worn over a dress.

Japanese celebration of the birthday of Hirohito.

__ McGraw, devious penguin in The Wrong Trousers.

Valtellina wine.

Mountains between Caspian and Black seas.

Puzzle 6

Major Korean port city on the Yellow Sea.

Kubo and the Two __, 2016 animated movie.

Early true crime TV and radio show with Joe Friday.

The first female to fly solo across the Atlantic.

Branch of chemistry that deals with fermentation.

Style of bridal train attached at the shoulders.

Bang & __; Danish electronics company.

An American cat breed.

Swirled effect seen on ornamental stonework.

Grows with interest.

Seafarers who featured in a 2012 Aardman movie.

Lingered, loitered, dawdled.

Apocalyptic video game set in a vault shelter.

Vodka-based spirit that tastes of honey.

Puzzle 7

Roman provinces of Spain and Portugal.

Bryan, voiced Chief in 2018's Isle of Dogs.

Ship's spar to which the forestays are fastened.

Small pieces of dried salt-cured pork belly.

Filmmaker's timing information of a single shot.

Public-facing part of a shop building.

To get away with something with no repercussions.

Hiker's bag.

Dubai-based airline.

Drawings that convey information.

Sudan's capital, located on the White Nile.

Puzzle 8

Steve, his Life Aquatic featured animated sharks.

Golden quidditch ball in Harry Potter books.

Third-largest city in Denmark.

Stock symbol.

The Island of Apples of Arthurian legend.

The Hindu festival of lights.

She sang Hallelujah at the 2010 Olympics.

One who removes loose threads from cloth.

Legal proviso that could change one's analysis.

Sores on the lining of the stomach.

A sculpture or replica model of a person.

Comic studio whose M.O.D.O.K. was animated in 2021.

A substance used to make dough rise, like yeast.

Anno __ or AD, name for the years after BC.

Spiral seashells.

Dian who studied gorillas in Rwanda.

Puzzle 9

Dictatorial leader of Romania, killed in 1989.

Suzie, director of Oscar-winner Peter and the Wolf.

Clumsy, awkwardly inept.

Photo-sharing app that's muddled grain mats?.

Building with a roof supported by columns.

Rapper of Crank That, Kiss Me Thru the Phone.

Tall species of pine tree, also called blackjack.

Adult cartoon series replicating stop-motion moves.

1847 novel by Anne Brontë.

French province of Toulouse and Montpellier.

Puzzle 10

The Year __ a Santa Claus, 1974 holiday movie.

Concealed, obscured with material.


Bacon cubes.

The __ Files, mystery novel series by Jim Butcher.

She acted opposite a stop-motion gorilla in 1933.

Water where King John lost the Crown Jewels.

Entry slope for a boat into the water.

Riding on a horse wearing a special jacket.

The dog breed that yodels instead of barking.

A term describing muscle aches and pains.

Puzzle 11

Largest city of Castilla-La Mancha, central Spain.

Fluid that surrounds a joint.

Outspoken, unreserved; full of praise.

Anna, a star of 2012 hit animation ParaNorman.

Final part, just at the very end.

Papered wire for closing a plastic bag.

The Israeli city associated with Jesus's childhood.

Clay animation where characters have no set form.

A seafood stew with a tomato-based broth (Ita.).

Break the terms of an agreement.

Artist of The Louvre's Wedding Feast at Cana.

Girl's name meaning of or relating to dolphins.

Anagram of perusers.

Puzzle 12

Journalist known for 72-day trip around the world.

Body of water formed by a meandering river.

Form of animation using images of clay slices.

Panic! at the Disco sang __, I Made It.

Worker trained to help in law offices.

Student movement led by Chairman Mao.

Leading edge of technology.

Stop-motion creatures in 1925's The Lost World.

Artwork by Arcimboldo; emperor made of veggies.

Nasal, e.g. an __ voice.

Puzzle 13

Richard Branson's Caribbean island.

Art, US animator who created the character Gumby.

A reproductive cell.

Temporary failures.

Religious leaders in Celtic societies.

August Wilson play set in a taxi station.

