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The Ancient Maya PackThe Ancient Maya

Here are the answers to CodyCross The Ancient Maya Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Lazy, weary, unenergetic.

Shootout at the Ok Corral.

Lower house of Indian parliament.

Mountains that lie on the France-Spain border.

Number of layers in Maya heaven or higher world.

Distance from tip to tip of a bird's flight organs.

Ol' ___, Frank Sinatra nickname and facial trait.

Orbits the nucleus and has a negative charge.

Maya war dress fabric was hardened with this.

Mild Thai curry made with peanuts and potatoes.

Becoming tired, showing signs of exhaustion.

Spanish word for a close confidante.

Danish author Hans C. of The Tinderbox fairy tale.

Puzzle 2

Mixed style, drawing on a broad range of styles.

Military-style fitness class for intense exercise.

Nationality of the composer Charles Ives.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch's surname.

A style of thick and tall boot heel.

Maya sauna, from a word meaning "house of heat".

Children's author and illustrator, Helen.

Largest urban settlement in Tasman District.

These decorated the clothes of Maya elite.

Denzel Washington portrayed this Black activist.

Someone who engages in unofficial military warfare.

Rattled, flustered.

Editors who arrange book contents into lists.

The Q in medical acronyms RUQ and LUQ.

Auto lifter.

Puzzle 3

Rank of zoological classification below a kingdom.

Bread with a bouncy, undercooked appearance.

Division of the economy, e.g. retail, hospitality.

Country in which denim was invented.

Maya crop grown to weave into cloth.

Legally responsible or answerable.

Scientist Muppet assisted by Beaker in the lab.

Tennis grand slam played in Queens, New York.

Society predating ancient Maya, died out c. 400 BC.

City where the Schönbrunn Palace is located.

Religious or moralizing speech.

German composer of the Ring Cycle of operas.

A hot spring that sends up jets of water or steam.

Ascribe, attribute to.

Greek sun god or a Rocky Balboa opponent.

Stickers used to add designs or motifs to walls.

Puzzle 4

One violent possible factor for Maya decline.

First name of Jude Law's artist sister.

What overpayers get from the tax office.

Tall tower point on a Mosque used for prayer.

Singer Madonna's birth surname.

Name of spouse of Henrys II and III and Edward I.

Quantity of cargo or passengers on a plane.

An opening or hole in bone like the __ magnum.

Meetings for international heads of state.

Chocolate-cream mix for coating cakes.

Calculation of when an unborn baby will be born.

Treat oneself with decadent food or gifts.

A period for gathering crops.

Georgia city that hosts the US Masters golf major.

Maya hunting weapon; long pipe for shooting darts.

When the ocean level rises with the wind.

English actor known for Get Out, Daniel.

Puzzle 5

Restaurant, place to chow down.

He led the Persians in the Battle of Thermopyale.

Following the rules for how to act with manners.

Tree nymphs of Greek mythology.

The transparent frontmost layer of the eye.

Cease trading or close down a business.

Country once forming part of south Maya lowlands.

Renowned meteor shower, typically seen in November.

Flip between windows on a computer screen.

Maya farming trick for watery areas, __ field.

Half notes.

What She does to Conquer in a Goldsmith play.

The offspring of plants of two different species.

US VP during Bill Clinton's presidency.

Silence is this.

Puzzle 6

Taylor Swift's second surprise album of 2020.

Supplementary business venture.

Sides of bacon.

White metal in necklaces, catalytic converters.

Maya city named City of the Two Adjacent Pyramids.

Starting a rocket; where you put the key in a car.

Greek, e.g. __ Parliament.

What Washington DC diagonal roads are named after.

The Danube flows into this hued body of water.

Reject or deny absolutely.

Mammal also known as the red bear-cat.

Melina, actress and Elgin Marbles advocate.

Removal of fluid from a blister or other wound.

First name of Hamlet's mother.

Maya made tools and weapons from this black rock.

Game where one guesses the fib.

Editions, variations.

Puzzle 7

Snippets, brief passages.

Spanish name for Maya Kukulcan temple, El __.

Long, loose-fitting robe of northwest Africa.

Canadian game that uses a stick with a pocket.

Family who run the shop in TV show Pawn Stars.

Vindicating a wrongdoing.

