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Here are the answers to CodyCross Switched On Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Putting money aside for later.

Style of close-fitting wool hat.

Sport with stick and ball, sometimes on ice.

Little pieces left after you eat toast.

Connect TV to power supply; put phone on charge.

Twin sign of the zodiac, from May into June.

Metal runners for directing toy trains.

The bony joints between the legs and the feet.

Cement __, vessels that turn to keep cement wet.

Gecko or chameleon.

Official language spoken in Marseilles and Paris.

Proverbially, a friend in need is a friend __.

Qualification one receives upon graduation.

Puzzle 2

On all occasions.

Electric one makes pencil ends pointy.

Tinker Bell lives here.

Phrase for the other way around.

Tiny salty fish served in salads and on pizzas.

Expenditure, running costs of a business.

Food __; kitchen machine for pulsing and blending.

Classic Christmas card message, Seasons these.

Wooden fort built among the branches.

An oblong, or an elongated square.

Puzzle 3

Modes of transport, e.g. busses, trains, cars, etc.

Extended period of above-average temperatures.

Tongue __, funny rhymes that are tricky to say.

Fire up a gas grill to eat this outdoor meal.

Soft wool jacket, fastened at the front.

Weight that keeps the entrance of a room open.

Popular kids' brand of toy oven.

__ down; process of turning electronics off.

Story-teller's role in a play or book.

Cold-sounding icing spread on top of a cake.

Puzzle 4

Person always at the front, and has followers.

Large flat dishes for serving dinner on.

Gas that can raise the pitch of a person's voice.

Oak trees produce these hard squirrel treats.

Audio device for playing music on dual speakers.

Giant fire-breathing reptile, the emblem of Wales.

Kidman, Richie or Scherzinger, for instance.

Another, more old-fashioned term for a fridge.

Metal staffs passed between relay runners.

Water __; office machine where staff chat and sip.

A shade of purple beginning with v.

Period of time for events yet to take place.

Towards the top of the slope.

Anne of Green these, Lucy Maud Montgomery book.

The Teenage Mutant Ninjas are this animal.

Main currency unit of Russia.

Me, __, and I.

Expel air from the body.

Puzzle 5

Facial hair of the upper lip.

Cover that softens light from a switched-on bulb.

Another word for animals.

1972 classic mob movie, The __.

The Beatles sang about a yellow one.

Behind the scenes, in the wings.

Three plus three, squared.

Leader of the US federal government.

Outdated video camera, switch on to make movies.

A feeling of contentment; anagram of shapes pin.

Puzzle 6

Wax with a wick that is burned to provide light.

Works of fiction.

Japanese art form of growing small trees.

Insert a light bulb in here and switch on.

Baby's toy that makes a sound when shaken.

Yellow citruses.

The indentation on the underside of the shoulder.

Country once ruled by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Houses constructed from ice blocks.

Much-needed period of relaxing on your own.

Continent on which the Alps are located.

To throw in the towel means to do this.

Martial art performed by a cinematic "Kid".

Demonstrated to be legally true.

Turn these on to count seconds for boiling an egg.

Puzzle 7

Politician's reading stand.

Spotty big cat that can run extremely fast.

Artist who uses brushes.

Aiding, assisting.

Check of the scales prior to a boxing bout.

Baby __, device to listen in on the little one.

Units used to measure temperature.

Play songs on a playlist in a random order.

Ring drawn around the middle of the Earth on maps.

Turn on this electric bed sheet for winter warmth.

Cooked at high temperature in an oven.

Puzzle 8

Managers often do this with subordinates.

Ugly relatives of Cinderella.

Person who legally takes in a stray animal.

Landfill gas produced by cows and compost.

Use these machines to make Xeroxes of documents.

Birds that were used to deliver mail in the past.

Group of four musicians.

Sewing neat bottom edges on clothing.

Fly on __, an eavesdropper or silent spectator.

Eruptive landform that spews out hot lava.

Amazon Alexa device with voice recognition.

Gentlemen prefer them, according to the musical.

Corrective lenses fitted in frames.

Inflatable cushion that makes a noise when sat on.

Chilling, like AC is doing to air when switched on.

Long spear thrown in an athletic event.

Puzzle 9

Sent a bill.

Tension; __ cooker, makes food quickly.

Small bushy-tailed tree-dwelling woodland mammal.

Creases and lines on a face.

Cabled phone for the house or office.

Creator of new fashion styles and outfits.

Shape of the frame used to rack pool balls.

Breath of __, something new and exciting.

Light one to keep warm while camping outdoors.

Legendary Hollywood actor and director Clint.

Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair or GQ, for example.

Puzzle 10

Distribute seeds over a wide area.

City to which the Titanic was heading in 1912.

Begin again; what to do to frozen computers.

The tiny flowers produced by trees in spring.

