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Here are the answers to CodyCross Tattoo Shop Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

French royal house toppled in the 1790s.

Grassy expanses where wildflowers grow.

Use a hot windy device on wet hair.

Robert __; Scottish Trainspotting actor.

Scent, fragrance.

Spanish fried dough treats sprinkled with sugar.

Allies you're close to and trust.

The evil antagonist in a book, movie, or play.

Enlarge with a lens.

Cartoon dog voiced by Homer, The Simpsons.

Feeling of a scrape from a needle.

Person from Port-au-Prince.

__ The Stars; love song from The Greatest Showman.

Spanish or Italian form of the name Anthony.

Stieg, who wrote The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

__ gun, the evidence or conclusive proof.

Puzzle 2

Indolence, inertia, laziness.

Watered, having drunk plenty of liquids.

Fast aircraft that doesn't use propellers.

North American newspaper founded in 1982.

Secretly following someone's every move.

A daughter's husband.

English acting dynasty: Michael, Vanessa, Lynn....

Design plan used to transfer a tattoo to skin.

Museums have a lot of these.

Princess __, royal who had a property on Mustique.

Sporting event with five rings.

Not legally old enough.

Citrus fizzy drink in dumpy glass bottles.

Marlene __, German actress with sultry voice.

Capital and largest city of Queensland.

Puzzle 3

Symmetrical, winged insect seen on inkings.

12-time NBA All-Star and ex-Indiana Pacers coach.

Under the spell of someone.

Patties made from crustaceans.

Sam __, actor who re-founded Shakespeare's Globe.

Temporary union between political parties.

Cate Blanchett's elven Tolkien character.

Place to put cinnamon, ginger, and paprika.

Red and white spotted fungus, e.g. fly agaric.

Easily feeling pain or touch.

Weapon used by David to kill Goliath.

People born in or native to Tirana, for example.

Puzzle 4

Seawater bay enclosed by a reef.

Force someone's hand.

Search engine with doodles.

Icon or design representing something.

Moaned, complained, like a bovine.

Sketch comedy group with a Flying Circus, Monty __.

Spoiled wine, not seen in screw-topped vintages.

Responsible for committing a crime.

Marc __, designer, also worked for Louis Vuitton.

Stock, furnish with an item.

Poetic drama by Alexander Pushkin: __ and Salieri.

Having natural talents well above average.

Mortar and __.

Light beams used for tattoo removal.

Striped, horse-like animals.

Spanish dictator.

Aussie geologist on South Pole expeditions.

Puzzle 5

Not a concrete pattern.

Becoming red-faced with embarrassment.

Wynton __, jazz trumpeter and composer.

The __ Play, how Macbeth is described by actors.

Bony Halloween costume.

Sounded like a bonfire.

Exposure to this can make tattoos fade.

Golf event contested between European and US males.

Scuffling, fighting, generally in the street.

Lovelorn lead of the movie You've Got Mail.

To do with the army or navy.

Industrial German city with Borussia football club.

Lightweight disposable wrapper for sandwiches.

Puzzle 6

When vampires come out.

Blue-green nutty and peppery grain from France.

Believable, likely, credible.

Unsolicited manuscripts received by publisher.

Make a surface sterile.

Raining in __ by Counting Crows.

Possible situations, imagined situations.

Widely used calendar introduced by pope in 1582.

Writing desk with a lifting sloping top.

Roughly drawing a picture.

Puzzle 7

Contaminated by disease.

Deduced, came up with a theory.

Kevin Smith movie, prequel to hit Clerks.

Love affairs, caring relationships.

Making a hole in the skin to add body adornments.

The first version, not a copy.

Fight __, natural response to intense stress.

Recording showing the talents of an aspiring band.

A __ hacker is acting for his personal gain.

Author of the novel Barchester Towers: Anthony __.

Device for spreading aromatherapy oils.

People who start a company or a country.

Puzzle 8

Results, final outcomes of sports matches.

Required or obligated to do something.

Loose, protective garments worn by painters.

US pharma company famous for Viagra.

Soothing liquid skin balm.

A series of objects, clues or evidence left behind.

To be strong and steady; dense and unwavering.

Tools used for shaving hair off the skin.

2017 film: Three Billboards Outside __, Missouri.

Environmental activist, former US vice president.

__ Boys, jukebox musical about Frankie Valli.

__ recognition, phone security activated by a look.

Condiment from toasted, ground sesame.

Dam rodent.

Clare __ Keller; designed Meghan's wedding dress.

Chef __ Ramsay.


Puzzle 9

Stretchy material for leggings.

Jug to carry draft beer.

Sing the praises of one, present them as suitable.

Not connected to the internet.

Big Apple city with a marathon.

Peter __; actor who won an Oscar for Spartacus.

Gives certainty without doubt.

__ in action, combatants presumed dead.

A person who is traveling for pleasure.

Grey's __ follows TV surgeon Meredith in Seattle.

Buddhist circular design representing the universe.

Scratching something, like a cat.

Real first name for Lewis Carroll; Prince of Wales.

Good deal.

The Simpsons mobster voiced by Joe Mantegna.

Ship's crew members, with tattooed arms.

Caves in southwestern France with ancient artwork.

Soup __; place offering hot meals to the homeless.

Puzzle 10

Removed all contents.

Satin hair ties.


Goes on forever.

Dividing by two, cutting down the middle.

Country site of the former Chernobyl plant.

Jess and Jules try to Bend It Like him.

Canadian rock band BTO, aka __-Turner Overdrive.

Good __; handsome, attractive.

Anna __, Russian classical ballerina of Giselle.

Sharp, pointy items for tattooing.

Ocean mammal with a unicorn-like horn.

Beautifully arranged selection of flowers.

Colorful vegetables added to kebabs.

