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Here are the answers to CodyCross Superpowers Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Type of devastating explosive device; nuclear bomb.

It means "devil" in Spanish.

Lucky charm; object for protection or good luck.

You can be out of it when aiming too high.

Related to or coming from the stars.

The outer part or edge; decorative margin.

Zigzag or wavy course between upright obstacles.

Beginner; probationary member in a religious group.

Played Oskar Schindler and Bryan Mills.

In theory, they are very healthy dishes.

Puzzle 2

Resistance to a diseases or illnesses; impunity.

Crazy people and this legume's shells.

Single-wheeled vehicle usually propelled by pedals.

Not separated.

Vessels armed to fight the enemy.

First name of Bonaparte.

Quick-spreading destructive blaze in the forest.

Black magic.

Nationality of people from Vancouver.

To make something less severe or damaging.

They can cause infectious diseases in humans.

Theatrical or TV performance on tour.

Whatever you want.

Puzzle 3

Platform for work.

It is not sinking.

Drinkware not made of glass or acrylic.

Father of relativity theory.

Creep, slouching, dragging, lurking.

To burn food.

Antonym of northern.

Usually raised when we are surprised.

Male whom is yet to be married.

What animals have that drives their behavior.

Polluted precipitation.

Latin term in prayers, "my own fault".

Puzzle 4

Author of Roots, a story of US slavery.

Second, eye blink, flash, instant.

Leonardo da Vinci prototyped this air escape device.

Infants cry a lot when these are growing in.

They eat ants.

Place where a country is located.

Device used to open a bottle of wine.

Person who postulates for a position.

Used to prevent perspiration.

Possible, feasible, probable.

Puzzle 5

Whipping, swatting, fibbing, bashing.

Person who refuses the teachings of the church.

Continent includes hundreds of Pacific islands.

This Joan was very mean in Dynasty.

An ivory color, a scent and a sweet flavor.

Fried rice and noodle soup belong to this cuisine.

Suitcases, bags; intangible emotional things.

What casino dealers do with cards.

Large cat with a yellowish coat and black spots.

Pain in your hearing organ.

She realized that there's no place like home.

Guns, knives, swords.

Material of ancient scrolls and manuscripts.

Puzzle 6

First name of South African leader Mandela.

Description of how to carry out an experiment.

How a noble woman in England is addressed.

Bigger than double.

Someone or something that moves very fast; rapid.

Offspring of your aunt or uncle.

Home of Batman.

Moving a boat with oars.

Caramelized sugar or molasses; buttercrunch.

Authority, connoisseur, male teacher, dab hand.

Desire to cause pain, distress or injury.

The Coathanger's and Opera House's home city.

Where wild animals live.

Puzzle 7

Consuming liquids.

Jack-of-all-trades, do-it-yourselfer.

These males are very unhappy.

They were on fire when they won the Oscar in 1982.

__ da Vinci, Mona Lisa painter.

Someone who never dies.

To adorn a cake, tree or house; to make pretty.

King Arthur's round table companion.

Being extremely cold, turning into ice.


Someone who works full time for a company.

Puzzle 8

Chinese massive fortification.

Not a vowel.

Puccini opera; beautiful winged insect.

Technological company with Windows software.

Good luck; toi, toi, toi.

Law infringement or transgression.

Door sign indicating occupant.

Ink container; bullet case.

Vanilla's best friend.

Similar to squeezed lemon.

The art of making things out of wood.

Last name of British Prime Minister during WWII.

Hearing this confirms you're alive.

Violent and intense tropical storm.

Dealing with people without offending them.

Antonym of enlarging.

Puzzle 9

Very good companion of salt.

This doctor turns into Mr Hyde.

Created from different breeds, species or genera.

Very far and usually isolated or secluded.

Furniture-making technique using bamboo or rattan.

__ Leigh, won an Oscar for Gone with the Wind.

Multiple identical versions of a living being.

To challenge or dispute a court ruling.

Phantasms, haunts, apparicions.

Ingesting food.

Hearing, sight, taste, touch, smell.

Puzzle 10

To flash, blink, wink.

One part in a hundred.

Italian pasta usually stuffed with spinach.

There are always two sides to them.

Relating to or cause by heat.

Voluptuous wife of Roger Rabbit.

Problems, trials and tribulations.

Direct order.

Got on a plane.

__ Queen, number-one hit from Swedish band ABBA.

Plastic disc tossed between players.

Baby dogs.

Tennis match with four people.

They say a lot but usually do very little.

Neither buying nor selling.

Get out of there if you can't stand the heat.

Deep red color, a bit close to purple.


Mind __, direct the thoughts of others.

Puzzle 11

Long stiff hairs on cats' faces.

Fans that follow rock band as they tour.

Naomi __, British original supermodel.

Lilac-blue flower used in perfumes, candles, soaps.

All of us.

