CodyCross The African Continent Pack answers

The African Continent PackThe African Continent

Here are the answers to CodyCross The African Continent Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Lise __, chemist, had an element named after her.

482ft-deep depression in northern Egypt.

South African dish of mince, fruit and custard.

Birthplace of the Buddha.

Artist whose works include Summertime Number 9A.

To do with aircraft electronics.

Country whose leader is called the Taoiseach.

He directed a 1992 TV animation of The Tempest.

Country of origin for kuvasz dogs.

JM, South African-born author of Foe and Disgrace.

Medical name for grinding your teeth.

Jodie Foster won her first Oscar for The __.

South Indian frame drum of the tambourine family.

Roman equivalent of Greek goddess Athena.

Tiny shimmer of hope or light.

Nationality of 90s tennis star Stefan Edberg.

Puzzle 2

Stopping work in order to protest.

__ Boone, John Grisham's young lawyer hero.

Hot pepper sauce originating in Mozambique.

Main body section of a plane.

Archaic term for fining by a court.

Intaglio printmaking method of needle scratching.

Written tribute or praise.

__ bin Zayed Stadium, Al Jazira Club's home ground.

Tooth between canine and molar.

Major city, the second largest in Zimbabwe.

A pilot's name for Universal Coordinated Time.

Norwegian mineral, contains uranium.

Ancient Roman coin worth a quarter of a denarius.

Puzzle 3

Tom, legendary animator of 1981's The Evil Dead.

Weapon belts.

Star also known as Alpha Coronae Borealis.

"You got lucky girl, when I found you" sang __.

Host nation of the 2021 African Cup.

"Holder of the Red Crown" in Buddhism.

Sending fraudulent emails to obtain passwords.

Thomas, Vienna-based novelist of Gargoyles.

Marvel's Scarlet Witch's name, Wanda.

Tropical island off the coast of Tanzania.

Persuade, work one's way into someone's good books.

Creator of the Op Art movement, Victor __.

Fancy flattish French bread sculpted like wheat.

Puzzle 4

Lizzie in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Highly venomous tree snake of South Africa.

Tone poem about his home country by Sibelius.

International public art display of bovines.

Pulitzer-winning author of A Death in the Family.

Ancient device for calculating position of stars.

Capital of Somalia.

Supreme Incan being, creator of sun and moon.

Algebraic expressions involving two terms.

They wrestle in a basho.

Puzzle 5

Question on every Dallas fan's lips in 1980.

South Africa's rugby team is named for this animal.

Queen of Denmark, mother of Crown Prince Frederick.

Related to the assessment of risk.

Potter penner.

It was first bottled by French Benedictine monks.

The highest mountain on the Horn of Africa.

Italian for pompous; bold musical instruction.

Someone who is scared of feet.

Populist leader, one who appeals to the people.

German travel guides.

The scientific study of units of measurement.

Puzzle 6

Volunteer guide at a museum or gallery.

Blacque __ Shellacque is a Looney Toon villain.

Evergreen ornamental shrub with orange fruit.

Spanish-ruled islands that are closer to Africa.

A heavy wooden hammering or ramming instrument.

Queen of the Goths in Titus Andronicus.

French designer known as "Le Magnifique": Paul __.

Electronic amplifying tube.

This Hedy was a 1940s actor and inventor.

Having magnitude, but not direction.

Crescent-shaped stadium in Japan.

Human organ responsible for T-cell growth.

Mary, Queen of Scots' secretary; murdered in 1566.

Afghani flat bread aka perakai.

Jewish demon spirit.

Main unit of currency in Morocco.

Puzzle 7

Chemical compounds that can be alkyl or aromatic.

French feudal service, ended with the Revolution.

French brand famous for Angel and Alien perfumes.

Greek movement to unite Greece and Cyprus.

Course of planks on a ship, hull, deck, etc.

Norwegian language along with Nynorsk.

Fat-burning hormone found in muscle cells.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood director.

__ media, another word for a middle ear infection.

Long-tailed primates unique to Madagascar.

Mythical beast killed by the heroic Siegfried.

Poet from Ancient Greece, famed for Triumphal Odes.

Fruit also known as the red date.

World's largest sand island.

A souk is one in a North African country.

Probe and __, type of in-flight refuel system.

Puzzle 8

Author of Death Comes to Pemberley.

Biblical colleague of Paul the Apostle.

Dried, cured meat popular in southern Africa.

Neuropeptide involved in the sleep-wake cycle.

JJ __, English physicist who discovered electrons.

Ja Rule's given name.

Made of or containing rock.

Africa Cup of __, major sports competition.

Wooden rowlock on a Venetian gondola.

Resident of Anjou.

Puzzle 9

This part of the brain controls sleep, alertness.

Use of a word to refer back to one already used.

Christmas cake from Abruzzo, Italy.

DCR Congo city, home of the Stade des Martyrs.

Important city in the Mayan classical period.

Ancient astronomer and Timurid sultan.

Multiple cryptocurrencies.

René __, a founder of the Parti Québécois.

Woman spirit that shifts into a spider in Japan.

Plastic horn heard at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Puzzle 10

Gassner invented this battery in 1886.

14th century work by William Langland: Piers __.

Sculptor who began work on Mount Rushmore in 1927.

Aglianico grape, red still wine.

Greece shares its western border with this country.

Journalist who found Livingstone in Africa in 1871.

Waldkirch carnival features the broomsticks of __.

Membrane-bound organelle filled with water.

Common name of the Tsuga family of conifers.

Country that broke away from Ethiopia in 1993.

Large veterinary pills.

Close's evil role in Fatal Attraction, Alex __.

Role of a naive young woman.

Puzzle 11

Odin's eight-legged horse from Norse folklore.

