CodyCross Tea Party Pack answers

Tea Party PackTea Party

Here are the answers to CodyCross Tea Party Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Gradual increase in volume or loudness.

This pace is slow and comfortable, perfect for tea.

Branch of the arts in which Rodin was famous.

Short style of dress invented by Mary Quant.

River flowing through Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

Another word for lawyers.

An Arabian one-humped camel bred for racing.

Jack, star of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Business expo with stalls for networking.

Athletic event using a long staff to jump a height.

Playful, perhaps the decorations at a tea party.

It's the H in the internet acronym HTTP.

Footloose and __, without permanent ties.

Thomas, president on Mount Rushmore.

Puzzle 2

Say something rude to; hurt or distress.

Cold, sweaty skin.

Vocal sounds made by cattle in a manger.

Largest country in Scandinavia.

Suit of awful Queen who wants to off Alice's head.

Transparent solid objects that refract light.

Coffee milkshake poured over crushed ice.

Netflix series about drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

First name of Renner, Irons and Clarkson.

A trader who specializes in one type of product.

Nickname for residents of American North.

Robbed on the street.

Country in which you could visit the Parthenon.

Pevensie kids have tea with Narnia fawn Mister __.

Number of players on a hockey team.

It could be oriel, louver, storm or stained-glass.

Membrane at the back of the eye.

Type of hero with unacknowledged deeds.

Puzzle 3

When a chicken nugget is coated.

Safety cords attached to surfers' ankle straps.

Asian root used for energy and boosting immunity.

Given funds or credit.

Someone whose star sign is the bull.

Whiny South Park character who hosted a tea party.

Brand of tight swimming trunks.

Unfair treatment (not cooked!).

Style of comedy delivered with a serious face.

Calcutta since 2001.

Tea leaves sit in it as the water steeps around it.

__ fascia; tissue that connects heel to toes.

North African country, birthplace of Albert Camus.

Lurid green clothes item worn by Borat.

Floral word for rivers in cryptic crosswords.

Russian administrative regions.

Puzzle 4

He Cometh in a 1939 Eugene O'Neill play.

Christopher Robin's bear, wanted honey in his tea.

A high pitched or silly laugh.

Severe flood.

Blue __, Jeff Bezos' aerospace manufacturing firm.

Chess piece that can only move diagonally.

Mythological creature that's part-woman, part-lion.

Tiny bite taken, perhaps of tea pastries.

Helen who went from Prime Suspect to The Queen.

Claim someone has committed a crime.

Industry sector of selling goods to the public.

17-syllable poems.

Light, whipped texture.

First name of the first female US Vice President.

Farmyard home for porkers.

Chinese app that can make short videos go viral.

Puzzle 5

Last name of abstract impressionist artist Jackson.

The tallest and heaviest living penguin.

Natives of islands of which Suva is the capital.

Officially named sovereign at a coronation.

Shape with 9 sides.

Multiple choices, like black, green, herbal teas.

The Spice Girls' 1996 debut single.

Masculine reflexive pronoun, anagram of Flemish.

Computer system designed to be used at a table.

The B in oil company BP.

Non-contact cheek-to-cheek greeting.

Red bush tea from Africa.

Lighting burns fuel to generate illumination.

Puzzle 6

Ribbons awarded at gymnastics contests.

A 2007 comedy starring Jonah Hill and Michael Cera.

Company that you owe money to.

Saint who is said to be the basis of Santa Claus.

British tea company with flagship at the Strand.

Latin apology, used to show guilt or fault.

Renowned US award for journalism, literature.

Entry phone to gain access to communal buildings.

Don __, 1787 Mozart opera.

Tea should be hot or iced, not this.

Hearth, perfect for roasting chestnuts.

Originating in Vienna's country.

Thin rod for measuring oil level in a car engine.

Puzzle 7

Orange preserve, great topping for a tea scone.

Superman is his alter ego.

Muting one's phone ringer.

A wind instrument with bellows and reeds.