Ecstatic, intoxicated, exhilarated.

Usually optical, never real.

It means "brothers" in Spanish.

Usually hidden or lost; pirates' reward.

City's main business area.

A member of a group of violent criminals.

Advocates of important beliefs sent on a mission.

Building material for pavement; asphalt.

Automatic body responses to a stimulus.

Book of world records.

To steer or follow directions.

It makes perfect.

Skin reaction showing embarrassment.

Puzzle 12

Dog that fetches.

One way of cooking eggs for breakfast.

Body parts separated by the neck.

Lines across the sky left by aircraft.

Short quick recollection of past events.

Original creator's legal ownership.

Vehicle that takes children to their learning place.

Cousin of the trumpet and the tuba.

Precision timing device.

Two vowels combined as one syllable.

Hotel worker or resident caretaker.

A writer whose name is unknown.

Puzzle 13

Continuous area, space or body of land.

To take off; release.

Picture created with oil painting.

To suck air, water, dust.

Lowland area between hills or mountains; dene.

Marlon __, reknown US actor and Oscar winner.

Rat, mice, mole.

Information you are supposed to keep to yourself.

To flee, break out, bunk, run away.


Teleporting with lights around the person.

German dividing wall, demolition completed in 1992.

Establishment where gambling is allowed.

Acid produced in the body during exercise.

Team member, game participant; actor.

Puzzle 14

Hair cleanser, can be liquid or dry.

Rulers of the same line of descent; 1980s US series.

To move your mouth to recorded singing.

Shortcomings, imperfections.

Outgrowth in the external body of birds.

Fascinating or alluring attraction.

Adhesive article with avatar, joke or slogan.

Red ground spice, can be smoked or sweet.

Famous British ship that wrecked in 1912.

Insanity, crazyness.

Origin of something.

Arts including kung fu, karate and tae kwon do.

Time slipped by or passed.

Puzzle 15

__ vision, the power to see heat.

Preservation process, used mostly on cucumbers.

Clock for cooking.

Extremely distressing, offensive or startling.

Ocean between the Americas and Europe.

Collective consciousness between several bodies.

Not ordinary or common.

Inhabitant, person who lives in any given place.

Seven plus eight minus two.

Always a pair, pants but not jeans.

Sent away as punishment.

Puzzle 16

Minuscular metal device under the skin of a pet.

Toy or weapon that always comes back.

A person whose job is to solve mysteries.

Educational excursion.

Suffrin' __ said Sylvester the Cat in exasperation.

Going to visit a place and coming back.

In the Bible, wife of David and mother of Solomon.

Money earned after deductions.

Italian starlet of the 1960s, Claudia __.

Artificial lake that stores water for consumption.

__ detection, the power to detect lies.

Game where commands given start with this phrase.

Puzzle 17

To have enough money to buy something.

Jack the __, unidentified London serial killer.

Always together with a bow.

Non-stick cookware coating.

Red-brownish shade of hair.

To shout, yell.

Neo, from The Matrix.

Not branches, flowers, trees or fruits.

Female parent.

Largest hot desert located in northern Africa.

Person serves your meal or drink, garçon, barman.

It means "burro" in Spanish.

Brandy made in France.

Puzzle 18

Organization, business, firm, enterprise.

Cooking technique gives food a "taste of fire".

Conformity clothing; in the same manner or form.

Opening on a wall for light and air admission.

Each of the 118 periodic table's units.

Lack of noise or sound.

Scientific study of a body's system and organs.

Gymnastic ability to balance, run and lift.

Canine breed with a very wrinkled face.


Meteorological long-term variations in a region.

Frank __, US singer, Rat Pack member, "The Voice".

A violent physical or verbal attack.

Lacking principles.

Puzzle 19

It's not the same as loneliness.

Mixing together smoothly and seamlessly.

Person who gives talks and lessons at uni.

Hiding in plain sight.

A natural or artificial jet or spring of water.

When a female is with child.

Singing voice between bass and tenor.

Taking a risk; playing for money; betting.

President, moderator, presider.

Growing, changing or developing gradually.

To engage in reflection or contemplation.

Dreamy musical piece associated with the night.

The script or story for a theatrical performance.

Puzzle 20

Bed cover, duvet, coverlet.

Interior designer.

Wooden path across sand.

British film director, "Master of Suspense".

Not as bitter as squeezed lemon.

Professional driver.

Severe storm with categories 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

A film actor with celebrity status.

Red lamp at the rear of a vehicle.

Impossible to be heard.

Graphical representation of numerical data.

World's oldest tennis tournament.

Bread and wine sacrament in Christianity.

Number of times that a periodic function repeats.

Including everything without limit; US film company.

French, German, Spanish, English.

Doing the same thing again and again.

Related to newspapers, journals and tabloids.

Strong and energetic determination to stay on a path.

Things brought or given out as little presents.

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