CodyCross Take a Photo Pack answers

Take a Photo PackTake a Photo

Here are the answers to CodyCross Take a Photo Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Country where nutmeg originated.

Shatterings or fractures of bones.

Scandal-seeking snappers.

Green goo left by Slimer in Ghostbusters.

Being disgusted by something.

Stinging insect builds its nest in mortar.

The practice of petty theft.

Flat case for carrying photos or artwork.

To go and live in the country.

__ Dream, German electronic band since the 1960s.

Emily and Anne Brönte's sister.

Lumps of black glass formed from lava.

Puzzle 2

Of or relating to chickens.

Only form of estrogen in post-menopausal women.

The Beatles' manager, who died in 1967, Brian __.

Leather concertinaed part of old-fashioned cameras.

Relationship between plants and their environment.

Horizontal layer.

Rabat is the capital of this country.

Original name for a Bloody Mary drink: Red __.

The runic alphabet.

Waving a taxi down.

Trimmed photos to eliminate unwanted bits.

Puzzle 3

Boats that drag for fish.

Whirling masses of water or air.

Yiddish word for guts or brazenness.

Device to get spreads from the bottom of a jar.

__ The Dress; wedding fashion approval TV show.

British word for tree fruit.

Brown, crisp layer on the bottom of genuine paella.

Horse __, Marx Bros film about college football.

US district patrolled by a police unit.

Anglo-Norman name means "whiskered".

All-round view, a composite of many pictures.

Levi Stubbs was the lead singer of this group.

Looked hard at.

Important photo archive that was bought by Corbis.

Belligerent nationalism, blind patriotism.

Christian annual observation of a saint's date.

Elongated clip or hair clasp.

Biological organism kingdom.

Gold coin from Spain.

Removing water with gravity.

Puzzle 4

Announced, indicated.

Where Alfred defeated the Danes in 878.

Holier __; with a morally superior attitude.

Japanese producer of photo mediums.

Small evergreen bush also called a custard apple.

The real deal, in romantic terms.

Rushes of water.

Life events captured by photographers.

World's largest living rodent.

Death penalty punishment.

Using campaigning to bring about change.

__ & Mabillard; Swiss roller coaster designers.

Showing a response to a stimulus.

City in China where West Lake is located.

Puzzle 5

Photos with tones reversed.

Those who get hold of things, who procure items.

February 2 Christian festival.

The highest number on a roulette wheel, in French.

Casserole of Gaelic origin.

On the boundary or edges; with little involvement.

German shepherd dogs.

Name given to a vague plot point in the movies.

Palindrome meaning top-ranking ceramic square.

Bloom linked to August in flower lore.

Simple cuboid, early photographic device.

London private bank with HQ in Charing Cross.

Blinded biologist in The Day of the Triffids.

Puzzle 6

Ancient Chinese capital, now known as Xi'an.

Witch in The Tempest, mother of Caliban.

Court painter to Alexander the Great.

20th __, cocktail named for NYC, Chicago train.

Slang for vast ladies' knickers or bloomers.

Rid oneself of a burden.

Spherical car attachment for pulling a trailer.

Paul, who predicted World Cup results, was one.

Julia M __, photographer of Victorian celebs.

Slang for a songwriter, especially for a film.

South African tea with no caffeine.

__ cup from where drink was taken before a hunt.

Camera __, room where outside images are projected.

Green type of cricket.

Broke in half.

Birth __, pregnancy prevention led by Marie Stopes.

First ship to offer round-the-world cruises.

Hebrew prophet, foretold creation of Jewish nation.

Puzzle 7

David __, voiced Melman in Madagascar.

Disease that Proust died from at age 51.

Fancy word for a wine connoisseur.

Living accommodation of a smallholder, for example.

Eadweard __, famous for showing a moving horse.

Clumsy; bungling.

Giant mutant in Monsters vs Aliens; Susan Murphy.

General who turned an island into a peninsula.

Collective name for eastern Canadian provinces.

