CodyCross Thanksgiving Pack answers

Thanksgiving PackThanksgiving

Here are the answers to CodyCross Thanksgiving Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Improve, or change for a better model.

Coin-operated games are found in these places.

Be sure of something.

Someone who posts junk messages online.

Wooden furniture with doors.

Dad's dad.

Using the voice to produce musical tones.

Breathes in.

You're either with us, or __ us.

Orange squash for carving.

Jumper, pullover.

Coastal algae such as bladderwrack.

Principal __, head teacher in School of Rock.


Puzzle 2

The official American music charts.

Additional minutes at the end of a sporting event.

__ Down, 2001 movie about a raid in Mogadishu.

Wards off birds in a field.

High-speed Internet connection.

Plant-eating dinosaur with duck-like beak.

A wizard's tool for casting spells.

Polite, well-mannered.

Someone lacking in common sense.

A custom passed down through generations.

The study of countries and the physical world.

Prepare to leave.

Zucchini in the UK.

A tropical cyclone, such as Maria or Irma.

Young Spanish women.

All the people who live together in a home.

Puzzle 3

More wealthy.

These were thrown on the ground under Jesus/donkey.

Healing disease or illness.

Evening meal, supper.

At a lopsided angle, e.g. how you might wear a hat.

Paper coupon allowing you to travel on a train/bus.

Thundery, rainy weather.

Most syrup in North America comes from these trees.

How high or tall something is.

Bread comes in these units.

Puzzle 4

Aisha __, Yellow Power Ranger.

Flaky-crusted tree fruit and cinnamon dessert.

Space in a house for children, with toys and games.

Person who monitors tests.

kB stands for....

The opposite of "formally".

__ right whale, mammal with no dorsal fin.

Madonna’s birth religion.

Automobile anger.

Idealistic place sought by the pilgrims.

George Bush would never order it: beef with __.

Considering, mulling.

Puzzle 5

Rooms where businesses carry out admin work.

Chewy sweet made with butter, sugar and milk.

United States.

Made small waves on the water's surface.

Carriage of a train with beds for overnight trips.

Magical __ Tour, movie by The Beatles.

Someone aged between 50 and 59 is in their __.

Down to __, a very close competition.

Wet, swampy area with dark organic soils.

Shopping, hanging, wicker....

Everyone brings a dish.

Puzzle 6

Tweeter's pound sign.

Utensil used for flipping food while cooking.

Area of hair below forehead, for catching sweat.

__ bone, trickery used by Gretel to con the witch.

Dull and overcast with no solar warmth.

Not on time, late, like a plane.

The business of managing money.

Something or someone liked or admired by many.

Colourful capsicums, a good source of vitamin A.

That "Christmassy" feeling.

East African country, capital Mogadishu.

Fall, winter, spring, summer.

Black shiny insects with pincers.

Puzzle 7

An urgent accident or crisis.

Farm building powered by a moving stream.

__ Glass; 2010 song by Pink.

__ Layton; a mystery-solving video game character.

Those who create things that haven't been made before.

Content created to entice you to follow links.

Revitalised, made cleaner.

E.g., Broccoli, lettuce, cucumber.

How you crack open a piñata.

Sage's minion in Knight Squad.

Relating to a large company or business.

The original American film studio, rival to Disney.

Storage shelves for novels and journals.

Ground maize baked into spongy yellow squares.

A boat with two hulls side-by-side.

A meat-eater.

Neckwear worn by canines.

Compass point exactly between west and north.

Puzzle 8

Took layers of paint off a wall.

Toenail beautification.

Waves a footie flag; now called assistant referee.

Confectionary on a stick for sucking or licking.

Errors or things that went wrong.

Saying grace; giving the __.

Baby geese.

Joints in the middle of both legs, the patellas.

Queen whose life dates from 1819 to 1901.

Small fluffy animal who collects nuts for winter.

Puzzle 9

A general name for people; we are all part of this.

Tangy red side dishes main ingredient.

Tiredness, apathy, listlessness.

Type of sporting event combining track and field.

Pride and __, Austen's tale of the Bennet sisters.

Garments beneath your main outfit, e.g. panties.

Chewy, buttery oat biscuits.

Fattening, too many units of food energy.

Musician who strums.

Irish patron.

Flexible skin tissue found on the nose and ears.

Removing creases or bumps.

Hard adhesive in a tube, great for adhering paper.

Criminals who have been caught and are locked up.

Where a feline sleeps overnight.

Large, hairy spider aka the bird-eating spider.

Electrical device used on your head after bathing.

E.g. pin the tail on the donkey.

Finding out about a new place or topic.

These can be horse-drawn, with wheels.

Remaining food to eat later on.

__ around; fooling about like a primate.

Puzzle 10

Relating to your body rather than your mind.

The Russian writing system.

Team sport with touchdowns and field goals.

Sightseers, holidaymakers.

Roald __; Norwegian explorer of the South Pole.

Made available to someone, rhymes with "provide".

Hidden container with logbook found by GPS.

The Boy in __; David Walliams book.

To pause before speaking or moving.

__ Revolution ended Catholic monarchy in Britain.

A springy cartwheel to land on two feet.

A flight of __; flying machines.

