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Here are the answers to CodyCross Supermarket Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

It is used for pain and to prevent blood clots.

The fastest mammal.

Billie __, world-recognized jazz singer from 1940s.

Pertained, related, referred; had to do with.

Prevalent language in Central and South America.

Miner's tool.

First letter of a person's name.

Not in favor.

Negative temperature.

Crew, brigade, company, squad.

Act, usually kind.

Where acorns fall from.

Impoverished, needy, poverty-stricken, skint.

Rebel __ a Cause, movie with James Dean.

Wire __, supermarket carriers for quick shops.

Puzzle 2

Biscuit with cornflakes and cocoa powder.

Instruments that provide music in churches.

__ pig, domestic pet.

Cartoon mouse that made Disney famous.

Mary Queen of Scots, last name from husband Henry.

The act of climb up a mountain.

Bacterial deposit on the surface of teeth.

A piece of material used for oil paintings.


Soft plushy fabric.

A profession undertaken as a permanent calling.

Set amount of money to spend.

Use these strips of plastic to measure things.

Formal neckwear.

Store-to-consumer sales.

Oral, spoken, unwritten.

The yellow powder that is made by flowering plants.

Cartoon sailor strong thanks to spinach.

Home to the Kremlin.

Puzzle 3

A keyboard symbol, like a star.

Type of pasta formed in narrow tubes.

Metal more precious than gold, symbol Pt.

Ascended hero who completed twelve jobs.

British-built dam in Egypt.

__ are a Girl's Best Friend.

Goes down, hikes back.

__ coupons are good to save money.

Meditating, analyzing.

Underground level of a building.

Stock __ means the oldest products are sold first.

Not afraid, intrepid, adventurous.

1940 Disney hit of classical music.

Young assistant in Catholic ceremonies.

Puzzle 4

Brown versions used in US supermarkets.

A holy town, several religions.

Star of Notting Hill.

Plastic bank card to pay for purchases.

Early molar.

P in VP.


Classified; highly confidential.

Collective term for large caliber mobile guns.

Winning move to end a game of chess.

Tennis official.

The T in UHT milk.

The name for the small bones of the spine.

Puzzle 5

Delusional persecution; irrational suspicion.

Antonym of plural.

Ejection of lava from a volcano.

Spool that supermarket receipts are printed on.

Shots to protect immune system.

Alternative name for WWI.

Parties for people joined in matrimony.

Indelibly and forever inked.

Cud-chewing mammal such as cow, sheep and deer.

Sweet, dark vinegar used in salads.

Baton __ is performed by majorettes.

Racing a sailboat.

Airport building where passengers wait for a plane.

Fearsome, intimidating, alarming, frightening.

School's annual publication about students.

Chopin's first name.

Brown spice from tree bark.

Furniture to hang clothes and hats.

Mass officiant, clergy person; officer of state.

__ scales, devices for measuring out fresh produce.

Enter this series of characters to log in.

1981 Bond film For Your __.

Puzzle 6

Sequel to the Iliad, Homer's second epic poem.

Cautioning, premonitory.

Professional boxer.

System of writing for the blind.

Facebook's precursor.

Roman god of the sea; eighth and densest planet.

Engraving or inscribing on wood or metal.

Gifted; children with special talents.

She is often referred to as the Queen of Pop.

Supermarket's fish or meat __, manned by an expert.


90's film featuring DiCaprio and Winslet at sea.

Person at till, passes goods over a barcode reader.

Puzzle 7

Antonym of knowledge.

Cause of joint pain.

Travel storage for cash; fanny pack.

Bleach booster.

__ centre, where you can take used batteries, etc.

Work for many at once.

Ancient Greek drinks party for discourse.

Arthur's quest.

Not the genuine article.

It's not the same as hearing.

People in charge, responsible for decision making.

Old __, whiskey and bitters with sugar.

Puzzle 8


Author of "Out of Africa": Karen __.

Vocalist who "sings" in rhythmic speech.

Art supporter.

First name of iconic tennis champion Williams.

Clothing fabric from cotton, nylon, rayon; tshirt.

End of the day occurrence.

A centipede, a fly or a mosquito.

Chess game piece with a horse head.

__ shop, beverage venue after your shopping.

This country and Canada share a language.

These boats are canoes with a watertight cover.

Cattleman, buckaroo, farmer.

Gas that makes your voice sound funny.

Table, floor or desk lamps.

Puzzle 9

__ card, it pledges your allegiance to a store.

Baby dogs.

Giuseppi Verdi's nationality.

A piece of fried or toasted bread.

Guard, protection, safeguard, shield.

He, his, him.

It should be blind and fair.

Car attached to the rear of the train, usually red.

The smallest planet; silvery liquid element.

Putting things in boxes or suitcases.

Puzzle 10

Nativity celebration.

Engine with revolving blades on a ship or boat.

They are composed of at least one atom.


Fortune teller's trade.

The Dark Knight's ride.

Not compulsory or obligatory.

Snoopy's pal; famous US hippy festival in the 1960s.

Measures changes in sea level.

Opposite of benign.

Yellow citrus candy.