Laurel family tree with aromatic roots and leaves.

Famous performing arts school in New York.

Small ships carrying fuel from mines.

Adobe Incs' snapshot-editing package.

Theme park ride with revolving observation deck.

Puzzle 8

Large moon of Jupiter, second in size to Ganymede.

Self-interested, narcissistic.

Narrow opening allows light through a camera lens.

Absence from work to chill out under a blanket.

__ Defence, classic opening chess move.

Song by the rock band Kings of Leon: Use __.

Mrs __, Grace Bros staff member.

Soft green felt feathered German party hat.

Dorothy __; stage magician and escape artist.

__ Rodriguez, "the slowest mouse in all Mexico".

Business negotiations.

Edible grass found on salt marshes.

Place where photographers develop pictures.

Ancient Mayan city next to the Guatemalan border.

Flaps on airplane wings controlling balance.

Religious movement led by Wyclif.

Puzzle 9

Country where la Mitad del Mundo is located.

Hepburn tries to kill self, Bogart intervenes.

Battering ram, part of an ancient galley's bow.

__ Brecht; German author of The Threepenny Opera.

Compliments someone's work.

Do something superfluous: "take coals to __".

Screw horn goat native to Central Asia.

Emmy __, German mathematician of abstract algebra.

Red __, vodka with red fruit liqueur.

Study of ear complaints.

__ D. Nordhaus, economics Nobel Prize winner 2018.

Camera device, it opens and closes the aperture.

Rush __, utilitarian floor covering.

Multiple birth of three notes played for one beat.

Wound a film around a cylinder in a camera.

Book of the Bible mentioning the first murder.

Puzzle 10

Asian rice porridge.

__ Faith; Picking Up the Pieces singer.

Presumed inventor of roller skates: John Joseph __.

Dolly __, ornately decorated hat.

__ grin; exaggerated toothy smile.

Card frames to display photos in.

Swimming measurements across a pool.

City that is home to Carnaby Street.

__ format, squarer picture image, e.g. 5 x 4".

The Jurors artwork at Runnymede comprises 12 __.

Puzzle 11

Wild monkeys on the Rock of Gibraltar: __ macaques.

Wetland environment of decaying vegetation.

1st woman's club in the US (1868).

Type of early camera with a tiny puncture.

Rocketplane __ (RpK); US space launch company.

Orange, plum-sized fruit, often preserved in syrup.

British car brand, with Straight Eight model.

SIN poses a fatal risk to them.

Harrison Ford's character in Blade Runner.

Colorado baseball team.

A dreamer, one who spreads fake news.

Twisted ponytail on the summit of the head.

Non-Jewish person.

Japanese camera brand named after a Greek mountain.

WWII German POW camp: __ Castle.

US state with Guidestones, similar to Stonehenge.

Indigenous people of central-western Mexico.

Pertinent to a subject.

Puzzle 12

__ sea cow, extinct animal resembling a dugong.

Pre-decimal coin nicknamed a tanner.

David Guetta's chemical element hit.

__ Bonas; former girlfriend of Prince Harry.

__ wheels, mechanism that moves camera film along.

Canada's second-most populous city.

Camera print, a quickie photo.

Pigs and kids would love this study of mud.

Big hairstyle of singers Winehouse and Springfield.

Indian puffed rice snack.

Last stretch of a journey or a race, for example.

Swedish diplomat, searched for WMD in Iraq.

Pondered and then understood.

Puzzle 13

Dancer from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Meaning of the Aztec word Xocolatl.

Photos of people, not landscapes.

A blood cell.

Game played in The Cincinnati Kid.

They Might Be Giants sang __ In Your Soul.

Biological term for hooved animals.

Krisztina __, Hungarian Olympic backstroke champ.

The study of sound systems in language.

Film cowboy, known for his singing.

Describes poor or bad weather.

Camera device to ensure sharpness of the subject.

Calista __ was Ally McBeal.

Sensual, hedonistic, pleasure-seeking.

Colombian fortress city, a World Heritage Site.

