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Street Performers PackStreet Performers

Here are the answers to CodyCross Street Performers Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Penn and __, magic duo.

Not innocent, not free from blame.

The S in DST, or daylight __ time.

Eccentric, peculiar.

Melted Swiss-French cheese served in a pot.

Yankee Doodle __, Dastardly and Muttley's quarry.

Less tight.

Work hard; swindle.

Slow on the __ or being sluggish in understanding.

To tidy, smarten up.

Black __, Anna Sewell's novel about a stallion.

Celestial objects, evocative of a reindeer name.

Puzzle 2

Drawing of a person created by an artist.

Wobbly, doddery.

Street celebration or fair.

Long classical music composition.

The holder of a degree from a uni.

Molly __, starred in Sixteen Candles.

Court hearing to settle disputes.

For Christians, Holy Land place, hometown of Jesus.

Toy package with mystery contents.

Out of control flames in a forest.

Puzzle 3

Small pulses eaten in Italy at New Year for wealth.

Annoys, pesters.

Athletics spear for throwing.

Holds in custody.

Head, shoulders, knees __; popular children's song.

Greeting hug.

__ of hand involves manual dexterity and trickery.

Ability to read minds or the future.

Sheltered storage spaces for vehicles.

All that covered Adam and Eve's modesty.

Gigantic __, tentacled sea predator.

Table __ is defined by etiquette when eating.

Mary Poppins __, sequel to the first movie.

Congestion of cars, especially during rush hour.

Hires for work.

A light that is solar-__ gets energy from the sun.

Clay that is shaped, heated and hardened.

Waterfall complex that straddles Canada and the US.

Yellow fruit you peel.

Cuisine famous for enchiladas.

As quickly as possible, speediest.

Puzzle 4

Line of hair on the lower forehead.

How performers in ancient times voyaged together.

Small towers on the top corners of castles.

Tall, yellow canary puppet on Sesame Street.

Runs a film set.

Money for __, means to be paid for little effort.

Talk to __ spells out TTYS.

Produces bubbles.

A woman admired for her courage.

Fast Car singer Tracy __ was a street performer.

Period piece of furniture.

Scorched skin on a hot day.

Country where the Danube River originates.

Book a ticket or a seat.

Sandals with cutaway ends.

Male restaurant workers.

Iced like a cake.

Puzzle 5

Orange vegetable and a great nose for a snowman.

La Vie __, Édith Piaf biography.

Yangtze, Congo and Mekong.

Bring goods in to sell.

Stone plaque.

Kids' building cubes.

Fill with water and boil to prepare a hot drink.

"This little piggy (big toe) went to __".

This is guessed to determine how heavy someone is.

Those who set the speed; anagram of capers.

Something not real, trickery.

Hurry up.

Puzzle 6

Nintendo handheld recreation device.

Send an existing email to another person.

Pasta threads from China.

Flat __; book character who foiled museum thieves.

__ Day, Comic Relief's telethon day.

Madame Tussaud's is famous for this type of statue.

Westeros families fight, play the Game of __.

Paint receptacles drummed on by some performers.

Depressions, craters.

Relating to or living in water.

Live longer than.

Buys stocks.

Synthetic polymer.

Bodies moving to music, often with specific moves.

Make bigger.

Puzzle 7

Topics in discussion.

Strands found in the nostrils.

Young humans.

Beating eggs for meringues.

Mexican band, often serenading people.

People who served in the military.


Phrase wishing success or break a leg.

Worries, anxieties.

Motor company and Back to the Future time machine.

When the sea comes in.

The edge of a property or cricket field.

__: The Golden Circle, film with Elton John.

Active TV show with hero Sportacus.

Water feature.

Making a low sound like a frog.

Latin term often used to refer to another self.

Puzzle 8

Comedy that involves clumsiness and embarrassment.

__: The Carole King Musical, 2013 jukebox musical.

McDonalds' children's menu that comes with a toy.

With a mild, pleasant climate.

Alert and observant.

Punch and Judy shows were big in this era.

Amuse, play with.

Blocking an attack.

Game where kids try to remove funny bone.

Comedian voicing zebra Marty in Madagascar.

Male children of children.

Granting amnesty for wrongdoings.

Puzzle 9

Away in a __, beloved children's nativity.

Oyster jewels.

Makes a goat noise.

Plastic scale-model kits of planes.

Film, Jeff Goldblum turns into a giant insect.

Nationality of dhal and Madras curries.


Patterns of conduct, good or bad.

When it involves the whole world.

Open a bottle that has a stopper.

Sticks that allow performers to appear much taller.

Magical medicinal potion.

Complete, reach the end.

Hit song by the Moody Blues: __ in White Satin.

Picasso-style painting.

Puzzle 10

Music genre with symphonies and concertos.

Spanish football team who are "Més que un club".

Die Hard with a __, Bruce is joined by Samuel L.

Take care of, mind.

Describes a beach between low and high water.

