CodyCross Street Food Pack answers

Street Food PackStreet Food

Here are the answers to CodyCross Street Food Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Aang's title in The Last Airbender.

Cubed meat cooked on skewers.

Country ruled by Idi Amin in the 1970s.

Overnight flight that might bother one's sight.

A narrow waterway connecting two bodies of water.

India's most sacred river.

Player of an orchestral double reed woodwind.

A gripping tool with handles.

Chipping clubs in golf.

Old unit of measurement equal to 4 pecks.

Wonder Boys author, Michael.

Filipino fried spring rolls filled with pork.

Section of an insect between the head and abdomen.

80s film took place in this Connecticut beach town.

Chinese company that makes smartphones.

Puzzle 2

Shaping metal objects using heat and a hammer.

French pancake often made with buckwheat flour.

Goal attack is a position in this court sport.

A specialist in a particular field of study.

Red shade, a pigment made from cochineal.

Grove planted with apple or pear trees.

Fooled, tricked.

Country in which jerk chicken originated.

Nationality of surrealist painter Magritte.

Presentation aids such as graphics and charts.

Ross Poldark's flame-haired wife.

A musical piece on the suffering of Christ.

Process of adding in extension hair.

Fastens a portcullis.

Puzzle 3

Suave and urbane, a charming man.

Last name of 1700s philosopher Jean-Jacques.

A pair of fins situated behind a fish's gills.

Japanese street food fritters filled with octopus.

The day after December 31st.

Acting brothers Mark and Donnie.

Film monsters that shouldn't be fed after midnight.

Disease cured by Edward Jenner's vaccine.

Pattern of stars, similar to a constellation.

__ standards, precise or strict requirements.

Mexican street food, masa dough with pinto beans.

Kind of Love Leona Lewis sang about in 2007.

A bow equipped with a cam system.

Computer protection against unlawful access.

Journalist who fell in love with Superman.

Puzzle 4

Manufacturer of Rift and Quest VR headsets.

Music for the Royal Fireworks composer.

Irish or Scottish accent.

Grassy mounds.

Along with Phobos, one of the two moons of Mars.

Transparent protective layer in ceramics.

__ de Nata, Portuguese sweet egg custard tart.

What ears of corn grow on.

Online job-finding service.

This Chuck exceeded the speed of sound as a pilot.

Garden furniture crafted from wickerwork.

Italian ice cream made with butterfat.

Small, two-edged surgical blade with a point.

Word to indicate a fast wind or rushing water.

What Chekov couldn't pronounce in Star Trek movie.

Puzzle 5

At the point of highest intensity.

Easy Travel to Other Planets is one of his books.

Desert wind process of moving sand particles.

Traditional, printed wrapping for fish and chips.

A medical procedure involving the removal of bones.

Theoretical connections in space and time.

John, English artist who painted The Hay Wain.

Military speak for message received.

Rolled, stuffed tortilla, covered in a sauce.

__ Young, Disney's mountain gorilla.

Hanging, like a bird's nest.

20th-century New Orleans jazz style.

Puzzle 6

Glass vial for medication.

Interrupting audience member at a comedy show.

Give official support or public backing.

Italian bikes manufacturer with clubs symbol.

Gives the skinny.

7'6" Chinese-American basketball player.

Full first name of I Love Lucy actress Ms Ball.

Young male member of the ThunderCats.

Religion in which the term "Bracha" is used.

Alpine-style garden with plants and boulders.

Something harmful to one's health.

Australian pastry snack filled with minced beef.

Band known for Green Grass and High Tides.

With Rwanda, once constituted German East Africa.

When expenses exceed revenues.

__ Emperor; 1987 Best Picture Oscar winner.

Vegetarian Indian spiced burrito.

Circus managers.

Swedish artist Greta, married Dadaist Tzara.

Puzzle 7

From the capital of Greece.

Raised platform for builders or decorators.

Chilean hot dog often topped with avocado.

