CodyCross The Bronte Sisters Pack answers

The Bronte Sisters PackThe Bronte Sisters

Here are the answers to CodyCross The Bronte Sisters Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The second largest Czech spa town.

Theron played this serial killer Aileen in Monster.

Street cleaner.

Father of the Brontë sisters.

Poisonous substance once found in wallpaper.

Buttery, Danish cheese used in sandwiches.

1988 album by The Desert Rose Band.

Root used as a remedy for digestion and acne.

The second L in MOBA video game LoL.

Grassy plains with wildflowers.

Dolman, lantern, and virago, for example.

Architectural supports.

Acrobatic Marvel villain AKA John Robert Keane.

Literary form written by the Brontës.

Swift counter-reaction, as in fencing.

Examples are Galileo, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther.

Greek goddess of retribution.

Puzzle 2

Rebuff, resist, beat back.

Issigonis car reimagined for beaches.

Craft that uses paper coils to create pictures.

Way to clean clothes with very, very hot water.

Nationality of former pole vaulter Sergey Bubka.

Giant terraced compound in ancient Mesopotamia.

She tricked her suitors until Odysseus returned.

Excessive inward curvature of the spine.

Fact-checked and confirmed to be true.

Descendants of Esau, from Transjordan.

Nefarious hacker or cowboy.

The academic study of wine.

Sister to Agnes in the Anne Brontë novel.

The woodwind instrument played by Squidward.

Flower-like markings on leopards, jaguars.

Minor planet, like Charlottebrontë, Annebrontë.

Arthur C Clarke tale became 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Puzzle 3

Dragon-like Pokémon, evolved from Charmeleon.

Male pen name for Emily Brontë.

Old-fashioned name for a female writer.

Becker and Fagan band with Reelin' in the Years.


Knock knock.

A 1922 German silent film about a vampire.

Inventor of the backstaff navigational device.

The inkblot test introduced in the 1920s.

Flowers of the genus Primula.

City where Key wrote the Star-Spangled Banner.

How often a specific value appears in a data set.

Puzzle 4

Wiccan and Masonic concept, __ So Below.

Relating to fish.

Products sent to be sold in other countries.

Large historical region encompassing central Spain.

Dumbbells and plates.

She was live-in maid to the Brontë siblings.

The inner ear bone whose name means hammer.

Meteorological phenomenon remembered by Roy G. Biv.

Day-at-the-beach danger.

__ Almeda, Queen of Gondal in Brontë fantasy world.

The dog breed that yodels instead of barking.

Puzzle 5

Fictional world of the Brontës, in Juvenilia.

Flight at or near the speed of sound.

Rare New Zealand coastal bird with dainty name.

Destined to happen.

French heroine during the Hundred Years' War.

Toy Story's stretchy Dachshund.

Elder Brontë sister who wrote The Green Dwarf.

Indian grand temples with erotic carvings.

Example to others, someone to look up to.

Marshal, Lucky, Ankha and Maple are these.

Puzzle 6

Wuthering Heights' elderly, religious servant.

Endangered marsupial, aka the brush-tailed bettong.

1964 Andy Warhol film with no actors.

Greedily consume; get through fuel quickly.

John who plays a puppeteer in Being John Malkovich.

A silk or cotton headdress commonly worn by Sikhs.

Slow, intimate dance from 18th-century Spain.

Some believe Moses did this to the Red Sea.

Tortilla chips with melted cheese, salsa.

Corruption of adorable, very cute.

The rapper whose real name is Nayvadius Wilburn.

Victorian writer Hardy, influenced by the Brontës.

Noise of disapproval at a comedian's performance.

Joints connecting the humerus, radius, and ulna.

Made of oak.

Very windy storm.

A cloud of gas and dust in space; Thanos' daughter.

Puzzle 7

Orphan Crimsworth in The Professor book by Brontë.

Swedish heavyweight boxer Johansson.

A little too presumptuous.

Space probes that carried Beethoven music.

Taming a bronco.

Fictional country in film Coming to America.

Flat, fried batter.

Fish with a funnel-shaped mouth and no jaw.

Steep-sided dry gullies in desert areas.

American gathering where square dancing happens.

This spirit's formula is C2H6O.