Bed base covers with gathered skirts.

Motown quartet, sang Baby I Need Your Loving.

Disney wizard with an apprentice.

Castle overlooking mysterious waters of Loch Ness.

Festive German mulled wine from Xmas markets.

Maya deity who made humans from corn; Hun Hunahpu.

Another word for a roundworm.

Puzzle 8

Suitable or safe for drinking.

More sinewy or overcooked meat.

Networks of burrows dug by wild rabbits.

Storks' tail feathers, used to decorate dresses.

A small camping tool for cutting wood.

Vein that carries blood from head to the heart.

Financial help in times of penury.

Winners, those who are triumphant.

Musical symbol that cancels a sharp or flat.

Growing shoots and buds.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge's hit TV comedy.

Horse or mule caretakers.

Mayan language began to be __ in 1950s; deciphered.

Starlight __, stage show on roller skates.

Motorcycle daredevil Evel.

To hold up.

Nervous, worried, on edge.

Large eastern Swiss canton, also called Graubünden.

__ Rex, Sophocles' Athenian tragedy.

Large molecule made up of many smaller units.

London's equivalent to New York City's Broadway.

René, French inventor of the stethoscope.

Sinkholes or wells, major Maya water sources.

Puzzle 9

Maya numeral system was this; base 20.

Fixed-wing aircraft with single set of wings.

Punishment by limiting movement.

Author who wrote Waiting for the Barbarians.

Farming product used as Maya currency.

Stevie Wonder played it, also called a mouth harp.

__ bitters; Trinidad and Tobago herbal alcohol.

Mechanical digger or earth-mover.

Narrow lined pattern used on shirts and suits.

The philosophical idea that only one's mind exists.

Puzzle 10

Surname of Spider-Man's best friend Harry.

Bitter quarrel, rivalry or competition.

Fighting in a ring, or placing in a square?.

Fermi, who developed the first nuclear reactor.

Fire guard to protect against falling coals.

This nut is key to marzipan.

British claymation dog who appears with Wallace.

Lush greenery surrounding many ancient Maya cities.

How Nicolas Cage is related to Jason Schwartzman.

To warm up before doing gymnastics.

Musical direction for very swift playing.

National airline of Australia with kangaroo logo.

Dry up due to lack of water.

Collage craft used for Maya jade masks.

Puzzle 11

Bill Kroyer's 1992 film about The Last Rainforest.

A legal obligation to repay a loan or debt.

Dutch artist whose middle name was Harmenszoon.

This country made up the middle of Maya homelands.

Increase the stakes in poker.

Commendable, worthy of respect.

Talc is the softest on this mineral ranking system.

Style of cowboy hat named for its large size.

German model and America's Got Talent judge.

Sacrificial gifts for Maya gods.

Plant family to which the pineapple belongs.

Catch a Falling Star singer of TV's Xmas specials.

Kind stable owner in the nativity story.

Puzzle 12

Separate short digit on the foot of a cat or dog.

The functional unit of the kidney.

Ornamental art and music of the 17th century.

Backed up someone else's claim.

TikTok put this Fleetwood Mac album back in charts.

Divine Maya calendar, determined religious dates.

Searched for food in the wild.

Extended grand porch on the front of a building.

Word with Greek origins meaning relating to motion.

Bread-baking cookware.

Pain relief medicine derived from willow bark.

Ropes used by police to preserve crime scenes.

Currency of the Netherlands before the euro.

Rapper, starred in Boyz n the Hood and Ride Along.

Leads the musical hep felines in The Aristocats.

Men's accessory with a Windsor knot.

Textile craft for high-class Maya women.

Headwear-based praise or credit.

Thor's hammer in Norse mythology.

Puzzle 13

Cab, jazz singer famous for Minnie the Moocher.

Menu that prices items separately (Fre.).

Blue-headed alien in 2010 animated movie.

Capital city of the last Maya kingdom to fall.

Silver alloy and British currency.

Country in which Mount Kilimanjaro is located.

Wilhelm, German discoverer of x-rays.

Reckless, without thinking of the consequences.

Turn one of these to pretend not to notice.

Irritable, off-color, bilious.

Top lottery prizes.

Number of months a year in the Maya Haab calendar.

Forced play with a tie, no minutes left on clock.