__ box, produce container for carrying goods home.

Catching or gaining control by force or stratagem.

Country where the island of Bali is located.

These were used to grind grain and pump water.

Small rodents with bushy tails, collecting acorns.

Pansy __, bullying prefect in Harry's year.

Puzzle 11

To take in without reflection, soak up.

__ Bullock, The Blind Side actress and oscar winner.

Roller __, wheeled footwear for cruising streets.

Loss __, items sold below cost price as incentives.

U.S. inventor of electric light bulb & phonograph.

Spice that can be white, black or red.

Distant cousin of the chicken and the goose.

Or of relating to extreme fear.

Quick team meeting.

Parisian museum with glass pyramid.

Nuts that look like walnuts but darker.

Period of time after the present.

Sheer contrast to folly.

Puzzle 12

Small motorized two-wheel ride.

The process of loosing hair.

__ Duncan, US innovator, dancer and choreographer.

Nobel prize won by scientists Einstein and Bohr.

You can see your image reflected in them.

The capital of Oz, __ City.

Newer version of an item or service.

A person native to London.

__ unit, open shelving at a supermarket.

__ tickets, try for winning lines at a shop kiosk.

Saturday and Sunday.

Keeper of cultural heritage.

Puzzle 13

Decoration, embellishment.

The P in PIN for debit and credit cards.

The F key on a computer keyboard.

City where the Blue Mosque is located.

Had hair long enough to serve as a rope ladder.

Wearing, grinding or rubbing away by friction.

Going up a wall or a rock face.

Home __, your shopping is brought home in a van.

Snow coaster.

Game with acted out clues.

Twenty minus ten plus eight.

Eaten with tea in the UK and gravy in the US.

Puzzle 14

Used for weighing fruit and veg in a supermarket.

To talk excessively, foolishly, chatter on.

Power that comes from electricity, sun or wind.

__ ordering, for when you can't reach the shops.

Country where Cancun is located.

Three-striped tennis shoes, trainers, sneakers.

Antonym of smaller.

These should be switched off in class.

Pinocchio is a movie about a __ puppet.

You use it to ride comfortably on a horse.

It's meant to be.

Puzzle 15

St Francis __, patron saint of animals.

Storages for food below 0 degrees.

To play music or sing a song for someone you love.

To approximate opinion, height, worth.

Fellow seafarer on a voyage.

How people who live abroad feel many times.

Resting with your eyes closed.

Having a sweet or pleasant smell.

High-speed European road.

Defenders, saviors.

Fitness exercises that stimulate breathing rates.

To insincerely court others' amorous attention.

Principal wind-catching material on a ship.

__ services, a supermarket desk to solve questions.

Proprietor of grand seaside lodgings.

Horrible, dreadful, ghastly.

Puzzle 16

Red headed detective from Scooby Doo.

__ get one free is also known as bogof.

To come back.

Spells said to cause people harm.

A state of suffering, the result of affliction.

Heavy metal device to secure a ship from drifting.

Best __; food is better in advance of this date.

Grooved wheel that holds a rope, used in lifting.

Arctic desert.


Articulations between bones in the body.

A pointed post, stake or pale.


Fast-moving racquet game played in a box.

Puzzle 17

You'll need this with your password to log in.

The type of prince most women want.

__ offers, advertised at Halloween and Christmas.

Losing the fluid that circulates in our bodies.

Dessert of vanilla gelato "drowned" in espresso.

System for withdrawing money at a checkout.

Eye condition causing cloudy vision.

Moving your body on your hands and knees.

To burden or weight down; to hinder.

Term for bringing your opponent to the ground.

__ Island is a 1950 Walt Disney Productions film.

Heaven, incredibly beautiful place.

Puzzle 18

Food taken through the mouth into the stomach.

Woody __, US actor of Men Can't Jump.

Special supermarket offer for a limited period.

When you balance upside down, not on your hands.

Baked pastry dough filled with red berries.

Someone that asks for donations or contributions.

Pirate preying on Spanish ships during 1700s.

Someone with a type of lung disease.

Describes the belief that the glass is always half empty.

Business partner, colleague; comrade.

Puzzle 19

Day of observance for Seventh-day Adventists.

The quality or state of being faithful; exactness.

Twirly display unit like a roundabout.

One level higher than "persons of interest".

__ of Fire, UK drama film about 1924 Olympics.

A break in a bone, a partial crack on the surface.

Bordered, edged.

Guess the number or color in this casino game.

Nadia __, first gymnast to be awarded a perfect 10.

A small laptop; also a name for a pad of paper.

Extinct land animal of the Mesozoic Era.

Unable to pay personal debts; insolvent.

Broth, stock.

Two hundred minus one hundred plus nine hundred.

To lessen, weaken, reduce.

Puzzle 20

Nifty, practical.

Wholegrain carb grown in paddy fields.

1990 US Christmas comedy film.

American poet and a prominent Modernist figure.

Protecting from harm.

Boxing term for flooring an opponent.

Someone who watches a pool or a beach.

Brutal slaughter, massacre.

A person who resembles another one.

A price __ means that they are being lowered.

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