CodyCross Survival Skills Pack answers

Survival Skills PackSurvival Skills

Here are the answers to CodyCross Survival Skills Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Large catastrophic wave; comes after an earthquake.

Laying claim to something.

Fastening sticks together securely with rope.

The name of Jane Curtin's Conehead character.

Buildings in which horses live.

Country whose oldest city is Turku.

Tube for divers to breathe.

Paid no mind to.

Jack __, hero of the books of Lee Child.

Expensive mushroom sought by pigs.

__ Avenue, US advertising mecca and Mad Men locale.

Small round fruits such as redcurrants.

__ Diaz, one of Charlie's Angels.

Puzzle 2

Caught __; unaware and unprepared.

Opposite of leeward.

One of Tchaikovsky's ballets: __ Beauty.

Myles __, a founder of the Plymouth Colony.

Pocket blade, could be Swiss Army.

The Blues __, stars John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd.

Packaged meal for microwaving, eat in front of box.

__ bodily harm; crime inflicting physical injury.

__ Death March, Swedish army blizzard retreat.

Newspaper texts.

Paddling a canoe-like boat.

When a play or film is scheduled to start.

To have spread out irregularly.

Tying string or rope securely.

Created, designed, came up with an original idea.

The money of a country.

Puzzle 3

Place for depositing coats and bags at a museum.

Two weeks in a word.

Bonded formation of rugby players to gain the ball.

Term for someone who is idle or slacking off.

Build up a hoard of supplies for an emergency.

__ tuna; seafood also known by Hawaiian name ahi.

Royal cross-dresser.

Emblem at the center of the Japanese flag.

Architectural style of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

__ racket, for hitting shuttlecocks with.

Queen of the Amazons in Greek mythology.

Peter Ackroyd's tale of London's East End churches.

When plants start to sprout from a seed.

Condition from over-exposure to heat and light.

A chart-topping record is a __ hit.

Puzzle 4

Ancient Roman sailing ships.

Crisp, long green summer vegetable with seeds.

Follow a course using a map or the stars.

Washing or rinsing out water from one's mouth.

Olympic court sport with throwing to score goals.

Shrovetide festival, its French spelling.

__ Ford played Han Solo.

Spasmed, shuddered.

Tool for plucking or for picking up tiny items.

Familiar word for blackberries.

Richard __ created a photographic work, My Marilyn.

Spats, rows.

Brown herons with booming call, found in reed beds.

Puzzle 5

Vocalist and pianist Stevie Wonder's real surname.

With a look of disapproval.

Religious buildings.

__ with My Aunt, manager discovers real mother.

Describes large felines in the wild.

Oxygen-based exercise.

Cloth or net strung between trees, for sleeping in.

Sleeping for a short time.

Fixes made to broken objects.

Good evening, in French.

Japanese citrus like a tangerine, eaten at Xmas.

Puzzle 6

Hong Kong Phooey's faithful switchboard operator.

Scaling a tree or a hillside.

Lake __, Swiss-Italian body of water.

Little Miss __; 2006 beauty pageant road trip film.

__ and Amazons, kids' stories by Arthur Ransome.

Acting out different scenarios in a job interview.

Devon upland home of The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Pigment that makes butter yellow: beta-__.

Go-devil, hay sweep.

Half a pound of this rice helps pop the weasel.

Talented at drawing, painting, sketching, etc..


Buzzing, biting insect that carries malaria.

Omnium __, miscellaneous collection of stuff.

Person who works with blocks of stone.

The face that launched a __ ships.

Puzzle 7

French president with Hungarian ancestry.

__ guns, imitation weapons firing foam.

184 pounds satellite launched in 1957: __ I.

Reddens with shame.

Forename of John Lennon's first wife.

The sun, rain and other atmospheric conditions.

Can be alkaline, lithium-ion, lead-acid.

Within a building, not outside.

Makes a sauce thicker through boiling or simmering.

America __, who played Ugly Betty on TV.

The pipe bit of a set of bagpipes.

Guadalajara is capital of this Mexican state.

Sequel of a film, set before the existing film.

What inheritors come into.

Six-legged critters, some of which are edible.

"Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a __".

Puzzle 8

Caciocavallo __; Italian 'horse cheese'.

Name of an album and a tour for Christina Aguilera.

Ovine bath.

Wrap something in layers to keep it warm.

Background information gathered about a project.

Character of the lion in The Wizard of Oz.

Logs and branches for burning.

Love with no physical ties.

Person who oversees making a movie.

Originator-designer, like Leonardo da Vinci.

Jacob van __, Dutch landscape painter.

Puzzle 9

Mixes up cards ready to deal.

Milla __, Ukraine-born actress and model.

Black, burnt wood used for water filtration.

Fantasizing or imagining fictitious situations.

US state where The Waltons was set.

US vs Europe men's golf team competition.

Swiss mountain, site of Europe's highest railway.

Offered sympathy.

Nationality of author Chinua Achebe.

Wagner's last opera.

Drop in temperature; escape of warmth from body.

Sharp-edged abrasive for household cleaning.

Oaty breakfast meal.

Puzzle 10

__ balls, disguised visages at Venetian Carnival.

__ Mousekewitz, the hero of An American Tail.

Bubba __, 2012 and 2014 Masters-winning golfer.

Earth's landscape, the outdoors.

OK to eat, not poisonous.

Kindling, wood for starting a fire.

Franz Liszt's composer son-in-law: Richard __.

Author of The Borrowers: Mary __.

Reflective tool.

The capital of Equatorial Guinea.

To become less shallow.

__ Awards, science-fiction podcast honors.

Puzzle 11

Businesses, corporations.

