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Here are the answers to CodyCross Teamwork Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Substance that cleans up oily surfaces.

A swallowtail, cloudywing or monarch.

Joint government consisting of two or more parties.

Tie __, it saves tripping over your shoes.

Routine clerical matters, filing, bills, etc.

Not fully.

Runner no. 2 on a relay race.

In Scrabble, the total for making the word FOXY.

Relating to plants and their study.

Makes a verification code to send to a phone.

Feeling part of something, fitting in.

__ artist; narrator, e.g. for radio commercials.

Moroccan city liked by Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Puzzle 2

Part of nose where spectacles are perched.

Person who sells used cars or drugs.

In Gotham City, criminals go to Arkham __.

Underground storage area, for wine bottles perhaps.

Bicycle made for two.

Language spoken in Egypt, Kuwait and Syria.

Anxious, afraid.

__ away from, trying to avoid doing something.

As much as a pouring receptacle can hold.

Team spirit, sometimes in need of a boost.

__ 11, the first moon-landing craft.

A rectangle with equal sides.

Little __ Annie sings about Tomorrow.

Puzzle 3

Gold chain or string of pearls, for example.

Removed contaminants from water.

Educational volume used in the classroom.

Resembling each other, identical to.

Caught __; apprehended mid-crime.

Pistols or rifles with explosive charges.

Transforming into something else.

Organism that lives off another organism.

Rhyming term for city center.

Utah film festival held each January.

Contest of strength between teams pulling a rope.

Uncontrollable combustion in a forest.

Puzzle 4

Harmful, deliberately unkind.

Group of two or more connected computers.

Nail that pushes the skin painfully.

Spoon with holes, used for sieving.

Dishes cooked with flames from alcohol.

Fellow member of a political party.

Answer these to get past the sphinx.

Touched lightly to tease.

Dishonest, having a cheating nature.

Opening four books of the New Testament.

System of tracks for trains to travel on.

When salaries hit bank accounts.

Sandy stretches of land beside the sea.

Month of birthday of racehorses in N hemisphere.

Provide with food and sustenance.

Puzzle 5

Sequence of numbers applied to an envelope.

Pepper that puts the heat in salsa.

__ curve, experience that helps to develop skills.

Advantages; pros, not cons.

Shape of a thin moon.

Person who contributes to government revenues.

Ability to move or relocate.

Another name for a wallet.

Removal of red bodily fluid as a purported cure.

Flick these to turn on lights or computers.

Work role that is split between two people.

Puzzle 6

Looked after someone else's children.

Four-piece musical ensemble.

In-ear headphones.

Tediousness that comes of nothing to do.

Vocal command to get a horse to move faster.

Outskirts of a town or city.

Number of people casting votes in an election.

Official detention or confinement of a suspect.

Chums, buddies.

White root vegetable, looks like a carrot.

Baby rockers for sleeping.

Pinkest, anagram of stories.

Puzzle 7

Second-hand motors.

Outdoor meal with grilled meats.

What the emperor was missing in the fairy tale.

Military group of ground soldiers.

Waves that can come after an earthquake.

Spur somebody on, support and encourage.

An ordinary individual, a stereotype, a cipher.

Every action has an equal and opposite one.

Do preparatory exercises before full-on sport.

The Nike brand's slogan.

Puzzle 8

One who takes chances and bets.

Use facial cream to get rid of grime.

Neck bands of shirts.

Pot-__ stove, rotund home burner.

__ Saved My Life Tonight, sang Elton John.

Wild horse or famous car made by Ford.

Liquid __ Display or LCD, flat-panel screen.

Country whose German name is Osterreich.

Clique; trendy, exclusive group of friends.

Feeling that something is wrong or dirty.

The astrological sign akin to stinging arachnids.

Goals, aims being worked towards.

Puzzle 9

__ committee; group that directs a project.

Six-sided shapes.

Opened out; a long carpet for example.

Profession of Thomas Edison.

African country that comes last in the alphabet.

Gearing up.

Performers love the sound of this from an audience.

Side that has traveled to play a sports fixture.

What the swans were doing on the 7th day of Xmas.

Fellow employee.

Document necessary for international travel.

Puzzle 10

Educator at a university.

Repetitive music and dance form of Cuba.

A resource to find words with the same meanings.

Vacuum, void.

__ dummy; guinea pig in vehicle safety trials.

Respect of the beliefs of others.

Dripping substance that drops from around a wick.

Journey with outward and return legs.

Museum-like places that display artwork.

Inputting information to a spreadsheet or document.

Rotary gymnastics move, pivoting on all four limbs.

Military unit formed for a particular purpose.

Reluctant to appear in photographs.

Puzzle 11

Salt's spicy partner.

