CodyCross Subscription Boxes Pack answers

Subscription Boxes PackSubscription Boxes

Here are the answers to CodyCross Subscription Boxes Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

More equal, more reasonable.

Story so widely told, it's almost like history.

Built-in or peripheral photo device on a computer.

Overcast, with gloomy skies.

Button-ups delivered in fashion boxes.

Trinkets delivered monthly to attach to a bracelet.

Small horses that kids ride.

Kernel containing Omega 3.

One's monthly financial plan.

Country immediately north of the US.

Mick the Rolling Stone.

Start a fire in the hearth.

Type of monster found in The Walking Dead.

Christmas has this many days, according to a song.

Digit of the hand.

Morose donkey friend of Winnie the Pooh.

Brave young warrior in The NeverEnding Story.

Puzzle 2

Only available via subscription box.

A device that lets people safely leap from planes.

Self-appointed justice-seeker.

Staying alive, especially in the wilderness.

"Animal, Mineral, or Vegetable?" might be 1 of 20.

Official dialect spoken in Hong Kong.

Shapes with three sides.

On top of this peak, I lost my true lover.

Water animal with a bell-shaped body.

Utility knife used to open packages and crates.

First course of a formal Italian meal.

Puzzle 3

Holland is known for this structure.

Describes the ordinary citizens of Ancient Rome.

Water activity done for recreation and fitness.

Music video game played with a plastic guitar.

This Obama wrote about Becoming.

World's most popular red wine from a monthly club.

Dora's job title; an adventurer.

Free decals often included with subscription boxes.

Tarmacked or paved path for cars outside a home.

Electric version of a piano.

Actor who played Troy in High School Musical.

Leader of a pack of canines.

Entertainment venues with clowns and acrobats.

Puzzle 4

Creating identical copies of a living thing.

Frozen signature tune.

Vesuvius is a Neapolitan one.

Rug on the floor next to the tub.

Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Joey.

Cooking instructions that accompany meal kits.

Face hole for breathing in and out of.

For a cat, the box may be the best one of these.

Long footsteps.

Tiny successors to headphones.

Fiasco, embarrassing disaster.

Someone who gives up.

Painters, sculptors and cartoonists, for example.

Puzzle 5

Era named for the queen who mourned Albert.

Bread made with natural fermentation.

Noah watched it rain for this long.

Tabletop fun, shipped monthly with bonus geek swag.

Trained space explorer.

This Bunny keeps going, and going, and going.

Briefs delivered, and hopefully washed, regularly.

Well-known online reference encyclopedia.

Atlantic Ocean waters off Ireland's south coast.

Film about a boy using traps to fend off thieves.

Three-month period during pregnancy.

What the third little piggy ate.

Puzzle 6

People who live in rented locations.

Aircraft that fly with no generator.

A success might mean one of these in your cap.

Transport exotic animals across borders.

With great weight, not lightly.

Signs up for the military.

Books containing drawings or photos of maps.

US state, home to Old Faithful geyser.

Adds to empty coffee mugs once drained.

Angela, who played Tina Turner.

Disheveled TV detective in a raincoat.

What Venn diagram circles do in the middle.

Cheek indentations.

Where one's packages are shipped.

Screen displaying the information of a computer.

Nauseous when sailing on a boat.

Eyeshadow tray found in a beauty subscription box.

Puzzle 7

Feeling heat in the face.

Lobewear from a monthly accessory box.

This singer's real name is Stefani Germanotta.

Seating with raised rests near one's hips.

Wooden covers for windows.

Keep going to the next page.

Where broadcasts are filmed.

Controller for flight-based video games.

Whole lunar body visible in the sky.

2011 movie starring an equine combatant.

A word used to describe a very good looking man.

Some call it the best medicine.

Small, pale orange stone fruits with fuzzy skin.

Feeling of being watched, followed, targeted.

What one might give to help a vendor improve.

Sea creature with five pointed arms.

Puzzle 8

Landslide of snow.

Financial sector of most subscription boxes.

Message left when no one answers the phone.

This sunny tuna is used in sushi.

One who may like stamp or coin subscription boxes.

Large Israeli city in the Negev Desert.

Series of novels about a teen girl detective.

Where garden blooms are planted.

Classic preppy clothing with collar, small logo.

Words written with capital letters.

Puzzle 9

A financial supporter of an artist.

Mr Cash, the Man in Black.

Simple phrase that Homer Simpson yells in delight.

Chewy chocolate filling, made with nuts and honey.

Type of education at a college or university.

Terry McMillan's characters are waiting to do this.

Round object sewn onto a shirt for fastening.

Annoyed or ticked off.

World's largest art museum, located in Paris.

A werewolf hunter carries this kind of bullet.

A ventriloquist's best friend.

A pointed tower in medieval architecture.

Country to which Crete and Corfu belong.

Puzzle named after the machine that cuts it.

Wooden rods or pins used in cabinet making.

Surname of cartoon kid Doug.

Word for subscription boxes that may contain loot.

Illegally seize a ship.

Person giving a speech.

Punching in the ring.

Blades delivered monthly in a shaving kit.

Elbows, ankles and wrists.

Puzzle 10

Pedal vehicle with one seat, one wheel.

Ocean creature named after an equine mammal.

Community around regular grape alcohol deliveries.

Bought stock in a company.

Quartz, etc. delivered with a psychic subscription.

School assignment done outside of school hours.

Head pain aggravated by bright lights and stress.

Game blocks with dots on their faces.

Concealed opening in floorboards.

Describes knotted brows or plowed fields.

Giant prism structures built by Ancient Egyptians.

Barriers made with upright wrought iron posts.

People who write online about specific topics.

Puzzle 11

Feeling, such as happiness or sadness.