Soviet isolation of Berlin during the Cold War.

Someone legally entrusted to take care of a minor.

"Anything goes" mixed sundae from the Philippines.

In an unusual or special way.

Chamber of __; lower house in Brazil's government.

Starred in The Greatest Showman and Baywatch.

Conrad tale subtitled A Tale of the Seaboard.

Concert piece written for orchestras and choirs.

Daring feat of crossing flames on foot.

Duping an internet user out of personal details.

Puzzle 8

Activities or events relating to a government.

Mexican bread roll topped with cheese and salsa.

Dusty spiders' threads that hang from ceilings.

More bleak than.

Renaissance artist born Domenikos Theotocopoulos.

Steamed Chinese dumplings filled with minced pork.

A full-bodied skin-tight, often stretchy garment.

Monster said to live in British Columbian lake.

Occultist in the title of a novel by Peter Ackroyd.

Ding, ding, ding went this public transportation.

The lightest metal on the periodic table.

A company that only owns other companies' stock.

Toni Morrison's Pulitzer-winning book.

The continent that existed 335 million years ago.

He's gonna flip you, flip ya for real.

Puzzle 9

__ spirit, another name for rubbing alcohol.

Finnish dog breed used by Sami to herd reindeer.

Up until this point.

Magicians use this large pot for brewing potions.

Eddie who portrays Newt Scamander.

Promotional competition with freebies.

Crispy stuffed snack in Indian cuisine.

First Queen of England to ride on a train.

The surname of actresses Emma, Lea and Tessa.

Greek pastry snack filled with cream or cheese.

Puzzle 10

This person referees or judges in sports games.

Deep-fried Peruvian snack made with sweet potato.

Contestant on the TV show Survivor.

Northernmost group of Scottish islands.

Peter, singer of Baby I Love Your Way.

Geological era known as the Age of Mammals.

Indonesian salad snack with peanut sauce.

Casino player wins with cards closest to nine.

This star is a mark of excellence for restaurants.

Put into motion.

Religious feast celebrated on January 6.

Venom-producing body parts of a platypus.

Puzzle 11

Islands of Tenerife, Lanzarote, La Palma etc.

Offload, share a worry by talking about it.

A sport where two opponents use lances on horses.

Grilled cubes of meat cooked on skewers.

Confessing to having done something wrong.

Ava who directed Selma and When They See Us.

Stage name of rapper Stanley Kirk Burrell.

Fashion house, its motto is the Latin word Prorsum.

Beautician's device for removing hair.

A seabird that went extinct in the 19th century.

Vinyl collectable figures with wobbly heads.

Deep-fried Italian rice balls.

Total number of figures in Da Vinci's Last Supper.

Benjamin who was US president 1889 to 1893.

Puzzle 12

Child raised by wolves, e.g. Mowgli.

Stringed instrument with 2 bridges and a sound box.

Former name for China's capital city.

Temporary ceasefires during conflicts.

Someone who moves around furtively.

Nasi __, Southeast Asian stir-fried rice snack.

Response to social awkwardness.

A substance that dissolves in a solvent.

US company that manufactures routers and hubs.

The eccentric mandrill from The Lion King.

Kitchen utensils for beating eggs.

Maize patties eaten in Colombia and Venezuela.

Puzzle 13

Getting, acquiring.

Tin glazed ceramics from a west Dutch city.

Academy Award category for audio effects.

Sworn written statement in a court of law.

Someone who explores underground caves.

Mayo pickle sauce served on Icelandic hot dogs.

Shirt fastening hidden by a tie's knot.

Brontë sister who wrote the novel Shirley.

Fruity topping on a Hawaiian pizza.

Daenerys Targaryen's husband.

Someone of lowly rank.

European square dance with four couples.

Roman emperor who founded the Flavian dynasty.

Puzzle 14

Dictators, tyrants.

New York's famous school of art and dance.

A cell that engulfs others, like an amoeba.

Person who can communicate softly with horses.

