CodyCross The 1950s Pack answers

The 1950s PackThe 1950s

Here are the answers to CodyCross The 1950s Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Open-pollinated, precious tomatoes.

Determined, stubborn.

Injectable hormone to treat severe hypoglycemia.

A hairstyle like the rear view of a canard.

Aerodynamically wind-shaped outcrops in deserts.

Language of 2011 animated film A Letter to Momo.

Roman construction for transporting water.

Author of Trinity, Mila 18 and Exodus.

Horse from the four-a-side ball-and-mallet game.

Brazil's new capital, planned in the 1950s.

Attempt to cheat by using deceptive talk.

Puzzle 2

__ Man, ancient human found in a Danish peat bog.

__ response; animal behavior of baring teeth.

__ School, Midwestern architectural style.

Cars used in fast street racing.

Naguib, author of the novels in The Cairo Trilogy.

Billy, singer/writer of Sitting in the Park.

Jolting, clashing, grating on.

Korean word for soy sauce.

Someone on the run from prison.

Game with shells and a board with depressions.

Gestures someone to approach using hand movements.

Capital of Centre-Val de Loire, so not the new one.

Stinging plants that can be cooked and eaten.

Someone who is declared unwelcome: "__ non grata".

Puzzle 3

Furore, outcry.

__ & Mauritz, fashion store better known as H&M.

Shapely US toy doll launched in the 1950s.

Assignations or rendezvous, especially in secret.

Long-players of the music industry.

Maud, the Canadian who worked on enzyme kinetics.

Dark area of the underworld before entering Hades.

Fine-art prints.

Liberation from the Hindu birth/death cycle.

Manufacturer of ready-made Italian pasta sauces.

Landlocked China province, capital Taiyuan.

Spearlike, stiff-leaved plants from North America.

Swan Queen in Swan Lake.

Surname of Cuban statesman and revolutionary.

Puzzle 4

Improvised music genre with soapbox as double bass.

Oliver Twist and friends are these.

Alcohol ingredient used to create banana oil.

Push attackers back, repel in a fight.

Lying in a court of law.

Last name of Marcus Licinius, Roman general.

NWI is the code for this airport.

French word for dishes made with cauliflower.

Top prize of an arcade machine or lottery draw.

Asian clay oven for cooking food quickly.

A flight’s brand.

Short pointy beards sported by Beatniks.

Scavenging bird.

Obtuse, dull.

Puzzle 5

Miserable, dejected, crestfallen.

__ Revolution, 1956 fight against communist rule.

"Never knowingly undersold" department store.

Athletics jumping event with long prop.

Deep, wet, sucking substance on a beach.

1950s micro private vehicle, often on three wheels.

2018 sports comedy starring Kyrie Irving.

Rich Man, Poor Man's author.

Forerunner of the sextant, using celestial bodies.

Devices such as songs, used to remember something.

French chef dynasty linked to nouvelle cuisine.

Puzzle 6

Long angry ranting speech.

Type of remedy with plant origin.

Material in chalk, plaster, wallboards.

Important Japanese SLR camera brand.

Rain catcher receptacle.

__ king melon; premium cantaloupe hybrid.

Crazy, daft, wacky, like wearing zany headgear.

Golf club used for final shots on the green.

Crossword compiler.

Of a superior class, high end.

Marius, influential French ballet choreographer.

Frolic, prance.

Charles, writer of Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.

Process of breaking open under pressure.

How the Camel Got His Hump, Kipling's __ Stories.

Dick, infamous 18th century English highwayman.

Indonesian tourist island close to Bali.

River on which the Taj Mahal stands.

__ clock, accurate timepiece using caesium.

Anagram of fasten.

Catch-all term for blue jeans and jackets.

Puzzle 7

Ancient Egyptian jar for a mummy's entrails.

Vanilla-scented festive Italian dough bread.

Greek letter related to the Roman letter O.

Film name of 1930s French actress Léonie Bathiat.

Walkway for people and horses alongside a canal.

Bounce a basketball while moving along the court.

Wax cylinders with wicks.

Lacking in wisdom or insight.

Cliff, British singer born Harry Rodger Webb.

The __ Chronicles, Ray Bradbury's red planet tale.

To fall by the __, is to fail to complete a task.

Chinese Temple in Henan and Buddhist sect.

Dior 50s styling, using large amounts of fabrics.

Saint John the __, Leonardo painting in the Louvre.

Puzzle 8

Bum roll, a roll of padding worn on the hips.

Official currency of Honduras.

Membrane-bound sac in a cell; small tissue cavity.

Italian cheese made from ewe's milk.

Aleksandra, Quebec tennis player, rank 21 in 2009.

__ chip, wafer used in integrated circuits.

Hip hop duo responsible for Hey Ya!.

Norwegian crime thriller creator of Harry Hole.

__ shelter, garden building to protect from bombs.

Artery in the neck driving blood to the head.


Virus with a highly contagious red rash.

Ghost island off North America, name is a codfish.

Monegasque prince who married actress Grace Kelly.

Suffer in humidity, be extremely hot.

Lavish, wealthy, luxurious.

Puzzle 9

Religious musical famous for Day by Day.


Descending in large numbers, like birds.

Mull, ruminate, dwell on.

Beef cattle and their homeland in central France.

Wife of the Argentine president, played by Madonna.

Daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta.

Elementary particle with no charge, proved in 1956.

Extreme nationalism, blind patriotism.

Counterbalanced structures like drawbridges.

Small imperial measure for beer.

Fake, someone who pretends to be someone else.

Puzzle 10

Soft sugary drink with effervescence.

Former gold coin of Spain and Spanish America.

Actress, Nora Charles of the Thin Man series.

Cat paw action, like in bread-making.

__ Sea, arm of the Arctic Ocean north of Alaska.

A __ is to be better than the opposition.