Farmer Markham in Anne Brontë book.

Elevated and swanky district of San Francisco.

Turns a videotape back.

High on a rising stock.

Puzzle 8

Month when Panama celebrates its independence.

Faucet sounds.

A song and dance craze by Los Del Rio.

Clergyman in Agnes Grey novel.

The New York borough where Captain America is from.

Turtle shell back.

Hairy faced, also describes feline faces.

Chinese province where the Boxer Rebellion started.

Berlin radio tower that resembles the Eiffel Tower.

Case rendered inconclusive because of error.

Shiny floor covering that looks like wood.

Large projects often require it.

Type of nut in Frangelico liqueur.

The point of greatest separation between two stars.

Puzzle 9

Magical pet pig in Disney's "The Black Cauldron".

It's often turned down during commercials.

He sang Neverending Story on Stranger Things.

Nickname for the 2000s.

Something said at the moment of discovery.

Plus size women's clothing chain founded in 2001.

__ of Literature, moniker given to Emily Brontë.

Usual hue of sea buckthorn berries.

A plant disease that causes browning and death.

A Japanese hostess who sings and dances.

Last name of Ellen, friend of Charlotte Brontë.

Box-shaped 3D shape.

Burning of herbs to purify a home.

Fruity word that often accompanies keen.

Passes out, experiences syncope.

A 1978 musical film starring John Travolta.

Puzzle 10

Japanese barbecue cooking grill.

The triangular-shaped shoulder muscle.

Seoul district whose Style Psy sang about in 2012.

How people post something on Twitter.

Beyond doubt or question.

The 2nd light blue avenue, Monopoly's US version.

Royal house of Queen Victoria.

Pre-1974 name of the Denver Nuggets.

Impartial, like Switzerland.

McCarthy who cooked for Gilmores, busted ghosts.

Element number 35 on the periodic table.

Country where the Brontës' father was from.

Thomas __ Newby, London publisher of Agnes Grey.

Aquatic snails with a conical shell.

Hair cleaner.

Money for this is easy.

French abstract painter of the cubism movement.

Tom was everyone's first friend on this platform.

The depressed blue character from Inside Out.

Puzzle 11

Wellington's adversary, who interested the Brontës.

Old floor sound.

A cappella group that Glee's Kurt, Blaine join.

Loose and bright African shirts.

Relating to words who lose final sound when spoken.

Charlotte Brontë protagonist who marries Rochester.

Sanskrit name for teacher.

German mathematician who devised famous conjecture.

A species of baleen whales with long pectoral fins.

Invisible level above which no large plants grow.

Also called bumbershoot.

NPC who only exists to die dramatically.

Outer entrance before a temple's main gateway.

What B B stood for in singer Mr King's name.

An essential piece added crosswise through an axle.

Lions, Tigercats, and Bears play this sport.

Exhausting, tiring.

Staying alive, especially in extreme conditions.

Chinese drink comes in gunpowder and monkey types.

Puzzle 12

Overwatch character with the full name Lena Oxton.

Zac Efron, Jessica Chastain, and Natalie Portman.

Beloved by the Brontës, Scottish novelist Scott.

The God of creation in Hindu religion.

This word before any feeling makes it extreme.

Domestic animal related to a polecat.

Alternative rock band known for Where Is My Mind?.

Mood-lowering experience.

To fix an unfortunate situation.

Miss __, Roe Head headmistress to Charlotte Brontë.

Grandson of Genghis Khan, founder of Yuan dynasty.

The largest ringed planet in the solar system.

Turning your microphone off during an online call.

This person writes without a pen.

Nicolas Cage flew this helicopter in Fire Birds.

Irish ankle boot made of leather.

Canada's capital and political hub.

Puzzle 13

Artist John who tutored the Brontë clan in drawing.

Short musical flourish.

Product used to treat and prevent baldness.

Aggressive, truculent.

Captain or person in charge of a boat.

Cereal or snack made with oats, nuts.

The word used to refer to a Jedi apprentice.

Using DNA to grow an exact copy.

Let go, made redundant.

Beagle guitarist from The Banana Splits.

The __, podcast about Theranos founder.

1950s subculture bohemian person with rhythm.

Repeated name of mill owner in The Professor.

