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Here are the answers to CodyCross Team Building Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Tolkien's small humans with hairy feet.

Group of dog breeds meant to hunt rats and moles.

Island nation with its capital at Kingston.

Type of trading that uses confidential stock info.

Seeds that can turn into popcorn.

Wearable ID sticker.

__ Under; TV series about a funeral parlor.

Hip hop duo behind 2003 hit Hey Ya!.

Charmed by divinity.

They have followers.

Ancient Egyptian writing surface from a palm.

Flirting or playing by using feet under the table.

Puzzle 2

Said never to strike twice at the same place.

Father of Liberalism, or character on Lost.

Do charity work for free.

Wintry scene inside a glass bubble.

Wooden back piece for a bed.

Legal pledge of quality and company responsibility.

Elton John said goodbye to this yellow path.

Green vegetable that's actually a flower bud.

Chinese table tennis grip, as if writing by hand.

She was the last leader of Ptolemaic Egypt.

Seek money for charity.

Puzzle 3

Order of mammals closest genetically to humans.

Single-beam train track.

Added to a document.

In a saying, it makes the dream work.

Contestant on the TV show Survivor.

The opposite of the Orient.

American nonprofit funded by thrift stores.

Type of hotel that's small, chic, and fashionable.


The D of EGBDF, a mnemonic for musical notes.

Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson was one before he acted.

Puzzle 4

Deliciousness check.

Baton-passing sprint.

Safe habitat for wildlife and endangered species.

Land surrounded by water on 3 sides, like Florida.

Gastrointestinal tube that can be large or small.

Day moth; mariposa, to a Spanish speaker.

__: A True Underdog Story.

Short, narrow cigar larger than a cigarette.

Aperture in a castle wall used by archers.

Member of a Lodge fraternity.

Puzzle 5

These are built in Jenga games.

Groups of ships.

Rock down to Electric one of these, an 80s pop hit.

Famous designer of sunglasses or a sharpshooter.

Opening shots in snooker/pool.

Transmission that uses a clutch.

80s cartoon of a goofy detective Inspector.

Rehearsal, e.g. of a speech or performance.

Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed __.

Uniform worn by a cricketer or a chef.

Spanish fortified wine, aka Jerez.

Esthetic layer placed over a tooth's surface.

Capital city of Cuba 100 miles away from Florida.

The maximum amounts of fish to be caught.

Puzzle 6

Musicians Meg and Jack were The White __.

Contest to see who won't crack.

Access a lock through this.

Double, double, toil and __.

Jigsaws with many pieces.

Units of temperature.

Someone new to a place, a settler.

Bring in the crops.

Place ruled by a male royal.

Captain Frank in Hill Street Blues.

Home for flying insects; tall 1960's hairstyle.

Fringe that's a group with extreme, crazy views.

Traffic __; methods of reducing vehicle speeds.

French term for inn or restaurant.

Puzzle 7

Sharpened stone tip, Native American spear.

Distance markers alongside a road.

Ninja turtle Michelangelo's weapon of choice.

Object thrown around a circle to music.

Disorder of tissue wasting away.

Like gum that's not bad for one's teeth.

Moscow plaza.

Nickname for a redheaded child.

Stallholder at a convention or trade fair.

Braid, Fez, or Halo.

Puzzle 8

Bald time traveler in the Fringe TV series.

The E in EV, __ vehicle.

The anniversary of one being born.

Chicken eggs do this for 21 days before hatching.

Playing the devil's this.

International hotel chain with Blu brand.

A book character who is sound asleep.

Miming game.

A municipal meeting place for discussions.

Lollies with the slogan 'taste the rainbow'.

Public statue for a historical event or person.

The action of killing a king.

Puzzle 9

Artist known for his Blue Period.

Not as long as.

The customs and traditions of a group.

Edible kernels that are often used in coffee cakes.

Dragged a net through water.

Series of short fast punches in boxing.


Agreement, concord.

First name of the Cooper who kissed Lady Gaga.

Deciduous deer horns.

Mythical creature with a lion body and eagle head.

Act or perish.

Repairing damaged clothing, for example.

Puzzle 10

1987 alien film with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Long poles thrown by athletes.

Cubic __, crystal stone used instead of diamonds.

Pursuit, venture, undertaking.

Dough stuffed with meat or cheese, boiled or fried.

The state religion of Costa Rica.

Very minor distinction or difference.

Internal organs, intestines.

To water crops.

Mounted guns, munitions.

Victorian novelist of The Water-Babies, Charles.

Shorthand for a TV broadcast.

Long-horned cattle breed with wool coats.

80s NYC artist who mixed painting, poetry, graffiti.

Describes a harsh, rough voice.

Extremely ambitious project.

Puzzle 11

Carry out someone's wishes, do as one is asked.

Shown at private screenings.

Army gunner who can shoot from far away.

Leaving one's car engine on while stopped.

Bathroom basins for washing backsides.

Poorly, not feeling 100 percent.

