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Here are the answers to CodyCross Swimming Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Automatic ads that appear on screen.

US world record-holder swimmer Matt.

Mindset that basic abilities can be improved.

Soft, wrinkled nut served in a Waldorf salad.

The twin brother of Pollux in Greek mythology.

Repetitive swimming training exercises.

These handheld spinners were a craze in the 2010s.

Minor amendments to a piece of written work.

The valve between a heart's atrium and ventricle.

Add it to injury to worsen bad luck.

Threw, launched.

Name given to female foxes.

This is the warmest sea on Earth.

Puzzle 2

A four-sided spinning top used during Hanukkah.

Assign a job or role to someone.

Toni Morrison's 1987 Pulitzer-winning novel.

Dancing violently at rock concerts, in a pit maybe.

British artist David, who painted A Bigger Splash.

Star Trek race to which Worf belongs.

Control capsule in medical trials.

Large tapering body of veg that grows underground.

Meditative focal points for energy in the body.

2015 James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig.

Strong current that can take a swimmer out to sea.

Puzzle 3

Award, confer.

Bad, terrible-tasting alcohol.

Short trailer to promote a movie.

Run or swim as fast as you can.

Relating to the cosmos, with planes and projection.

Epiphone are famous makers of this instrument.

Horse pace slower than galloping.

Tropical lake ideal for wild swimming.

__ Dutch; gibberish, nonsense.

Shakespeare's doomed Danish prince.

Hat worn by Sinatra or Bogart.

Netflix series based on the story of Pablo Escobar.

Angela who became German Chancellor in 2005.

Xerxes and Darius once led this ancient kingdom.

Puzzle 4

Site of nuclear power disaster in 1986.

Soft bullets that kids shoot from Nerf guns.

Many-legged insect.

Rest periods between swimming sets.

Exceeded, outdid.

What Lady Kluck, Maid Marian played in Robin Hood.

Dolly Parton's home state.

Be safe, be seen when cycling at night.

Loud speaker setting for an in-car phone.

Team ball sport in a pool with goals.

Someone who makes business connections.

Unrealistic hope or aspiration.

Puzzle 5

Leap from the side of a pool and get wet.

Fold the corner of a book's page.

Stocks and these, financial stakes in corporations.

Organisms studied by a bryologist.

Rock band 10cc weren't this in 1975.

Ruffled and peaked headgear associated with Easter.

Actor Ray, star of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Defensive hairs on porcupines.

He was Great in F Scott Fitzgerald's famous novel.

Slippery slides found at a water park.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy.

MMA contests.

Puzzle 6

Pool employee to rescue swimmers in trouble.

A close friend; derives from the Latin for bread.

Greek goddess of love.

Delicate part of a Valentine's flower.

Swim stroke with arms circling at the same time.

Like many chocolate chips used for baking.

Type of object that may meet an unstoppable force.

Smaller stream that flows into a larger river.

Compressed block of coal dust used to start fires.

To clear or absolve someone of guilt.

Puzzle 7

Hormone that promotes female characteristics.

Angela Lansbury starred in Murder, __.

Go underwater in a metal crate to swim with sharks.

Like carpets, boards or rugs, collectively.

Hard-to-see slippery surface in freezing weather.

Legal name for the crime of murder.

Take matters into your __; tackle issues directly.

__ water, using feet to stay upright in deep water.

East Asian country between China and Russia.

Contraptions, especially new technologies.

Puzzle 8

Electrical wires or power leads.

Repeated shows broadcast on TV.

Types of swimming races.

Shredded finely, like cheese.

Collective term for particles as a substance.

Middle Eastern dip made from ground sesame.

The collective name for a lion, tiger and leopard.

__ Manuel, US freestyle swimmer won Rio gold.

Joan of Arc's French first name.

The smallest of the world's oceans.

Summertime Sadness singer Lana.

Flat plan showing text, images, etc on a page.

__ it, triumphed, perfected a task or skill.

Puzzle 9

Brand of breathing apparatus for divers.

Bumps into.

French term for set-price meal of several courses.

Futuristic, hi-tech.

Glass container for preserving foods.

Top right corner square on a Monopoly board.

Single-wheeled vehicle usually propelled by pedals.

Metal piece that locks and unlocks a home.

Longer word for swimming fins worn on the feet.

The storyteller's role in a play.

Puzzle 10

Trouble __; a dangerous situation is unfolding.

Elf played by Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings.

Industry that involves hotels and attractions.

A male who practices witchcraft.

Names shown on a screen at the end of a TV show.

Country that separates Morocco and Tunisia.

Part of the pool where people can't stand up.

Round pastas made from potato or semolina.

Simple camera with a tiny aperture.

A carnivorous plant, Venus __.

Legendary jazz singer Billie.

Sidestroke swimming kick like a cutting tool.

Puzzle 11

Knocking a ball-wielding player to the ground.

Duck-billed egg-laying Australian mammal.