Stabbing someone in the back.

Manner-minding instructions, especially at parties.

Ending of a joke that aims to make you laugh.

Garden area for planting bulbs and blooms.

Three-dimensional images with a shiny appearance.

Buildings for storing cereal crops.

He is Groot, in Guardians of the Galaxy.

A medical jab given with a syringe.

Go beyond your budget.

Pate type made from duck or pork cooked in lard.

Uplands that form border between India and Myanmar.

She led the French to victory at Orleans in 1429.

Romantic English author, wrote She Walks in Beauty.

Puzzle 8

Good fellow assists the chief lighting technician.

Expensive yellow spice from crocuses.

Lawn game with mallets, perfect for a garden party.

Strong-smelling nitrogen and hydrogen compound.

Country Spain returned the enclave of Infi to.

Bury the __, settle differences or make peace.

Syncopated music of Scott Joplin.

Put these digits up to imitate posh drinking.

Entwining ribbons of material.

The growing moon as it gets closer to being full.

Puzzle 9

Picture representing emotions; not realism.

Tea for Two singer, BFF of Rock Hudson.

Slightly sweet melon with light green flesh.

Opening piece of music in a musical or play.

Upside down.

Slope in a desert landscape.

Container in which jam is traditionally stored.

Talk, perhaps with your tea party tablemates.

Battle that marked the end of Napoleon's supremacy.

Return to full health.

Walt Disney's original first name for Mickey Mouse.

Roman, French-Polish film director and producer.

Crossing or filling a gap.

Number of playing cards in a deck.

Dr. Seuss book with strong environmental message.

Giant mammal with African and Asian species.

Equal to 1,024 bytes.

Puzzle 10

Thrilled, exhilarated.

Slightly heated tea sandwich bread.

Way finder that might point north; can be an app.

To make a __; to purposefully head someone's way.

Guillermo, director of Pan's Labyrinth.

Heavy wooden hammers for banging in tent pegs.

Stuffed with fluff, great tea party companions.

Baroness Orczy novel, The __ Pimpernel.

Act of religious devotion.

In a frantic or rushed manner.

Letter sounds for learning to read.

Dainty, plains, deer-like creature.

Brief news summaries of the day's top stories.

Conflict that's escalated to a court.

Collective name for stockings, tights and socks.

Type of broadcast not transmitted from a studio.

Puzzle 11

Commit a crime, break the law.

Cricket chum of Pinocchio.

Sponge soaked in writing fluid, for rubber stamps.

This tennis player married Steffi Graf in 2001.

Heat the tea water up in this first.

Careful with money; thrifty.

A-tisket, a-tasket, a green and yellow "container".

Open pit from which stone is mined.

Toasted Italian sandwich cooked in a press.

On the periodic table, this is Na.

The largest and loudest New World monkey.

Garden decor played by the wind.

The nefarious people who proverbially get no rest.

Fabric from the coat of an Angora goat.

Layered serving trays with scones and cakes.

Genre of Christian music.

Puzzle 12

Works out, concludes.

A psychological test created by Hermann Rorschach.

Events that don't take place inside.

Person who lost a limb to surgery.

Type of beam used in alien abductions.

Thieves, looters.

Placeholder name for an anonymous or unknown man.

Royal tea __ includes champagne or sherry.

Smart jackets with shiny buttons.

Final, homeward stretch of a journey.

Victorian bubbly elderflower drink, served at tea.

Title given to Indian nationalist leader Gandhi.

Puzzle 13

Not part of the mainland of a country.

Agatha, creator of Miss Marple and Poirot.

Tool for cleaning windshields.

Angled sandwich shape, makes a dainty display.

Furniture for hanging a beanie or fedora.

Taking money at the box office.

Soft slipper traditionally made from deerskin.

This type of tea "comes alive" in a glass pot.

__ Long; eternally popular Lionel Richie hit.

Fruit becoming ready to eat.

Angela, star of TV's Murder, She Wrote.

