CodyCross Sweet and Sour Pack answers

Sweet and Sour PackSweet and Sour

Here are the answers to CodyCross Sweet and Sour Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Gliding on ice.

A depression or crack in the road surface.

Fruit dessert with crunchy topping.

100 years.

The one with the least hair.

They get on-the-job experience, often for no pay.

Etch __; mechanical drawing toy with knobs.

Three-part book or film.

Small rodent from the Arctic who follows the crowd.

Happily looking forward to something.

Plotted and planned a dastardly deed.

__ cream; sweet dairy liquid that thickens.

Puzzle 2

Exchange money for goods.

The one that weighs the least.

Cool soft drink made from citrus fruit.

Organ of the body, the digestive gland.

Setting rules that must be followed.

Informed customs that you've imported goods.

Carbonated soft drink with red and white logo.

A screwdriver with a straight end.

Humorous five-line verse named after an Irish city.

All that __ isn't gold (rhymes with "shimmers").

Not horizontal.

The __, colonisation simulation game.

Being grateful/showing appreciation.

Puzzle 3

A top-up injection; riser seat in the car for kids.

Yellow dessert sauce served with apple pie.

Musician with sticks sits behind other bandmates.

Fast __, to skip ahead in a film.

Upper arm bone between elbow/shoulder.

The __ Dead, post-coma sheriff in a broken world.

Chocolate baked square.

Not firstly or secondly but __.

Chrome "dishes" that sit on the wheels of cars.

A hand-held tool for cutting through wood etc.

The time when ripe crops are gathered.

Contend against someone in sports.

Michael Jackson's pet chimp's name.

Puzzle 4

Something unexpected or unplanned.

A fast runner, best at short distances.

Fires, used for melting or heating.

Directional wheel inside a car.

Round, red, juicy salad fruit.

A blue precious stone or gem.

A hole in a theatre stage; an Australian spider.

Payment __; when your bank card is rejected.

What you put a stamp on.

These are used to hold together a large wound.

Baked, iced treats in paper cases.

__ span means neat and tidy.

Dropped trash in the street.

Puzzle 5

Enter a country with prohibited or stolen goods.

Spoiled, e.g. lumpy milk.

__ plumes, fluffy feathers from a tall bird.

Large sports or music arena.

Leafy vegetable used to make kimchi and sauerkraut.

Made a pig noise.

Converter for a phone charger or other cable.


Metal that is a liquid at room temperature.

A __ family; two families that have become joined.

Gable and Leigh romance, Gone With __.

A Nordic country; Helsinki is the capital.

Error, blunder.

Puzzle 6


People from Canada are __.

Change words into a different language.

Canine used to fight crime.

In better physical condition.

Sets of bones; they may be hiding in a closet.

Someone who doesn't have a husband or wife is __.

They jump out of planes with parachutes.

Fermented, thick dairy product, served as a dip.

Stuffed man who stands in fields frightening birds.

Orchestra leader.

__ good times, come on!.

Sugar substitute.

Make-up to colour the eyelids.

TV show about dancers and their teacher Abby Lee.

Puzzle 7

Area for golfing.

Feeling of tiredness after a long flight.

Lemons, oranges and grapefruit are __ fruits.

__ noun, the name of a person or a place.

Eric Carle wrote about The Very __ Caterpillar.

Plant stems.

Windscreen __, use to clear the car's front window.

Coats with fur around the hood.

Describes a material with pores or minute holes.

Tutti __; ice cream with candied pieces.

Puzzle 8

Performing in a stage play.

Green salad herbs added to sour cream.

"Pop goes the __".

Mints added to diet cola, shown in YouTube videos.

To run away.

A follow-up movie to an original.

Apprehend, approach, confront.

__ split; fruit dessert topped with ice cream.

Ice performer who moves on a rink.

Muppet frog.

Tracy __; iconic residence of the Thunderbirds.

Puzzle 9

The size of an angle or temperature.

Something that is damaged and no longer perfect.

Bicycle wheel rods.

Outer layer of an apple pie.

Scary or unnerving; __ crawly insects.

Sound a turkey makes.

Took unwanted plants out.

Paper or plastic tubes for drinking with.

Hit the first ball in a game of tennis.

Blacks out.

Cream __; soft, sour dairy food, e.g. Philadelphia.

Nightclubs playing music with flashing lights.

Puzzle 10

Another word for a free gift or a giveaway.

Spanish drink of red wine with fruit, brandy.

Juicy stone fruits with orange flesh.

Not close, but remote or distant.

Water __ (gets bigger) when it freezes.

Author of The Cat in the Hat and The Lorax.

Very angry, longer than fury.

All insects have __ for moving around on.

Animal-skin jacket that's hairy.

Leafy fruit with edible red stalks.

Puzzle 11

If you had the same opinion as someone, you __.

Display photographs in these.

