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Here are the answers to CodyCross Store Items Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Hand-to-hand greeting or celebration.

Glossy publication sold in a convenience store.

Animal that is not a carnivore or herbivore.

Small stone fruits that are red or black.

Soft-soled shoes in a footwear department.

Child's miniature locomotive on timber tracks.

Of a particular area.

First name of infamous American traitor Arnold.

Insulated outfits bought by divers or surfers.

Foot and nail treatment at a relaxing spa.

Working 9 to 5, 5 days a week.

DIY, or do it __.

Puzzle 2

Trendy wireless headphones.

Means to do something.

Art __, peaceful place to look at paintings.

Marine reptiles with shells on their backs.

Paper or __?.

Singer Bublé, or Hollywood actor Fassbender.

The English one lies between France and Britain.

Tale includes a magic lamp and a genie.

The largest video hosting website in the world.

Big squishy seat to sink into and relax.

Hot dog or frankfurter.

Substance bought by gardeners to help plants grow.

Puzzle 3

Cleaning away dirty marks with a cloth.

Paradise of the afterlife.

Gloss or matte liquids bought by decorators.

Hamlet's nationality; breakfast pastry.

A male mermaid.

String for sewing; list of posts on Twitter.

Switch on this power tool to smooth wood surfaces.

Continent on which Kenya and Egypt are found.

Choirs raise their __ in song, worship.

Famous Schwarzenegger line, I'll __.

Spiky desert plant.

Referee in tennis or cricket.

Shaving tools for removing beards.

Opened mouth because of tiredness.

Puzzle 4

Long speaker bought for a home cinema set-up.

Not believing someone, rhymes with "shouting".

Visual images that are hung in frames.

Person who tells the story.

Gets to the end.

Retriever dog, can be black or golden.

A plane, a helicopter or a balloon.

Moving belt at a supermarket checkout.

Big hiking rucksack, wear it on a trek.

Simple wooden sled.

Robbery; breaking and entering.

Queen hit, Bohemian __.

Antonym of softness.

Puzzle 5

Spraying of a tag, name or art on public property.

Dead scaly skin on the scalp.

Bony Halloween symbol.

Spray cans for e.g. air freshener sold in stores.

In tennis, not hit with racket facing backwards.

Describes a quiet, serene place.

If it rains during a shopping trip buy an __!.

Crunchy veggie that looks like little green trees.

Diabolical doppelgänger.

Beards are made of these.

Glacial chunks found in the ocean.

Fairground ride with ride-on horses.

Puzzle 6

Stick for removing food stuck in one's mouth.

Matador activity.

Movie town in California.

Kitchen device such as a kettle or toaster.

The southerly movement of geese each winter.

Doing a great job.

Shallow cooking implement for pancakes.

Dish on a home to receive TV via orbiting device.

Explosive substance.

Home for toy figures.

Puzzle 7

One who designs buildings.

Machine used to trim a plot of grass.

Winners of first prize.

This forms in the cold and usually has six sides.

Food served with ham to Sam-I-am.

You are barking up the __.

The flying insect some caterpillars turn into.

Century that gave us World Wars, the moon landing.

Decorative objects bought to display in a home.

Adobe product used to alter pictures.

Puzzle 8

Athlete who throws balls, strikes, hits.

Not as tall as.

The photography department sells these.

Peel-and-eat yellow fruits.

Sewing accessory that protects a finger or thumb.

Simpson, Chastain, or Alba.

Gentle song to sing someone to sleep.

For and __, list weighing up pros and cons.

Male monarch's domain.

Sprints like a horse.

Age when a quinceañera is celebrated.

Appliances that provide extra warmth in a home.

A nurse who aids in the birth of a baby.

A toy that fires blue and orange foam darts.

Charming and pretty; or you __, you lose some.

Disputes the price of something to get a bargain.

Puzzle 9

Pastilles bought to treat sore throats.

Activity usually performed on canvas.

"O Come All Ye __".

Filmmaker who calls the shots, such as Bigelow.

To change one's mind; to withdraw.

ID document that permits international travel.

Department in a store for male clothing.

Green logo messaging platform for keeping in touch.

Put a letter inside this before mailing it.

Strand found in the nostrils.

Go to the pool and do a little of this activity.

First is love, then marriage, then a baby in this.

Puzzle 10

Visit exhibits here for a quiet activity.

Imagined visions seen while you're sleeping.

Online letters with order details.

Solar __, the Sun and the planets that orbit it.

Spherical, decorative world maps.

It is a book, a film, and a magazine __ Fair.

Security devices that detect smoke or burglars.

Thrilling theme park ride, __ coaster.

Healthy folks are as fit as this instrument.

Big cats with orange and black stripes.

Lion King includes this song, __ of Life.

Japanese robe with wide arms.

Wooden cask where bourbon ages.

Puzzle 11

Broken out of, like an egg.

The study of living organisms.

Flew an aircraft.

Thick, fingerless gloves often lined with fur.