Family home that's featured in Austen's Persuasion.

Custom in which a man can wed his brother's widow.

Maori name for New Zealand.

Artist George who painted Charlotte Brontë.

"Spice Islands" off the coast of Tanzania.

Impeding force that slows a supersonic aircraft.

Texas is the __ state.

Africa's dik-dik, waterbuck, or nyala, for example.

__ Acuri, US tech entrepreneur.

Small motors that turn the main, larger engine.

Shining brow medieval Welsh poet.

Cold opponent of Batman.

Sudan's largest city, site of a famous battle.

Puzzle 12

Body of water dividing Africa from Arabia.

Johanna __, German biochemist who studied omega-3.

Japanese island park popular with divers.

Langston, author of 1926's The Weary Blues.

European building style linked to Napoleon.

Member of a 1st-century Jewish movement.

The __ Desert was Disney's first nature film.

Curly-haired dog often shaved into striking shapes.

Plain, wheat leavened bread from Iran.

Female name meaning eagle.

Arcade game sequel to 1979's Galaxian.

Christian praise hymn set to music by Britten.

A kind of tea; a type of remedy.

Performing arts festival held in Prague each May.

Surname of South African billionaire Koos.

Puzzle 13

A scar that forms over a healed wound.

Supporter of socialism in Arab countries.

African bird that eats insects off large mammals.

Equestrian sport with dancelike movements.

Wingless aircraft with unpowered rotor blades.

__ Powers, was Jennifer Hart in Hart to Hart.

Delicate metalwork used as ornamentation.

More immature, less adult.

The smallest country in the Horn of Africa.

Ruth, American author of Patterns of Culture.

Item of clothing that sparked a New York riot 1922.

Winner of four Best Director Oscars, a record.

Satyrs are usually depicted playing them.

Calvinist church and Amsterdam's oldest building.

Puzzle 14

Crewed submersible that explored Titanic wreck.

Naturalist Joy Adamson's lioness-raising memoir.

A gossip; literally "what now" in Latin.

Ancient Italian culture prior to Romans.

Number of people in da Vinci's The Last Supper.

Of volcanic rock.

Brazilian president impeached in 2016: Dilma __.

Nickname for US flag originally flown at sea.


Home country of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

Puzzle 15

Halo around a deity's head.

Acclaimed Nigerian author of The Famished Road.

Closed __, classic animated short set in a museum.

A diamond is idiomatically this.

Love's Labour's Lost's clownish bumpkin.

Lorenzo, librettist of Mozart's Viennese operas.

Country that entirely surrounds The Gambia.

Russian wolfhounds.

Spanish mayor with judicial powers as well.

Tool for measuring the diameter of a tree.

It holds the aircraft engine.

Adriatic free port fought over throughout its past.

Spotted; covered in stains or blotches.

Puzzle 16

Watertight chambers for construction work.

South African runner known for racing barefoot.

A supersonic craft's tendency to pitch downwards.

Involving both ears.

Irish-born playwright of School for Scandal.

Groups of these African mammals are called towers.

Wellington's nickname.

Name for a common citizen in Ancient Rome.

Last name of Catherine in Wuthering Heights.

Egret-feather historical headdress with gemstones.

Splitting into branches like a tree.

Italian thick spaghetti tubes.

Puzzle 17

Spanish town name that means refuge.

Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.

Arts and __, the vernacular style of Edwin Lutyens.

An animated Beast came from this Mountain in 1956.

The hard white outer layer of the eye.

Trick-taking card game; anagram of create.

The hamadryas is an African species of this mammal.

Sörenstam, golfer who won 10 majors.

Flat surfaces on a crystal or polished gemstone.

Contracted pupils.

4th century BC network of roads in Ancient Shaanxi.

Medicinal plant similar to mint.

FORTRAN inventor John.

Someone who gets the deal.

River of world's largest waterfall system.

Anise, licorice liqueur originally from France.

Puzzle 18

Royalist faction in Spain from 1830 onwards.

1994 Oscar-winner for Best Original Screenplay.

Played Sara Sidle in original CSI.

Chobe National Park is in this African nation.

Spicy smoked fish, rice, and hard boiled eggs dish.

Swaziland changed its name to this in 2018.

King Solomon's eldest son who worshiped idols.

Squid named after a current and German geographer.

Vein that carries blood from middle body to heart.

Ocean hue of the 1640s British Levellers party.

Forename of the mother of Leonardo da Vinci.

Woodwind instrument used in Hungarian music.

Precious metal found in catalytic converters.

Port __, major city at the mouth of the Niger.

Undergoing law training in a firm.

Language once spoken in Scandinavia.

Puzzle 19

Music notation for returning to tempo, to the beat.

Charles __, French author of Cinderella.

Company known for athletic wear; Olympic winner.

African country, the world's last alphabetically.

American songbird of the blackbird family.

Beijing art district also called the 798 Art Zone.

Craft of creating and shaping flint stones.

Island at north end of Japan's Kitamaebune route.

Stuck chemically to a surface.

Village near Jerusalem, "Spring of the Vineyard".

Round Middle Eastern food the size of a pillowcase.

Surname of Nigerian track and field star Blessing.

Short legged Japanese table, no chairs used.

Puzzle 20

African boar, like Pumbaa in The Lion King.

Magnet __; pulling metallic objects from rivers.

Musher command to a dog to turn 180 degrees right.

Another name for the Moorish style.

Workers who join metals with filler alloys.

Latin name for Tuscany.

__ Fells, hilly region of Cumbria in the UK.

Ngugi wa Thiong'o's 1964 debut novel, __ Child.

Elemental group with iodine, bromine and astatine.

Author of the short play Breath, premiered in 1969.

Electronic dance music, loved by ravers.

Those affected by loss of bodily control.

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