Where one gets temp workers.

Brie, Gouda or Gruyere.

Abstract unit of meaning such as part of a word.

Lead grasshopper in Pixar's A Bug's Life.

Free __, liberation committee set up in June 1940.

A common garment among sports players and fans.

Solid shapes that split white light into spectrums.

An impossible task is one of these in a haystack.

The Night is this in Keats's Ode to a Nightingale.

It's popular to do this from a puzzle-filled room.

Web-based music service founded by Daniel Marhely.

Puzzle 12

Grasshopper-like agricultural pests.

Swindled out of savings, by ewes and rams maybe!.

7-a-side ball game with a shooter and wing attack.

Historical Czech land, with Silesia and Bohemia.

Corporate getaway.

Less ornate, simpler.

Gulped, glugged.

Author of Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol.

Word rearrangeable into another word.

__-iron, metal used by Victorians for railings.

Western European country known for its chocolate.

Paying for living in property you don't own.

Philanthropic group.

Puzzle 13

Irrational and unsound.

The study of humanity and its patterns.

He played Jim Morrison in The Doors and Batman.

The __, Eliot poem that ends with a whimper.

Exciting undertaking.

In performing an investigation, it is often due.

Three-foot-long measurement rod.

Slice of cured pig, pork loin and belly.

Deck of a ship for taking a stroll on.

Every symphony has one and they have a stick.

Built battlements.

Whisper passing game.

Large island with rainforests north of Australia.

Puzzle 14

Suspension bridge across New York's East River.

Matthew McConaughey was Dazed and this.

Small vehicle for transit around a fairway course.

Sugar and soy sauce cooked to make a sticky glaze.

Can't hear? This tunnel fills up with wax.

Worshippers may leave this gift of praise.

Automobile-based vacation.

Mr. Lamar; DNA, HUMBLE, and All the Stars singer.

Gains possession of something.

Fine porcelain vessel from 15th-century China.

Reality series hosted by Jeff Probst.

Cry from a sailor on sighting solid ground.

Puzzle 15

Ex-Soviet dictator Joseph.

Description of a wine, noting its raw ingredient.

German wood carved clocks with pendulums.

Offensive, invasion.

Tropical Thailand vacation spot.

One might be stranded on a desert one.

Jen; author of Pretend I'm Dead.

The silky inner of a jacket.

Teammates gathering in a tight circle.

A shop with discounted or damaged clothing.

Squad that's a military form of capital punishment.

He had an amazing technicolor dreamcoat.

Human trunks.

Puzzle 16

Steal an occupied vehicle.

Rideshare apps mean many people don't hail this.

Egyptian hieroglyphs show one tossing 3 balls.

What to do while you work; sung by the 7 dwarfs.

Arranged arguments with panels.

Computer virus, software made with bad intentions.

Another name for mangetout (icy).

Communal meal where everyone brings a dish.

Bear species with white tipped fur and round ears.

Questioned by the police, say.

Played violin, informally.

Literary description of the skies, and above.

Puzzle 17

Less beautiful.

Workplace Fridays when one can wear jeans.

Largest indie record shop, located in California.

Ship beds.

Fiery space rock that might land on Earth.

Breed of dog found on 1950s skirt.

Video game with twin martial artists: __ Dragon.

Tunnels where rabbits snuggle down.

Make a noise like big keys being shaken.

Long drink, a mix of beer and lemonade.

Zodiac sign represented by twins.

Best friend of Asterix the Gaul.

Charity race.

__ Garden; London suburb with jewelery heist.

Puzzle 18

Resident musicians on a TV or radio show.

Symmetrical dome-shaped line on a graph.

3 x 5 inch piece of heavy paper.

Coarse cabbage with tight, dark-green leaves.

Mr. Bonaparte and Mr. Dynamite.

Sinners might atone in this religious place.

Country home to the monolith Uluru.

Hearing and paying attention to someone.

Snake-eating African mammals.

Aretha Franklin sang of wanting to be this.

Puzzle 19

Lower leg muscles or baby cows.

Suggestive of a yellow citrus.

Description of pleasures one is embarrassed about.

Snake-haired guardian who birthed Pegasus.

His birth name is Marshall Mathers.

Corner, point at the end of an edge.

Arranges or cleans feathers or fur.

Soft caps associated with French artists.

Unplanned drama performance, for short.

Like a lawn that hasn't been cut.

Bar in the old west.

Freezing cold wasteland devoid of trees.

Raps or taps on a door.

Puzzle 20

Monthly novel-reading group.

The Hawaiian Islands are made up of this rock type.

A preacher is also this M.

Tropical drink of rum mixed with citrus and fruit.

Magical 1940 Mickey Mouse movie.

Pens, paperclips, etc. needed for an office.

Unimportant, not big fish.

Opposites creating new meaning, like 'bittersweet'.

Single huge stone like those at Stonehenge.

Spanish bullfighter.

Activity to help with remembering monikers.

When I Need You and Moonlighting singer.

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