Cable-operated railway that ascends steep hills.

Concluded something, formally.

Religion that has Nihon Shoki as a sacred text.

Puzzle 14

Small Indonesian sea sometimes spelled Sawu.

Photography that has largely superseded film.

Rescue __, the detective agency of Chip & Dale.

Decided not to proceed with plans.

Stanley __, US rapper goes by the name MC Hammer.

Le __-uni, what the French call the UK.

Japanese maker of SLR cameras.

Ruffled sheet hung around a bed or table.

Darth Maul and Darth __ were in Episode 1.

__ clearer, removes accumulated grease from sewers.

Crusty Persian breakfast bread with sesame.

Rooms for cooking on boats.

Puzzle 15

The study of bones.

A communist executive committee.

AF, the time setting of Brave New World.

Describes photography of inanimate objects.

Queen co-ruler of Egypt with Pharaoh Akhenaten.

One-humped Arabian camel.

Linda __, Beatles' wife and expert photographer.

Divers' breathing devices.

Taking off garments.

To ruin or spoil something.

Biblical sea monster and 1989, 2012, and 2014 film.

Palindrome meaning satanic cocktail adornment.

First Chinese cuisine to incorporate dim sum.

__ is forewarned; better to know in advance.

Unaccompanied songs, for several voices.

Puzzle 16

Queen __, singer aka Dana Owens.

Its referent is named or understood in the context.

Vancouver professional hockey team.

US state in which Michael Jackson was born.

Dismissed Prime Minister of Australia: Gough __.

Chuckle and snort.

Grand __, cognac, orange liqueur.

Blurred, cloudy part of a photo.

A __ of magpies, a collective term for the birds.

Konica __, merged Japanese camera company.

Native Americans of the Plains groups.

Puzzle 17

Kind and friendly towards younger people.

ISO system measures light sensitivity.

Personal advice columnist (a female relative).

Irish pirate, partner of Calico Jack Rackham.

Frenzied and aggressive invading Norseman.

German mainland town with bridge to Rügen.

Lower house of Russia's Federal Assembly.

Photo technique that captures plants germinating.

French boned steak.

Ms __ Price, witch in Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Puzzle 18

Bellini alternative with strawberry.

Egg-laying mammals covered in spines.

Winner of the Indianapolis 500 in 70, 71, 78, 87.

Area on top of a camera for mounting flash units.

The first book of the New Testament.

More vertiginous.

Toiletries company famous for English lavender.

Folk song, unofficial Korean national anthem.

Pinky pigment used in the printing process.

Working physically.

First day of a month, according to ancient Romans.

Early US computer networking system.

How Henry VIII's two beheaded wives were related.

Country whose capital is Abuja.

Puzzle 19

Spanish Christian Moors expelled in 1609.

Divisions of dioceses in the Church of England.

Spanish word for "winter".

__ Up There Likes Me, life of Rocky Graziano.

Ancient Greek rowing ships.

Difference between dark and light in a photograph.

Medical discipline of caring for newborns.

Bird that is enclosed within bars.

Ridiculous, preposterous, absurd.

Insult or criticism, not a block used in building.

Supporters of unrestricted firearm ownership.

Ornamental bed topping.

The __ Files, crime TV series with James Garner.

US poet of volumes Cornhuskers and Chicago Poems.

Relating to the seashore.

Units of Malaysian currency.

Military emblem or badge.

Light-sensitive photographic coating.

Singer with a one hit wonder I've Never Been to Me.

Puzzle 20

Thick rope for pulling a ship.

Japanese term for pushers of people onto trains.

Three-legged stand on which to mount a camera.

Foggy __, site of the US State Department.

Ranked as a stronger player in a tennis tournament.

Casually try something.

Nocturnal primate, also called bush baby.

Grain used in bread and as birdseed.

Sleeveless garment for dinner ladies or heralds.

Trent __, Nine Inch Nails creator.

Just right, like a stone fruit.

__ reduction, removal of a Satanic look in photos.

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