CodyCross The 1920s Pack answers

The 1920s PackThe 1920s

Here are the answers to CodyCross The 1920s Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Diplomatic, sensitive, considerate.

Location of the legendary Hanging Gardens.

US composer of 1920's The Cat and the Mouse.

Embarrassing breach of decorum, in French.

The O in the sports federation IOC.

Plantlike organisms seen on rocks and trees.

Country that spent the schilling before the euro.

Fictional kingdom ruled by Black Panther.

Gaunt, hollow-eyed.

Police force in Germany.

Cat breed with sealpoint and lilac point varieties.

Legendary star jailed for obscenity in 1927.

Puzzle 2

An adult male horse that has not been gelded.

Long-running news satire website.

God of the west wind in Greek mythology.

Mega-rich James Bond villain in Moonraker.

The area in which planes are permitted to fly.

Life that Coldplay sang about on their 2019 album.

A four-line stanza of poetry.

JM Barrie play first adapted for cinema in 1924.

Weakening, tiring, wilting.

Latin term used in English to mean genuine or real.

Captain Nemo's submarine: the __.

Angela, star of TV's Murder, She Wrote.

Only African country whose name begins with D.

Motoring magnate who was 1928's Person of the Year.

Puzzle 3

Old, classic car modified for more power.

Aplenty, copious, plentiful.

French motor race first held in 1923.

Iranian New Year celebrated around March 21.

Porous volcanic rock used in skincare.

Fleshy side parts of an animal's body.

It describes lights, ideas or intelligent people.

__ Waltz, aka Chopin's Waltz in D Flat Major.

Capital city of Canada.

Surname of Kylie, Kendall, and Kris.

Plaster fitting that joins walls and ceilings.

Wilmer, Amelia Earhart's 1928 transatlantic pilot.

Fashion __, zealous trendsetter who looks silly.

Family featuring in Arthur Miller's All My Sons.

A type of pastry; Denmark's language and people.

Puzzle 4

Cartoon Horseman in TV comedy series.

Men's neckwear, worn loosely often beneath a shirt.

Mouth, nose and jaws of an animal.

High-ranking official in certain Muslim countries.

Isaac, influential author and scientist born 1920.

Universe in which The Legend of Zelda takes place.

Infertile soil that forms in coniferous forests.

As a substitute, offered as an alternative.

Dancer who died in a tragic accident in 1927.

A Moroccan stew and also the pot it's prepared in.

French word for art technique of smoke on paper.

Entry-level, general assistant on a film set.

City that won the 2020 Super Bowl.

Puzzle 5

Island nation once known as the Dutch East Indies.

Infectious animal disease, especially in canines.

Shade associated with land-based military force.

French heroine made a saint in 1920.

A witch's cat.

Scottish golf course that hosted the Open in 2013.

1922 horror movie subtitled A Symphony of Horror.

Medical problem that makes the spine curve.

Motion of large plates of Earth's crust.

Traditional mug for drinking German Pilsner.

Ray Kurzweil and Faith Popcorn.

Puzzle 6

Low-level clouds with horizontal layering.

Tropical flower used in tea.

The medical term for a high body temperature.

Federico, director of La Dolce Vita, born 1920.

Transitionary, between two life stages.

Puts into a jug from a bottle.

Legendary US broadcaster Barbara, born 1929.

1980s music genre with pop and electronic styles.

Exclamation and mild oath in Irish.

Hindu deity associated with protection and love.

Electric small dried grape?.

Laced-up formal shoes, often brown or black.

For measuring electric current.

Puzzle 7

Where prunes started life.

Christian angels of the highest hierarchical order.

Surrealist painter of 1920's The Hat Makes the Man.

Cause distress; annoy.

Listicle website that owns HuffPost.

A non-voting member of the US Congress.

Cape of __, rocky headland on African coast.

Describes an airline with few added extras.

Rosalind, co-discoverer of DNA, born in 1920.