Fuel-filled handheld device for starting fires.

Children's gloves, often connected with a string.

Remote __; put batteries in to channel hop.

Regular sum of money paid to retirees.

Pardon, excuse someone's actions.

Syrupy, grid-shaped breakfast foods.

Leaping, springing upwards.

Puzzle 11

Dimpled sphere hit by putters.

A light that is extremely bright.

Jolie, star of Changeling and director of Unbroken.

Hardwood with a dark red tint used in decoration.

Metal __; use it to hunt for treasure in the dirt.

Machines that are moved by steam or flowing water.

Ball and socket joint at the top of the arm.

Music boom box for silver discs.

Taking small bites.

Regular medical checkup.

Puzzle 12

A person who writes a book or a play.

Country where Quebec and Ontario are found.

Charge these communication devices to make calls.

Upper part of a document, opposite to a footer.

First digits on human hands.

Title of the third Jumanji, Welcome to the This.

Flat netted object for playing tennis.

Related or belonging to the cat family.

Window coverings that can shutter up and down.

Machine for crushing oranges, apples into liquid.

Classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus.

Puzzle 13

I Want to __, Queen hit with vacuuming video.

A mark left on soft ground when walking.

Sudden deluge of snow down a mountainside.

A single pulse of our circulatory organ.

Whoopi Goldberg hides in a convent in this film.

Cord or cable for plugging things in further away.

Shirt fastening underneath the knot of a tie.

Single piece of breakfast cereal made from maize.

Plug this in to give the grass a trim.

Periods of time when commuters drive.

Puzzle 14

Scrawl, doodle, squiggle.

Luggage-carrying frame on top of a car.

Hair __; possible hangover cure.

Put on sore skin after being on the beach all day.

Small spiny mammal that can roll into a ball.

Light source to switch on at the work table.

Someone who never dies.

Across-body tennis shot.

Window in a roof for letting in the sun.

Electric piano, sounds like a computer part.

Three-wheeled bicycle.

Puzzle 15

Military leader in charge.

Electric household item, like a dishwasher or oven.

Major annual American football competition.

Way to get a closer look at the Milky Way.

Stock storage location for a large retailer.

Film with male model Derek played by Ben Stiller.

Entrance to a house from the street side.

Things that are different, yet attract.

Shock from one car to another to make it go.

Signatures collected as part of a protest.

Kids' game with squares drawn on ground in chalk.

Musician who plays a fiddle with a bow.

It's the full name for what we call the flu.

Asleep during the day, active at night.

Puzzle 16

Strong shot of coffee; __ machine makes it at home.

Alphabetical list with words and their definitions.

Where friends' statuses show up on Facebook.

Words politely said after someone sneezes.

Find cows, pigs, sheep, ducks here.

Smooth or bumpy endings of flights.

Doing this to electronics fills them with power.

Hand care treatment including nail polish.

Domestic work surface; anagram of pot bleat.

Height of the water in our ocean.

Puzzle 17

Heap of decaying organic matter in a garden.

Hollywood legends Audrey and Katharine.

Bellowed, said very loudly.

Giant rock, often found on a mountain.

Machine with microphone to sing along to songs.

__ and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Dog that is a mix of breeds.

It's where Humpty Dumpty sat.

George; ex-boxer who created famous grill.

Type of card found in a deck, such as ace of clubs.

The invisible force that keeps us on the ground.

Tough fabric or hide used to make shoes and belts.

Plundering invaders.

Getting into a groove with other musicians.

Puzzle 18

Story of one's life.

Someone your work with.

Science of the stars and planets.

Where Gene Kelly went singin'.

State where laptop power is on but screen is off.

Urban public transport.

Wrist restraints for an arrested person.

Medical loss of movement.

An octopus has eight of these.

This electric bell rings where there are flames.

Puzzle 19

Quit, hand in one's notice.

Single-piece garment with sleeves, legs and a hood.

Man-cub in The Jungle Book.

Backbones, vertebral columns.

Mario first appeared in this video game, __ Kong.

Picture puzzle with pieces; power cutter tool.

Nationality of Angela Merkel and Claudia Schiffer.

The yellow fruit that rhymes with cabana.

Battery-powered devices for telling the time.

Curved stonework above doors or windows.

Footing the bill.

Surname of the Beatles' John.

Bus parts that go round and round all day long.

Puzzle 20

Improve the seating class of a plane passenger.

Power cells used in remotes and toys.

One part of a TV series.

Dog that can be Cairn, Boston or West Highland.

Symbols on the Swiss and Maltese flags.

Removing particles from household surfaces.

Warms something up again.

Half-woman, half-fish creature.

Turn this on to cook veggies with evaporated water.

A female deity.

Event where people get married.

Swears allegiance, like to a flag.

Between an elbow and wrist.

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