CodyCross Taking a Plane Pack answers

Taking a Plane PackTaking a Plane

Here are the answers to CodyCross Taking a Plane Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Shouting out, yelling.

Cucumbers that have been preserved in brine.

Benjamin Flores Jr. plays this Game Shakers guy.

These itsy-bitsy creatures climb up the waterspout.

Securing by key.

Plot of land planted with fruit trees.

Cutout pattern used for painting.

The making of geographical flat plans.

Organ that holds urine.

Baby's room.

Bakeware for making birthday dessert.

Assigned clothing for a flight attendant.

Double-check, make sure.

Metals that attract, cling to another metal.

Puzzle 2

A small, oily fish also known as sardine.

Collection of historical and/or official documents.

iPhone video chat where callers can see each other.

Bone break or crack.

A chocolate bar and our galaxy.

Concourse, place people wait for their plane.

Ariel's tropical fish friend.

Common term for the extinct mammal genus Mammut.

Shoes, removed before airport security check.

Kids' carnival ride of rotating horses.

In a case of __ identity you have the wrong person.

Puzzle 3

Blasting off of a plane.

Of high cost.

Back __, tool for hard-to-reach itches.

Sending texts to friends' phones.

Dark green skinny vegetable with tall shoots.

Person who travels into space.

Large oceanic bird.

Marvin Gaye heard it through the __ in 1968.

Home of the Pampas.

Joe Exotic stars in this documentary.

Surface for a meal, attached to the chair in front.

This English actor starred in Bridget Jones' Diary.

Order a medicine or treatment for someone.

Puzzle 4

TV castaways often get voted off this place.

Luck, probability.

Feature films offered in-flight for free.

Candies or desserts.

Dangerous section of river with turbulent force.

Small portions to munch on.

Amusement parks created by Walt.

Six-legged bug.

A portable computer also known as a notebook.

Jules Verne's __ the World in 80 Days.

A group of books related to each other.

Planet with rings surrounding it.

Puzzle 5

Formal long dress worn for dancing.

Doing poorly on Broadway.

When everyone is treated in the same way.

Belt that moves through the x-ray machine.

A person who performs tricks with a wand.

Dumbo was one, only he could fly.

Trip, time off from work and away from the house.

Buy, perhaps a bag of chips for the flight.

Association that provides international aid.

American game known for strikes, home runs.

Sushi's liquid companion.

Speaks almost inaudibly.

Puzzle 6

Time of day following lunch.

Puzzle of intersecting words, short clues.

One who sees the glass as half-empty.

Apparatus; items you need for an experiment.

Decorated insect with symmetrical wings.

Computer users type on these.

Anne Rice introduced Lestat in __ with the Vampire.

Person who assists the passengers.

Local TV station related to a parent network.

Pool, but with balls instead of water.

This Australian played Leonard Shelby in Memento.

Bad Moon Rising rock band: __ Clearwater Revival.

Alcoholic drink server at the pub in the concourse.

Puzzle 7

Cotton rectangles used for drying after a bath.

What a student's report card has on it.

Crispy fried vegetables served as rings.

Costume, clothes worn together.

Stringed instrument; can be electric or acoustic.

First-class ice cream with fudge and a cherry.

Sharp bend on a golf course, like a canine's limb.

One's annual work payment.

Heavy rains with winds and thunder.

Spur of the __.

First name of US president Trump and Disney's Duck.

Puzzle 8

Crime of skipping school.

Red element of the US national flag.

Last name of pirate Jack, played by Johnny Depp.

Tilt seat back.

Genre that includes Hamilton and Chicago.

Place pulse points under __ water to keep cool.

Winning ribbon or the shape of a cheetah's spots.

Powdered milk substitute added to coffee.

Looking at the words in a story book.

These jigsaw games come in 500 pieces.

Hidey-holes in pants, checked for metal objects.

Spray can for paint or polish.

Puzzle 9

Shoes with metal plates are needed for this art.

Christmas movie that's all about Love __.

Wheeled box, filled with clothing for a trip.

Tommy James's repetitive song title.

Public street art created with spray paint.

Giving garden plants a drink.

Difficulty in reading or deciphering letter order.

Russian tennis pro Daniil; 2019 US Open finalist.

Visit monuments and local attractions.

Will Byers' older brother on Stranger Things.

Property-based board game.

Slow cooker brand name that is now generic.

Puzzle 10

Crying out loudly, shouting.

A novel that has been voice recorded.

The individual function performing parts of a cell.

Banging your head against a __, making no progress.

Old-fashioned word for executive assistant.

Protects against the unexpected, bought ahead.

Salad onions.

Of the Eastern Roman Empire and Constantinople.

The group consisting of crustaceans and mollusks.

When I'm __, Beatles near-retirement age song.

Paper collage on an object's surface as decoration.

A picture is worth this many words.

Vivid re-experience of a traumatic event.

The __ of Notre Dame was the storied bell-ringer.

Elevated child seat for eating.

Exit used in crisis.

Puzzle 11

Splish __, I was taking a bath.

Send a space shuttle into the sky.

He just "wanted to be sure" of Winnie-the-Pooh.