Chaos, confusion.

Get along with others.

Red __, twist-up rouge to create a femme fatale.

Person in charge of steering a boat.

Thumping, hammering sound.

Surname of The Catcher in the Rye's author.

Puzzle 11

Juvenile jellyfish.

Surname of Alfred, Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2.

Clay creatures brought to life in Jewish folklore.

Abominable, repulsive.

Marie __, girl of Where Do You Go To My Lovely.

Fool who entertains a medieval king.

Monumental stone knobs on vaulted ceilings.

Gram flour batter, deep-fried Indian aromatic snack.

Mauchly and Eckert's commercial computer.

__ Pact, former alliance between communist nations.

__ test, paper proof of acids or bases.

Vast lake created near the Aswan High Dam.

Puzzle 12

Straight-sided glass for drinks.

Time travel could lead to this impossible thing.

German artist who had a hit with Mambo No. 5.

Hugh Hefner's magazine with nude models.

Cramp someone's style, obstruct.

Coming of age film with same cast for 12 years.

Mountainous squirrels.

Wild, feral.

Coarse unrefined sugar from cane or dates.

Comics Gaul hero, he holds out vs the Romans.

Lazy, unwilling to provide labor.

Puzzle 13

Have no confidence in someone or something.

Singer and songwriter of Diana and My Way.

Feathered writing implement.

Blend together various materials.

USS __, scene of the Japanese surrender in 1945.

Frakes, Swift or van Ness, for example.

Pairing of two sister towns in cultural exchange.

Pre-mobile phone.

Spanish milky drink made from tiger nuts.

Paul, French symbolist poet who shot Rimbaud.

20th C scientist with theories of relativity.

Pinniped with wishbone markings.

Puzzle 14

Ghostbusters' green supernatural substance.

Jay-Z's record label and entertainment company.

Custer's __, aka Battle of the LIttle Bighorn.

2012 Franco-Belgian animated film: Ernest & __.

Famous mind-reader and bender of spoons.

North Italian town where Ferraris are made.

Alec, designer of the iconic Mini car.

Angels on __, a dish of bacon and scallops.

The sweet fairy in The Nutcracker.

Small fruit-eating mammals with long tongues.

__ Hill, 50s rock-and-roll hit by Fats Domino.

Goal, target to achieve.

Blemished, marked.

Puzzle 15

Common handheld tool for lifting plants.

Shimmering optical illusion in the desert.

Beside Crick, credited with finding DNA's structure.

Andrew Loog __, manager of the Rolling Stones.

Shocking-at-the-time book written by Nabokov.

Anderson, influencer and cofounder of Social Chain.

Soft prods.

Striped __ squid; marine creature with nightwear.

Lady Rose __, daughter of the Duke of Gloucester.

Mediterranean ships with three masts.

His law says anything that can go wrong, will.

Sheet-like layers of overflow ice.

Resistant or not susceptible to disease.

Invalidated, annulled.

Puzzle 16

Clause with conditions or stipulations attached.

It became the 49th US state in 1959.

Harvesting tool with a curved blade.

Device that gives a home Wi-Fi.

Energy units; one equals 10 million ergs.

Nun's headdress.

Jose, Iron Chef author of The Latin Road Home.

King Triton's daughter, yellow-tailed mermaid.

Start a line, set in from the margin.

Describes the work of Peter Blake and Jasper Johns.

A Canadian silver and brass 2 dollar piece.

Anticipate as likely.

__ doats: novelty song about oat and ivy eating.

Puzzle 17

Bright yellow flower often used in altars.

Another word for filbert.

Big party celebration of Scouts and Guides.

Oral exam by tutors, from the Latin language.

Mating embrace of frogs and toads.

Home to Islamabad.

Japanese set of written symbols.

Late 17th century top-knot hairstyle with ribbons.

Business networking website.

50-60s dance move of Chubby Checker.

Martinez, first Spanish player to win Wimbledon.

Horseman and sky father in Thracian tradition.

Fluid __, the study of fluid flow.

Drive past another moving vehicle.

Rod-shaped bacterium named after a British chemist.

Ray, hard man Nil By Mouth actor.

Planned military actions, maybe kept in a chest.

__ Book of Records, listings of superlatives.

Puzzle 18

Plumb __; reach a lower point than ever before.

Meteorology instrument that measures air pressure.

Crunchy packing material.

The __ Strain, a tale of extraterrestrials.

African country that gained independence as Ghana.

Nuisance, obstruction, impediment.

Waterway nationalized by Gamel Abdul Nasser.

Quarterly submission of sales, sent to the revenue.

Using one's instinct or gut feeling to judge.

Family name of Oasis brothers Noel and Liam.

Curled ribbon of yellow citrus used as a garnish.

Puzzle 19

Caught __; discovered doing something illegal.

Christopher, author of The Berlin Stories.

Nocturnal bird with wide, amphibian-type gape.

Latin dance based on a bullfight.

Mr Coover's sticky invention sold as Eastman 910.

Nothing happening.

Government by a small group.

Chuck Berry's belting guitar hit, Roll Over __.

Describes a capital letter.

Ancient Greek name for Turkey's Sea of Marmara.

Linking process of words in an e-book.

Puzzle 20

Downloading content live from the internet.

These youngsters didn't exist before the 1950s!.

Abundant, bountiful.

Hero's engine, bladeless radial steam turbine.

First rose sent into space: __ Scentsation.

The Bridge on the __, film with Colonel Bogey tune.

Invented language by Ludwik Zamenhof.

Dutch national anthem.

HSBC tagline, The World's __.

Inflatable rubber pipe inside a bicycle wheel.

Burst of music that introduces a TV show.

Champagne and crème de cassis.

Broken, ruptured, cracked.

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