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Surfing the Internet PackSurfing the Internet

Here are the answers to CodyCross Surfing the Internet Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Not having anywhere to live.

A web article sorted by numbers or bullets.

Nationality of someone from Lima's country.

Tangy rib sauce.

Utilities and phone service are household examples.

PC or laptop.

To investigate or look up information online.

To sum something up is to fit it into this.

Home aquarium for finned pets.

A hero from Krypton with an S on his chest.

Artistic, with bright ideas.

They're a girl's best friend, according to Marilyn.

Madeleine, first female US secretary of state.

Puzzle 2

A button that you click to follow someone's videos.

A tool that manages all platforms on one screen.

Round toys that spin around your hips.

Spider whose web praises Wilbur.

Book with a soft, flexible cover.

So simple an unintelligent person can do it.

Small wooden den built in the branches.

Award-winning director of A Beautiful Mind.

Timber weathered by the ocean and washed ashore.

Carved figures common on gothic buildings.

Key to delete recently typed text.

Puzzle 3

Moving back and forth rhythmically.

Adding someone's name to a picture or post.

The sensation that can cause you to scratch.

Hand-held clay instrument with finger holes.

Good things come to those __.

It powers a phone.

Magician famous for his escape routines.

Trenches on the sides of a bowling lane.

YouTube series set in the town of Kerplopolis.

A group of files sent via a peer-to-peer network.

Musical insect known for high jumps.

Cooked or baked in an oven, e.g. chicken or turkey.

Measurement of electrical strength and force.

Curved glass camera lens that distorts the image.

Puzzle 4

When life gives these, make a sweet and sour drink.

A search engine that rhymes with bugle.

Critic's response.

Window coverings that can be roller or Venetian.

Adventures undertaken by players of fantasy games.

The hottest season.

Country with a maple leaf flag.

Animal who tricks oysters in a Lewis Carroll poem.

Small boats for paddlers.

A webpage or site that gives access to other sites.

The Zodiac sign Sagittarius is personified as this.

Publish a piece of content again.

Root vegetable sometimes carved as jack o'lanterns.

Snowman with a corncob pipe and a button nose.

Puzzle 5

The story of one person's life as told by another.

Hybrid cars are designed to reduce these.

Those who strive for social or political change.

A type of quiz that tells you about your future.

Bodily system including the stomach and intestines.

Sci-fi movie with Keanu Reeves as Neo.

Final speech from one's death bed.

The UN contains delegates from many of these.

A kids' game that mimics surgery.

A group of websites and emails that are spam-free.

Puzzle 6

Finest beaten metal used in gilding books.

When friends tag you.

Diamonds only form when there's a lot of this.

Rotten holes found by the dentist.

The court of public opinion doesn't rely on it.

Spanish city known for its oranges.

Hard almond pastries served with coffee.

A long musical work often performed by orchestras.

Over-the-ankle footwear, like Converse All-Stars.

An online place for conversation.

Ant-Man actor.

Someone with style knows how to make one.

This young animal is known as a kid.

Container for cleansing bar in a bathroom.

Correct, exact, without mistakes.

The Hare's opponent, slow and steady wins the race.

Puzzle 7

A little house or a type of cheese.

To tread on something carelessly.

The great journey written about by Homer.

Page or collection of pages tied to a domain name.

Orville is this to Wilbur Wright.

This drink supposedly gives one wings.

Flower with white petals around a yellow head.

Saving a message to the bottom of Instagram Live.

Letter-guessing game with a stick figure in peril.

Cave dive.

Tallest land animal, with a long neck and tongue.

Puzzle 8

Very bad or scary dream.

University leavers.

Mounting a charge against an enemy.

The term for the act of buying and selling online.

The flying insect some caterpillars turn into.

Musical about a girl who dreams of dancing on TV.

Where Jack and Jill went in the nursery rhyme.

What Apple produced before smartphones.

Spicy peppers, used in many Mexican dishes.

The maximum data that can be sent at any time.

Physical activities meant to improve fitness.

Puzzle 9

Foam used to hold hair in place.

Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott are examples of these.

Black-and-white striped African mammals.

To remove your approval from a picture or video.

Fancy cream cake with lots of layers.

The cold US state attached to Canada.

Irritable like a crustacean.

Suzuki Method teaches this stringed instrument.

Resistant to a disease.

Two of these don't make a right.

Premixed ingredients; baseball hitter.

A picture that you've taken of yourself.

Cutting grass, e.g. a lawn.

Group includes ordained ministers, rabbis, etc..

Puzzle 10

Not sturdy, easily broken.

Lightens or cleans with chemicals.

Bulk emails that aren't spam.

A program that monitors traffic and blocks access.

Hair that hangs in tight curls.

The Mona Lisa is a famous example of one.

Little Miss who innovates, creates new things.

Rapper who scored with Go DJ, Lollipop.