__ Little Pill; Alanis Morissette musical.

Dip this leaf-filled sack in hot water for a drink.

Tycoons or bumps on a ski slope.

Stinky, foul; perhaps stale plane air.

Wooden or wire dividers between two properties.

Valuable Italian coins of the Middle Ages.

Language of the Jewish scriptures.

Large amounts, copious; Pussy __ from a Bond movie.

A thing of __ is a joy forever.

Self-serve ticket counters.

Large cave that goes deep into the earth.

Weeping __, droopy riverside tree.

Puzzle 12

Smooth form of this pop music; chalk or limestone.

Northern Hemisphere light display; Aurora __.

American word for shoes Brits call trainers.

Pill used to help with dozing.

Dark green gourd eaten sliced or pickled.

Inserted sound blockers.

Track and field competition for farthest leap.

One legally responsible for a child.

A gift to a nonprofit or charity.

Animal that tops the food chain by eating others.

2004 romance film with Gosling and McAdams: The __.

Puzzle 13

Overseas or out of the country.

Colorful crested bird with long pointed bill.

Spiky plant found in the desert.

Pours away water from cooked pasta.

The kooky and spooky family from a 1960s TV series.

Plane operators.

Life of Pi director.

People who book vacations for customers.

Folder for emails while they are being sent.

Sporting events track these to pick a winner.

The land on which a college or university sits.

Small annoyances: Pet __.

Puzzle 14

Examples include dogs, horses and pigs.

Placing clothing and toiletries into luggage.

Japanese military noble, with curved swords.

Burger King's trademark sandwich.

Delivery device for asthma medicine.

A place from which you can borrow books.

Barcode on tickets are __ to prove they're valid.

Paint by __, art kit with ordered instructions.

How things went.

Advertiser who puts their name on an event.

Handheld explosive, also a Bruno Mars song.

Frames jumped over in footrace.

Puzzle 15

Magazines that include cartoon strip stories.

River overflowing events.

Sleepiness due to a time change.

__ level; tool for ensuring straight lines.

Circus performers with red noses.

Reserve this kind of car to pick up at the airport.

Country's name mentioned in second Bond film title.

Song by the Beatles: All My __.

Paw prints left by an animal, to follow.

What a cop would give for illegal parking.

Crushes coffee beans.

Clips of content uploaded to YouTube.

Blue flowers or blue eye parts.

__ novel; describes cheap, throwaway book.

Puzzle 16

Ear __ are worn to block out loud noises.

Entrepreneurial TV show with Mark Cuban.

Cut open a frog for anatomical study.

Clips of funny felines online.

Anthony Horowitz's teenage spy.

A board game with Gramma Nutt and Queen Frostine.

The Batman villain who causes contact dermatitis.

Second floor on a plane.

Bra worn when shoulders are uncovered.

Slow turtle-like creatures sometimes kept as pets.

Hand-held weights for building muscles.

Exciting journey.

Negotiations between governments.

Africa, Asia or Europe.

How a sandwich might be served to a picky child.

Puzzle 17

Spreading seeds thinly on the ground.

Brothers who invented and flew airplanes.

Tarmac, plane's takeoff strip.

Overnight flight.

Online economy fashion retailer.

A fine, scented talc used to dry yourself.

A dried up grape.

Will Ferrell often stars in this kind of film.

Farewell message to ship passengers: Bon __.

A group of newborn puppies.

Those who live in glass __ should not throw stones.

Puzzle 18

Shoreline, water's edge.

Pregnant ladies get this in feet, ankles.

Small tree-living creature who collects nuts.

Miley Cyrus is her Mother's __.

Ed Sheeran, Emma Stone, Elizabeth I, Leif Erikson.

London's international airport.

Tiny pasta balls made with durum wheat semolina.

Drink, thirst quencher.

She is the Mother of Dragons in Game of Thrones.

Film franchise with Leia, Luke and Han.

Puzzle 19

A chemical recipe.

It follows afternoon.

Four of these make up a year.

Smooth nutty chocolate filling.

Hire, perhaps a private plane.

__ duster; cleaning tool with ostrich plumes.

Tying logs together to form a floating vessel.

Brad Pitt sci-fi movie search for his dad in space.

Another name for defendant in a trial.

People with cigarettes, pipes.

Holidaying in a tent.

Jay-Z, Kanye, Drake, Eminem.

Medical term for the shoulder blade.

Elongate muscles to release tension on flights.

Movie streaming service with red logo.

Front, rear fenders on a car.

Rings of Christmas greens.

The genre of books with magical creatures.

Writers featured by book clubs.

Puzzle 20

Music streaming system with HQ in Sweden.

Flicking through the pages of a book.

Getting to the destination.

Hepburn and Bogart film: The __ Queen.

Giving someone food.

Ibis wading bird species with bright red plumage.

Like multi-hued glass in church windows.

Soothing, easing feelings of worry and anxiety.

Immersing in liquid for easier removal of stains.

Screen that acts as a computer display.

Shall __, from Rodgers musical The King and I.

Getting your mane trimmed and styled.

Type of boat on the canals in Venice.

Space in front of a seat, often not enough.

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