CodyCross Take a Hike Pack answers

Take a Hike PackTake a Hike

Here are the answers to CodyCross Take a Hike Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Straps for fastening on clothes and shoes.

Where baseball players wait for their turn to play.

Speak a lot, go on and on.

Deadline after which you must remain at home.

Two kinds of orange juice, this and pulpy.

First name of film director Hitchcock.

Different directions or paths to follow.

Some call this plant science.

Microblogging website founded by David Karp.

Aesop's __ include The Hare and the Tortoise.

Highest-ranking chess pieces, after the kings.

Beach town in California known for celebrity homes.

Trojan champion killed by Achilles.

These four molar teeth often grow in adulthood.

You might get out of this on the steeper walks!.

Volunteer for military service.

Puzzle 2

Mammals that come in sea, river and Eurasian types.

A jail, a penitentiary.

Isolated or distant, like many hiking routes.

Winter sport involving poles, gliding footwear.

2019 Daniel Radcliffe movie: Guns __.

Mathematical system of zeros and ones.

The outer layer of a tooth.

African nation to the west of Kenya.

The backwards-folded parts of the front of a coat.

Dull, overcast weather.

Red cake with cream cheese topping.

The pointer of a compass.

Picture crafted with broken tile pieces.

Puzzle 3

Shuffle, ball, change moves with noisy shoes.

Big amphibian with a deep croak.

Continental glacier, giant frozen mass.

Canadian city that hosted the 1976 Olympics.

The great __, away from the city.

Supporter of the monarchy.

Nuptial separations.

Section where you'd look for mindfulness books.

Mountain __, popular brand of hiking gear.

Electromagnetic wave, supposedly created the Hulk.

An alcoholic mixed drink.

Items found on the periodic table.

The largest blood vessels in the body.

Puzzle 4

Person with extrasensory perception.

Wildly random, no system.

Long-eared mammals that might run across your path.

What you often have to share on a plane seat.

Planet that lies beyond Uranus.

Song McCartney wrote for Lennon's son.

Nimoy who played Spock in Star Trek.

Most tart; least sweet.

Fast car brand with prancing horse logo.

WWI euphemism for a decisive attack.

Walk down to these depressions between mountains.

The X-Men were all these type of people.

Small explosive that soldiers carry.

Puzzle 5

Extinct tusked mammal that roamed Arctic plains.

Another name for cos lettuce, sold as hearts.

Type of karaoke filmed inside an automobile.

Sign outside a house, showing it can be purchased.

Actor Bloom, partner of Katy Perry.

Stretchy elastic fabric also called lycra.

Fabric bed slung between two trees.

Result when water washes away soil.

The science dealing with an organism's structure.

Opens a gift.

A temporary outdoor camp for walkers.

Harrison Ford hides with the Amish in this film.

Another one bites this, according to Queen.

Puzzle 6

Solar or lunar events when light is blocked out.

Agatha, English author of murder mysteries.

Warm tight-fitting garments for the lower body.

Polluted precipitation.

US state and subject of a popular musical.

Schedule for doctors and crops.

Star of Alien, V for Vendetta and Harry Potter.

Discarded outer skins removed from fruit.

Insect larva that gives off light.

Adele's age when her first album was released.

Alfred Nobel's famous invention.

Harsh military training camp for new recruits.

Fungal food.

Automatic physical reaction.

Sightseers and visitors from outside the area.

Puzzle 7

Boris who became UK Prime Minister in 2019.

Warm sweaters with an attached head covering.

To note the differences between two or more things.

Cricketer who retrieves balls hit by a batsman.

Edward Cullen, Lestat, or Drusilla.

Army squadron.

What punters do at an auction.

Home country of U2, Enya and the Cranberries.

Air-powered weapon that might shoot tranquilizers.

Set off early in the morning to watch this.

A butterfly species or sovereign head of state.

Greek letter that looks like our E.

Ryan, partner of actress Eva Mendes.

White part of an egg.

If the weather's doing this you might get soaked!.

__ abode, legally, not having a place to live.

Puzzle 8

Italian cheese dubbed the "king of cheeses".

Ocular covering worn by a pirate.

You might get these on your feet in bad shoes.

Decorative feature that shoots water into the air.

Office gadget for destroying scrap paper.

Stone monster you might see on a building's roof.

Curved ramp for performing skateboard stunts.

__ Parks are reserves run by the government.

Self-__, implode if tampered with.

Bony joints in the fingers.

Puzzle 9

Adding extra content or giving examples.

The holiday celebrated on October 31st.

Sleeveless jacket worn under a suit.

Finely grated type of citrus peel.

Professional who gets drafts turned into books.

This Alpine military knife might come in handy.

Creatures that feature in the Jurassic Park movies.

South American country associated with Eva Peron.

Smelly substance that stops bugs damaging clothes.

Energy given off by nuclear material.

Contest to be champion.

A trip to the countryside arranged by a school.

Piece of equine footwear.

Puzzle 10

Spring vegetable spears.

Describes a simple plan that surely cannot fail.

Dark fluffy mass seen overhead in bad weather.

It laughed in the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle.

Word for tree that keeps its leaves all year round.

It's the H in the internet acronym HTTP.

Families of Westeros battle in TV drama Game __.

Celebration of a 100th anniversary.

Keep away from this very steep cliff or rocky edge.

Lifesize dummy in a shop window.

Equine competing to be the fastest around a course.

Renée, two-time Oscar-winning star of Judy.

Puzzle 11

A kids' game that mimics surgery.