Latin meaning "that is to say"; shortened to viz.

New Zealand-born female spy during WWII.

Old Norse warrior who fights with fury.

Green vegetable accompaniment to UK fish and chips.

__ Clawdy, Elvis hit of 1957.

Song word aids for congregations.

180-mile-long branch of the Gulf of Alaska.

Vessel for putting Halloween candies or sweets in.

Mexican street food snack made from ants' eggs.

Comedian who played Mouse in 2017 Jumanji film.

Ill-fated Sega video game console.

Puzzle 15

Arctic rodent known to jump off cliffs.

Singer whose 2020 album was Future Nostalgia.

Dandiness, vanity.

Combine and sort sheets of paper in order.

Soft dough baked in a knotted shape.

The H in author DH Lawrence's name.

Hanal Pixan Mexican peninsula state.

Clank's feline sidekick in video game franchise.

French radical club, advocated revolution in 1789.

Spiral potato cooked on a skewer.

Vessel for liquids, used in washing out sinuses.

Small military base in a foreign country.

Blessing over wine to usher in Shabbat.

Coffee filter manufacturer; first name of inventor.

Lower rear part of the hip bone.

Small daily tasks, e.g. posting letters.

Irish playwright of Waiting for Godot.

Puzzle 16

Subject of an 1818 William Cullen Bryant ode.

The first American woman to travel to space.

Jamaican fish dish with allspice and vinegar sauce.

Preserving animal remains in a lifelike way.

The actress in Big Little Lies and Twin Peaks.

Raised, patterned wallpaper.

Wicked person with no morals.

Highest-value domino in a standard set.

Foot digit disorder, means it's permanently clawed.

Pulses used to make falafel in Syria or Lebanon.

Venue for youngsters to take part in activities.

Puzzle 17

Stuffed corn tortilla popular in El Salvador.

Gromit is this kind of scent hound.

Words and actions of the Prophet Muhammad.

Walk unsteadily in heels.

Official currency of Morocco and the UAE.

Hive of a hobbyist beekeeper.

Scale for measuring the strength of tornadoes.

Ratio of adjacent side to the hypotenuse.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's singer daughter.

Luxury seating area in a sports arena.

Wild man character in The Epic of Gilgamesh.

In computing, four bits.

Third movement of a classical chamber symphony.

Thin flatbread served with Middle Eastern snacks.

Puzzle 18

Belgian grid-shaped batter snacks.

Yearly books.

To stump; baffle; perplex.

Made of lead.

Stabilizing heavy weights to balance a ship.

Most populous city in Pakistan on the Arabian Sea.

Law granting direct military control over a region.

He starred in The Outside and The West Wing.

Periods of play in polo.

"A diamond is forever", said this mining company.

Cancer of the connective tissues.

Indian potato patty also called a Bombay burger.

Puzzle 19

Most populated country in the Horn of Africa.

Early plastic, patented in 1909.

Maison __, Belgian designer's Paris fashion house.

Poor quality verse or poetry.

Surprise 2020 album by Taylor Swift.

Flush that's the highest ranking poker hand.

Garlic sauce that accompanies gyros in Greece.

Series of elements including uranium and plutonium.

Glass-fronted reptile enclosure.

Worshippers who travel to sacred sites.

The common name for the trachea.

Infamous Roman emperor, succeeded by Claudius.

Unwanted flyers posted through your door.

2016 Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone musical.

British term for an outfit for a special occasion.

Entire pig cooked on a rotating spit.

Puzzle 20

Skilled, adept.

Impasse in the end stages of a game of chess.

Files for creating objects with a 3D printer.

NAFTA was a North American Agreement concerning it.

The surname of the Harry Potter actor.

Folded Russian pastry, filled with meat and fried.

Structure in a cell with a particular function.

Manuscript entirely handwritten by the author.

A species of pet rodent also known as a cavy.

Spicy chopped bread and egg Sri Lankan street food.

Edvard Munch's "loud" painting.

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