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Here are the answers to CodyCross Sweets Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The covering that protects a butterfly larva.

Capital of Iran.

__ of eight is currency for pirates.

Cutting wood with a tool with a metal blade.

Winter athletes on the mountain.

Pieces of glass that rays of light pass through.

A qualification you get at university.

2010 movie, How to Train Your __.

Miss Salt, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

South American pack animals providing wool.

Puzzle 2

Get better at something.

A substance formed of only one type of atom.

Mary __, the magical nanny.

A creature with scaly skin, like a snake or lizard.

Kitchen tools for skinning vegetables.

No-holds-barred running over urban obstacles.

Forest sleepers.

Mythical beast and the Family Guy family.

The home to a Dane.

Another word for your kneecap.

Critters with six legs.

Puzzle 3

Listen to someone else's conversation.

Tool for grooming our hands.

A fierce growling sound made by an angry dog.

Unit of electrical power equal to 1,000 watts.

Literary style where things symbolize other things.

Pipe __, fluffy covered wires used in crafting.

In tennis, hit the ball with your palm facing away.

Pollution that falls from the sky in drops.

Saint __, also known as Santa Claus.

The Fox and __, 1981 Disney animal friendship film.

Single nylon worn on the leg.

Enchanting, or something done to control a snake.

__ blind, window covering made of thin slats.

What GB stands for.

What you might say to someone who is overexcited.

Puzzle 4

Where a pet canary might live.

Instructions given to a computer.

Justness and impartiality.

Small sticky circles used in craft.

Toy __, small plastic military people to play with.

Rank in the army or police forces.

Moistness in the atmosphere.

To change to a different plane (or sports team).

A purebred animal, especially a dog.

Tiny chap as small as one of his father's digits.

__ Ball, hit for Miley Cyrus.

__ time, Mr Wolf? A fun party game for kids.

Puzzle 5

To kidnap.

Spheres with maps painted on them.

A big poster with a message on it.

Opposite of alkaline.

Etch A __, drawing toy with metal powder screen.

Cushion that goes under your head when sleeping.

Cake pops and lollipops come on these.

The second film in a series.

Those with celiac disease are allergic to this.

Sound a cry-baby makes.

Athlete who rides the waves.

Mr __; soft serve ice cream in cones, sold by vans.

Draco Malfoy's father (first name).

Facial feature that covers the eyeball.

Puzzle 6

Flat breakfast cakes with a square pattern.

Quidditch black, iron ball.

Enemy of batman who talks in puzzles.

"__ should not be choosers".


In maths it describes an inward curve.

Blade attached to the end of a gun.

__ ice; pink and white sweet treat.

__ Delight; confectionery from the Middle East.

Writing system with raised dots, for the blind.

Electrics hub for the house.

Puzzle 7

Green gemstones.

The type of nut that is used to make Nutella.

German for "miss"; diminutive of "Frau".


Sad clown from Toy Story, another word for giggles.

Extinct disease, sounds little.

Training birds of prey for hunting.

Charlie and the Great Glass __.

Things to wear, items of __.

Room heating many decades ago.

A car that suddenly changes direction.

Footwear that makes noise when you dance.

Adhesive pieces of paper used for decoration.

A cold sweet treat from the freezer.

Fizzy drink flavor of bottle-shaped gums.

Deep crack in the ice of a glacier.

Home for a goldfish or koi carp.

Puzzle 8

Not right, a wrong answer is __.

The main character in the Plants vs Zombies game.

Multi-colored plush teddies and TV characters.

Chewy square wrapped fruity sweets.

Signed agreement to stop fighting, like after WWI.

Herb with menthol, used in toothpaste and sweets.

Film industry; Nigerian equivalent of Bollywood.

__ after, a fairy-tale ending.

Shutting down and restarting.

Taking part in a sports contest.

Star of the Harry Potter film series: Daniel __.

Failed US attempt to assassinate Castro in 1961.

Cadbury chocolate bar in a purple wrapper.

Preceding lawn.

Puzzle 9

PAW Patrol's English bulldog in construction.

A grasshopper that damages crops.

A central part of the Earth between crust and core.

__ Little Helper, Simpsons' dog.

Continental quilts.

Wall-fixed rails used by ballet dancers.

__-hound, dog breed with floppy ears, a hush puppy.

Reese's __; peanut candy with an orange wrapper.

__ stick, don't forget this small flash drive.

It arrives on your doormat in an envelope.

Pieces of Lego.

Ferrero __; chocolate, wafer and hazelnut balls.

Puzzle 10

__ museums display historical objects outdoors.

Not working, taking it easy.

Woodland animals with black and white stripey face.

Los __, US city in California.

Big, orange vegetable for carving.

Describes a filled turkey.

__ white, butterfly named after a vegetable.

The little girl in the Wizard of Oz.

Hard nutty candy that you can smash with a hammer.

Hazelnut chocolate spread for sandwiches.

__ instructor, or personal trainer.

Little boy who befriended ET.

"Shape of You" singer: Ed __.

Puzzle 11

Hairstyle for young girls, plaited in twos.

Baked chocolate squares, sometimes with fudge.


The Mario video games are set in the __ Kingdom.

Skill and ability to read and write.

A countryside walking trail that is for public use.


Section with extra info added to the end of a book.

Round sweet fruits served on top of sundaes.

Another word for a wedding.

What the B in IBM stands for.

Puzzle 12

Long pastry with cream filling and chocolate icing.

Got smaller and smaller; opposite of grew.