She's a punk rocker according to the Ramones.

City where a famous Soviet pact was signed in 1955.

Catherine of this was King Henry VIII's first wife.

Common name for Barcelona's airport.

1961's Mysterious __ featured stop-motion monsters.

Cold blended drink, often coffee-based.

Egyptian goddess of the sky depicted as a cow.

Howling, yelping.

Self-assembly vehicle.

Basho, Japanese haiku poet.

Puzzle 14

Cradle of Minoan civilization.

The metal striker inside a bell.

1982 Disney animated short made by Tim Burton.

Tailless feline from island in the Irish Sea.

__ Faso, the modern name for Upper Volta.

The act of carrying or bearing cargo.

Legendary German mermaid.

Teri, voice of Coraline's mother in the 2009 film.

Taxes on imports or exports.

Italian playwright known for Can't Pay? Won't Pay!.

Amble, drift along.

Plastic laminate for kitchen worktops.

__ cordiale, friendly relations between countries.

Enzyme that turns starch to sugars: salivary __.

Puzzle 15

Font, text style.

Fear of poison.

Someone who enjoys eating, often to excess.

Spartan admiral; he ended the Peloponnesian War.

Example: The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.

Band whose Strawberry Swing video was animated.

To turn the hand so that it faces upward.

Game where a plastic mule is loaded, delicately.

The science of wine and wine-making.

A trademark that guarantees the safety of goods.

Nationality of animation legend Ray Harryhausen.

Sailors' dance.

A large bottle with a small handle near the neck.

See-through silk or lace dressing gown.

Surname of Finn, young star of Stranger Things.

Puzzle 16

Military or emergency medical helicopter transport.

1953 stop motion classic, The Beast from 20,000 __.

Soft material on the inside of a blanket or quilt.

Windstorm that moves in a straight line, Spanish.

Internet comic by Matthew Inman, The __.

Neutral subatomic particle.

In archery, bow type used in the Olympic Games.

Planned, schemed.

Home country of animation Oscar-winner George Pal.

Anagram of sinewed.

Puzzle 17

Urban rodent who's in Aesop's Fables.

English drinking song and pub name.

Latin law term for the physical action of a crime.

He played Bard in Peter Jackson's Hobbit movies.

Strength and courage.

My Life as a __, acclaimed 2017 stop-motion movie.

Elite infantry warrior in the Ottoman Empire.

Head of Chinese government from 1949-76.

Another name for film's substitution splice effect.

Activist dubbed the First Lady of civil rights.

Puzzle 18

Small African bird, the most numerous in the world.

Italian city associated with sports car factories.

Jewish cigar-shaped filled pancake.

Paid part of one's salary to the church.

Neil, author behind the Coraline story.

It used to be called Mount McKinley.

Type of sleeve that starts from the collar.

Ellie who starred in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Untidy, mass brawl.

A battered old car.

The Humpty Dumpty __, stop-motion movie from 1897.

Unsophisticated country folk.

Nickname for a score of 111 in cricket.

Types of matter.

Puzzle 19

Early animation device using a spinning cylinder.

__ of ginger beer, from film Five Go Mad in Dorset.

Neurotransmitter related to pleasure.

Inject money into a business project.

Island separated from India by the Palk Strait.

Purushartha is a key concept in this religion.

Makes a reservation in advance.

Butchers' slaughterhouse.

Mythical "snow woman" in Japanese legend.

Jumping over a box in gymnastics.


Stop-motion villain in 1985's Return to Oz.

Clyde, US astronomer who discovered Pluto in 1930.

Puzzle 20

First Germanic king of Italy.

Ralph, appeared in 2005's Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Characteristic of vegan cakes.

Capable of being mounted.

__ Haji-Ioannou; Cypriot founder of easyJet.

Of or relating to ibex.

Smoothing wooden boards.

Rap icon who went on to star in NCIS: Los Angeles.

Title for a Russian empress.

Italian for baby or little boy.

Urn that Keats wrote an ode about.

Studio that won an Oscar for Creature Comforts.

Circus prop juggled on a string with two sticks.

Mesoscale network in weather monitoring.

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