If one is as slow as this, they're incredibly slow.

This automatically ends a boxing match.

German caramel toffees with chocolate on top.

Aircraft that can take off and land on water.

Like some educational books with no text.

Edible flower grown in tropical climates.

Puzzle 11


Word used for not being on the internet.

Nose hole.

Stretchy, e.g. a comfortable waistband.

Vampire created by Bram Stoker.

Electronic messages accessed through browsers.

These adorn the center of pilgrim hats.

Tapered orange vegetables.

Ocean mammal with flippers and whiskers.

Largest amount allowed.

Files for storing paperwork safely.

Warmest; with the highest temperatures.

Puzzle 12

Seabird with a bright orange beak.

Michael Jordan is seen doing this in a famous meme.

Tool for pouring liquids into narrow openings.

Connector between muscle and bone.

Business with video games, pinball machines.

Dead animal or person brought back to life.

Nike symbol name.

Space shuttles do this from Cape Canaveral.

Creamy beverage enjoyed during winter holidays.

Genre of tutorials about enhancing beauty.

Combat sport with bouts held in a ring.

Captain Jack Sparrow is one.

Developmental condition on the spectrum.

Puzzle 13

Symbol attached to clickable terms on social media.

Stroking or patting an animal.

An AI program that talks to customers online.

The bright red fruit of a holly tree.

TV shows depend on these to stay on the air.

How the Jewish religion observes Saturday.

Actress Judy, who sang Over the Rainbow.

What happens when a marriage has to end.

Humans use these to speak and push food around.

Create and see a story in the mind's eye.

The meat from a deer.

Established a business.

Things lifted to build muscle strength.

Puzzle 14

The username on your social media accounts.

2006 hit for Justin Timberlake with rapper T.I..

Underground transport common in New York City.

Game played by Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal.

Measurement that rhymes with talon.

Comic book explosion sound.

Prison resident.

Quality of intelligence personified by an owl.

To send back an unwanted package.

Golden delicious and pippins.

The title of Monaco's head of state.

A popular doll whose boyfriend's name is Ken.

Jesus's father's name, the carpenter.


An area with lots of trees, the woods.

Puzzle 15

Not connected to the electricity supply.

Online forms that collect signatures for a cause.

Hiccup trains this dragon.

Study of places on the map.

What you jump on if you're following everyone else.

A type of painting focused on natural scenery.

Fabric with thin lines, used for suits.

To have legal possession of something, like a home.

A word or picture that takes you to another page.

Hidden message in a video game.

Puzzle 16

Footstool; empire in what is now Turkey.

A feature that blocks access unless a fee is given.

Silhouette of city buildings.

A meeting or convention held online.

A polite ask for something.

Journeying around places, especially with a band.

What basketball players do to move the ball.

African antelope with long, ridged horns.

Games or problems that need to be solved.

Angels often shown as babies with wings.

Don't flex these, eat them instead.

Puzzle 17

A person who has been awarded a diploma or degree.

Open, not secured with a key.

Knocking two glasses together in a toast.

Red salad fruits sometimes grown on vines.

A person can make clothes by following them.

The area between your hairline and eyebrows.

Game where knights take aim with lances.

A TV show has a certain number of these every year.

They have a north and a south continent.

Exit a theme park attraction through one of these.

To align with a trending story to promote yourself.

Flat-bodied fish with sharp spine on its tail.

Passing out, losing consciousness.

A lost underwater city; the second home of Aquaman.

A million bytes.

Puzzle 18

Emotional damage caused by crime, disaster.

To add the location to a picture, video or post.

A coat.

Person who proofreads and makes corrections.

Where sent emails go before being delivered.

Stick like glue.

Hard outer coverings of turtles.

Pluto lost its status as this in 2006.

Type of beer such as Pilsner, Miller, Beck's.

Red-nosed jokers.

Japanese art form of pruned trees.

Puzzle 19

To forward a user to another webpage.

People trying to get your personal info online.

A desire to find out other people's business.

A baby bird that quacks.

Small storage space in a car.

The final hatha yoga pose, also called corpse pose.

Brand of breakfast cereal hoops.

Lucy Pevensie first finds Narnia through one.

Keanu Reeves hitman character.

Small, rocky object that orbits the Sun.

Elderly female who lived in a shoe.

Memorial in building form; Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower.

Valentine's Day is celebrated in this month.

Professional portrait for auditioning performers.

Chair that leans back for relaxed TV viewing.

Brush hair the wrong way to get volume.

Puzzle 20

The puppet whose nose got longer when he lied.

Blackmail, illegally extracting money.

Food and commodities bought at a shop.

The process of adding a video to the internet.

Companion of thunder.

A term for someone who has been boycotted online.

Libra falls within part of this month.

A radio must be tuned to one to play music.

He sings Uptown Funk.

A go-between, an intermediary.

Male attendants at a wedding ceremony.

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