HBO series starring Zendaya.

Bobbing in water without sinking.

Traditional Jewish cigar-shaped filled pancakes.

Telephone connection that isn't mobile.

Representative, envoy.

2011 movie based on a Michael Morpurgo novel.

Metallic pinkish shade, available for iPhones.

Marriage to a single spouse.

Volcanic plume that causes flight disruption.

Put your head and whole body under water.

Surgical cut.

Puzzle 12

This stocky canine is often a symbol of Britain.

Swim sessions for learning to crawl.

Boat used to clear riverbeds.

Brand of warm, sleeved blankets made of fleece.

Athletic DC Comics scarlet superhero.

Models and prototypes of designs.

Tough triathlon with swimming of up to 3.9 km.

It's said to not be over until she sings.

To bar from participation or entrance.

Lewis who wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Illegally downloaded a song.

Puzzle 13

A space where things are put away for later use.

Male diver who resembles a toad?.

Popular yellow Pokémon.

Restaurant servers.

Language in which you might say "ciao bella".

Some people swim this water between UK and France.

__ Lines by Robin Thicke.

Sayings on coats of arms.

The scientific study of the human body.

Name of Pete's Dragon in children's fantasy films.

Hard keratin protection for foot digit.

Call the __; stop threatening someone.

Puzzle 14

First name of composer Mozart.

Dad does his daughter's locks in this Oscar winner.

Chemical added to pool water for cleanliness.

Type of pen with a refillable liquid ink supply.

1960s US sitcom about a talking horse.

Edited to withdraw sensitive information.

Current below the waves.

Place that's an anagram of "a blowgun".

Club, monte cristo, pb and j, etc..

Security bolt on a door to prevent entry.

Puzzle 15

Religion associated with Siddhartha Gautama.

Ovenproof dishes, pots and pans.

Figure-of-eight swim float to place between legs.

Cuisine associated with ramen, gyoza and sake.

Political belief in the destruction of authority.

__ image, someone who looks identical.

Like vitamins, they're important nutrients.

Viral prank involving an Astley hit.

Luxury pool with a side that goes on forever.

Frozen patterns created by Disney's Princess Elsa.

This ugly baby bird turned into a beautiful swan.

Puzzle 16

12th astrological sign, represented by fish.

The West ones include the Bahamas and Jamaica.

To fix something to make it more comfortable.

Nice cloth used on the table for a party.

Projections found at the back of people's throats.

1990 horror about an author and his biggest fan.

Hit for David Bowie in 1969, Space __.

__ ring, flotation device for young swimmers.

Sir Edmund, British astronomer known for his comet.

Like a donut covered in a shiny, sweet coat.

Humped desert animals, Bactrian or dromedary.

If It __, collection of four Stephen King novellas.

Zinedine; French ex-soccer player, nicknamed Zizou.

Attract attention jumping into a pool; make a __.

Jason and the Argonauts collected a golden one.

Main source of income, don't quit your __.

Puzzle 17

Out of __, beyond safe limits in a pool.

Covered in a bird's plumage.

Clothing requirements to be worn to an event.

Multiply by five.

Canine name for America's long-distance busses.

A dive that ends by painfully hitting the stomach.

Sink for cleaning the face and hands.

He was prime minister of Italy during World War II.

A collection of literary works or poems.

Weaver known for Alien, Ghostbusters fame.

Puzzle 18

Landing of a plane or a rocket.

Warmed up the oven before putting food in.

Ecuadorian islands rich in wildlife species.

Product that is traded.

Device used to time a swimmer during a race.

One who performs tightrope or trapeze tricks.

Adjective describing the rapper Biggie Smalls.

Natural, outdoor swimming possibility.

Lenin's party that led the 1917 October Revolution.

To use a bright shade to make something stand out.

Remain hidden, ready to ambush.

Unexplored regions of the cosmos.

Puzzle 19

Arrangement of 12 pairs of bones around the chest.

__ to be true, hard to believe something is real.

US medal-winning swimmer Katie, Olympic gold at 15.

Laurel tree product, often used in cooking.

Like Cassandra, one who tells the future.

Exercise where muscles consume oxygen.

Burning or corrosive, like acid.

Movie showing during the daytime.

Canadian artist Nelly who sang "I'm Like a Bird".

Like milk that's passed its use by date.

Delayed one's morning alarm for a few minutes.

Term for a performance given outside.

Puzzle 20

Warship, or jellyfish.

Photographer's space for developing photos.

Male astronaut.

Three-headed dog said to guard the gates of Hell.

Ride waves without a board, using your chest.

__ Glory, Adele's first singles hit.

Asking a politician to support a particular cause.

Never goes out of style.

Nip __, stop before it gets out of control.

Sharon, X Factor judge and cohost on The Talk.

Sorcerer in Shakespeare's The Tempest.

Lifeguards blow these to stop unruly swimmers.

How well a drug works.

Church's drainage spout with grotesque likeness.

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