The tissue that attaches bones, stabilizes joints.

Set of gods, e.g. in Greek or Egyptian mythology.

Bette Midler sang as this witch in Hocus Pocus.

1966 Beatles album featuring Yellow Submarine.

Words that share a common origin between languages.

Stir the Darjeeling and milk with this device.

Puzzle 8

Principles, conscience, ethics.

Host city of the first Winter Olympics, 1924.

Literary technique that relies on indirect hints.

The central stone in the middle of an arch.


German soldiers hired by the British in the 1700s.

Marvel character who became Dark Phoenix.

Large-scale landscape design, e.g. a hill figure.

Swiss luxury watchmaker.

These are for lying on by the pool.

1921 winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics.

People or things that are no longer productive.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron __.

Puzzle 9

Mean gibe, hurtful criticism.

Registration of a product or company name.

Little Bear night sky constellation.

Science-fiction hero with a sonic screwdriver.

He hit the first of his 493 home runs in 1923.

Someone terrified of being without a mobile phone.

Important plot object in a book or movie.

Ancient Mesopotamian stepped towers.

Flowering bulb species of the belladonna lily.

The skill of clear and expressive speech.

Rudolph, silent star who played The Sheik in 1921.

Puzzle 10

Differ from the norm.

Capital city in which you can visit the Atomium.

Only Great Lake to lie entirely in the USA.

Main vegetable in baba ganoush.

Loyal, royal toast.

Cooking tools, tongs or spatula for example.

Timothy, star of horror comedy Santa Clarita Diet.

US President 1923-1929.

Hogwarts points competition involving all students.

Porsche model first unveiled in 2009.

Where stray canines are temporarily kept.

Number of founding League of Nations members.

2014 hit for Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne.

Halloween and Freaky Friday actress Curtis.

Lustrous black mineraloid from Northern Asia.

Pure, untouched or unwed.

Computer services company with Navigator browser.

Puzzle 11

Phoebe, the guitar-playing one in Friends.

First name of O'Neill, playwright of 1929's Dynamo.

Gymnastic horse.

Moist, fermented feed for cattle.

Japanese train running on magnetic rails.

Defames by publishing falsehoods.

Country invaded by Iraq in early 1990s.

Hungarian currency introduced in 1946.

Assume the throne.

Animation studio founded in 1923.

Leafy layer of a rainforest environment.

Valet in P. G. Wodehouse's novels.

Gauge bosons for strong interactions.

Kids are often asked to use this voice.

It can be cursive, italic or bold.

Offspring of Uranus and Gaia in Greek mythology.

Ornamental style of 18th-century art and music.

Bivalve used in a popular Chinese sauce.

Puzzle 12

Fixes errors in a computer program.

White part of the eyeball.

Jackie, Charlie Chaplin's costar in 1921's The Kid.

Not capable of doing.

Hairy-nosed Australian marsupial.

Netherlands river and Amsterdam brewery.

Paper tape once thrown in celebratory parades.

Glacier climbing tool with a handle, pointed head.

Marc, US fashion designer born 1963.

Mexican coffee liqueur.

A biology term that means capable of surviving.

Passport for stateless person, established 1922.

Band that had a hit with Ready Or Not in 1996.

The Mrs. whose cow started Great Chicago Fire?.

Regional language spoken in northern Spain.

Puzzle 13

Final demand for action.

Berlin airport that closed in 2008.

2019 drama about female Fox News anchors.

Buying and selling goods online.

The two-week period that sounds like a video game.

British territory on the tip of Spanish mainland.

Cosmodrome from which rockets are launched.

Snappy nickname of 1920s tennis ace René Lacoste.

Norse maidens who take warriors to Valhalla.

Accommodation funded by charity or church.

Private browsing mode in Google Chrome.

Alice Mary, second US Congresswoman elected 1921.

David Copperfield's bitter stepfather.

