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Here are the answers to CodyCross The Big Top Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

TV show featuring Paris and Nicole, The __ Life.

Tree foliage that fall to the ground in autumn.

Agatha Christie's famous Belgian detective.

The Capital of England.

Add face parts to this fun toy, Mr. __ Head.

There's no one as burly and brawny as him.

Plant found in deserts, with needles.

Ad hoc style of antics performed by actors.

Trip to see the Big Five animals in the wild.

Taste-enhancing substances, e.g. paprika, nutmeg.

Metal stick used when one has a broken leg.

__ hoop, circular apparatus hung from the ceiling.

Joints in the middle of the arms that allow bending.

Enormous people, often featured in fairy tales.

Puzzle 2

Religious people may say these at night before bed.

Pieces of paper that let you into the big top.

Mythical horse with a horn.

Pays no attention to.

Captain __, superhero also known as Steve Rogers.

Chopped meat that is stuffed in a casing and fried.

The world's largest species of bird.

Red and white ones are on traditional big tops.

__ Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Sport that uses bats, bails and wickets.

Puzzle 3

Month in which Valentine's Day is celebrated.

Dangerous obstacle some acrobats leap through.

It proves a crime or a person's guilt.

Professional who designs and builds machines.

Museums have a lot of these.

Short break midway through a stage performance.

Peanut-loving animal with a good memory.

Plastic wind instrument, often played badly.

Where Little Boy Blue fell asleep.

Bird covering used in some pillows.

Disney Princess Aurora, __ Beauty.

Spinning a baton.

Sentence that ends with the mark ?.

Puzzle 4

A set of steps.

Celebrations that mark becoming a year older.

Squeezebox instrument often played at the circus.

Author of the Harry Potter books.

Creepy-crawly said to have 100 legs.

Circus performer who can lift very heavy weights.

Business that launches books into print.

Reptile that Captain Hook is scared of.

Unique ice crystal.

Treasure at the end of a rainbow.

A dry-run perfomance.

Puzzle 5

Break free from a straitjacket.

The main card in a pack is the ace of this suit.

5-cent piece in the US.

Heavenly messengers; found on top of the Xmas tree.

It's the U in the UN.

Chilly season that begins when autumn ends.

Creepy crawly with six legs.

Creamy, milky Christmas beverage.

Headgear worn by a ringmaster.

Type of dance featuring tutus and pointe shoes.

Boas and rattlers and cobras.

Sixth planet from the Sun.

2003 body-switch movie: __ Friday.

Don't put all your eggs in just one.

Puzzle 6

A mirror does this to anything in front of it.

Piece of luggage used when flying on a plane.

Heavy metal bars lifted by strongmen.

Light brown spots on the skin.

Circus act in addition to the main act.

Language in which "konnichiwa" is a greeting.

Margaret __, the UK's first female Prime Minister.

The day after Halloween is the first of this month.

High-pitched melody of chattering birds.

Inc. or University in the title of two Pixar films.

Puzzle 7

We say this when we leave.

Mythical half-woman, half-fish.

One who can keep a lot of balls in the air.

The cost to take a plane trip.

What a tightrope walker and stilter must have.

Spectacle for one eye only.

Looking at and understanding the words in a book.

Yellow fruit that comes in bunches.

Use this to unclog a toilet, sink or drain.

__ Murphy, star of Peaky Blinders.

Demand for payment for services rendered.

Pouches in coats or trousers for keeping things in.

Puzzle 8

Large American reptile, similar to a crocodile.

Children's show about rescue dogs.

Place for roller coasters and other rides.

Large, sweet tropical fruit with yellow flesh.

Wrong, not right.

Battery brand with a bunny who never stops.

Space Ranger Buzz who's Woody's best friend.

Web-slinging comic book hero created by Stan Lee.

Classical music writers.

If you jump from a plane, this slows your descent.

Author of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

One who might say "you are getting very sleepy".

Interpret words into another language.

Puzzle 9

Buttercups and daffodils are this hue.

Unit of time, equal to one 60th of a minute.

Eighth month of the year.

Easter Day is always this day of the week.

Instructions for cooking a dish.

He swings from vine to vine lives in the jungle.

Gymnasts who are thrown in the air.

Places for circuses that aren't in tents.

Vancouver and Montreal are cities in this country.

Necklace pendant that contains small portraits.

Dense woodland area that is fun to explore.

Puzzle 10

Enormous floating block of frozen water.

Public musical performance.

Baseball player who throws the ball to a batter.

X marks it on a treasure map.

Another word for lifelong jobs.

What trapeze performers are often known as.

One of the basic divisions of a book.

Eight-legged creatures that spin webs.

Grand feast spread out across a table.

Sharp tools you thread and use for sewing.

Riding the waves on a board.

Court clowns of the medieval age.

Puzzle 11

Madame Tussauds' is a famous one.