Polly Wolly __ All the Day, Foghorn Leghorn's tune.

Close gathering of players for a team talk.

Chair that moves back and forth on curved feet.

Largest country by area belonging to the EU.

Night __, camera that can see in the dark.

"There's no I __", morale-boosting catchphrase.

Satin strips worn as part of formal uniforms.

__ Tesla; pioneer of modern electricity supply.

A segment of education.

Depression on the moon.

Rainy __, a period of intense rainfall.

Puzzle 12

Uniformed limousine driver.

Motivating with one's actions or speech.

Slang term for a partner, husband or wife.

Superhero was bitten by a radioactive spider.

Rewrapping and giving unwanted presents.

Someone who looks on the negative side.

Web diary entries.

Secure hiding place seen in spy stories.

Outdoor game with guns firing what artists use.

Schedule and plan of things to do on a day trip.

Bodily reactions to cats, dust, pollen, etc.

Fellow student you attend lessons with.

Puzzle 13

Describes apples in a barrel or ships on calm seas.

Hide of a cow.

__ Queen, Cher's Mamma Mia-inspired album.

Event in Cana where Christ turned water into wine.

Placating an upset person.

Power of a group working together.

Knee-length casual shorts or mysterious triangle.

Tennis played by teams of two.

Preposition for being in a lower position.

Shrouded in __; confidential, classified.

A large and luxurious home.

Puzzle 14

Take something out of the freezer so it melts.

Best friend __, BFF; eternally close.

Furry nectarines.

Tallest Himalayan peak.

Discounting offers on food, hotels etc.

Gain results, accomplish.

Professional tooth-fixer.

Alien movie starring Amy Adams.

Notoriously tough long-distance triathlon.

Tall wooden piece of archery equipment.

Sounds made by delighted pigs.

Early arcade game with green amphibian.

Roses are red, __ are blue; romantic poem.

Pungent gas, created by the Haber-Bosch process.

Local government; city __.

Died, decomposed, rotted.

Puzzle 15

Group of people from the same generation.

Hardened bits on the feet of horses.

Beaded necklace used with prayers.

Italian city where Neapolitan people come from.

Dead __, a heavy burden.

Stinging plant, can be taken as a tea.

Leave It to this semi-aquatic dam builder.

Painted or covered in gold.

Brand of two-wheeled scooter with a motor.

Controller that adjusts TV from a chair.

Team __; interpersonal morale of squad members.

Joined together, like a chain.

Mutineers, insurgents.

Musical notes that are the opposite of flats.

Kate __, daughter of Goldie Hawn.

Puzzle 16

Company can use a hostile one to buy another firm.

Football where teams have half a dozen players.

Argument reaches explosive proportions; __ debated.

Not afraid of anything.

Pigmentation on the outer layer of a person.

Bubbly Italian wine similar to champagne.

Pampering that involves painting fingernails.

Pull __; work as a team.

Pursue until capture.

Run lines; practice for a performance.

Puzzle 17

Scientific discipline of magnetism.

Phrase yelled ad nauseum by golfing crowds.

Pool __, someone who watches over swimmers.

Group of classical musicians.

Sweet dessert food made from roasted beans.

Tropical landscapes are incomplete without these.

Person's life, told by another.

Decision agreed by a group.

Permanent structures, usually with roofs.

Overnight party for school friends.

__ period, duration of a pregnancy.

Puzzle 18

__ mates; joint-ticket candidates in an election.

Relies on.

Spiders spin these.

Moving a ball from player to player on the field.

Double-decker sleeping structure.

Symbol that represents a number.

Post-Soviet state.

__ machine, dispenser of spheres of chewing candy.

Irish singing and theatrical stage show: Celtic __.

Llama-like creatures raised for wool.

Rose Royce classic about cleaning a vehicle.

Advance warning of an upcoming event.

Italian whey cheese.

Dealers in stocks and shares.

C in Roman numerals is equal to one __.

Put on smart or fancy clothes to go out.

Puzzle 19

Intimidated, threatened, coerced.

Steal __; deliver a stand-out performance.

Lumberjacks, woodcutters.

Mentors who deliver training sessions.

Dependent on someone or something.

Tiles and other materials used on top of a house.

Aid in the birth of a child.

US Air Force base; anagram of wardens.

Peaceful and happy coexistence.

Space __, a journey to other planets.

Puzzle 20

Deterioration of vision.

Shoulder block another opponent in ice hockey.

Artist's work, gathered together as examples.

Pulled out of shape.

Vying against another team for top spot.

Work out, estimate, do the math.

Nut also known as the Hawaii nut.

The same direction as the hands on a timepiece.

Thrash out details of a deal.

Get off your __; stop being self-righteous.

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