Collection of fruit trees to stroll through.

Prehistoric people.

Gadget used by referees to make high-pitched sounds.

Sachets containing Earl Grey leaves, etc.

Trip, voyage.

Facility where clothes are washed and ironed.

Oxford __ Dictionary.

"Red sky at night, sailor's __": weather lore.

Liquid bought for washing hair.

Not sharp, smooth and circular at the ends.

Female who stars in a film and play.

Puzzle 12

Bees that have a job.

__ hours, when a business is active.

__ cards, collectables bought by Pokémon fans.

Online radio show.

Not a success.

Richie Rich lives in this type of house.

Wear over the eyes to see underwater.

Curved, not short wooden weapon used by Robin Hood.

All work and no play makes Jack a __.

Sit and sleep on this seat from a furniture store.

Students are divided into these to learn lessons.

To become ill while flying.

Part of the leg also known as the patella.

Dried grapes.

Puzzle 13

Spell-casting stick used by a witch or wizard.

Takes away from, mathematically.

Thicker version of a font; really audacious lies.

Buy this to go with a new washing machine.

The House of the __, a song by The Animals.

Food __, for chopping and blending food.

Stationers sell these, fill them with ideas.

Actions speak louder __.

Promote to increase sales or attendance.

Small sweet-tasting treat inside a crisp shell.

Diseases, health problems.

Puzzle 14

Painting or drawing lesson given by a teacher.

Explorer who crossed the Atlantic in 1492.

Short, stiff hairs on a brush.

Track and field event where people flop over a bar.

Computer screens sold in tech stores.

Goods made in one nation but sent to another.

The __, animated movie that starred Simba.

Controller for flight-based video games.

Appliance that makes frozen cubes to add to drinks.

Three-sided shape.

Medicines or treatments for illness.

Tries, efforts.

Orchestra section with clarinets and oboes.

Skin marked with tan specks.

The husband of your daughter.

Old __ was a merry old soul, an old nursery rhyme.

Give the __; let slip secret plans.

Harley-__, growly American motorcycles.

Puzzle 15

What elderly people talk about when reminiscing.

__ of the Galaxy, blockbuster 2014 sci-fi film.

Keepsakes bought by tourists.

It is often accompanied by thunder.

Mattress frames that can be wood, metal and more.

Group of three muscles in the thigh; often pulled.

Type of puzzle you're playing right now.

Entertainment appliance for showing video discs.

Triangular chocolate picked up in airports.

The Weeknd asked you to Save them in 2021.

Puzzle 16

Light-hearted film genre where the stars seek love.

Simple stands used by street vendors.

Social media statements written on Twitter.

Doe, a deer, a __ deer, The Sound of Music lyrics.

Third-place medal; English soccer player Lucy.

Split into sections, like a number in mathematics.

Outdoor home for a dog, sometimes made of wood.

Common gas with the symbol O.

Spray for making furniture shine.

Clothing size that starts with M.

Jesus' earthly father.

Not ready for harvest.

"Add __ to injury".

Vampires are said to hate this root.

Buy this drink on the way to work or from a café.

Perhaps the last vehicle you will take.

Puzzle 17

Given out a teacher at end of the school year.

Fun facts and knowledge tested in quizzes.

An outdoor meal eaten while sat on a blanket.

Back to the __, trilogy starring Michael J. Fox.

Christian religious building.

Buy these racks for laundry in a store.

Term for withdrawal of UK from European Union.

Sporting person with clubs.

Once every 365 days.

A desert illusion.

Button to press to send a form online.

Fictional story publications sold in bookstores.


Puzzle 18

Long green salad vegetable; cool as a __.

Largest land animal on earth.

Tile game for word lovers.

Polite thing to say when receiving a gift.

Surgery to tighten the visage.

Metal __, device on a treasure-hunter's wishlist.

Handle __, label on a parcel with fragile contents.

Period between two parts of a sports match.

Special and valued, like some stones.

Kitchen tools, e.g. spatulas or potato peelers.

Shaft of milky light from the lunar body.

Puzzle 19

Take apart piece by piece.

Buy these or electronic toys won’t work!.

Executive ones make TV shows happen.

Galveston in 1900 is an example of this storm.

Food taken through the mouth into the stomach.

High-wire that daredevil acrobats balance on.

Spy or secret agent.

Made-up words that mean nothing.


Household items, such as sofas, chairs and tables.

Bracelet or watch strap.

Puzzle 20

Secures a shirt at the bottom of a sleeve.

Pads on which visitors to a store wipe their feet.

Gigantic; massive.

Burn the __ oil, to stay up extremely late.

Bermuda's most famous shape.

Popular potato crisps sold in tubes.

Animals that have been run over by traffic.

The Nike brand's slogan.

Super Soaker fired during hot days.

Lazy comic cat who prefers pasta.

Home of a Scottish monster.

Buy these to go with a new music amplifier.

An unplugged version of a song.

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