Clothes worn beneath others, next to the skin.

Playground game with chalk squares for jumping in.

He plays Lloyd in the Dumb and Dumber films.

Body parts to shrug when unsure.

What a doctor gives after a thorough examination.

Pilgrim ship that arrived in America in 1620.

A meal eaten in the morning, after waking up.

Superstitious theatrical way of saying "good luck".

Shapes with three sides.

Bride and groom's trip after their wedding.

Alien who travels through time in a blue box.

Gymnastic sideways flip with the hands.

You're said to bark up it if you're mistaken.

Puzzle 12

Da Vinci, or DiCaprio for example.

On this app, photo messages disappear quickly.

Pasta beloved by kids when coated with cheese.

Harry Potter lived in one under the stairs.

Quick, careless writing or drawing.

Where private vehicles are left temporarily.

A decorative spray of water.

Adjective used to describe Russia's Tsar Ivan IV.

Illusionist, conjurer.

Where the best seats at the circus are.

Puzzle 13

Matt Damon's first role in was in __ Pizza.

The place where something begins or its source.

Put a video on YouTube.

Montreal-based circus company Cirque du __.

Donkey whose tail always falls off.

Jungle-dwelling bird famous for its huge beak.

Number of Disciples in the Bible.

Members of the EU all lie on this continent.

Type of plant a clown might squirt water out of.

Olympic medal awarded for third place.

Animal that goes "pop" in the famous nursery rhyme.

Puzzle 14

Follower of the church led by the Pope.

A vehicle with three wheels.


Glue or sticky paste.

__ hole, a seasonal lake that appears in Africa.

Building surrounded by a protective wall.

The scapula bone is better known as this "blade".

Clapping from an audience.

Giant mammal that can be either African or Asian.

A note, with a picture, sent home from a trip.

Puzzle 15

Where gases emerge from a car; tailpipe.

Famous escape artist, Harry __.

Orange gourd carved at Halloween.

Disney movie that features A Whole New World.

Sweet tropical fruit with large stone inside.

Vibrant bird known for its large eye-covered tail.

Frank, singer known for the hit My Way.

Being alight with flames, on fire.

Classic scarlet clown accessory.

Autumnal month of Halloween.

Computer part that makes paper copies.

Tallest, yellow resident of Sesame Street.

Luxury ship that hit an iceberg and sank in 1912.

Cushions on a bed for resting the head.

Units of American paper currency.

Puzzle 16

Transparent, wobbly ocean dweller.

Medical board game: avoid the buzzer!.

A silent and propless clown performance.

Skilled crafter who creates or repairs footwear.

Stegosauruses and T. Rexes.

Very valuable.

Yuletide is the season around this holiday.

A resource to find words with the same meanings.

Enthralling performance, like a circus act.

Body straps in a car.

Style of drinkware often used for beer.

Puzzle 17

Wire mesh doorway used to keep bugs out.

Hot beverage made from roasted beans.

Hard substance that teeth are made from.

Greece's Acropolis stands above this city.

__ candy, aka fairy floss.

Hue named after a citrus fruit.

Larger-than-life sculpture of a person.

Animal who is Winnie-the-Pooh's best friend.

Pranking or wisecracking.

Another name for rollerblades: __ skates.

Instruments with black and white keys.

They're properly known as the Academy Awards.

"Don't __ me along"; tie shoes with this.

Puzzle 18

Radical change in appearance of a room or home.

Triangular flags found all around the big top.

Finding out how heavy something is.

The length of time someone is expected to live.

1952 circus movie The __ Show on Earth.

Country in which Shakespeare's Macbeth is set.

A home for a canine.

Oatmeal, often eaten for breakfast.

Totally without guilt.

Whale spout.

Connecting technology that requires no cables.

A fictional detective, surname Holmes.

Puzzle 19

A farmer uses this to keep birds out of fields.

Over-the-top acting performances.

One who performs death-defying stunts.

Boggy, sucking coastal land, difficult to escape.

The regular sound of blood pumped around the body.

Percussion instrument with wooden bars.

Furry pollinator who flits from flower to flower.

A religious building inhabited by monks.

It is said to catch the worm.

Very high-heeled, glamorous shoes.

Harry Potter creatures that suck out your soul.

Text translating foreign films on screen.

Puzzle 20

Plot of grass for animal grazing.

Observes, looks over.

Four periods of the year, like autumn and summer.

Twist one's body in a very flexible way.

Another word for nuptial.

Sparkly craft material with tiny, shiny pieces.

Feeling digits on the ends of the hands.

To improve something to its newer version.

Brush __ are the movement of hairs across a canvas.

What dropped an apple on Newton's head.

Triangular tower of humans.

Medieval way of preserving meat using a seasoning.

The ocean between Asia and the Americas.

Notoriously stingy man from A Christmas Carol.

Warm cover for snuggling underneath on chilly days.

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