Neutral pale beige paint colour for rooms.

Round seed pod that drops from evergreen trees.

Patterns on an animal's fur.

Puzzle 11

Grand home to kings and queens, e.g. Buckingham.

Double-__ bus; a vehicle with two floors.

A nightspot for gamblers.

Delicacies, goodies, yummies.

Wink __, game to track down a secret suspect.

__-eyed; can't see clearly because you're tired.

Spring bulbs, from Amsterdam said the song.

Dick __, highwayman who rode the steed Black Bess.

The top of a printed page where you put the date.

A small, dressy bag or pedal in a car.

Put into a tin and sealed.

Pumpkin, gourd.

Puzzle 12

Repeated or imitated a sound.

Tree seeds that squirrels love to eat.

Gordon __, a TV chef.

Drowsy, sluggish feeling after eating turkey.

A sandwich short of a __, unintelligent.

__ and Juliet; love story with garden ornaments.

A tool for knocking a nail into wood.

Linked together.

Body part used for licking.

20% less than 100.

Puzzle 13

Strip of ribbon or cord above headgear's brim.

Children perform the first Thanksgiving in this show.

Day off to honor an event.

__ Bacon, statesman and author.

Trips taken on aeroplanes.

Round citrus fruits, named like their colour.

Odd, strange, weird and inexplicable.

Country in Europe; anagram of "nice lad".

Understanding people's emotions, like sympathy.

To change one currency into another one.

Land mammal with the longest tail.

Argument, quarrel.

Wax sticks that can be scented.

Puzzle 14

Pull this down to shade your eyes in the car.

Squats down, bends down low.

Collection of edibles to help less fortunate.

Shivered and shook.

Making a sound like pigs.

Harry Potter's anti-Dementor charm.

Lisbon is the capital of this European country.

Causes a chemical reaction to occur.

Dainty, fragile, easily broken.

Hoop-shaped breakfast cereal.

Pink-haired female Teen Titan.

"The bear went over the __".

Between October and December.

Pile of sand on a beach left by a lugworm.

Puzzle 15

Poles that make circus performers taller.

Desert south and west of Morocco.

Tropical bird with a colourful beak.

Another word for liquids.

Keep it on your lap for holiday meals.

Cut or remove text on a computer screen.

Loner, someone choosing to live alone.

Container for playthings.

Gathering leaves with a metal comb.

Make someone happy.

Puzzle 16

The wife of a duke.

To the right, in French.

Miranda Sings is __ Ballinger.

Yams coated with sugar.

Often used to describe Pilgrim beliefs.

A mixture of nuts, grains, fruit and honey.

People who go running to keep fit.

__ of flowers; another word for bouquets.

Cut the __, to reach an acceptable standard.

The __ and the Carpet, E. Nesbit's magical tale.

Canine who works in the snow.

Armour worn in a joust to protect the thighs.

Puzzle 17

Boat that travels under the water.

Turkey or chicken leg.

The dial on a personal timepiece.

Golden-coloured gundog popular as a pet.

Something that is larger than it should be.

People who tell stories.

Small yellow, orange, and white triangular treat.

Shivered and trembled.

Yellow flower held under the chin to illuminate it.

Gave something to someone.

William the __ defeated King Harold in battle.

Heavenly dish of whipped whites and yolk.


Benito __, Italian fascist leader of the 1920s-40s.

Classical instruments formed into a band.

Utensil for serving up gateau.

Light-hearted, enjoying pleasure.

Contamination of the environment, e.g. by vehicles.

Also called a "mobile", make calls wherever you go.

Puzzle 18

What PgUp on a keyboard stands for.

The name for a moving arabesque in figure skating.

Fruits that grow on trees, e.g. golden delicious.

Women who are getting married.

__ I Fall, film where a girl relives her dying day.

Frightens, spooks someone.

Process food in the stomach.

Liquid toppings for various dishes.

Discoloured marks left by sweat or wine, say.

The island at the end of the boot of Italy.

Long, arduous journey.

To undo stitching.

Puzzle 19


Web spider.

Sticky topping on apples.

Mills __, romantic fiction publishers.

Nickname of the black keys on a piano keyboard.

Delivering food to the table.

Tools with bristles for sweeping or cleaning teeth.

Sounds like a bird, boasting.

Apply mascara to one of these.

Coloured powdered sticks used for artwork.

Edible ocean delights, e.g. prawns, mussels.

Days of __, film that depicts NASCAR's racing.

Huge mass of frozen water in the oceans.

Sad, white-faced clown in a smock.

Puzzle 20

To enclose/border something all the way around.

Cardio workout in a gym class.

Metal bowl with holes for straining food items.

Surprise gathering of people who dance in public.

Devoted, loyal.

Surname of Narnia's Edmund, Lucy, Peter, Susan.

Paper-thin precious metal used in gilding.

An African animal with a snout and a long tongue.

Describes a rousing rock song sung at a concert.

Wobbles while walking, lurches about.


Burying seeds for next years' harvest.

Shirley __, actress in Terms of Endearment.

Parallelogram with unequal sides.

__ piggledy means untidy, disorganised.

Brand of cars: __ Benz.

A relative from the past.

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