Wolf-like dogs, similar to coyotes.

One of three.

Puzzle 14

The first listed ingredient of Goldfish Crackers.

Bachata and Charleston.

Relating to high mountains.

Stone from the stomach of an animal used in magic.

Grow one's horizons.

1990 horror film with Kathy Bates and James Caan.

US state known for Portland, Mount Hood.

Shakes a pillow.

Table tennis bat.

The Smith in Smith, Elder & Co., Brontë publisher.

Russia's main search engine.

The organ that produces mature T cells.

Emily Brontë Gondal poem: F. De __ to A. G. A..

Another name for the European bison.

Puzzle 15

First single released by the Foo Fighters.

China's third largest city.

Anne Brontë's pseudonym, like Currer.

The antagonist race in the Alien film series.

Something shaped like a worm, like an appendix.

The chemical reaction between air and metals.

Interim or temporary, such as a table for a desk.

The Mad Men character played by Jon Hamm.

World of Warcraft's third expansion.

Anne Brontë's job before writer; job of Jane Eyre.

Garden guardian.

German city where Nazis finally faced justice.

Puzzle 16

What the Brontë siblings called their toy soldiers.

People elected to serve six years in US Congress.

Rear wagon used to stop or slow a train.

It sets the mood, ambience.

The Greek god of sleep.

Lines Composed in a Wood on a __, Anne Brontë poem.

Metal drinking vessels filled with beer.

Disadvantage given to a better player in golf.

Austrian singing family from The Sound of Music.

Metamorphic green rock from Africa.

Agatha Christie's home on the River Dart.

Only country situated in all four hemispheres.

Interpretation, especially of the scriptures.

Originator-designer, like Leonardo da Vinci.

Shaving the ewe.

Increased amount of black pigment.

Puzzle 17

Technical term for a bird's wingspan.

It only comes with age.

Painter Edvard Munch was born in this country.

A hallucination from the heat in a desert.

Rideable wheel at the Chicago World's Fair.

6th-century Scottish monk who moved to Brittany.

To release from a curled or folded position.

Edgar in Wuthering Heights; Heathcliff's son.

The Italian city known for its canals and bridges.

A pina colada made with vodka, not rum.

Come __ Child, poem by Emily Brontë.

Simba's father in The Lion King.

Iron __, known as fool's gold.

Nickname of Willard Barnes in Dallas.

Historical kettle drum (Uzbek spelling).

Puzzle 18

Surname of Bulgarian installation artist Christo.

Smuggler of liquor.

A morally devoid ladies' man.

Diacritic with two dots, seen in the Brontë name.

Investor money pooled and managed to reduce risk.

Niagara, Victoria, or Angel.

He invented the printing press.

Writer with initials W. M., known to C. Brontë.

Eight children produced in the same pregnancy.

Sleeping partner who might be strange.

Puzzle 19

A headscarf worn by Russian women.

Sister of Robert Moore in Shirley.

Solution that halts the development of a photo.

Calls upon to appear.

Dry vomiting, often because of a bad smell.

The villain known as the clown prince of crime.

Great-great-great-grandson of the mammoth.

Philippines nose flute.

Thin, deep-fried tofu pouch in Japanese cuisine.

Lifting up in support.

Insect that builds a nest of clay/sand with saliva.

One of Ragnar Lothbrok's sons, Bjorn __.

Someone seeking sensual gratification, a hedonist.

Woolf, who wrote about Haworth and the Brontës.

Surname of Ada, a pioneer in computer programming.

Rent a room in this house.

Classic card game where players form melds.

Defensive wall made from wooden logs.

Chicago's baseball team.

Latin phrase acknowledging guilt or blame.

Large Highland sword and a landmine.

Puzzle 20

Lebanese bulghur and parsley salad.

Subtitle of the 2002 movie Cube 2.

Old-timey job in a bowling alley.

Capitals of Seychelles and British Columbia.

Novel by Anne Brontë about a governess.

Shabby, threadbare, munched by insects.

Some people never cut this cord with their moms.

Moon of Saturn with high geyser activity.

Wide French avenue, often bordered by trees.

US record producer, founded Def Jam Recordings.

Hall where Jane Eyre grows up till age 10.

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