Individual sitting for a tattoo.

Puzzle 11

Medical covering for a wound or tattoo.

Animal that has been run over by vehicles.

Feelings, such as love or happiness.

Sauce for soaking food in, before cooking.

2006 hit album for Snow Patrol.

Great __ Desert, arid area named after a queen.

A portable device, like a smartphone.

__ a time, the traditional start of a fairytale.

Sticky tape, hung up to attract bugs.

Checking the spelling of text or lettering.

Orders given to a pet dog, e.g. sit, stay, fetch.

Countdown to this time on a clock at New Year.

Puzzle 12

__ Vasa; 16th-century king of Sweden.

Temporary folder for emails that are being sent.

Get Outta My __, Get Into My Car.

Elaborate or cursive writing.

Member of the Round Table.

Fungal growth on damp walls.

Number of jurors who were Angry Men in the play.

Overnight flights are called this, they're tiring!.

Country of the Three Musketeers.

Camden family saga, 7th __.

Final year in American high school.

Universal symbols of love.

Protective garments with straps to tie at the back.

First name of Poitier who played Mister Tibbs.

The Book of __, successful missionary play.

Plates of bone that hang in the jaws of whales.

Hypnotic state.

To have quickly mixed eggs.

Puzzle 13

Disinfecting tools or equipment; washing.

John Montagu, better known as the 4th Earl of __.

Burning feeling from a wound or a nettle.

Someone on a honeymoon.

Drive out evil spirits.

Brad Pitt voiced Metro Man in this movie.

Mammals, birds, fish that aren't domesticated.

Keren __; founder member of Bananarama.

City of Lady Godiva.

Purple quartz stone.

Deserted, abandoned.

Puzzle 14

Various old Spanish gold or silver coins.

Underwater superhero, alter ego of Arthur Curry.

Prodding with one's elbow.

Opposite of sparsely.

Joie __; cheerful enjoyment of life.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of __.

Corn flakes and wheat bisks.

Up and down motion of boats on waves.

Making an appointment.

Painting or tattoo.

Vitamin A, for boosting skin health.

Extracting white nutrient from a sheep or cow.

Drama with Glenn Close wed to Nobel Prize winner.

Double reed woodwind.

Puzzle 15

John Goodman's royal alter ego of 1991.

US swimmer, winner of 7 golds at the 1972 Olympics.

Moscow recreation area named after Russian writer.

Calligraphy writing, perhaps for a tattoo.

INXS frontman, Michael __.

Long-lasting, difficult to remove.

Holiday celebrated on December 25.

Rogue or rebel warfare tactics.

Steak cut that comes from between two ribs.

Personal restraints in cars.

Wooing, dating.

Nickname for a free spirit; young and fearless.

British ship that sank during the Falklands War.

Magicians usually make their assistants do this.

Puzzle 16

Costs, displayed on a sign perhaps.

Forks' rounder cousins.

Glassy substance used on many metal pins.

Protective decontamination suit.

Capital and largest city of Dominica.

Cute gray kitten envied by Garfield.

Reply, snap back.

Cookiecutter __; sharp-fanged sea predators.

Bright parts of a flower.

Church figure who offers guidance to the flock.

Change or alter something slightly.

Blank __, starting with a clean slate.

Rowan Atkinson's hapless comedy character.

Blue __, same-titled hit for Fats Domino/New Order.

Sweet, made from cane.

Give goods or money to a cause.

Puzzle 17

Space or hole where one can enter.

Composed The Barber of Seville.

Group of three; Irish novel by Leon Uris.

Cut-out paper sheet for tracing a design.

Mythical, flying creatures that breathe fire.

Group within a larger group, party, movement.

More effervescent.

In a dignified, majestic and noble manner.

A baby's room; a tree farm.

Fishing boat.

Country where the Battle of Waterloo took place.

Puzzle 18

Dark alcoholic drinks like Guinness.

A medical word for skin.

Symbol or badge.

__ down, phrase that means inverted.

Injuries, e.g. cuts or lacerations.

Demonstrated to be true.

Very easy, simplistic, requiring little effort.

Athletic practices or study methods for exams.

Me and __, Cockney show features The Lambeth Walk.

Trinidad & __, smaller of the two named islands.

Cold and damp feeling; anagram of my calm.

__ Boulevard, Californian street and Swanson movie.

Respect your __; the older generation.

Bartender cocktail mixing tool with a strainer.

__ stitch, side-to-side sewing that secures a hem.

Country that presents the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Puzzle 19

Safety belt or harness in a vehicle.

French period of decadent manufactured furniture.

Historical name for the Ethiopian Empire.

Makeup for covering up blemishes and tattoos.

The embrace that betrayed Jesus.

My Little __, W C Fields and Mae West movie.

Describes a large underground chamber.

Austen’s book about Elizabeth Bennet: Pride and __.

Spiky ocean creatures with spines.

Describes a quiche made without pastry casing.

Detailed and elaborate design, with small details.

Toboggan track built by the British in St Moritz.

Looked after, kept someone safe from harm.

Bryan Ferry's rock band, formed in 1970.

Puzzle 20

Examine, evaluate.

Actor Alan or his son, singer Robin.

Native New Zealanders with tribal tattoos.

Antarctic penguin species with a female's name.

__ dictator; ruler with delusions of grandeur.

Wings of these heavenly beings are inked on backs.

To give the silent treatment to someone.

Items produced, e.g. by industry or agriculture.

Eerie, scary.

Sophie __, US singer, Last of the Red Hot Mamas.

Patrick Swayze plays __ Castle in Dirty Dancing.

__ boat; fast-paced inflatable ride at the beach.

Females, the focus of weddings.

Not a solid or gas.

Cuban-american ballroom dance with slow hip-sway.

__ Noah, Born a Crime author.

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