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Here are the answers to CodyCross Surrealism Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Setting of Hamlet, the modern-day Helsingør.

Plant of the cabbage family such as kale, broccoli.

Way to address supreme religious leaders.

Intellectual and cultural genre like surrealism.

Application of weights, with a broken leg for e.g..

Blushed; became flushed.

Enemy army of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Dulac, who filmed La coquille et le clergyman.

Bile precipitation.

In accordance with the law.

The first tennis players to win four Olympic golds.

Musical instrument in a church's bell tower.

Puzzle 2

Bosworth and Rodriguez sporty Hawaii flick.

The P and V in a PVC pipe.

White House communications director from 2017-2018.

Change one form into another, metamorphose.

Roman-ruled territory north of Britannia.

The man who fell in love with his own reflection.

Like the cord connecting a baby to its mother.

Ballet illustrator, surrealist artist __ Hugo.

Show of hands to discover a likely vote result.

Weiner dog.

M sound plus ironed.

Puzzle 3

Colloquial phrase for coffee in the United States.

German-American painter of The Elephant Celebes.

Thinly sliced stuffed rolled meat cooked in wine.

Black volcanic glass.

Mix of alcohol and opium once used for pain relief.

Fatty, film star with career-ending scandal.

Art technique of rubbing over an object.

What Luna Lovegood wore as earrings.

Hip-hop mogul made famous by Miami radio.

A valuable passed down to future generations.

Puzzle 4

Spirited, not afraid to speak one's mind.

Director Luis of Un Chien Andalou with Dalí.

Ledger behind the XRP cryptocurrency.

Largest citrus fruit.

Warm winter parka with a fur-lined hood.

Comedy through exaggeration and sarcasm.

Narrow valleys with steep, rocky sides.

Related to the mind, conscious or subconscious.

Kilgore loves the smell of this in the morning.

City where Molly Malone wheeled her wheelbarrow.

Places often visited, stomping grounds.

HGTV designer Ms. Nayak.

Puzzle 5

Tall glass.

Thought that is grounded in reality.

Yellow flower associated with Easter in some parts.

Ambitious people work hard on these.

A 1990s sitcom with Cosmo Kramer and Elaine Benes.

A person's collection of clothes.

Spanish surrealist with a distinctive signature.

Original inhabitants of the Canary Islands.

Cut off words accidentally in a book.

A knight at the round table and Guinevere's lover.

Equine for a certain ball sport.

Puzzle 6

Slovenian capital, anagram of jullabanj.

Surreal photo with subject cut out.

Extra internet browser program.

A detailed travel plan.

Surrealist __, political agenda for arts by Breton.

Hunt seafood by stabbing.

Val Kilmer played Doc Holliday in this 1993 film.

Breathes, medically speaking.

Nancy's wicked lover in Oliver Twist.

Element with the atomic symbol Yb.

Dark-skinned red wine grapes from California.

Instrument family including clarinets and flutes.

Video game series starring Nathan Drake.

Puzzle 7

The surname of a fictional Belgian detective.

MoMA or The Louvre; place for viewing art.

Small South American alligator relative.

Climb, rise.

The heaviest weight that's invisible to others.

Likeness of person to be burned in protest.

Saint who removed a thorn from a lion's paw.

Film: Penn plays a dad with learning disabilities.

Disputed ex-Serbia territory.

British artist Freud, influenced by surrealism.

Ballerina Karsavina, established The Royal Ballet.

Giant Alpine skiing and snowboarding event.

Puzzle 8

Gather these while ye may: Robert Herrick.

Events that set a chain of actions in motion.

Swiss painter of Twittering Machine.

In algebra, an expression with a single term.

Frightening or alarming.

Tariffs imposed on UK import of grain in 1815.

Box where electricians connect wires.

British single-seater fighter aircraft.

Giant amphibious reptile, the King of the Monsters.

What Lucy was in the sky with in The Beatles' song.

Puzzle 9

Norse hero and father of dragon slayer Sigurd.

A flat metal surface used for cooking.

Secret wisdom.

In the midst of serious conflict.

Associate of Dilbert who wants to rule the world.

Plant whose roots are used as a coffee substitute.

What tennis players do before a match.

You can't have this if you don't eat your meat.

Government income.

French cubist who tried surrealism, __ Picabia.

Elvis town in Tennessee.

Resembling the characteristics or traits of a lion.

Very odd, like an elephant with long, spindly legs.

Plants' opponents in video game franchise.

Cell organelle used for ordering substances.

Place where Enid Blyton's Noddy and Big Ears live.

Puzzle 10

Surrealist art technique with charcoal dust, water.

The most powerful person in a royal family.

The ability of a company to keep customers over time.

Bling, bling, bling Rascal Flatts song.

Four-footed animals.

Strong grain alcohol, often made illegally.

Charles __ Floyd, a US public enemy of the 1930s.

A child.

Be aware of what is happening, not subliminal.

Camera inserted inside the body.

Keeps eggs warm.

Icy sphere located beyond the Kuiper Belt.

Puzzle 11

What a flying squirrel actually does in the air.

