CodyCross Tending the Garden Pack answers

Tending the Garden PackTending the Garden

Here are the answers to CodyCross Tending the Garden Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Unattractiveness, repulsiveness.

Gems often found in wedding or engagement rings.

Fashion saying: Pink is the __ or Orange is the __.

Summer activity for musicians.

Plants that grow up a structure, like vines.

Camera setting for taking wide pictures.

Boats that drag for fish.

__ It Hot, Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis starred.

Do this to protect head while weeding in the sun.

Type of bank account that's in another country.

Puzzle 2

Residential home for end-of-life care.

The Accidental __, travel guide writer's son dies.

Plants that only live for one growing season.

State of health and conditioning.

Italian astronomer jailed for his findings.

Backdrop for a stage show.

Type of chocolate from Brussels.

Disarmed, made safe.

Material derived from cow hide.

Equipment for hitting tennis balls.

Leafy food from garden veggie patch.

Substance that is neither an acid nor an alkali.

Hard __, struggling against the clock.

Puzzle 3

Sport involving pins played in alleys.

This kind of novel is visual like a comic book.

Knives and forks.

Yanking out unwanted plants.

1990s band with Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain.

In a friendly or open way.

Nelson, former leader of South Africa.

__ mighty; arrogant, haughty, snooty.

Device used to generate power at a nuclear plant.

African grassland popular with grazing animals.

Container used for growing flowers in.

Puzzle 4

Trendy pants with flap and suspenders.

Way to tell which nutrients are in the garden.

Family name of maker of mayonnaise.

Chubbiness like that of a young canine.

Children's musical __ and Broomsticks.

MVP in sports stands for Most __ Player.

Place to turn a key and start the engine in a car.

Number of playing cards in a deck.

Calming purple plant that grows well in full sun.

You do this to "beam out" in some sci-fi films.

Puzzle 5

Sheltered from the sun, like certain plants.

Sport associated with German superstar Steffi Graf.

Takes as one's own child.

Large pale lizard native to the Americas.

Orange or yellow legume, often served in soups.

Substance made of atoms.

Large container often used to catch rainwater.

An overused phrase to be avoided in formal writing.

Netflix's chess show, The Queen's __.

Timon's warthog chum in The Lion King.

Person who is intentionally slimming.

Nice little __; a particularly lucrative project.

Puzzle 6

Spills over the brim.

__ Box, turn the crank and up he pops.

Annoyed, aggravated.

System that waters plants automatically.

Place in space where gravity is extremely strong.

Give a patient some paper to exchange for medicine.

Animal part of a sandwich.

Evil wizard who killed Harry Potter's parents.

Wriggler that helps keep garden soil healthy.

Person who directs an orchestra.

TV series in which prizes can be won.

Puzzle 7

What waves do in the wind.

Wooden crate used in goods transport.

Main creator god in Hinduism.

Wooden barriers separating gardens.

Limes are this type of fruit.

Game type where players guess answers to quizzes.

This Craig was James Bond in Skyfall, Spectre.

Cooling dairy product for DIY face mask.

1954-1973 beloved dog television series.

The Four Tops croon I Can't Help __.

Chania and Corinth are cities in this country.

Main title of an article or book.

Showy perennials, "bearded" ones are popular.

Puzzle 8

It couldn't stand up because it was "two-tired".

Gardeners grow things to suit these phases of year.

Milky substitute to whiten a cup of coffee.

Slang for person stockpiling for a major emergency.

Get Ur Freak On singer Missy.

Points the finger, blames someone for a crime.

Computer that is not very portable.

Sugar in milk that may make you intolerant.

Largest city in Texas.

Plants grown without chemicals or pesticides.

Grind __, slow down and eventually stop moving.

Puzzle 9

Making critical observations about a performance.

Move while kicking or playing a ball.

Juicy fruits often grown to make jam.

Amount paid for an insurance policy.

Servants, menial workers.

__ cuff; muscles and tendons around the shoulder.

Indiana Jones sought skulls of this material.

Light from the sun takes 8 of these to reach Earth.

Keepsake that is an anagram of knitter.

Clinton who's a politician, lawyer, ex-First Lady.

Old piece of furniture.

All that glisters is __.

East African Bantu language spoken in Zanzibar.

Succulent fruit plant with striking leaves.

Puzzle 10

Hybrid cars are designed to reduce these.

Tool used to detangle your mane.

Mobile Mexican restaurant.

Very young plants that are often transplanted.

Prisoners shackled together while on work duty.

Can be safely put down the toilet.

Its capital city is Buenos Aires.

__ of the Galaxy, blockbuster 2014 sci-fi film.

Tuck these fungi into shady spots to grow.

Authentic documents, not copies.

Puzzle 11

The teams that are considered least likely to win.

Elevated garden plot, for less back bending.

French creamy cheese that can be baked.

The hour near where you are.

Coil of wire that loosely holds documents together.