Puzzle 14

Sleep time tea herb.

Joey's last name on the TV show Friends.

Unmarkable steel, made with iron and chromium.

Insult for an unintelligent, unthinking person.

Lever to pull after parking a car.

A novel by Baroness Orczy: "The Scarlet __".

Extremely long South American snakes.

Round inflatable for playing by the sea.

Kacey who sings Cup of Tea.

Features such as mountains, gorges, cliffs, etc.

Furniture for resting weary limbs.

Spray for easing the pain of a bite or wound.

Puzzle 15

Professional singers and instrumentalists.

Victorian tea party scavenger hunt game.

New York State mountains, home to Rip Van Winkle.

Several bones in the spine.

Wood stuck in party food to avoid excess touching.

Wine steward at a fancy restaurant.

Country to which emus are native.

Singing that lacks perfect pitch.

US series about Suarez working in haute couture.

It also goes by the name Polaris.

Puzzle 16

Mythical hero who was the son of King Peleus.

Instead of rudely wiping mouths, do this instead.

Edited version of a movie.

__ and carry on, British war poster slogan.

Faithful supporter of the government.

Relating to the banks of a river or stream.

Popular spice made from the bark of a tree.

Old-fashioned, no longer trendy.

Weiner dog.

Michael, author of War Horse.

Name for the vertical posts in football.

Cartoon porcine who had a treehouse tea party.

Bedroom cupboard for storing clothes.

Puzzle 17

Carved with initials or a message.

Identical, like the parts of china sets.

Against, contending.

Horse with patches on a non-black coat.

McDonald's claims this many have been served.

Disease-fighting protein that creates immunity.

Second-hand motors.

Julia Roberts movie based on a memoir, Eat __.

Fairground game also called hoopla.

Nickname of Lyndon B Johnson's First Lady.

First smartphone released by Google.

Dress up clothing for a children's tea party.

Largest of Africa's Canary Islands.

Wise Blood author O'Connor.

Knightly combat.

These are coming! Iconic Coca-Cola ad slogan.

The entire porcine.

Ranch and Italian are examples of this.

Puzzle 18

Mythical winged horse in the TriStar Pictures logo.

Rebooted TV show about three magical sisters.

Budget class for plane passengers.

Timon in The Lion King is this animal.

1980s film about Mozart.

Rumbling weather "stolen" when someone copies you.

Household mistress, thrower of a tea party.

__ forcing; climate change due to Earth's tilt.

Legumes used in the Indian dish dhal.

3D miniature model of a historical scene.

Small political group, often dissenters.

Formal placement of tableware, maybe tea themed.

Puzzle 19

Visual perspective; one's personal attitude.

Inoffensive phrase said instead of a vulgarity.

Heavy military weapons.

Telling secrets, maybe about present party company.

Actor who played an astronaut in The Martian.

Chilled legumes phrase that means awesome.

Advocates of women's rights and equality.

Cult TV show about missing Laura Palmer.

World's longest venomous snake, with royal title.

Another name for calcium oxide.

Song from High School Musical TV series.

Timber washed up on beach shores.

Artificial sugar substitute.

Cord that joins an unborn baby to the placenta.

Fine china, almost translucent.

Puzzle 20

Rude and cruel, disparaging.

Drinking tiny doses, especially hot tea.

Battered, fried item, e.g. banana or sweetcorn.

Tabletop RPG with H.P. Lovecraft theme: Call of __.

Whine, bleat, snivel.

Band known for Native New Yorker.

Paint used on brickwork and house exteriors.

Tropical storm, particularly in the Indian Ocean.

Author of David Copperfield.

Conchobar was a mythical king of this island.

Large sailing ship, like Drake's Golden Hind.

Classy and tasteful, like an afternoon tea party.

Land __, insult from sailors to non-sailors.

The machine-readable label made of parallel lines.

Locklear or Graham.

TV stations as a group.

Indian religion teaching non-violence.

Encourage, advertise.

He painted a lot of sunflowers.

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