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Here are the answers to CodyCross Summertime Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Moral tales.

Provoked, annoyed.

"As mad as a __", a reference from Lewis Carroll.

__ B. Goode, a Chuck Berry hit single of 1958.

Inconsequential pieces of knowledge.

__ boat; inflatable water sports ride.


Largest island of Japan.

It runs parallel to the tibia.

Women's fashion, covers neck to waist.

Darkening of the skin caused by outside exposure.

Puzzle 2

Throwing a party.

Northernmost Greek island in North Aegean Sea.

Lightweight summer footwear, with straps.

Getting out of the way, avoiding.

Meals eaten outdoors, often on blankets or rugs.

Art movement led by French painter Gustave Courbet.

Willpower and commitment.

Criss-crossed frame with a diamond pattern.

Corporal pigment.

Nationality of the pop band Ace of Base.

Puzzle 3

A metaphor revealed in a story.

Stony beach environment for crabs.

Smiling contemptuously, cruelly.

Lacking in knowledge on a topic.

Woven headgear worn in summer.

Tools for breaking open windows.

Positive collaboration between employees.

Changed or altered.

Temple dedicated to all the Greek gods.

How some like their eggs cooked.

Place to live, usually given by right.

Blue gemstone.

Capital of Kosovo.

Puzzle 4

Writings not considered genuine.

Summer footwear, known as thongs in Australia.

Panel of a car with instruments to read.

Xia, Ming, Song, and other great ones.

Did not hold the same view, diverged in opinion.

Handed over for safekeeping.

Roman empress, wife of Emperor Claudius.

Expert swimmer, beach watcher.

Joining in.

First test subject.

Country with a province called New South Wales.

Planet home of the Transformers.

Piercing meat with a metal spike for cooking.

Bony recess in the skull, contains visual organ.

Puzzle 5

A risky opening remark to gain an advantage.

Plant substance that causes hayfever.

To help, or a goal-scoring pass in soccer/football.

A hippophile is a lover of these animals.

Largely, chiefly.

Epoch of Tertiary period, mammal ancestors arrived.

Collective term for oranges, lemons and limes.

__ press, for toasting Italian sandwich breads.

Bottom-half swimwear.

Ad song.

Extremely dirty or muddy.

Tropic of __, Miller getting his kicks in Paris.

Australia's largest airline.

Sleeping __, Humperdinck's fairy tale opera.

Puzzle 6

Latin term meaning "in fact", as though rightful.

Putting a hex on someone.

Where honey is made.


Game originating in China using 144 tiles.

Melting like ice.

Canadian province that is home to Niagara Falls.

Marble depictions.

Medicated throat tablet, hard candy.

The top of a car that can be opened in summer.

Strait that separates Taiwan from the mainland.

Poison that killed Napoleon, according to tales.

Decor and designs for the ends of fingers and toes.

Musical period featured Bach, Handel & Vivaldi.

Relaxing poolside bed for sunbathing.

Puzzle 7

Umbrella, sunshade.

Strait between Iceland and Greenland.

Spicy red/orange powder made from chili peppers.

Split into parts.

They are better to see you with.

Mexican folk song made famous by Ritchie Valens.

A faint light.

Large vein in the neck.

Frozen slab for keeping picnic food cool.

Daughter of Samantha in Bewitched.

Missed out, or jumped rope.

Leftist political ideology, after German theorist.

Puzzle 8

Pointed out, designated.

Entertainment venue, forerunner of the nightclub.

Outdoor splash center, with slides.

__ Tiger, Hidden Dragon won four Oscars in 2001.

Male photography professionals.

Modified home on the water, seen on canals.

The Beatles sang about living in a yellow one.

Machine for cutting garden grass.

Strength, potency.

Desert hills or ridges formed by the wind.

Bloated, swollen.

Teen sleuth.

Used to time foot races.

Where you are back to when starting over.

Puzzle 9

Tooth having a single point, like a dog's fang.

Sun __; protective cream against UV rays.

Mock, ridicule.

Another word for sunglasses.

Least in number.

July birthstones.

Lengthy academic paper or dissertation.

African wild cat with black spots and a long neck.

Three successive strikes in bowling.

World's longest undersea tunnel in Japan.

Number at the top of a dartboard.

Mischievous or roguish small child.

Puzzle 10

Deluges of water.

The eighth month.

Predatory green insect with grasping front legs.

Premier pooch.

An old and unreliable car.

Conditional release of a prisoner.

King's genre.

1980 plea for contact from Blondie.

Bay between India and Thailand.

Extreme poverty, dearth, destitution.

Motorized water sports vehicle for riding on waves.

In the UK, a sweater is called this.

Fine detail, distinction.

Pickled sauce or salsa, added to meats.

