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Here are the answers to CodyCross Tennis Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Ancient Upper Egypt capital, with Temple of Seti.

Sunday meal often accompanied by a mimosa.

Boris __, German tennis star won Wimbledon aged 17.

Father or mother.

Early US space station first launched in 1973.

Carbon __; things showing a very similar likeness.

Highest of the stringed instruments.

Capital of Lebanon, focus of civil war in the 80s.

UK tennis ball manufacturer with Flying D.

Call of __, euphemism for retiring to the toilet.

Puzzle 2

Intentionally not paid attention to.

Clenches with embarrassment.

Relating to the wedded.

The practice play in tennis just prior to a match.

A wasting disease is named after this physician.

London's performance area.

David with the Head of __, Caravaggio painting.

Afraid, scared.

Italian city famous for its stone residents.

Rank, could be Marvel or America.

King George I of Britain was from this German town.

__ for a Dream stars Jared Leto.

Electric __, flow of electric charge.

Rising like the sun.

Food and fuel of tennis champions.

Insect lives in a colony, feeds on wood.

Palindrome that describes a Formula 1 vehicle.

Female followers of Dionysus.

Manager of Central Perk coffee shop in Friends.

Computer for games.

Puzzle 3

About to occur.

Hearing membranes that vibrate with sound.

Italian rice balls.

Disgrace, humiliation.

Pinky lotion for soothing insect bites and sunburn.

Hunts the prey.

In tennis matches these appear every nine games.

African famine country was the spur for Live Aid.

One who works on cars.

Companies who fund sporting events for ad purposes.

"Be __, everyone else is taken", by Oscar Wilde.

Device for cleaning the air.

Consents to a treaty.

Puzzle 4

Tennis surface at the French Open.

Female representative of a monarch.

City that's the "Pearl of the Adriatic".

Understanding a situation only after looking back.

Sedimentary rock that contains skeletal remains.

Spring and Autumn period Chinese philosopher.

Speared in the ocean.

Protect against.

Top of the music charts.


Canadian island where the Butchcart Gardens are.

Famous shot, German liquor falls in beer.

Jesus had a dozen of them.

Revolving shaft on a boat or an early aircraft.

Walter Clopton __, the inventor of modern tennis.

Initial example of a technological design.

Puzzle 5

Females who have lost their husbands.

Portuguese-owned island group in the Atlantic.

How Italians say June.

Althea __, first black Grand Slam tennis champion.

__-talkie, hand-held transmitter and receiver.

Nationality of tennis players Forget, Cochet, Noah.

Meat cooked and preserved in its own fat.

__ Lady, 1964 Pygmalion-based Best Picture winner.

Band TLC wants none of these.

Committee of __ Safety, group established in 1793.

__ De Rossi, wife of Ellen DeGeneres.

Puzzle 6

Tennis shot played between the legs.

Boat used in Venice.

Pam __, partnered Navratilova in many tennis wins.

Rubbish, discarded waste.

Tchotchke, knick-knack.

Harry Potter, Gandalf, Merlin.

Sammy __, Rat Pack tapper.

"__ Rigby": a song about "all the lonely people".

Cut scene from broadcast footage.

It's rumored to have a pot of gold at the end.

Dessert named after a famous Russian ballerina.

Leading state of the historic German Empire.

The only castle in New Zealand.

Puzzle 7

Easter Island's native name.

Formal hand signals of respect shown in the forces.

Powerful mid-rally overhead shots in tennis.

Nickname for tennis stars McEnroe, Nadal, Connors.

Sensing with ears.

She doesn't have to put on the red light.

Paintings are put on display here.

Virus that was responsible for smallpox.

Medical term for loss of ability to speak.

Add on something ornamental, decorative.

French term for stewed or preserved fruit.

Retroactive remuneration.

A __ storm, a combination of disastrous events.

Queen of the Fairies in a Midsummer Night's Dream.

Puzzle 8

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Men in Black actor.

Acquaintance, colleague.

White metal pigment used in paint and ointments.

US singer of California Gurls and Roar.

To make an alcoholic drink less strong.

Unwise, ill-considered.

Second most heavily populated city in Spain.

Art form for which Luc della Robbia was famous.

Month when World Tourism Day is observed.

Each of the major four tennis tournaments.

Hostile, brutal.

Medical term for bulging eyes.

Puzzle 9

Kilimanjaro country in East Africa.

Soak veggies or meat in it to infuse flavor.

Constructing, making a house.

__ to Heaven, iconic Led Zep single of 1971.

Obtains goals.

Suicidal Japanese pilot.

Took the audience's attention from another actor.

Tennis shot with palm facing to the rear.

Excessive inward curvature of the spine.

Extra costs.

Decade when the Australian Open abandoned grass.

Puzzle 10

English translation of the Spanish word "hermana".

Desire to have a drink.

City where West End is akin to NYC's Broadway.

Keep balls in the air with hands.

Castor and __, twins representing Gemini.

Himalayan, noted for mountaineering skills.

Timberlake, Bieber or Trudeau.

__ of the Sexes, Riggs vs King grudge tennis match.

__ Crane, she died in the Bates Motel shower.

Joseph __; British surgeon who invented antiseptic.

Jennifer __, 60s girl sung about by the Hollies.

Tennis players wipe off sweat with these items.

Flipped, like a pancake.