Exceedingly intelligent.

Goes with latitude to pinpoint global positions.

Cover a sofa or armchair anew.

Spray to deter and protect against mosquitoes.

Greek philosopher who founded the Lyceum.

Handwritten record of your name on a document.

They orbit the nucleus of an atom.

Movie where Russell Crowe plays General Maximus.

Hiker's or climber's strong metal clasp.

Puzzle 12

Loose soil and water that someone sinks into.

What Scrooge says about Christmas.

Sports event with ten distinct parts.

Hours when you are not at work or busy.

You'll leave it behind if you walk in mud.

Standard shipping unit in freight transport.

A Broadway musical about young Tracy Turnblad.

You might take a walk through these tall peaks.

Part of a printer where sheets are inserted.

Percussion instrument played with a mallet.

Puzzle 13

Houston, singer of I Will Always Love You.

Eastern European country with Budapest as capital.

Local people who were born in a region.

Spicy dishes served in South Asian cuisine.

Tool for unblocking a clogged sink.

Airport area for collecting baggage.

One of 100 members of the US upper chamber.

Preparing and sending out invoices.

Hard and tiring, like the toughest walking trails.

Longed for; anagram of end year.

Tech gizmos.

A happy audience might give a standing one.

Brand of container for keeping drinks hot or cold.

Those led by Genghis Khan.

The main protagonist of The Hunger Games.

Puzzle 14

The outer covering of a popular breakfast food.

Opposite of absence.

The feeling of being away from everyone else.

PTO tells you to please do this.

Performers hope to receive a round of this.

Movie about critters that you shouldn't get wet.

First smartphone released by Google, in 2010.

Measuring rod used in a car's engine.

Protective garments worn while working or painting.

Get a taste of your own __.

American football last-minute pass.

Rate of money paid on a loan.

Ascending, like a mountain or a steep path.

Italian city, birthplace of the Renaissance.

Weathercock that shows the breeze direction.

Puzzle 15

White-skinned people of European origins.

Nicole Kidman's husband from 1990-2001.

Violated someone's copyright.

Fruit used to make a piña colada cocktail.

Nathaniel, author of The Scarlet Letter.

Artists of 2D movies.

Sport that's played with a shuttlecock.

Tree-dwelling rodents with long bushy tails.

A colorful name for a New York City taxi.

Brewed carbs into alcohol.

An avalanche of stone that might block your path.

Singer whose hits include Daniel and Rocket Man.

National airline of Germany.

Puzzle 16

Small white flower associated with winter.

The glowing wire inside a lightbulb.

Collages with photographs arranged together.

A lazy surfer who lives on the sands.

Poultry cartilage that is pulled for good luck.

Small blaze over which to cook your food.

Team sport using sticks with nets on the end.

Forward mail to a new address.

Warm cloth method of shaving.

Simple arithmetic, using the plus sign.

Michael Jackson hit with spooky dance routine.

Something that does not consider both viewpoints.

Spain's "Catholic Monarchs": Ferdinand and.

It's easier walking this direction!.

Aniston or Lopez, for instance.

Cartoon cat who's friends with Odie the dog.

Puzzle 17

Gymnast's outfit; anagram of old rate.

Atmospheric genre of music.

Meteorological conditions.

Movie in a series that is set before the original.

Describing rocks made from cooled molten magma.

Remove ice from a freezer.

Not at sea; based inland.

The Agony and the __, novel about Michelangelo.

One's personal cleanliness.

A small idea or suspicion.

Check your boots for these creepy arachnids.

French painter of La Danse and The Blue Nude.

Puzzle 18

Capital city of China.

Taylor Swift knew you were this when you walked in.

Flower with heady scent, used as herbal tea.

Staying in a tent overnight.

Toothless, Smaug and Falkor, for example.

Cops say these include love, lust, loathing, loot.

Junior skiing slopes on a mountain.

Guinness keeps track of these world feats.

The blocking of the sun by the moon.

2013 space thriller starring Sandra Bullock.

Painful irritation from being out in the sunshine.

Light, fluffy cream that has been whisked.

Symbol added to keywords or topics on Instagram.

Fragrance or scent, e.g. Chanel No. 5.

Non-contact cheek-to-cheek greeting.

Puzzle 19

Limb of a tree.

The pot calls this kitchen item black.

American Pie and Vincent singer-songwriter Don.

Classic TV show about a Boston Bar.

Person who repairs and alters clothing.

Sinatra, Zappa and Lloyd Wright.

Gems with bands and clouding like marbles.

Mountain __, emergency service for lost hikers.

Pop artist Andy who painted soup cans.

Disagree, like a lawyer.

Flies without power, on thermals in the air.

Far From Heaven actor Quaid, brother of Randy.

Apple device for making calls.

Lyrical writing style, in verses.

Destination for good souls after death in religion.

Small, lumpy swelling.

Household fungus that grows on damp walls.

Eat these to keep you going while walking.

The Iceman __, 1946 Eugene O'Neill play.

What an Emperor rules.

Puzzle 20

A million million or 1,000,000,000,000.

Some routes take you through these protected areas.

Secret underwater city.

Mediterranean liquid used in cooking.

Processes negatives in a dark room, makes photos.

Classic film, From Here To __.

Collective name for Atlantic coast US states.

Drink enough water to make sure you're this.

Big piles of branches burned out in the open.

Location for commercial breeding of seafood stocks.

Tiny piece of matter, found in solids, liquids.

Subsections of novels.

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