Puzzle 11

Long green-skinned fruit, eaten in salads.

US tire manufacturer with winged shoe logo.

Dancing to triple time, with rise and falls.

Hesitated, stumbled.

Physical effort; blood, sweat and tears.

Bag with shoulder straps worn on the back.

Close; private and personal.

Memorial words on a plaque.

Owner of an apartment building.

Indian state bordering Myanmar; capital is Kohima.

Sporting flying discs.

Kept secret, especially of plans.

Pinky precious metal Au; iPhone color option.

A character's speech.

Process when animals shed fur and feathers.

William Tell shot an apple with one.

Puzzle 12

The river upon which Amsterdam lies.

Large, caged living area for birds.

Person who rules in place of a monarch.

Observed or regarded someone impressive.

Announcement or warning.

Completely ridiculous.

Summer days drifting away to (oh oh) the summer nights.

In a firm, stable position.

Of little importance; British sponge cake dessert.

Headgear that protects against the sun's rays.

Covered carts for transporting materials.

Puzzle 13

Talks about, explores a topic in detail.

Towering summer bloom with yellow petals.

Plotting, conniving.

US patriots who volunteered to fight the British.

Relay team member who runs the last leg.

Victory by an overwhelming majority.

50 in the Spanish language.

Meat patty in a bun.

Psychological inkblot test.

White-furred Northern predator, with black skin.

A volcanic Mexican island and JLo's mom's name.

Puzzle 14

Denigrate, offend someone.

Measure of how much fuel can hold before igniting.

They make one jumpy.

30 in Italian.

Line caused by pressing or folding.

12 elder gods that occupied Mount Othrys.

French term for cooking meat slowly in its own fat.

Plea for the reversal of a judge's decision.

Sherlock Holmes' sidekick.

The F in SPF on sunscreen products.


The offspring of cows.

Meat cooked on skewers over a barbecue.

Lucky charm worn for protection.

Earl of __; Prince Edward's title upon marriage.

Puzzle 15

Street demonstrations.

Sightseers from a different town or country.

Goes back over the same steps.

Clear the mind of thoughts and breathe calmly.

Condition, being obsessively interested in oneself.

Racket move; a ball falls abruptly over the net.

Device for cutting down garden plants.

Deserving of blame or reproach.

Egg white, fluffed, sweetened and baked.

Book #2 in "The Hunger Games" trilogy: "__ Fire".

Placing trees or bushes in the ground.

Sturdiness, durability.

Medicinal plant used to cure malaria.

Floral accessories at proms or weddings.

Puzzle 16

Damage to the skin by exposure to UV rays.

Laidback nickname for New Orleans.

Overdue, for example birthday wishes.

Composer of Madama Butterfly, first seen in 1904.

Angling, catching marine life with a rod or net.

Bat __, a Jewish girl's entry into adulthood.

Sicilian sweet pastry tubes with sweet filling.

So-called, in name only.

Loose bracelets.

Small balls of compressed material, small bullets.

Painting on two hinged panels.

Diamond-shaped polygon with four equal sides.

Winner of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Amazed by fame or blinded by a car's headlights.

Hairs raised when angry, especially on a dog.

Puzzle 17

Relating to a cloud of space gas and dust.

Frozen lump for cooling drinks.

Strips of sand or pebbles alongside the sea edge.

Unit for measuring the loudness of a sound wave.

Collection of objects for show, like in a museum.

Destined to end terribly.

Nearing, drawing close.

US lead guitarist with Bon Jovi, Richie __.

Journalists might get news stories from these.

East Indian sea bordered by Sulu Archipelago.

An evil sorcerer or wizard.

Use someone to make profit.

Clothing, gear.

Puzzle 18

Alias, assumed name.

Skin protection against burns and blisters.

Breaks in activity.

Owning up to.

Professional who buys and sells paintings.

Wood and canvas seating for the summer.

Large birds said to bury their heads in the sand.

Helper, second-in-command.

Speaks out in a court case.

Tidal mouths of rivers.

Puzzle 19

Pungent, black and white mammals.

Detractor, someone who judges a work.

Summer clothing, worn on the bottom-half.

Water slides or tubes at a pool or water park.

Order, command.

Popular sandwich in a Parisian cafe: __ Monsieur.

Back teeth.

__ Coast; southern Italian tourist region.

Exotic and valuable flower, vanilla source.

Of unsound mind, certifiable.

Power cut; interruption in power supply.

Puzzle 20

Removing, e.g. taking a DVD out of a player.

The edge of the ocean, ideal for shell-hunting.


Important identity document for overseas travel.

Similarity, resemblance.

Italian dish like a quiche made from eggs.

Rich businessman with great political influence.

Lights that hang from the ceiling.

German fashion house, formerly a maker of uniforms.

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