Rich cake with layers of cream and fruit.

The season when new lambs and chicks are born.

US tennis champ, sister of Venus, __ Williams.


A black/purple mark on your skin when bumped.

Baked treat in a paper case, e.g. blueberry __.

More solid than.

Dirty marks.

Puzzle 12

Confection made from heating sugar.

To tell a story.

The tall tower with a spire on a church roof.

Blow these or put them in the bath.

Seawater flows in the direction of the __.

Protective, glossy coating for wood or paintwork.

Landing strips.

Sweet course served at the end of a meal.

Go gently, with caution, be __.

Portable, lightweight computers.

Puzzle 13

Another word for a snake.

Gru's faithful dungaree-clad army in Despicable Me.

Closer to the colour of coal.

Finance business.

Stormy wind, can be a tornado.

Grow and become better at something, improve.

Ice-cream desserts, served in tall glasses.

The opposite of departure.

A quarter of 64.

Person who creates video diaries.

Sickness, disease.

Longest line of latitude on the Earth.

Sweet breakfast snack that is heated in a toaster.

Someone hired to fix your water pipes.

Small round stones.

Handwritten notes sent in the mail.

Look after other people's children.

Puzzle 14

Board game where you spell words with small tiles.

Small country residences with thatch and roses.

Lickable hard candy on a stick.

Missing out, missing classes.

Structure with rotating sails, for grinding flour.

A liquid or tablets to improve your health.

Lyrics: I'm a little teapot, short __.

Layer of icing on top of a cake.

Sailing aboard a large liner to many destinations.

Joined up, not alone.

Competitors in Olympic track and field events.

Puzzle 15

Plucker of the largest stringed musical instrument.

An unbelief in God.

Light, fluffy dessert made from beaten eggs.

Pastimes or leisure pursuits.

If a computer has __, it's failed/had an error.

Wild pig found in Africa, could be called Pumbaa.

What glasses/windows do when heavy vehicles pass.

Conflicts or battles between two warring sides.

When you go to sleep at the end of the day.

Caribbean island, home to reggae music.

Meringue dessert topped with cream and fruit.

People who work in banking.


Puzzle 16

A power cut, when all the lights go out.

Expensive Italian sports cars with a horse logo.

Chocolate __; luxury flowing dessert.

A person who mows lawns and plants flowers.

Artworks made from cut-outs.

The future twelve months starting in January.

Issues or troubles.

Behave unkindly towards something or someone.

Electronic piano or where you type on a computer.

English separatists on a Mayflower journey.

Where doctors and nurses care for patients.

Tiny portion of matter, e.g. dust is made of this.

Someone from the continent of France and Germany.

Precious green gems.

Small, dark red, fleshy stone fruits.

Puzzle 17

Behind the main performance area in a theatre.

Surgical procedure in a hospital.

Shining, bubbly.

Religious good wishes.

Outer layer of a yellow citrus fruit.

Absence from work granted because of illness.

Icy ball that falls from the sky during storms.

To be caught __, not necessarily with a paint can.

Fun place to visit with rides and roller coasters.

Moving quickly through text or photos online.

Bear-like, dark-furred animal or X-men leader.

Emergency vehicle for catching criminals.

Machine for cutting the grass.

A sound some people make when happy or excited.

Usually denim work trousers with a bib.

Sweet lump with six faces, added to hot drinks.

Where you go when you fall off a boat.

Puzzle 18

Official outfit required for a certain job.

Pickled cucumber.

Picture-taking gadgets.

Achieving victory.

Fuzzy-skinned fruit with a stone in the middle.

Use a __ instead of matches to start a fire.

Fly __, flexible plastic bat for battering insects.

Big __, scary wild dog in Little Red Riding Hood.

ID bands worn around the necks of cats and dogs.

Breaks down food in the body.

Discussed or argued about a topic.

Puzzle 19

Conversation without importance; chit-chat.

Chocolate __; rich, gooey dessert.

Put your foot in __; say something embarrassing.

Poached product from a rhinoceros.

What you might say to someone before you go to bed.

A gymnastic balance on your head and two hands.

Down in the dumps, grumpy.

He or she serves up alcoholic drinks.

Destroying sensitive documents.

Jamaican reggae star from The Wailers.

Liquid squeezed from a green citrus fruit.

Acted or sang in front of an audience.

People from the capital of England.

A pair of __, a tool for drawing circles.

Puzzle 20

The ability to move around.

Plastic ring toy for twirling around hips.

Very rare lunar phenomenon, "Once in a __".

Purple vegetable that grows underground.

Rain protection.

Obivous; easy to see and understand.

Little Bo Peep has lost __.

Confection made from ground almonds and sugar.

Good luck if you lose a needle in one.

Spotted big cats, smaller than jaguars.

Someone who looks on the bright side.

How long something is alive for.

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