Demi __, sang "No Promises" with Cheat Codes.

Shaggy is his best friend.

Athletes who wear big gloves.

Four-leaved __, a lucky Irish symbol.

Short knife used by pirates in books.

Media library for iPhone, iPod.

Cancun country.

Meghan __, actress and Prince Harry's partner.

Small pheasant-like birds, eaten for their flesh.

Simple girls' garment for the bottom half.

The chocolate makers that produce the Crunch bar.

Playground equipment of seats on chains.

An inflatable boat.

Someone who is in charge of servants.

Puzzle 13

Eighth generation Microsoft games console.

Movie theaters.

This Count was a vampire.

Shelters that horses are kept in.

__ cream is a thick dairy topping on a sundae.

Very stupid.

Dried fruit found in Cadbury Fruit & Nut bars.

African people who are small in stature.

Vibrant pink color or flower of the same name.

Renting out for hire.

Indian religion with temples called Gurdwaras.

Skin mark or spot.

Puzzle 14

Installments of a TV show.

An outer jacket to protect against wet weather.

Memory technique for remembering a sequence.

To toss or mix together.

__ Islands, aka Islas Malvinas.

Colorful sweets that let you taste the rainbow.

Colorful pens with a compressed fiber end.

It goes everywhere with password.

Repetition of a phrase, say at a football match.


Wriggly creatures that hatch from frog spawn.

Challenger pig in Animal Farm.

An animal or perhaps a fantasy beast.

Not being able to hear.

Orange cartoon cat who is friends with Odie.

Hard candy that comes on a stick.

A cycle trip.

Flying disk toys.

Puzzle 15

Chemical liquid with symbol Br.

Large tropical fruit that is juiced and canned.

French cartoon character with Obelix.

Pointed wooden rod used for spinning yarn by hand.

Antonym of presence.

A shot given to opponents when rules are broken.

One name for your father or mother's father.

Last __, Indiana Jones film about the Holy Grail.

Hair that might hold mascara.

Metal construction toy with nuts and bolts.

Knuckles the __ is Sonic's buddy.

To perform a surgical procedure.

Where insects live and make honey.

__ centers have info on the place you're visiting.

__ gum, e.g. Juicy Fruit or Doublemint.

Spaceships, or colorful fireworks.

Make somebody jump, __ them.

Jewelry chains worn around the leg.

Captain __: The Winter Soldier, superhero movie.

Puzzle 16

People much bigger than normal, in fairy tales.

Not pulled, but moved forward forcibly from behind.

Place name that goes with Herzegovina.

Human beings.

Area of green land linked to a private home.

Concoction or witch's brew.

Notification sounds for emails or text messages.

The "M" in MDF, an engineered wood.

Former British TV singing competition: "The X __".

Sadness, rhymes with "tomorrow".

Large spotted feline that is also a luxury car.

Nintendo fitness game with a balance board.

Baked treat, may contain choc chips or blueberries.

Anne of Green __, by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Human organ that removes old red blood cells.

They are the green plastic pieces in Monopoly.

Puzzle 17

Goes red with embarrassment.

Photography settings that change brightness etc.

The greatest, the best, being of the highest rank.

Going in the opposite direction to down.

Breathing into a balloon to inflate it.

Company that makes Fruit and Nut chocolate bars.

Catches or stops a criminal.

Serious fighting, using weapons.

Thrilling, dangerous sports are called __ sports.

A red flying beetle with black spots on its wings.

Small pieces of wire that keep papers together.

A speech __ contains the words in a comic.

Walks like a duck.

Scooby-Doo's Velma's last name.

Pie made from green citrus fruit and cream.


Comparing one thing to another, e.g. in literature.

Area for small kids to play in, like on a beach.

Puzzle 18

They are not teenagers anymore.

African tree with very wide trunk.

To add something in, e.g. an extra paragraph.

__ whale, another name for an orca.

Monkey __ is a game series with pirate LeChuck.

Seat of a king or queen.

Orchard fruits that can be eaten raw or cooked.

__-Dazs is a luxury ice cream brand.

__ notes, small sticky pieces of paper.

Chocolate bar that can be snapped into fingers.

We breathe in oxygen and breathe out __ dioxide.

Surname of Gilbert in Anne of Green Gables.

Puzzle 19

Acts or sings in front of an audience.

Crunchy dessert made from sugar and egg whites.

Sniffing something.

One thousand times bigger than a billion.

Cursed person who transforms under the full moon.

__ horses; be patient!.

Sent into space, e.g. __ a rocket.

The color of the Owl and Pussycat's boat.

Someone who buys something from a shop is a __.

__ Mass, a church service held on Christmas Eve.

Animal __; collecting and planting Nintendo game.

Animal that lives off another animal, e.g. a tick.

Long-nosed mammal named for the insects it eats.

Nickname for the nets in football (think veggies!).

Couch __, lazy, TV watchers.

Puzzle 20

To decay or rot.

Periods of a hundred years.

German girl known best for her courageous diary.

Someone paid to drive a luxury vehicle.

Another word for a collection of machines.

South American country beginning with A.

Creamy dairy drink, maybe chocolate or vanilla.

What strikers kick into soccer goals.

According to Aesop a goose laid one of these.

High army rank in the Commonwealth and Europe.

Toy figures and lands you assemble then play with.

Plantations where grapes are grown.

Hotel rooms have them en suite.

Poisonous Australian spider.

Ubisoft rhythm game to show off your moves.

Opening a door using a key.

You're __ if you can't wait for something.

Followers of Buddhism.

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