Simpler name for the femur.

Novelist Ernest, who wrote A Farewell To Arms.

To reach an agreement through discussion.

Educational travel jaunt outside the classroom.

Starting to grow, like a plant.

Study of the zodiac.

Puzzle 12

Stimulate creatively, give an idea to.

Unit of energy in food.

Website on which MrBeast found fame.

Flowers often used by kids to make chains.

Classic arcade game for Tommy, other wizards.

Shade made of equal parts of red and blue light.

You steal someone's when you take their credit.

Clothing that's at least 20 years old.

Language read by blind people.

Plant disease often caused by too much watering.

Fish used in Caesar salad dressing.

Tacked up a horse.

Lakshmi, Kali, or Artemis, for example.

Puzzle 13

Sleeping mattress filled with liquid.

"There was once a man from Peru..." e.g..

Purple flower associated with witches, fairies.

Intermittent, at random intervals.

Female successor of a royal family before marriage.

90% of Jupiter's atmosphere is made up of this gas.

Tax-exempt shopping in airports.

Red sauce served with cold shrimp.

__ family, cousins and more distant relatives.

Plants that are hardier under frost or drought.

Citrine is this autumn month's birthstone.

This Ryan starred in 2008 romcom Definitely, Maybe.

Old-fashioned name for long women's underwear.

Puzzle 14

Cream that has been beaten.

Beneficial critters that can help a garden.

__ steel, polished metal used in home appliances.

It's raised at the start of a stage performance.

Adele has won many of these music awards.

Plants pruned into decorative shapes.

"It's not the destination, it's the __".

Diminish someone's anger, pacify.

Reclined seat by a pool or beach for tanning.


Changed the title of a work.

Large lump of oily solid waste in a sewer system.

First name of two of the Spice Girls.

Bunker that offers protection against air raids.

Puzzle 15

Reflected the sound.

Music played on two speakers for full sound.

A dog is known as man's best one.

This Andy painted Campbell's soup cans.

Spring bulbs famously grown in Amsterdam.

Prize award for literature.

__ eyes; craft supplies that look like eyeballs.

A tool that might be feared by nails.

Temperature scale on which 0 is absolute zero.

Monster that's no longer alive, e.g. zombie.

Short for vegetable or vegetarian.

Groups of people who host job interviews.

Prickly plant that grows well without much water.

Kidneys and lungs one might want transplanted.

__ bill, cinematic programs showing two films.

Lucky charm for warding off evil.

Small bays or indentations in a coast.

Floor or ceiling supports in a building.

Puzzle 16

Tasty baked dessert with small red fruits.

Opposite of evergreen.

Heavy, waterproof covering or groundsheet.

Pushed mechanically, like a boat's fan.

Virgin __, Branson's space tourism business.

A radio must be tuned to one to play music.

Wooden back piece for a bed.

Warming bed for a newborn baby.

Using a brush to get soil out of fingernails.

Epilogue, author's comment at end of a book.

Having eight sides.

Puzzle 17

Car safety features that inflate in a collision.

Turning over the soil, preparing for planting.

Slow-cooked Italian rice and cheese dish.

Footstool; empire in what is now Turkey.

Style of dress with a tight body and tail-like hem.

Called in on someone, stopped by.

Comic-book creator known for movie cameos.

Imagine __, Believer, Radioactive, Thunder band.

Something that causes hurt is this.

Kate who starred in Titanic.

Study of interaction of nature and the environment.

Progress, advances.

Movement of electricity around a circuit.

Dante's realm along with Paradise and Purgatory.

Generic word for plants that need lots of light.

Puzzle 18

Chinese practice of interior design.

Moving belt in a sushi restaurant.

Close enough to reach by foot.

Crimson wigglers that create the best compost.

Slang for successfully being a mature person.

Elements are organized in the __ table.

Shiny cosmetic for the mouth.

Call of Duty title about clandestine missions.

An event with a terrible outcome like a flood.

Describes a flight that involves a stopover.

Female servant in Margaret Atwood's tale.

Red salad objects many gardeners love to grow.

Describes a 0-0 draw in football.

Puzzle 19

Type of gardener that designs and lays out grounds.

Host on a TV or radio show.

Wave riding platform stored on a garage wall.

Disseminated a message on Twitter.

The Q in PMQs.

Statue of Liberty welcomes this person.

Provide happiness to an audience.

Celestial body used to guide.

Edible garden product like carrot, broccoli, pea.

Storage building for produced goods and materials.

Puzzle 20

Greek mythology hero with a weak heel.

Remove old blooms from a plant.

What you push a child around in.

Decorative lighting with moving wax blobs.

All of time, or a perfume by Calvin Klein.

Island off Australia's south coast, capital Hobart.

Planting different crops each year to help soil.

This type of identity is due to eyewitness error.

Conflict initiated by the people within one nation.

Hypothetical route between parts of the universe.

Worldwide web of computers.

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