Puzzle 11

Broken and sharp, like a glass shard.

Lebanese capital city on the Mediterranean Sea.

Design of a magazine page.

Independent, self-contained unit of a spacecraft.

Beer plus lemonade.

More upset or unhappy.

French word for house.

Belgian cartoonist Herge's best known comic strip.

Cut-off trousers worn by tennis players.

Celtic goddess; consort of Apollo Borvo.

__ room, where tennis players change into whites.

Michael Jackson's middle name (and father's name).

Puzzle 12

Smoke __, tactics to obscure what is going on.

Pete __, US tennis player has 14 Grand Slam titles.

Machine that produces hard copies of documents.

Revolutions from hitting over a tennis ball.

Participants in a game, e.g. of chess, cards.

Downloaded an illegal copy of a file.

Grey's __, medical drama featuring Ellen Pompeo.

__-Webster, dictionary publisher since 1831.

People who have recently been introduced to gaming.

The science of life and study of living organisms.

Large hawk with broad wings and tail.

Excessive self-pride.

Machine for crushing coffee beans.

Delicate, frail, brittle.

Large tropical flying grasshoppers.

South African leader won Nobel Prize with Mandela.

Imprisoning someone.

Puzzle 13

Son of a __ Man, Dusty Springfield hit record.

Sending fraudulent emails to obtain passwords.

Detectable as if able to be felt.

Cream, salve, balm.

Famous father of Maddox, Pax, Shiloh and Knox.

Popular English tea company.

Country with world's largest religious monument.

Commanding, powerful, influential.

The length of time an animal is expected to live.

Busiest time of the day to travel.

Italy's second-biggest island.

Operations rooms on jets.

Registered as a soldier.

__ in the room, awkward and sensitive issue.

Sent items abroad for sale.

Last battle of the American War of Independence.

__ and Albert, royal spouses with a London museum.

Relating to the sea or shipping.

Nightclub owner who killed Lee Harvey Oswald.

Ken __, Aussie tennis champ straddled the Open era.

Shocking designer of Madonna's conical bra.

Legal term for killing a son or daughter.

Studio for developing film.

Conning in a game of poker.

Puzzle 14

Opportunity for a tennis player to dispute a call.

Give up something valuable; offering to a deity.

Symbolised by an A in tennis, happens after 40-40.

Business show with exhibition stalls.

Singer-songwriter of Song for Guy.

Multiple by four.

Denying a place within, cutting someone out.

Russian city formerly named Stalingrad.

Unexpectedly reverse one's previous opinion.

Roman emperor began construction of the Colosseum.

Puzzle 15

Quote from Shakespeare: "Parting is such sweet __".

Home neighbourhood of the Fresh Prince.

Lessen the impact of something.

Philip __, Irish milliner popular with the royals.

Girlfriend of cartoon cat Garfield.

City setting for the book and film Cabaret.

__ serve, it follows a foul first serve in tennis.

Where a plane lands.

Strange person.

Ruler of China, Genghis Khan's grandson: __ Khan.

__ and green livery is on towels etc at Wimbledon.

Puzzle 16

Country where the Negev Desert is located.

Nuts, look like walnuts, good on sweet pies.

__ Ashe, has a US Open court named after him.

Filmmaker James Cameron's largest grossing film.

Martina __, Swiss singles/doubles tennis player.

What a director says to start a scene.

__ mill, for grinding seasoning.

People born in early to mid October.

Bradley __, Phil of The Hangover.

Country once led by Venustiano Carranza.

Papa Don't __, 1986 hit for Madonna.

__ the dirt, spread scandal.

Puzzle 17

Tennis game with two players each side of the net.

Sugar that has had any impurities removed.

They work at sea.

Weeping riverside trees.

Director and star of Life is Beautiful: Roberto __.

Sega __; US name for the Mega Drive console.

Someone who spoils others' fun.

Where players hold tennis balls during play.

The Dukes of __; action-comedy television series.


Wole __, Nigerian playwright won the Nobel Prize.

Obsolete; out of date.

Making a replica of a print-out.

Collection of rural houses and amenities.

Puzzle 18

__ at straws; desperately looking for hope.

Tennis shot with palm/racket facing to the front.

Similar to an oboe, but with a single reed.

Men's team tennis tournament held yearly.

Type of joke. Very short. Of few words.

To caution or give someone a warning.

Black sticky brewers' yeast extract from Australia.

Mexican beach resort famous for cliff diving shows.

Without a cable; not plugged in.

Small brightly-colored pet bird.

Likelihood of a future event.

Fire starter.

Puzzle 19

Sand timer.

Eleanor Porter's 1913 book of an optimistic girl.

Another name for cilantro.

Iconic American western actor, "The Duke".

Monopoly is one of them.

Open to several interpretations.

Professionals who fix the face of tennis rackets.

Swedish tennis player with underwear empire.

Without speech.

Wish You Were Here, The Wall, Animals band.

Puzzle 20

Tennis shot hit before the ball bounces.

In equal numbers.

Ms. Piggy's love.

Martha __, she ushered in the modern dance form.

World's fourth-highest peak, on China-Nepal border.


Doughy tennis slang for 0 games won in sets.


Walkways on planes or in supermarkets.

Procter & __, toiletries and cleaners producer.

Wheat and other cereal seeds.

God of the sky in Sumerian tradition.

__ group, a tribe, people with common culture.

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