Black and white birds fond of shiny objects.

Arabia-born beans often featured by coffee clubs.

Bond family estate.

Making someone better.

London communications landmark, created by the GPO.

Simulated by computer.

Finger joint.

Punk artist of Lust for Life; fronted the Stooges.

Jokers who performed at medieval courts.

Subscription box grades, often from 1 to 5.

Place of arrivals and departures.

Location of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House.

Moisture, damp.

Butcher's knife, used for chopping meat.

Faster than walking, but slower than running.

The great journey written about by Homer.

Puzzle 12

Newspapers should be this before they're printed.

Strip that models walk down at a fashion show.

Alfred serves in this role for Bruce Wayne.

Muenster or cheddar from a monthly club.

This bird is a popular US Thanksgiving meal.

Rejection, act of saying no.

Planet with an often-joked-about name.

Fugitive or criminal, especially in the Wild West.

Cow that hasn't calved.

Estimates of costs businesses send to clients.

Package different items together for shipping.

Second most frequent Olympic Games host as of 2018.

Covered with gold leaf.

Partner of flotsam.

Tool used to loosen or tighten bolts.

Coin-operated video game hub.

Knights' jousting weapons.

Holes to plug a power cord into.

Large Bay bordering Ontario and Quebec.

Puzzle 13

Document that allows entry into other countries.

Fizzy sphere in a subscription box for soaking.

What science shouldn't have made in Jurassic Park.

Written numbers from ancient Rome.

D&D gamers are doing this on a journey.

Second-largest isle in the Philippines after Luzon.

Smoke outlets on the roofs of houses.

Canine hit song for Elvis.

Items used to keep packaged food cold.

Knight of the Round Table who loved Guinevere.

Author of The Da Vinci Code.

Animal with long nose and tongue to devour insects.

In prison, they get stitches.

Extra money charged on top of an original loan.

Vaulters, trampoliners, beam experts.

Puzzle 14

Watch out for this rodent's spiny coat.

One who talks quietly as though telling a secret.

Generic category of many subscription boxes.

The Garden State where Bruce Springsteen is from.

Warner Bros bird, frenemies with Bugs Bunny.

Jewish holiday known as the Day of Atonement.

A pessimist will see their cup this way.

Palahniuk book; Pitt starred in film adaptation.

Dish on a home to receive TV via orbiting device.

Microbrewery products delivered in 12-packs.

Loss of muscle function.

Puzzle 15

One part of a TV series.

Word found on many doorstep mats.

No-cost bonus addition to a subscription box.

The character who narrates Moby Dick.

The Notebook's Ryan.

Disneyland's California home city.

Farmers do this with crops in early autumn.

Arm covers on a shirt.

Major championship tournament in golf.

This West Indies country has about 700 islands.

Plants often delivered weekly in a bouquet.

Pretend to sing by moving your lips to song lyrics.

Baby setters.

Gum you don't swallow.

Caring for sick patients.

Well believed to make dreams come true.

Puzzle 16

Yellow citrus fruits grown in groves.

The medal of third place Olympians.

Themeless subscriptions with all kinds of stuff.

Period containing September, October, November.

Mythical amalgam of woman, lion, snake and bird.

Plush fabric or Underground band.

What a pilot or captain in distress might yell.

A container for playthings.

Sleeping Beauty's first name in the Disney movie.

To ship goods to a different country.

How often a meal kit subscription usually arrives.

Like ponies, but bigger.

Puzzle 17

Where she sells shells, in the tongue twister.

Potent coffee served in shots.

Disposable eyewear often delivered monthly.

Betting, e.g. on horse races or at a casino.

Place; real-world area where a movie is filmed.

Part of the face that wrinkles when brows raise.

17th-century Protestants with strict modesty.

Marine invertebrates attached to rock surfaces.

Observer who gets to define beauty.

Two words to subdue or make less bright.

Instrument played by Squidward and Benny Goodman.

Forward roll, tumbling gymnastics move.

Times, find the product of.

NY designer most famous for her wedding dresses.

Packages are often delivered right here.

Without cables, e.g. via Bluetooth.

Sean Connery's nationality.

Puzzle 18

Spring bulbs with yellow, trumpetlike flowers.

Final day of April, June, September, and November.

Costly, like a caviar subscription box.

Soft tissue damage caused by freezing temperatures.

Most densely populated borough of New York City.

Pickles before pickling.

Beat Generation novel about bohemian travels.

The box of a subscription box.

Luke Skywalker joined one in Star Wars.

Old-fashioned tool for sharpening blades.

Puzzle 19

Fruit tree farm.

Halo and Formation singer Queen B.

Swimming styles or techniques.

Dead pharaohs were preserved as these.

Force that keeps things on the ground.

Maya who wrote I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

Using heat to make food.

Young urban professionals.

Activewear boxes promote this state of health.

Where people watch movies from inside their cars.

Create or manufacture goods.

Country where the Rubik's cube was invented.

Eyelash enhancer found in a monthly beauty box.

Puzzle 20

Piece that can move diagonally in chess.

Arts and these are shipped regularly in DIY boxes.

Sausage in a soft roll.

The inventor of film, phonographs, and lightbulbs.

With dots, the essence of Morse code.

Book publisher for kids, with a tubby bird name.

Gliding across snow in Nordic or Alpine style.

What tires are fitted to.

Name of a violin in folk and country music.

Tissue that makes body parts move.

Largest cat species native to Mexico.

The largest US state.

Crockery that meals are displayed on.

Traditional Japanese robe.

Most subscription boxes have these specific motifs.

They say dogs are man's best one.

Genre of movies created to scare you.

Billy __, DC superhero also called Captain Marvel.

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