Steps down from being a monarch.

Roman architect, who described proportions of man.

sculptures or statues, for instance.

Australian chocolate dipped sponge cake treat.

Hand-held timepiece once used in running races.

The route or path that the wind takes.

Retorted, responded, contradicted.

Longest month of the year, in letters, not days.

Will & Grace's Jack McFarland.

Communications device.

Norwegian city with spectacular Nidaros church.

Freshly sprouted plants, just starting to grow.

Actor who was Joe Buck in Midnight Cowboy.

Voice of An Angel was her first album: __ Church.

Puzzle 12

Lights, camera __!.

Queen Elizabeth II's couturier: Stewart __.

Facial expressions when annoyed or concentrating.

Three-footed structure, for hanging cooking pot on.

Small red or pink Chinese fruit with a warty peel.

Tom __, author of The Hunt for Red October.

Made a noise like a dog.

Sores, cuts, bruises.

Country where Leon Trotsky was assassinated.

An object, a thingumajig, its name not recalled.

__ Nolan, sister and Loose Woman.

Puzzle 13

A period of ten years.

3 times Prime Minister of Australia: Alfred __.

Dr. __, German company famous for cake mixes.

Gold or silver coins in Europe in the Middle Ages.

Hurting, in pain.

__ Koala, animated fellow who disappeared at will.

Outwardly curved surface like on an optical lens.

To have put shopping into carriers.

Exchange views; compare opinions.

Removing water from damp clothes with the sun.

Snapchat tools for changing your face or voice.

Pick and assemble something, e.g. plants.

Puzzle 14

Actions of an effective group of people at a job.

Ends a marriage.

National language of Bhutan.

Constructing a shelter or house.

All's well that __.

Ship captains.

Learned or educated.

System of faith and worship.

Verdi's last opera.

Highly corrosive gas with the chemical symbol F.

Peppa Pig's canine buddy.

Janeane __, Wet Hot American Summer's Beth.

Operation __ Freedom; codename for war on terror.

Furniture items at which one applies make-up.

Word definition list found at the back of a book.

Brawn or power.

Country formerly ruled by Robert Mugabe.

Removing the feathers from a dead bird.

Blades for jungle use or chopping plants.

Garden umbrellas for hot weather.

Puzzle 15

__ Wagon, generic car used by The Brady Bunch.

Weekend home of Queen Elizabeth II: __ Castle.

Irritatedly, frustratingly.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Fire starters that you strike.

Vehicle cleaner with big rollers.

To have cut a carrot into cubes/pieces.

Female goats.

Giant __, white-flowering plant with toxic sap.

Hugh __, actor, Wolverine in the X-Men series.

Lyrics: I see a red door and I want it __ black.

Traditional stage assistant in Indian magic.

Christian ceremony of sprinkled water on the head.

Painful bubble on the skin, caused by heat.

Puzzle 16

Neatens, tidies.

Nickname of Laura Ingalls' character in 70s show.

Footwear that's not old, bought recently.

Mouldable synthetic materials such as in packaging.

What people type on when using a laptop.

Fungus that can be edible or poisonous.

Going red in the face.

Bat Out of Hell singer born Marvin Lee Aday.

The tragic flaw in Greek tragedies.

Largest moon in the solar system.

State whose capital was named after Abe Lincoln.

Joiner between train carriages.

Incredibly attractive.

Acting dynasty led by Rachel Kempson/Michael __.

Sparking a fire.

Puzzle 17

Hunting animals by following their paw prints.

Lines indicating height on a topographic map.

Tall stick for hanging head coverings.

Lack of successes.

Holiday, trip away.

Twitched due to cold.

Joined letters with a short line.

Catching animals in a pit or enclosure, for food.

With the original name replaced.

Small African antelope.

Flying fish with cou-cou is its national dish.

__ Russell, starred in His Girl Friday.

Carrying golf clubs.

People or things that are no longer productive.

Order of events.

Eric Idle musical loosely based on the Holy Grail.

Book of essays by Octavio Paz, The Labyrinth of __.

Capital of Ancient China's Western Xia Empire.

__ Benz, luxury German car company.

1973 telephone hit that gave ABBA their big break.

Puzzle 18

Primary response medical supplies kit.

Covering and treating a wound.

Another name for plumage, often brightly colored.

Nicole Kidman's psycho news anchor movie.

Legal ejection from property.

Getting knotted.

School where Harry Potter studies magic.

Computer's organized collection.

Prince __; fairy-tale hero.

Cuddles, hugs.

Turning pancakes over in the pan.

Puzzle 19

Hebrew word for the holiday of Passover.


National animal of Canada.

Tiers of clothing, added for warmth.

Do not go __ into that good night: by Dylan Thomas.

Mirror-finish metal or Google browser.

Rocky the Rooster's love interest in Chicken Run.

Security; cover and protection from danger.

Trade for something.

Walk with nonchalance and ostentation; to parade.

Flat-crowned, wide-brimmed tasselled red hat.

__ Plaza, deadpan actress.

Puzzle 20

Plumped up feathers or pillows.

Author of The Misanthrope.

Close friends and companions.

Sarah __, 18th-century actress painted by Reynolds.

People who move sheep or cattle around.

New England clam treat eaten with a spoon.


Renaissance/Baroque trombone.

Slimy doris is a brown spotted __.

__ Dietrich, German actress and cinema icon.

Paper proving payment.

Apply this to stop chapping of the mouth.

Title or address for married Spanish women.

North Italian city, sounds like a spaghetti sauce.

Wrapper of Pont Neuf and the Reichstag buildings.

Magnetic device that points north.

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