What Isaac Newton was under when hit on the head.

Failed to act quickly, took a pause first.


Handheld bullhorn used for being heard in a crowd.

__ cards celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Progeny, children.

A sailor went there to see what he could see.

Removed a tooth.

Goods, bought acquisitions.

Puzzle 11

Breakfast foods made in an iron.

Using harmful or destructive physical force.

Cambridge Ivy League performance spot __ Square.

The condition of being strong and healthy.

Sound that goes with lightning on a stormy day.

Chanting words to a tune.

Go before.

First letter of a name, used in a monogram.

Author of Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham.

Catching fish with a rod.

Fantasy, pixie-like creatures.

Ruling penguin.

Shiny bathroom items provide reflections.

Puzzle 12

Close family.

Avian that catches the worm.

Star-studded Walk of Fame's LA vicinity.

Forced, induced, coerced.

Sum of money subtracted.

It adds sugariness to food and is often artificial.

Sport central to Chariots of Fire.

Observed, e.g. a crime being committed.

One who ingests flames for an act.

Instrumental sounds that aren't prerecorded.

Puzzle 13

The most grumpy and moody.

Famous stout publishers of a Book of Records.

Educating employees via a course.

Frozen floating water on which polar bears stand.

He will come and get you if you misbehave.

Sugary, chewy oat bar.

Outfits worn to represent characters.

Fashion __; creator of clothing styles.

Born This Way singer, actress in A Star is Born.

Famous Italian painting of dark-haired female.

Spectators of a performance.

Outside part of the house.

Puzzle 14

Idle tattle.

Young child.

Ropes of woven hair.

Nordic invader.

Free __ laws allow people to talk openly.

Extracts liquid from oranges.

Ran quickly.

Copper, silver, steel are these.

Three cheers, hip hip __!.

Fictional tank engine in children's books.

Funny jokes and acts that make people laugh.

__ wheel; ride offering great views from up high.

Puzzle 15

Delete data, by adding new data in its place.

Ernest __ wrote The Sun Also Rises.

Officially present someone to another.

Being __ to someone means you like them.

Precious items, valuable pieces of art.

Action film star whose surname fuels big trucks.

Breakable drinking vessels in a bar.

Genre that incorporates traditions through song.

The things that you need to do something.

Prepare and use land for growing crops.

Ruling forcefully.

Helper, second-in-command.

Row of stores and restaurants on a street.

Puzzle 16

Given permission to leave somewhere.

The __ Tree, woodland home of Moon-Face and Silky.

Mythical horned animal.

Separated __?; unrelated people who look alike.

Mixed together smoothly.

Let go; launch a product.

Rectangular couch cushions used to make forts.

An extra layer of clothes for keeping warm.

Dreary rain.

__ surgery is performed with small incisions.

Old term for a stand a public speaker uses.

Huey, Dewey and Louie to Donald Duck.

Zagreb is the capital.

Strolling, sauntering.

Sausages, served in bread buns.

Puzzle 17

Last meal of the day; one might sing for it.

Highest, leafiest level of the rainforest.

Opposite of a novice, someone with experience.

Six-stringed crooner accompaniment.

Non-scripted scenes by a group.

Early nickname for Princess Diana.

What one feels before lunch.

Highest __; auction winner.

Talk down to someone, in a religious way.

Saudi __, hot Middle Eastern country.

Not days.

Describes the world over; spherical.

Lethal, fatal, terminal.

Puzzle 18

Piling onto something.

Strong drinks like spirits and beer.

Dabbed ink to dry.


Watch without participating.

A bit like gloves, but they only have thumbs.

People who steal from others.

Tropical storm with swirling winds.

Learning to play an instrument; e.g. piano __.

Calm, uncomplaining.

Sewing up holes in socks.

Large, white and gray beach bird.

Cost, sum of money spent on sundries.

Venue for winter team hockey.

Puzzle 19

A protective shade against rain showers.

Holding, touching with hands.

Chick protection before hatching.

Governmental department.

__ Yard, workplace of Sherlock Holmes' Lestrade.

Cocked an ear.

Instructions to follow when knitting garments.

Service for watching TV at any time.

Turkish city that was once Constantinople.

Heating bread to make it turn brown.

Medical wrappings.

Try out for a part in a show or band.

Brass instruments used to sound fanfares.

Computer software used to rid unsolicited emails.

Furry troublemakers, starve them after midnight.

When moons block suns.

Inventor Benjamin __ read poetry on the streets.

One who brings goods into a country illegally.

Puzzle 20

To write instructions for medicine dosage and use.

Used by a fortune teller to predict the future.

A creature that walks on four legs.

Biggest ursine that confronts Goldilocks.

A blended drink made with cow juice.

If you want it all, you're going the whole __.

Take this shield to the beach to dodge the breeze.

Staring into one's optics to read them.

The cost of an item is reduced by 50%.

Carried on without interruption.

Movie makers.

Wobbly sea creatures, can give off light.

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