Beach cover-up that is tied around the hips.

Big scarcity, famine.

Final phase in an election with several rounds.

__ era, another name for the Kingdom of Hungary.

First name of surrealist poet Rimbaud.

Relating to grapevines.

Sandra Oh and Justin Trudeau's Canadian hometown.

Elton John sang about this Russian girl.

The layout or type of a file.

French writer Arnauld, linked with Dadaism.

Mrs Robinson's daughter, initially courted by Ben.

Autobiography penned by a celebrity or ghostwriter.

French motor racing event run over 24 hours.

Not malignant.

Puzzle 12

Apollo 11 command module crew quarters.

They outrank enlisted men and women.

Didn't quite catch what was said.

South Asian country with the capital Islamabad.

Metal holders for hearth logs.

Rhyming surrealist work with opposite stanzas.

Italian stuffed rice croquettes.

Machine-made net and lacy fabric.

Communist theorist who influenced surrealism.

He "was a bullfrog, he was a good friend of mine".

The branched extension of a nerve cell.

Credit __; historic French financial institution.

Scheduled period for an appointment or delivery.

Indian region named for the resident Gondi people.

Puzzle 13

Swedish tennis maestro of the 1970s and 1980s.

Mythical beast mixing man, lion, and scorpion.

Sound-increasing audio device.

The Melancholy of __, sad goodbye by de Chirico.

The use of spies to obtain political information.

Robert Galbraith, Richard Bachman, or Paul French.

Aromatic seeds of a legume used in curries.

Medical condition AKA epistaxis.

US surrealist artist and Aman folk dancer.

Glass container that's home to soil and plants.

Puzzle 14

A gossipy conversation or catch-up.

In a murine manner.

Device that connects chargers that don't fit.

Plant associated with Scotland, also a girl's name.

Journal, includes the record of a plane journey.

Freud, whose theories influenced surrealists.

Longest river in Asia.

The main yellow Pokémon in the anime series.

Surname of French designer specializing in leather.

Enormous root vegetables.

The first B in B.B.T., Bate Tichenor.

Puzzle 15

Key of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 4.

Funnel-shaped dispenser for grain in a silo.

Soft watches that Dalí painted.

Withdrew books from sale and recycled them.

Fragrant tree resin.

The Fibonacci Sequence forms a perfect one.

Photogram maker, real name Emmanuel Radnitzky.

Trained off the teat and onto food.

What an archer keeps arrows in.

Rascal, rogue, rapscallion.

Large flies that bite in Africa.

Puzzle 16

Attractive, enticing.

Superconductors help some trains do this.

Symmetrical old American house style.

Number that can't be grasped as it's surreal.

One who refuses to take an oath.

Fellow members of a sect or society.

Italian composer and virtuoso violinist.

Era of English history under James I.

Actress Barbara in The Lady Eve.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Molière comedy known as The Imposter in English.

Pre-Euro currency of the Netherlands.

Moroccan city on Maghreb coast.

The Son of Man painter René.

NBC newsmagazine since 1992.

Bulky, brown wading bird with short legs.

Melon with pale green flesh.

Puzzle 17

Brings to a boil slowly.

Ceci n'est pas __.

Removing the outer casing of a bean or nut.

Someone who doesn't work any more.

Lunar crater named after Roman scientist.

Wartime safety shelters.

Becoming further behind.

Song that's stuck on a loop in someone's head.

Avant-garde art movement preceding surrealism.

Pumbaa is this sort of flat-headed pig.

Jude, who was unclear.

This speeds up website loading.

Puzzle 18

Sharp, cutting humor and insight, like a sword.

Surrealist style that tells a story.

A German model who once hosted Project Runway.

QFT is literally __ truthiness.

Spiral-shaped particle accelerator.

Often marbled/highly patterned inside book covers.

Fruity French Revolutionary month.

Indistinct, shapeless form used in surreal art.

Action video game set in kingdom of Lordran.

Nina Simone questions where he's "gonna run to".

Hexagonal structure of bee byproducts.

Puzzle 19

Federico __ Lorca, surreal playwright.

Online message boards.

Concern and distress, feeling let down.

Largest lake entirely within Europe.

Setting agent extracted from fruit.

Adventurer from Norway, like Leif Erikson.

Middle value in a set of numbers.

Wild canine of North America, solitary hunter.

Welcome into the priesthood.

Madonna: Get into this, prove your love to me.

Type of hat used in Magritte work with an apple.

Puzzle 20

Type of whale with a dorsal bulge.

Small filled soup dumplings in Jewish cuisine.

Stroked, touched gently, embraced.

What the Eyes are on in Remedios Varo's painting.

Johnny Depp played him on the Orient Express.

Bounce from the bar.

Argentinian tennis pro known as Delpro.

Historic landing bay on New Zealand's South Island.

Story with a hidden message, like Animal Farm.

This founding father often took air baths.

To be melodic and pleasing to hear.

Idiom to take someone's money, to drain their gore.

One who rejects all beliefs and values.

Dating app for Muslims worldwide.

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