Puzzle 14

Roman goddess of the dawn.

Faith and martinis can be this.

Willow plants used in basket-making.

The Pope in old French.

An angle more than 180 but less than 360 degrees.

The __ of the Guard, Gilbert & Sullivan opera.

Animal the Maya saw as embodying the world.

Number of Oscars won by Titanic and Ben-Hur.

The dominant type of protein in all animal milk.

People starting work or school at the same time.

Jada Pinkett-Smith's daughter.

Country forming part of Mesoamerica in Maya times.

Mr. Specter; senior law firm partner in Suits.

Name given to the HD screens of Apple products.

Alpine dress incorporating a bodice and skirt.

Juan Manuel, five-time Formula One world champion.

Puzzle 15

Maya calendar measuring from creation onwards.

Common name for woodland plants called digitalis.

Bones found in fingers and toes.

Feeling the urge to travel.

Paper notes, summaries, to help understanding.

High area of Maya cities where royals were buried.

King Louie in The Jungle Book was this animal.

Traditional etching done on ivory.

Hit for Rod Stewart with a girl's name.

Allele that is passed on, but not dominant.

Puzzle 16

Purpose-built cycling track.

Shaman in Maya society.

Like a dress with no shoulder supports.

Separate a number into hundreds, tens and units.

Evaluation of an employee's work performance.

Three-line stanza introduced by poet Dante.


Way of firing up a car engine in an emergency.

Third Baltic state, along with Latvia and Estonia.

Project that works on wrongful convictions.

Mayan language branch starting with letter H.

Puzzle 17

Deep-fried fruits in Filipino "Cue" street food.

Tightly wrap a baby in a snug blanket.

Negligible force in quantum physics.

North-east France where the roses are blooming!.

Crosses between stallions and donkeys (jennies).

Sportspeople who compete with foils and epées.

Monae who starred in Hidden Figures, Moonlight.

Long road or rail bridge with a series of arches.

Systems of government; administrations.

Farming method used by Maya on hillsides.

Musical group that's a quartet plus one.

Miró still life with dilapidated footwear.

Hand tools used for breaking mosaic pieces.

Writer of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Oldest son of the prophet Abraham.

Latin legal phrase describing third-party funding.

Verb, often goes with gnashing.

Official name for Maya books made from tree bark.

An evil curse, an imprecation.

Puzzle 18

To go completely wild and out of control.

Horses, donkeys, mules.

Hitting a tennis ball high.

Mexican state where Maya lived; hot pepper sauce.

SI unit of electrical conductance.

Person living by strong ethical and religious code.

Italian city associated with stringed instruments.

A translucent ingredient made from collagen.

Nationality of Linus Torvalds and the Moomins.

One of the twin brothers who founded Rome.

Austrian hosiery company.

Looking skeptically at something.

He keeps the Enterprise running smoothly.

First video on this platform was 'Me at the Zoo'.

Extreme climate event, may have ended the Maya.

Latter part of Dutch painter Rembrandt's name.

Archetype of a young, naive girl in books or films.

Puzzle 19

Lively and energetic, despite advancing years.

Facial mockup to help police find a suspect.

Asian-grown legumes; anagram of bang menus.

Musical instrument found in a cathedral.

Open-air area for selling cars.

Worn out, utterly exhausted from working too hard.

Maize flatbreads often eaten by the Maya.

2005 horror movie about a monster in the closet.

Musical about Tracy Turnblad dancing on TV.

Finding flaws in video games.

Condition of painful inflammation of joints.

__ K'awiil I, celebrated Maya ruler of Tikal.

Lets a dog off its rope.

Puzzle 20

X-rays and ultrasounds are these types of machines.

Least populous US state.

Assign to a cause.

Couplets are poems with two-line versions of these.

Option for daters on to filter profiles.

Shape-shifting, able to take on different forms.

Important people.

Record of an event named after length of film.

Poultry birds eaten and revered by the Maya.

Temperate-zone ferns that appear to flower.

Invisible boundary that is not to be crossed.

Famous TV ratings company.

Maya god presiding over merchants and warfare.

Picture __ is a tattooed man in circus.

Hare __, A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada's cult.

Preserving food in special airtight jars.

A skilled musician or conductor (Ita).

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