Puzzle 14

Remember the dignity of your __, C. Pankhurst.

Small toy dog breed originally from Tibet.

John, actor who played Don Juan in a 1926 movie.

Dish based on lima beans and sweet corn.

Word for good conduct that could be spelled OBDNC?.

People may have them of grandeur.

Second lightest major boxing weight class.

She trained as an assassin in Game of Thrones.

Car company that introduced its AA Capitol in 1927.

Singing like an Alpine mountain climber.

Puzzle 15

Radiating, emanating.

Curled line under the C in "façade".

Infamous James Joyce novel published 1922.

Performer or writer of absurdist situations.

Spanish city, site of 1813 Napoleonic Wars battle.

Art __, movement also called Jugendstil.

2000 crime film about short term memory loss.

The largest flightless bird in the world.

Raising taxes or raising an army.

Business magnates.

Light, transparent fabric typically made of silk.

Excessive bureaucracy and regulations.

Type of berry often used in gin.

William, chemist who discovered insulin in 1921.

The inability to understand or produce speech.

Behave insincerely.

Large redwood trees found in California.

A flat boat commonly seen in Venetian canals.

August __, singer also known as Kid Creole.

Tough protein that makes the hair and nails.

Netherlands; Spider-Man actor surname.

Puzzle 16

Ocean crossed nonstop by Lindbergh in 1927.

Restore previous prices.

Highlight, make text stand out.

Newspaper notice of death.

Pain au __, crisp French pastry with cocoa filling.

A baby puffin.

Fine-toothed hand blades for cutting metal.

Pile of waste products from mining site.

Emil, first Best Actor Oscar winner in 1929.

Chinese practice that values harmony in buildings.

Italian musical term for majestic, stately.

Legally seizes a vehicle.

Don't mention it; you're welcome.

Puzzle 17

Paco, designer for Jane Fonda in Barbarella.

The first radio orchestra was formed here in 1922.

Woven flooring, or becoming tangled.

Small curious crow.

Becomes dry, atrophies.

Island, and blue liqueur.

Foxy play by Ben Jonson.

Nationality of 1920s athletics legend Paavo Nurmi.

Potassium chloride in mineral form.

Furnishes, supplies.

Surgery performed through a small incision.

Cameron Diaz is a "Bad" one in a 2011 movie.

Puzzle 18

Month in 1929 of Wall Street's Black Tuesday.

Popular Chinese tile game.

Model, singer and TV presenter Carmen.

Whale with a large protruding tusk.

Bacterial infection also known as lockjaw.

Moscow playhouse; the USSR treaty was signed here.

Fake excuse used to cover the real excuse.

Male spokesperson for a jury.

Capital of Britain’s Isle of Man.

Most famous song by R&B group Rose Royce.

Internet video conference.

US TV show about Olivia Pope, a political fixer.

Puzzle 19

Mystery from the past, still unsolved.

Dancer executed as a German spy in World War I.

Carved with initials or a message.

Italian sauce base of carrot, celery and onion.

Resentment and hostility between two groups.

Classic comic play by Noel Coward, written 1924.

Person called the same as you.

Knightly Round Table companion of King Arthur.

Manny, Filipino World Champion boxer.

Where US gold reserves are kept.

Puccini opera first performed in 1926.

Fictional chocolate slab with a golden ticket.

Freshwater lagoon off the coast of Valencia.

Highest frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Entertainment watched during a plane ride.

Another name for the Russian Matryoshka doll.

Puzzle 20

Churchman who was one of Robin Hood's Merry Men.

Stubborn, unyielding.

Clothing brand named after South American region.

This French politician fell from a train in 1920.

Quick flight, not a long-distance destination.

Its scientific name means "flower of gods".

Determination that sounds like it'll do the job!.

Al Jolson's costar in 1927's The Jazz Singer.

The area where actors get ready to go on TV.

Sport that uses a shuttlecock.

Scottish city called the capital of the Highlands.

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